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ARMA 3 Alpha Build Progress

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Good morning all,
As you all know it has been quite sometime since the last update. So i'm pleased to inform you that the Alpha 2.0 Patch will be released today.

Developer Status:
@Phil, has been creating the GUI for transferring items between virtual inventories.
@Waffle, I myself had quite a job to do. A Crafting System, A Vehicle System, Player Name DB Tying, - & ' Name Support and some more small adjustments
@Aron, N/A

New Features:

  • Refuel system
  • Tablet
  • (Basic) Property System
  • Notification System
  • Skill System
  • Crafting System
  • Vehicle System
  • Vehicle Virtual Inventory System
  • Enhanced Player Name System

Bug Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Fixed money duplication
  • Car shop spawns
  • Character health & energy
  • Small bug fixes
  • Script enhancements
  • Shop stocks
  • Username validation
  • Display to show help on how to create an account
  • Small adjustments and improvements to the resource system
  • ' & - Name Support (Joe 'O-Hare, is know possible)

Property System:
While we're in alpha the property system will stay pretty basic. What do I mean with basic. Well the system depends on dynamic buying & selling. Some more in depth information on this for example i wanted to get rid of my property, I'd have to choose either one of three options: Selling to Government, Selling on the Real Estate Market or Listing it for rent. Let's see what this is all about:

Selling to Government: This will sell your property directly for 35% of the property value and will be available on next restart on the real estate market.

Selling on the Real Estate Market: This will list your property on the market with a price you choose you will get the amount you chose once your property has been sold.

Listing for Rent: This will also list your property on the real estate market for a price per restart of your choosing this amount will automatically deposited to your account every restart if your property is rented to someone. Only the renter can stop this contract or through our Court system (not implemented yet) or if the building is seized by the police. If seized the building will be put back in to your owned property. you will be fined a amount depending of the offense of the renter.

Be careful when conducting illegal activities withing your house, depending on the crime the officer can you choose to fine you or have your case moved to the court. If your case is moved to court then a judge will choose what happens with your property. (This system is not implemented yet so this might change in the future).

The system only includes residential property at the moment. Until we have set up the Company System & Gang System this will be put on hold because special abilities will be assigned to buildings depending on the company type and gang type.

If you have any questions about this system or coming up features be sure to message me personally i'd happily answer your questions.

Skill System:
The skill system will allow players to truly progress on our server. The aim is to create a system which can positively influence almost every task a player performs on the Server. For example if a player is adept in mining and has mined for a long time he could mine faster and maybe mine more precious metals. If a player then tries to process these metals into an ingot he could also process those ores faster or maybe refine it into a higher grade of that metal. Right now the skill system as a framework is done and we are looking to integrate them into all the different systems we have created so far and all those things to yet to come. (Typed by @Phil)

Notification System:
The new Notification System from @Aronwill be used to display big events that are happening on the server or that are happening to you personally as a player. Some examples: Being placed under arrest, buying a new car or property, selling property, etc.

Crafting System:
This small system has been created by me (@Waffle) and it does everything from processing to making more enhanced items. It uses a skill level to check the availability of the item later on this system will be involved in the stock market system

Vehicle System:
The vehicle system has been created by me (@Waffle) and involves everything from locking & unlocking to storing your vehicles in a garage the system at this moment is set to save the inventory of the vehicle and the virtual inventory of the vehicle. For stopping abuse of using this method to ease your game-play it has been set to delete all items on server restart if your vehicle is still alive in the world.

Enhanced Name Support:
Due to us being a serious role-play community we have made our player names Data Base tied. In human language: because we cannot change player name through scripting I have created a system to on login check if your DB Name is the same as your role-play name. If they differ from each other you won't be able to connect to our servers. Other then that names now support dashes and apostrophe's (max 2 of these characters in a name).

Vehicle Virtual Inventory System:
Credits of this system go mostly to @Aron . Because it uses the same system as for the player items. @Phil for making  a great looking GUI to transfer items between virtual inventories


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