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The First Few Weeks & The Road Ahead


As we enter the month of April, and with just over two weeks passing since the launch of the server, there are many things to discuss and report on.

The Launch:

When the server launched on the 14th of March within minutes the server reached a capacity of 125/125 causing an almost complete crash to our mission. This was not in fact caused by the mission itself but a misconfiguration of the bandwidth settings which have now been adjusted and corrected.

As expected many bugs reports have been made since, and our development team continue to work around the clock to stabilise the mission and improve the robustness of our framework. We are extremely grateful that so many members have participated in reporting bugs, and are committed to helping us delivery a better gaming experience.

Although thousands of players are wanting to play on our Tanoa Life server, we recognise a relatively steep decline in the player base currently due to many awaiting the fixes, but are confident that this will pick up in the coming weeks as we begin to introduce new features.

Our Response:

An immediate step taken by us was to make available, on our Download Centre, the mission file. Listening to the feedback many members raised, we have added our mission to the website to support members whose internet is of less quality or to provide immediate connection upon joining our server.

In addition to this we have so far released four patches with two more planned by the 6th of April. This averages at a new patch every 3.8 days. It is imperative now that we provide a solid foundation to build new features onto thus recent patches being solely devoted to bug fixing.

Another step we have taken is for the forum team to begin producing guides to help members as they start out on the server and provide them with basic information. More guides will be published over the coming weeks and all members are welcome to create and submit their own guides if they so wish.

New rules have also been introduced as new issues or situations arise. Although we do prefer to have less rules and consequently less restrictive role play, we also recognise that some rules are required to ensure the continuity of role play.

What Now Then?

A new version of the British Borders Community Act (server laws) is expected to be released in the coming days, adjusting to mission developments and in response to member feedback.

Over the next few weeks more support will be given to factions to help increase their activity and improve their documentation. THS has already introduced an entry exam which is beginning to be rolled out and all Junior Nurses will be tested soon. Various improvements have already been made with the introduction of a Code of Conduct amongst other things.

The website will undergo various updates and changes to improve our members website experience and to make way for new content we wish to add such as dedicated clubs and faction transfers.

Our Approach to Role play:

A subject that has caused many support cases and issues over the past few weeks has been the interpretation of role play on our server. We have a VERY CLEAR set of rules outlining our role play expectations and all members are expected the comply with these. A breach of our role play rules could result in a member being banned.

Since launch we have been more lenient, giving members chance to familiarise themselves with the rules and to forget old habits obtained from playing in other communities. All staff members were briefed at the last staff meeting to strongly enforce role play and to ensure that repeated violations of our role play rules are dealt with swiftly.

We are a community that will support members who make mistakes and learn but this cannot be at the absolute expense of other members who do follow our rules. It is the responsibility of each member to know our rules before playing on the server. There has been too many cases of people pushing the boundaries of role play and venturing into the realms of RDM.

Our role play rules are as follows:


1. All players must value their life. Failure to do this will result in a ban. For example, if you are being robbed at gun point you must comply or you can be killed.

2. Initiating role play requires planning and reason for your actions. Simply doing something randomly or without a valid reason is fail role play. For example, shooting a vehicle that drives pass and saying you wanted to rob them is fail role play as no thought or planning was involved.

3. Vehicle death matching – using your vehicle to deliberately hit another players or ramming another player’s vehicle to cause death or the vehicle to explode will result in a ban.

4. Random death matching – killing another player and not giving a player enough time to respond to your commands will result in a ban. For example, robbing a player and shooting him three seconds later for not putting his hands up.

5. You are required to have a working microphone whilst playing on our servers. If you do not have one, or if it is broken, and you connect to the server you will be kicked.

6. Members must use a unique role play character name when joining the server for the first time. Using names such as AAA BBB is not acceptable and will result in a ban and your account being deleted.

7. Combat logging whilst engaging in role play is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. For example: disconnecting whilst retained or during a gun fight.

8. Disconnecting or respawning whilst stunned or restrained will result in a permanent ban.

9. Going out of character is not allowed. This includes threatening to report another player or take them to ‘support.’

10. Information obtained externally to the server such as Teamspeak cannot be used in game. This includes scouting Teamspeak to see what other players or factions are doing.

11. A player cannot switch to the driver’s seat or jump out of a vehicle unless they have lock picked it, own a copy of the key or have been given permission by the owner.

12. Gear cannot be taken from a vehicle/backpack unless a copy of the key is owned or the player is dead.

13. When a player is restrained or zip-tied they can only communicate in direct chat. Speaking out of direct chat in these scenarios will result in a ban.

14. Trolling – the act of deliberately causing annoyance or disrupting another player’s role play experience is not allowed. For example: jumping in front of cars, blocking vehicle spawn areas or running around other players shouting/playing music.

15. Baiting, the action of deliberately luring someone in order to kill them or others will result in a ban For example, calling 999 for no reason to getting the police to respond then killing them.

16. Combat storing - placing content into a vehicle or house, or storing a vehicle into a garage, to avoid it being robbed or seized by law enforcement will result in a ban.

