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    As promised we want to start releasing more screenshots of our Tanoa Life development. Here are a series of screenshots taken by @Marshallof our new police headquarters based in Georgetown. In this preview you get a look at some of our police skins designed and ready to be introduced. Please Note: there may be some additional graphics and final edits to be done. Exterior images (daytime): 1. Police parking outside the main HQ building. 2. Entrance to the Police HQ. 3. Police helipad and helicopter spawn area - Gotta love the tail number. 4. Another angle look back towards the entrance gate. 5. Aerial shot of the police base (more minor details to be added). 6. And at another angle. Exterior images (night time): 7. Police parking including some of our vehicles. 8. Helipad at night with the armoury in the background. 9. Distance shot overlooking the police grounds. We decided to keep the central garden. 10. Looking from the prison drop off area into the main police HQ parking area. 11. Another angle of the helipad at night with our T-ANOA police helicopter. 12. Close up of the police SUV having just entered the front gate. You can see the custom parking area behind. Interior images: 13. Evidence room. 14. Holding cells for detained suspects. They will be kept here until interviewed. 15. The gate house at the entrance of the police HQ. 16. The Chief Constables office. 17. Police reception. Civilians can come and report crimes to the police here. 18. A close up of the armoury. 19. Another office located in the police HQ. 20. Interview room. Suspects are processed, interviewed and set wanted in here. The skins in these screenshots are just a few of the many skins we have lined up. We hope you love the images above and like always we welcome your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. If you like what you see remember to +1 the thread. More screenshots and content coming soon.
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    Development Update Just a quick little update on the state of the mission and its development, we are happy to announce that we are now pushing the final of the developed features and the core mission itself onto our dedicated server and last few checks are now under way by the Development Team, A full announcement and the release of the server should be expected very soon. We understand its been a long time coming but we truly are on the final run now for this phase of development. Our Development Team have done an outstanding job these last few weeks taking a lot more of their own time to help develop the mission as quick as possible, It's no secret that we have encountered more than a few issues along the way but we have managed to overcome them all and we are still set on delivering the best Tanoa Life mission to grace Arma 3 to date. We thank everyone for their continued support as without it this all wouldn't be possible and we look forward to seeing you all on the server and we hope you enjoy the mission we have created. Chaz Forum Manager
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    Tanoa Life Beta 1.0 Released If you are a Patron or Donator and require the server password please join Teamspeak or message a member of staff Anyone found to be giving out the password will receive a permanent ban from the community It's that moment we have all been waiting for and its been a long time coming but we are happy to announce that our Tanoa Life mission has moved into its Beta stage this is our biggest update so far and it's bringing with it many features that will lay the foundations for updates to come. The Development Team has put so much time and effort into this update and we are sure this is one that everyone will enjoy whether you are in a faction or simply playing as a civilian it will have something for everyone. Once you connect to the server you will notice many new features that have been added to draw out gameplay and create basic and unique roleplay on the server, some of these features include: Faction System - Excluding PMC. Ability to rob certain locations. Basic Prison System. Refined Interaction Menu. Ability to place prefabricated objects. License System The Full release notes for this update can be found here: Release Notes This release of the mission will be private as already stated in other thread's this being for testing purposes of the mission as although the developers have been doing their own testing we haven't had the opportunity to test on a large scale with a player base that is why we are also asking those member's who have access to the server to please help us by reporting any bugs you find to the Report a Bug section of the forum's as the quicker we level out all the larger bug's found the quicker we can get the public release out for everyone, we are hoping to get the public release out in a timely manager and the development team will be working to patch any bugs found as quickly as possible. A common question that was asked by the community was "will the stat's from the private beta be wiped for the public release" Stats will be wiped once the private beta has ended this was a decision made by the Board as we want everyone to have a fair chance once the public release is out and during the private beta we would like to see those member's with access helping out with testing and this may include bugs that could present an unfair opportunity for certain member's so for that reason there will be a wipe. This point is important from this release on our in-game based community rules are now in full effect and anyone found to be breaking these will be met with the set consequences so please take your time to give the rules page another once over, they can be found here: Community Rules The British Border's Community Act has also been released by @Maverickso if you are part of the Police or Border Force please familiarise yourselves with the law's of the server you can find them here: (Coming Soon) If you are part of a faction you will be required to join the support channel on Teamspeak so you can be whitelisted for you're applied factions, Promotions will be coming very soon the staff team will be sitting down to decide who we feel is suitable for positions of leadership in each faction. A thread will be created soon by the Developer's to outline the exciting plan's for Beta 2.0. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
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    Ever since the new van has been released i wanted to re-texture it! I am now proud to show you a preview of our soon to be Police Transporter Van! It has working police lights and doors, making it the perfect vehicle! Tell me what you think in the comments PLEASE note this will not be released for the initial launch, but it will be added shortly later.
