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Your Website Has Been Updated

Over the past several hours we have conducted much needed maintenance to the website and as a result it was temporarily unavailable. It is our commitment as a community to provide an enjoyable and user friendly website for you all to use and to ensure that we uphold our promise to continue to deliver and invest in reliable infrastructure.

Last nights maintenance involved:

  • Updated our IPB Suite version to 4.2+ from 4.0
  • Completely updated the website to support all the new features of the above with some of those expected to be introduced very soon.
  • Update our databases and appropriate software.

There are still some smaller tasks and final custom adjustments we need to make, and will be working to complete those as soon as possible.

Having listened to some feedback in recent weeks it has been brought to our attention that the website performance at times can drop and rest assured we are already looking into this. As we continue to analyse the website and its inefficiencies, we are looking already at improving the website speed and performance. THIS IS NOW OUR TOP PRIORITY!

We really hope you enjoy the new website and like always would welcome any feedback or suggestion you wish to share with us.

If you do encounter any problem, as our current bug system is being updated, please contact myself or@Marshall


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