Welcome to British Borders

Firstly, a warm welcome to our website. At British Borders we are not just your typical Arma 3 role play community. By bringing together players from around the globe, who share our passion for role play, our members become part of our story and are proud to call us home.

We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting the standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and our committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

We would invite you to join us and become part of that experience.

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New Bug Report Tracker



New Bug Report Tracker Released

As we continue to develop our website and systems, we have decided to introduce a new way to report and track bugs that you encounter on any of our services.

Our new bug report system was designed with one thing in mind – You! As a member your participation is paramount in helping our developers to identify, diagnose and solve bugs, errors and glitches ensuring a lasting and enjoyable gaming experience.

So how does it work?

You can report a bug by simply clicking the following links in one of the three following locations.

1) On the website navigation bar:



2) In the website footer:


3) Or via the community forums:



Upon completing a bug report, the staff team/development will investigate the bug you have reported and attempt to recreate it. Tags will be assigned to a bug in two forms.

A priority tag – Outlines the important of a bug

A status tag – Defines how far the developers are in resolving/fixing the bug.

Feedback will be provided to keep you informed of progress and questions may be asked by the staff/development team on the initial bug report.

 You can choose to subscribe to a bug by clicking the ‘follow button’ in order to track progress of a particular bug.

So go ahead and explore. Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving some feedback below. We are confident that this will positively impact on the development of our Tanoa Life mission and other community features.

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