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    Being the owner & head-developer of Altis Life Server taught me one thing. That the time of development is really unpredictable. I had to extend release date for three times and every one of the three extensions could've been about 1-2 weeks long, but I also learned, that it doesn't matter if you release your mission with several bugs. It matters how quickly you can fix them after the release. I get, that you want to make sure everything is just right and no mass bugs or errors can occur. I get this, but I am really disappointed as well as some other players, which were ready to play this friday or yesterday (Sat. 05.08). I am sad, disappointed and I give @British Bordersmy last hopes, that they WILL serve us the mission as soon as possible. In my honest opinion, development team should either hire Quality Assurance, which will check fresh implemented mechanics for any bugs or make additional dev-server with experimental/unstable versions opened for developers, patrons & donators whilst casual players can play on stable versions without limitations. (Due to the emotional affection of the author, you should not interpret this post too personally.) Kind regards, Benedikz
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    I'm proud to present one of the new additions for the THS! A fully equipped Emergency Ambulance, ready to save lives. Little bonus footage: Working Emergency Lights
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    Private Beta Access Changes After a lengthy discussion at the latest staff meeting, it was agreed that any member who has donated since the 1st of July 2017, even if the donation has expired will be able to connect and participate in the private beta. This is a topic that has been under discussion within the staff team for a while now after listening to the response from the community in regards to their donations and missed deadlines. Without these donations, this all wouldn't be possible for us, and British Borders would possibly not even be here today. We value our Donators and Patrons greatly, both old and new as you have all played a part in helping us maintain our resources, so we feel the least we could do is allow those member's who previously donated for the private beta to have access once it does get released. This is also a great opportunity for us to stress test our systems with greater player numbers, testing its capabilities and diagnosing any problems. A list of all members who have donated between 1st of July and up to the release of the server is currently being compiled by @Maverick and on release, you should receive access to the server. Another announcement is to be expected soon one which everyone will enjoy so keep an eye out for that if you have any questions in regards to this announcement feel free to post them below. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
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    Good afternoon community members I'm glad to announce that the mission is currently being compiled and uploaded for testing purposes! Private Beta 1.0 Release Date: 6pm 05/10/2017
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    From now on the Development Team have agreed to now display live progress of our Tanoa Life mission using our Trello board. This will give a clear indication to all members of the progress being made and the outstanding tasks required to be completed in order to launch. We hope this is more useful and informative, and will be updated frequently. No longer can members comment on this thread to help prevent the loss of this Trello board amongst other comments.
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    We are putting together the last few bits now, and i mean a few. We will be conducting testing for most of the day and should hopefully have some great news later today or early tomorrow morning. Keep an eye on this thread!
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    Hello there, I am Maverick, no not the helicopter from GTA nor the pilot from Top Gun, but in fact the proud owner of this fantastic community. I have a huge interest in gaming - you wouldn't know right? and spend a lot of time working to ever improve British Borders with our amazing staff team. If i can not be found on here, which is a rarity, you may spot me in the skies over the UK as I get the enjoy this privilege as a qualified PPL licence holder. Educated with a degree in Business, I am always look for ways to make money so if you have an idea let me know Anyway that is enough from me. I would like to wish you the best of time with us and hope you grow to love this community as many of us do.
