Welcome to British Borders

Firstly, a warm welcome to our website. At British Borders we are not just your typical Arma 3 role play community. By bringing together players from around the globe, who share our passion for role play, our members become part of our story and are proud to call us home.

We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting the standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and our committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

We would invite you to join us and become part of that experience.

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  • Overview:

    British Borders prides itself on being a community where the members are at the heart of everything we do. Without the amazing support and continued dedication of our members, our servers and other community features would not remain online. Donating is a great way to help maintain the community we all love.

    We are extremely grateful to all those who choose to donate no matter how small or large the amount. It all helps! For those who choose to donate we grant you with a series of extra perks and rewards which can further enhance your experience on the website and our Teamspeak server.

    What are donations spent on?:

    • Dedicated server box and Windows licence;
    • Server DDoS protection;
    • Website development and maintenance;
    • Domain name hosting, purchasing, renewal and private information protection;
    • Teamspeak 3 licence.

    The community was established as a non-profitable organisation and we will continue to maintain that status for as long as we are around.



    Founder & Owner

  • Monetisation Approval:

    We are extremely delighted to be listed and recognised as an officially approved Bohemia Interactive community for Monetisation.

    Monetisation allows us to, in accordance to Boehmia’s monetisation policy guidelines, offer in game rewards for donators to use and enjoy.

    Server Rewards:

    • Custom Vehicle Textures – ­(Coming Soon)
    • Unique Character Skins – (Coming Soon)
    • Sponsorship/Product Placement – Promotion of products/services on billboards and signs. (enquire here)

    If you have any suggestion to help us improve and expand our donation policy, we would love to hear them. Share your thoughts and ideas with us on our forums.

  • Recommended Donation Amounts:

    • £10 - 30 days
    • £20 - 60 Days
    • £30 - 90 Days
    • £50 - 180 Days (30 days FREE)
    • £150 - Lifetime Donation (Patron)

    The above amounts are only recommendations by us. You are free to donate any amount.

  • Website Awards:

    Our Awards page offers a series of fun awards that can be obtained by donating a fixed amount. These are a one time donation and the award stays on your profile permanently. You can find out more information about the awards here.

    If the donation amount for the award is below £10 then the donation rewards do not apply.

  • Donation Rewards:


    • A big thank you
    • Gold Donator website tag
    • Profile donation award (£10 or over)
    • Unlimited private messages
    • Ad free experience (removes the donation banner)
    • Change username every month (default 6 months)
    • Create a personal forum signature
    • Access to Donator Club forum area
    • Larger profile picture size (suitable for .gifs)
    • Larger cover photo size (suitable for .gifs)
    • Issue more reputation points (default 10 per day)
    • Livestream your Twitch.tv account on our homepage (£10 or over)

    Teamspeak Server:

    • Unique Donator tag (permanent)
    • Priority support
    • Set Teamspeak avatar
    • Teamspeak Channel (£20 or over)
  • Community Patron:

    For those who feel generous enough, we offer a lifetime donation option. You will get all the rewards listed above plus a gold sparkling Patron website tag, unique website award, unique Teamspeak tag and the ability to add a profile song and custom profile background.

  • Terms & Conditions:

    • A donation is a voluntary contribution and therefore cannot be refunded.
    • Disputing a donation will result in a ban until the dispute has been resolved.
    • Donating provides no exemption from our community rules. All rules are enforced equally.
    • All donations go towards funding our server and other community features.

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