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    • Maverick

      G2A.com Goldmine Affiliate   29/09/16

      We are officially affiliated with G2A.com and have a Goldmine established on their website that we would encourage all members to join. G2A.com is the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace where 10 million buyers come to browse over 45 thousand products from 250 thousand sellers. G2A.com offers all games for every platform in one place. By clicking the image below [also located in footer] and purchasing a game you can start supporting us. G2A.com Goldmine G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchases made in the G2A shop using your ‘Reflinks’ or discount coupons. So go ahead, join our goldmine and start earning real money today. Simply click our link and then join as shown in the image below.   We have some members already subscribed to our Goldmine and we are looking to expand our network. All proceeds go towards funding the community. G2A.com is also very reliable and I personally use them regularly for game purchases. If you would like to find our more information about the G2A Goldmine system click here. Please feel free to contact a member of the website team if you have any questions.
    • Eagle Eye

      Teamspeak Overhaul   07/09/16

      Teamspeak Overhaul Completed   The British Borders Management Team has recently decided to overhaul our Teamspeak 3 server completely, preparing permissions and channels for our Arma 3 Tanoa Life server. Many of the changes might not be obvious, however the Teamspeak server was rebuilt from the ground up. Due to this, the server has been offline for a few days. Now, the Teamspeak 3 server is more or less fully operational. Should you encounter any bugs, please report them here: Bug Reports. We will do our best to fix them as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience.
    • Maverick

      Tanoa Life August Update   31/08/16

      Tanoa August Update Arma 3 Tanoa Life August Update: As we enter September we are pleased to inform the community that a significant amount of progress has been made towards the development of our Tanoa Life mission. Our developers, map editors and skin/graphics designers are working to produce an early alpha ready for release. So far we have completed the following: Police base, Hospital, Jail, Governors House, City Hall, Court House UI for many of the interactions via the table and other player menus Database to store all the necessary player data Many skins/textures for our various factions Medical system Spawn locations We are currently working on: Shop menu and items within ATM and banking system Map locations Any final skins needed to be complete A robbable bank and security system Wanted list and prison system Gang territories There is currently no release date set for our alpha mission but once we have an idea you will be informed. As more features and 'pieces' come together, more content, sneak peaks and revelations will unfold and can be found on our community forums. Alpha will not be publicly accessible with testing being open to only staff and those invited by the Management or Development team. Following the development of an early alpha we aim to then develop a initial alpha for public release. Our mission will not include all the features you may find on other servers, but our development and systems will be different and as the community grows we will release more features based on player feedback. We want this to be your mission - designed and developed by the suggestion, ideas and input of you. If you are interested in becoming and developer or helping out then please contact either@Maverickor @Aron More Information: On a side note i'm sure everyone will share in our thanks to@Andy who has recently stepped down from Director of Development. Andy worked over two years as a Director, starting out as a Moderator, and has had a positive and admirable impact on the community, making it what it is today. He intends to remain and develop with us and help us on the sidelines. Finally we hope everyone got the results they wanted and wish them the best for the next academic year or new job prospects.  
    • Cado

      British Borders Arma 3 Unit   15/08/16

      We are pleased to inform you all that we have now made an Arma 3 Unit. (Thanks to @gazmask) This will allow us to have a further outreach within the Arma 3 community in preparation for our Tanoa Life Server. Make sure to make an account and join us. Why don't you invite your friends aswell?  To create an account and join click here. You can also find a button on the top right of our website. (Shown Below) Thanks,
    • Cado

      New Arma 3 Public Domination Server   04/08/16

      Dear [BB] members and friends, 
      While most of you are enjoying the summer break or are anxiously awaiting the release of [BB] Tanoa Life, we're launching a new public server on ARMA III. 

      Our Public Server, launching tonight, will run a Domination-esque mission file, providing over 40 slots and plenty of roles for you to choose from. We will evaluate the mission file after a trial period and we look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions on our forums(http://britishborders.co.uk/forums/). 

      Just like we did on our Takistan Life server, we try to create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone who plays on one of our servers, which means all community rules also apply on our Domination server. We will review possible additional rules if recurring problems should arise on the new server. 

      A great time to rejoin with your fellow [BB] members and to play a game of Domination. In addition, specific in-game channels will be provided on our TeamSpeak. (bbts3.com) 

      What are you waiting for? Join our server at http://britishborders.co.uk/servers/ or

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