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  • Announcements

    • Cado

      British Borders Arma 3 Unit   15/08/16

      We are pleased to inform you all that we have now made an Arma 3 Unit. (Thanks to @gazmask) This will allow us to have a further outreach within the Arma 3 community in preparation for our Tanoa Life Server. Make sure to make an account and join us. Why don't you invite your friends aswell?  To create an account and join click here. You can also find a button on the top right of our website. (Shown Below) Thanks,
    • Cado

      New Arma 3 Public Domination Server   04/08/16

      Dear [BB] members and friends, 
      While most of you are enjoying the summer break or are anxiously awaiting the release of [BB] Tanoa Life, we're launching a new public server on ARMA III. 

      Our Public Server, launching tonight, will run a Domination-esque mission file, providing over 40 slots and plenty of roles for you to choose from. We will evaluate the mission file after a trial period and we look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions on our forums( 

      Just like we did on our Takistan Life server, we try to create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone who plays on one of our servers, which means all community rules also apply on our Domination server. We will review possible additional rules if recurring problems should arise on the new server. 

      A great time to rejoin with your fellow [BB] members and to play a game of Domination. In addition, specific in-game channels will be provided on our TeamSpeak. ( 

      What are you waiting for? Join our server at or

    • Eagle Eye

      Police Recruitment: OPEN   08/07/16

      The Takistan Police Force is proud to announce that applications are now open again! After investing a lot of time into fixing our internal issues, we have made the decision to take in new Cadets again. We will start by reviewing current applications, submit one if you are interested in joining! We apologize for any inconveniences.   [BB] Eagle Eye Inspector Head of Recruitment and Internal Affairs
    • Adam

      Staff Recruitment Open   01/07/16

      Once again we are looking to recruit a few members to join our fantastic staff team. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how the community operates on a daily basis and gain experience in a variety of roles. Recently some new changes to the Community Policy were introduced which have established a set of minimum requirements for joining the staff team. If you are interested in applying or want to find out more you can view our Community Policy here. 
    • Luke

      SCO19 RECRUITMENT OPEN!   01/07/16

      Once again it has come to a time where we are looking to bring a select few into our faction. Recruitment is now open, if you feel that you have what it takes, apply here!- Regards, SCO19
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