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The Dandy Rustic Co.

The British Defense League - British Front Military Wing

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The British Defence League 

The Armed Wing/Bodyguard of the British Front 

The British defence League or BDL for short is the paramilitary wing of the British Front, A far right, Pro-Colonialist political faction/party. The BDL will be utilised by the party to protect their rallies and the speeches of their current leader Anthony Lloyd (Dandy Rustic Co.) 




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On 2017-4-29 at 01:47, [BB] Jordan W.K. White said:

@Tom Your sort of gig eh?

Best of luck, it will be interesting to see this group in Tanoa.

I'm leading the Conservative party of Tanoa Jordan ;)

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This is interesting, I would like to see how this turns out.

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If any of you are considering joining the British Defence League, please don't hesitate to message me for more information on the group, as I am head of the BDL.

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Sounds interesting, can't wait so see how you guys perform on Tanoa, all the best!

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