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    • Does that mean that the Goverment could transform itself into an one party dictatorship or similar?
    • The Labour Party of Tanoa Our Background: The Labour Party of Tanoa takes inspiration and ideas from our good friends in the United Kingdom. We have adopted the principles that a country should be run in the best interests of the many, not for the few. As the parties current head respresentive I'm hoping people will see, acknowledge and understand our principles, giving us the essential support we need to make Tanoa a stable, and safe place for our citizens to live in. We are actively looking for new members, representatives and supporters from across Tanoa to support our cause and since our initial creation on 17th October 2016 we have seen an increasing level of support and promotion for our ideals. We have and always will be, a centre-left party, beliving in equality over tradition, always respresenting the ideas of the many. Key Principles: Health Care - We need a system of health care within our country that is stable, sufficiently funded and available to anyone who requires it. Housing - Our party is set on making sure that fairly priced and safe housing is available to all citizens of the Island Tax - Coorperations and the richest 5% of the Island will be expected to pay a little more towards taxes to ensure the equality of those below them. Those who earn less than the above 5% will be taxed based on what they earn, not what they are expected to pay. Public Services - Our party is dedicated to funding and supporting all public services on the Island, giving them fair funding and supporting those who work for the service with above-average pay. Immigration - The Labour Party of Tanoa belives that we should maintain a tight security force around our borders to ensure the protection of Tanoan nationals. Foreign support should be reduced and we should tackle issues in our own nation before we help and support others. Human Rights - The Labour Party of Tanoa has a firm stance on human rights, ensuring that any citizen of the Island will be protected under such rights like: - Free speech and peaceful protest - Freedom of travel - The right to life - The prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment - Freedom of thought, religion and belief - The right to an education - The right to a fair trial and no punishment without law - The right to free elections These rights are essential to our Island and the Labour Party of Tanoa can ensure that we will both ensure these rights, and protect them. Our Manifesto: - We pledge to reduce crime throughout Tanoa by increasing police and border security funding by 20% over the course of 4 years. - We pledge to help fund our health service, increasing its funding by 25% over the course of 4 years. - We pledge to increase and support the economy by taking more tax from the richest 5% of the population and increasing the tax for coorperations. - We pledge to keep our nation safe by increasing funding to our border force by 10% and changing foreign policy to help support ourselves and our interests. - We pledge to ensure that our ideas of human rights become legislation and ontop of that we pledge to accept any new ideas on rights citizens or organisations may put forward. - We pledge to ensure housing is affordable and safe for all citizens of Tanoa. - We pledge to fight discrimination within our nation, promoting fairness and making sure eveyone is treated as equals. Thankyou from both myself and the Labour Party of Tanoa for taking time to read our pledges and principles. If you have any queries of our stance on various policies, want to question us about our ideas or just wish to discuss our politics do not be afraid to contact us. Please also not that this is not a respresentation of all our views and policies, instead it is a brief address of our key issues and priniciples. If you wish to understand the full extent of our goals, policies and prinicples please contact me. With Thanks Nova - Head of The Labour Party of Tanoa
    • Great! I hope they will add that! At least some small Private Jet, as these 4 seat planes are not really suitable for mass transportation, an 8 seater (or 10 with Pilot/Copilot) will be good for reducing the price for every ticket overall
    • So far it seems like Tanoa will be a police dictatorship...
    • It would be amazing if there was the possiblity to be able to connect teamspeak music bots with radios ingame. I can only imagine how much more scenic it would make the game and how much easier it would be to spread information more quickly, not to forget to play some music ingame and switch between stations.
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