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  • police-faction.jpgFaction: Tanoa Police Departmenttanoa_police_force.png

    Commander: Name Here

    Recruitment Status: Open

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    Public Handbook: Tanoa Police Operational Handbook


    The Tanoa Police Department (TPD) is responsible for law enforcement. Each division in the police force focuses on a different aspect of policing and together they fight against all types of crimes. On ground, in the water and in the air, not a single criminal will be safe from the highly trained and professional officers of the TPD.


    Border_force_faction.jpgFaction: Tanoa Border ForceTanoa_Border_Force.png

    Senior Marshal: Name Here

    Recruitment Status: Open

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    Public Handbook: Border Force Handbook


    The Tanoa Border Force work to enforce customs and immigration laws. These officers help ensure that Tanoa and the surrounding islands remain safe by patrolling important entry and exit points, enforce trade and drug trafficking laws, prevent illegal immigration and help shut down criminal enterprises.


    THS_Faction.pngFaction: Tanoa Health Service THS.png

    Chief of Medicine: Name Here

    Recruitment Status: Open

    Apply Now: Click Here

    Public Handbook: THS Emergency Response Handbook


    The Tanoa Health Service (THS) is responsible for treating injured persons. They provide first aid on scene and transport the wounded patient to the Tanoa Hospital if needed. There they will be treated by a team of highly skilled doctors until fully recover from the injury.

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