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Important Announcement Tanoa Life Beta 1.0 Released

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Tanoa Life Beta 1.0 Released

If you are a Patron or Donator and require the server password please join Teamspeak or message a member of staff
Anyone found to be giving out the password will receive a permanent ban from the community

It's that moment we have all been waiting for and its been a long time coming but we are happy to announce that our Tanoa Life mission has moved into its Beta stage this is our biggest update so far and it's bringing with it many features that will lay the foundations for updates to come. The Development Team has put so much time and effort into this update and we are sure this is one that everyone will enjoy whether you are in a faction or simply playing as a civilian it will have something for everyone.

Once you connect to the server you will notice many new features that have been added to draw out gameplay and create basic and unique roleplay on the server, some of these features include:

  • Faction System - Excluding PMC.
  • Ability to rob certain locations.
  • Basic Prison System.
  • Refined Interaction Menu.
  • Ability to place prefabricated objects.
  • License System

The Full release notes for this update can be found here: Release Notes

This release of the mission will be private as already stated in other thread's this being for testing purposes of the mission as although the developers have been doing their own testing we haven't had the opportunity to test on a large scale with a player base that is why we are also asking those member's who have access to the server to please help us by reporting any bugs you find to the Report a Bug section of the forum's as the quicker we level out all the larger bug's found the quicker we can get the public release out for everyone, we are hoping to get the public release out in a timely manager and the development team will be working to patch any bugs found as quickly as possible.

A common question that was asked by the community was "will the stat's from the private beta be wiped for the public release" Stats will be wiped once the private beta has ended this was a decision made by the Board as we want everyone to have a fair chance once the public release is out and during the private beta we would like to see those member's with access helping out with testing and this may include bugs that could present an unfair opportunity for certain member's so for that reason there will be a wipe.

This point is important from this release on our in-game based community rules are now in full effect and anyone found to be breaking these will be met with the set consequences so please take your time to give the rules page another once over, they can be found here: Community Rules The British Border's Community Act has also been released by @Maverickso if you are part of the Police or Border Force please familiarise yourselves with the law's of the server you can find them here: (Coming Soon)

If you are part of a faction you will be required to join the support channel on Teamspeak so you can be whitelisted for you're applied factions, Promotions will be coming very soon the staff team will be sitting down to decide who we feel is suitable for positions of leadership in each faction.


A thread will be created soon by the Developer's to outline the exciting plan's for Beta 2.0.


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