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    "Maverick : Crossy, what're ya doing? Crossy : History Test Maverick : Oh cool, what subject? Crossy : History"
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    Since I've arrived on the island today, me and my brother John Parker started by visiting the dealership and grabbed ourselves low-end ATV's to get us around the island, we first visited the University to acquire some of our licences and we then set off to make some money, we didn't get up to much today but we have a lot planned for the weekend. I've been taking some pictures as we go, if you want me to keep you guys updated with screenshots let me know. Here's a few I took today, nothing much yet.
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    NiteLife - A Cado & Chaz Company What is NiteLife? NiteLife is a world renowned entertainment company, established in 1998 with the core purpose of creating the most exclusive and enjoyable music events to grace the globe. NiteLife has now made its way over to the archipelago of Tanoa bringing with it a whole new style of entertainment for those wishing to party their way through the night or day we don’t discriminate. Our Events Night Clubs Also joining us in Tanoa will also be some of NiteLife’s brand new elite clubs for those who are looking for the ultimate club experience during their nightly endeavors, bringing with it only the most desired musicians from around the world and our various special acts including the ten time grammy winner the renowned singer that is Cado known for his Smash Hit “In The Jungle” You will see one of our clubs near you very soon make sure you come and check it out. Festivals NiteLife Festival boasts an ever impressive and diverse line up, ranging all the way from punk and metal, through to rock, alternative, indie, dance, and electro; these are a few of the reasons why NiteLife Festival is always very special. NiteLife Festival has developed something of a habit of attracting some of the biggest global superstars, and hottest new bands on the planet. Each festival is set to be no different. At NiteLife Festival music fans will have the chance to experience a whole host of new acts and local bands in the smaller tents as well as the more established ones on the main stage. There are also great comedy acts in the alternative tent for when you require a welcome rest from the mosh pit! NiteLife Festival is set to be one of the most electrifying, and unforgettable festival experiences ever. Hire Us Are you hosting an event you want people to never forget? Contact Cado or Chaz for enquiries regarding bookings. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Your safety is our priority and we’ve put in place all necessary measures to maximise public safety, working closely with local authorities at the highest level. Including the hiring of Private Military Companies. We ask that you also play a part in keeping NiteLife events safe and secure, so please take note of any public announcements. All NiteLife event goers will be subject to extra searches of their vehicles, bags and their person. Please be patient if there are longer queues than normal. We request that you cooperate with any security requests and searches.
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    It is finally time, Tonight we have just finished the final testing for the private beta release and we are launching 6pm 05/10/2017. Remember this is for donators and patrons to test and enjoy our unique features. We expect bugs to be encountered and we will work with you to fix those promptly.
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    We have just conducted some final tests, with a few minor problems. Needless to say we can launch with these and fix them in due course and they are not game breaking. All the developers will be meeting today.