17. If you need to speak to someone out of character you must use // before and after your message. This can only be done in direct chat. For example, //  What is the key to mine? //

18. Players must not communicate under any circumstance, in game or on Teamspeak, when unconscious.

All decisions regarding whether ones role play is acceptable or not is at the discretion of the staff member dealing with the support case.

Our Website Forms & Getting The Best Support:

On our website we have various forms so members can request compensation, report players or seek to be unbanned. These are to only be used if no staff member is available to deal with your request. We aim to deal with any concerns or problems our members may have as quickly as possible which is why, unlike many other communities, we don't just redirect you to our website. A staff member may redirect you to the form if they are unable to deal with your request.

Donators & Your Perks:

Our web team, in conjunction with our developers, are working to implement the donation system in its entirety so we can begin to reward all members for the continued financial support given to us by so many of you. In game skins, including early Alpha skins for Alpha Donators, are already added and just need linking up. There will be an update about this in the near future.

A Community Shaped By Its Members:

As outlined throughout our website and in some documentation, we are a community that is driven by the ideas and suggestions of our members. Though we recognise we cannot possibly implement some ideas, usually in the rare case that it is counter productive to role play, we will over time implement the many good suggestions members have shared with us. Our forum team continue to compile suggestions and feedback made, including poll results, and forwards this information to our development team.

It is wonderful to see so many great ideas being raised and we would strongly encourage every member to get involved in the discussion and share their opinions with us on the forums.

In Summary:

We would like to thank each and every member who has persevered with us through this early phase of beta and going forward we continue to work to ensure that each day is better than the last for every member. There has been a few teething problems but equally we have learnt from some ofthese

On behalf of the staff team a BIG THANK YOU to you all and we look forward to seeing you on the server.

Kind Regards,

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This is a very well written post, gives us all a look into the future of British Borders.


Thank you Maverick!

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On 01/04/2018 at 12:24, Maverick said:

Although thousands of players are wanting to play on our Tanoa Life server

Thousands ... this is satirical right? 


Edited by Pope
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5 minutes ago, Pope said:

Thousands ... this is satirical right? 


@Popeyou saw when the server launched that is filled up within minutes. Due to many of the bugs and a pending economy overhaul people are just being patient. We begin developing new features this month as our framework becomes more stable. You may have seen the frequency of patches and will see the player base increase consequently.

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3 hours ago, Maverick said:

@Popeyou saw when the server launched that is filled up within minutes. Due to many of the bugs and a pending economy overhaul people are just being patient. We begin developing new features this month as our framework becomes more stable. You may have seen the frequency of patches and will see the player base increase consequently.

im waiting i also bevive @Wade Wintersis also waiting for a more balanced econmy

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I'm definitely loving the server, I purchased the Apex DLC which I will never use just for this server so I'm definitely going to be playing but yeah, waiting for the updates because right now, it's sort of unplayable, or just a real pain.

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13 hours ago, Maverick said:

@Popeyou saw when the server launched that is filled up within minutes. Due to many of the bugs and a pending economy overhaul people are just being patient. We begin developing new features this month as our framework becomes more stable. You may have seen the frequency of patches and will see the player base increase consequently.

As it seems you have disappointed the “thousands” of people who were hyped to play within this community, how are you planning on encouraging them to return?

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Being patient, the more patches the better the server gets. How better the server more and more people will come, and people attract other people.



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I'm completely willing to come back to try the server if improvements are made as it was launched in a beta state which should have been made more apparent before opening it to public. A few things would need to be cleared up though first, is a power gaming rule going to be implemented? Because there was far too much of this on the server and straight up cba with it. If the server is still in beta are people still going to get threatened with a ban when they try to break the system? I had a friend nearly banned for trying to vault out of the jail, if this was a server in it's final released state I'd understand but surely you want us testing your system for flaws right now ye? I had players looking for ways to dupe so they could report it and finding various other bugs but once they heard about that they were put off playing a server that's still in beta that punishes players trying to help it become a stable experience.

Don't use the term "beta" as a cover for fully releasing an under developed server. If you're still in beta, testing the server then I'd advise setting certain tasks, limited release of the server (having it up for a week with certain elements available and then taking it down, improving and releasing later with more features, bugs fixed etc. and keep us updated) and giving players a large boost in money to try out how certain things such as end game combat, vehicles and what game mechanics on the server work or aren't working. Also, while I don't know how involved the staff are with actually going on the server to test parts of it I suggest they get more involved in trying the things that are going to be implemented, because the state of the server when it was first launched in terms of economy suggested it was barely tested at all. Honestly a single day of having your staff team, early access donators go on and try the starting experience would have saved you so much hassle. You can't release the server in a messed up, half finished, barely playable state and expect us to stick around slogging it out till you sort it out.

tl;dr Interested in the server still because it has great potential but this launch has hurt the rep for many people so you need to step it up big time.

Edited by Ide
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Arnt all servers in "beta" and RP was so 2015 , good luck thou 

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