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The Mango Mandem | M

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- The Mango Mandem -



Tanoa used to be a peaceful and thriving nation with a strong economy and a stronger spirit. However the influx of external corporations and their greed brought about by the globalisation of our country by government elites who open the door to these devils in order to profit from selling our sovereignty to the highest bidder. They have brought about rough times for us once peaceful mango farmers, seeing the crash of our industry due to the preferred exports at a lower cost has forced us together and into crime. When we begged the tyrannical Government to impose tariffs in order to maintain national interests they scoffed at us. Now we will take what is ours by what ever force is necessary. 

Our mission is to monopolise on the drug trade not only will we engage in it we will control it. If anyone wants to sell it on our land then they must be taxed. Any government agent that can not be bought we be killed. Our goal is to establish a presence large enough that we can collapse the corrupt system of government once and for all and usher in an era of peace and prosperity at the hands of our Drug Empire. 



This gang will be RP orientated, whilst there will defiantly be plenty of combat we will strive to set a standard of RP and stand out from the rest of the gangs in this regard. If you are only interested in frags I suggest you try a different gang. When we are in combat there will be quality to teamwork and communication that must be maintained. Our effectiveness in communicating and teamwork is what will give us the edge over our opponents. There will be a private handbook detailing communication guidelines and what to do in different scenarios. Finally our gang will operate on a leadership structure in that the highest rank online will make the decisions of what we do in and out of combat. Of course you will still have your freedom to choose to go off and do something else if you want although we do promote doing things as a team as much as possible.  

Toxicity and saltiness won't be tolerated both within the gang or extrinsically toward members of other factions or gangs. 



Whilst there is no age restriction - Members are required to have a certain amount of maturity

Wiliness to adhere to our playstyle

Fluent in English (No talking in other languages if someone in the room can't understand you)







(Don't lie this isn't criteria) Strengths:

Screenshot of hours on Arma 3:

Why do you want to join us:

Who can vouch for you in the gang:




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Great quality post, however being in the Border Force I will make sure your drug operations grind to a halt, you face the consequences for your actions. But all in all good luck!

Can't wait to deal with you guys and have some great RP. 

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Good luck! B|

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Good luck! BTW drugs are a no no, dont let me catch you ;p

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It is nice to see you putting effort into creating a nice gang thread.


Wish you all the best and hope you bring some nice RP on the server.

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3 minutes ago, Squishy said:

Good luck! BTW drugs are a no no, dont let me catch you ;p


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Looking awesome @Popeclean looking post :) 

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Good luck with your gang :D Really good looking post you've got here

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