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Is there a rough idea of when the server will be publically released?

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I'm sure any development team will agree, however, from my experience in the last year, giving dates for release of projects is a poor move. Many problems can arise as a result of development, and some problems can never be seen until they cause a problem. As a result, it is unwise to give a date as it will mislead the end user(s). I understand the hype around the release, but patience is a virtue. You also have to remember none of these developers/staff are paid, so it's when they have time, and more importantly, if they have time. 

TLDR: I wouldn't expect a release date, however, keeping track of the To Do list here may give you an idea.

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There is no set date for public release. However with the recent release of our Trello you will be able to see a live update on development and what there is that needs to be done. You will see that various different tasks have different priority levels and might help you to get an idea on how long it will take. When development is finished and the server is ready to be released there will be an announcement on the website and across the social media notifying you of this.

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