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    Hello all, Pretext: I have this opinion as someone who has been apart of both the Police and Rebel factions and enjoyed time spent in both. These are my opinions I believe are best for the server however I am completely open to criticism or if you think something I said needs to be altered please feel free to offer feedback. The largest problem that I generally see on life servers is the RP VS Combat argument both are large components of making a server successful but they both seems to contradict each other at every turn and you will always have voices on both sides of the spectrum people who are losing regularly to large gangs and the large gangs themselves. The points that are often raised are that it is unfair and said gangs are untouchable and your only option is to surrender. And the previous server I played on acted on this and limited gangs to have a certain number of people on one server at a time. I believe this act destroyed that server and here are my reasons why, what happened as a result and my ideas to stop that from occuring here. The biggest arguments against large gangs were obviously made by the people who were on the losing end to them (Police & Civs/Smaller gangs) The police would often not act as one disciplined force and just charge in one squad at a time effectively diminishing their advantage in numbers. The main problem being that many people are greedy and with no value to life the free gear and instant respawn the police force usually becomes this competition to see who can get the most kills or seize the most illegal contraband. The rebels would usually all stick together and work as a a solid unit using their trucks for cover a bit like the (Boer - Zulu Battle of blood river) So with the police getting beaten time and time again by a much more disciplined force weird as you would expect it the other way around they began to get sour and take their frustrations to the forums complaining that the rebels simply had too many numbers and were overpowered. Seeing as the main admin was apart of one of the elite Police factions called Nato which was basically a friend group that didn't have the slightest interested in combat ... literally their position was that they were an elite fighting force there to combat rebels and this somehow made them absolve of making any effort to roleplay. But any way as they were also losing to the rebels, this was what would ultimately doom the rebel argument. One valid point and dooming factor for the rebels the police actually had was the issue of cop baiting. Gangs didn't enforce enough rule over their members and when the became idle they would go around creating situations to instigate combat often these would have minimal RP and would result in the cops coming into an already organised ambush. Not to be confused with kidnappings which is fine in my opinion as long as they offer enough enjoyment/roleplay with the prisoner and aren't on a routine basis. Onto the Civ/Smaller gangs they did actually have some leg to stand on. The problem obviously was that a gang of 4 or less unless by holy intervention would often have no chance against a gang of 20. Especially when coupled with the value of life rule where if your odds of survival were minimal to unrealistic you would have to unconditionally surrender to what ever demands were set out. This would often lead to those smaller gang losing everything they had on them. to the point where they might as well be dead so unsurprisingly they did just that most of the time fight to the death because they probably thought well at least we can kill one of them that's some sort of revenge. What followed in the wake of the limit to gang numbers was a massive decline in illegal activity. It wasn't profitable to do illegal runs anymore. Its like in the ecosystem when an animal becomes extinct or overpopulated there are many subsequent effects that follow that effect it's environment. Such was the case in this instance the culling of gangs if you will resulted in the overpowering of the Police faction, now with no gangs to battle the police had a lot of spare time on their hands. Of course no one want's to sit idle so they would check the illegal processors and traders constantly and with a server of an average of 30 cops on at a time the checks became so frequent that it was basically impossible to not get seen especially when coupled with the air patrols by helicopter ... I know *Sigh* After a while the server became stale any confrontation with the police would result in a 1 to 5 ratio battle as any situation within any scope would result in every idle police officer turning on their sirens and speeding to the scene of the crime and after 5 mins your fleeing 30 cops because you failed to stop for a speeding ticket. The awesome rivalries between gangs faded with the once great gangs into the past. In conclusion what happened was trading one overpowered faction for another both hurt the little man the small groups that just wanted to get by. However in passing a server rule and not an in game law which is an important distinction because there are ways to combat a law that can create an interesting dynamic such as passing "Act to combat organised crime" whereby suspicious groups over the amount of 10 for example and liable to be pulled over and searched. However when you pass a server rule there is no leeway no route around the problem and as in the case I mentioned both parties an effected negatively. If you've got this far then I congratulate you sir/madam, In conclusion what can be done to avoid this problem. - Give large gangs accountability. Have a spokesperson from all the considered "major" gangs increasing the communication between the admins and the gangs. Remind them that they play a massive part in the enjoyment of the server for everyone. Try to encourage said gangs to create and maintain roleplay stories we all know how common it is for a new gang to say "we are for the people and against the corrupt government" and then resort to robbing everyone. Try to insure gangs are fair - when someone surrenders reward them for it, let them keep part of what they own. Remind them that doing this will give a level of trust between the parties where they will be more inclined to surrender in order to negotiate over fighting a senseless battle. Give these gangs the recognition they deserve and invite them to the decision making table they will in part act for the community. Of course invite the