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Community News British Borders Community Act Released

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British Borders Community Act Released


Just a quick little announcement, we are happy to announce that the British Borders Community Act has now been completed and posted by @Maverickand is available to view here in the Server Laws tab under "Tanoa Life" We expect everyone to familiarise themselves with this document, especially to those people who are currently a part of the Border & Police Force as these laws are those that you will be enforcing throughout the server.

Revisions may be made in the near or distant future but any changes will be made clear so people will not miss any new, edited or removed segments of the Act, having this now in place is also going to help us in regards to expanding the factions into their Divisions and the roles they may undertake this being something which we will be looking to do very soon.


If you notice anything that may need changing or revising please send @Mavericka message on here.

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