government reps as well. - As I mentioned before if it does become a problem find or try methods that create a dynamic, look at Rainbow Six Siege whenever there are new operators the meta changes. Just clamping down on the problem and making it against the rules to be a large gang alienates gang activity. Look at real world history gangs do turn into empires and gain massive amounts of power. Pablo Escobar and his Cartel were taken down when the Colombian government aligned itself with the US and started working with the rival cartels to bring them down. - Create an end game/roleplay mechanic on the forums and ingame - "Enemy of the state" when a figure or organisation is declared enemy or enemies of the state an event is created where there are points that add up over a length of time that decide whether the gang is forcefully disbanded or not. Another possible use of this is if the current government want to corrupt democracy and insure a candidate from a certain party doesn't get elected they can declare them enemies of the state and they have the chance to beat them and become the ruling party through revolution or lose and the ruling party either declares a dictatorship or hands the reins over to the next candidate. This could get gangs to throw there support behind one faction and create a cool revolution dynamic. Parties would have the option to negotiate terms as well to avoid losing everything one of these could be a gang cutting back on members for a period of time which would then be enforced by rules. This mechanic in my mind would work as events are worked out with organisation between government reps and gang reps to ensure fair times and amount of people on both sides. For deciding the fate of gangs it would work on a point system were the victor of the event would acquire points. Over a period of time events would be launched where the gang has to defend a safehouse of drugs from forces of police and possibly rival gangs that could be roleplayed that the police have given information to to go in there stead. Other events could be such as the government forces have to defend evidence while the gang has to try and get it back. On the Revolution mechanic it should be decided on a city control basis both factions have a HQ in one of the city's and already control surrounding cities they must first gain control of surrounding cities the end game would come down to the HQ battle. Then you could maybe have a roleplay event to spice it up where one faction has attained military backing etc and gets an Armoured Personnel Carrier the other faction would receive various equipment to give them a chance against it a small number of anti tank mines for example. This also gives the awesome option of spectating such events and putting them on Youtube. Check out a youtuber named DiplexHeated and his Squad gameplay and you'll understand the potential of such content. As a whole I think large gangs offer more benifits than problems that often come with them. Dealing with large gangs offers a new dynamic that is often missed in a lot of Life servers if managed correctly it can be the largest proponent of roleplay on your server. Edit: To add I don't think gangs should be unlimited so to speak ... having a gang with half the server's population would be a nightmare. I just think having a discussion and finding fun ways to counter it is always better than banning it outright. Thank you for your time, looking forward to the comments below
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    I can confirm that the mission file size for the next patch is about 28MB less with us continuously seeking way to reduce it. Currently it is 96MB and will go down to about 68MB.
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    So i had a bunch of clips from a while back where i was making a cinematic movie that i never got round to finishing but i mashed up all the clips into sort of a story, its shit, but added some dramatic music in the back and i quite liked it. Why not check it out Respect goes to all active/retired soldiers.
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    Think something is a little powerful? Excuse the Bandicam
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    As of now the server is pretty closed to be released to all active Donators & Patrons some minor bug fixes and we're ready. I hope you guys are too!
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    Right, although this wasn't intended to be posted, there are a few people asking questions so i will just state it. I am currently waiting for @Waffleto upload the latest mission. If that is OK the server is going live. The mission is not dependant on any more work being complete, and hasn't been for the past few days, but him simply coming on and uploading the mission.
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    No its fine to ask @Goldsterpeople must just post on the correct threads thats all. In terms of updates, there will be one today once i have spoken to @Aronand @Waffle
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    "2 mins guys just watch that video cause I'm getting handcuffed by my sister" - @Shaun
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    Hello there i thought i might just introduce myself My name is Lucas and im 17 and from Denmark. I study marketing on my third year and i will be done in the summer. I have been in BB for a couple of years now and had a lot of fun. I love to use my sparetime gaming and drinking. I am very excited for the release of the server and i will be joining PMC when the time comes! Thanks for reading this little thing about me.
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    ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress As already stated by @Marshallin the Arma 3 Alpha Build Progress Thread we have now decided to release our Community Trello to the public to allow our member's to see where our development is at currently and where our development will proceed to in the future. This was put into place due to the huge amount of request's we were getting in regards to where we was in our development and when certain releases were set to come out, we want to be more open with our member's in regards to development now so we hope this will provide a nice insight for you all. As it currently stands this will remain public for anyone to see but in the future it will be restricted for Donators & Patron's. This will not come into play until at least the release of the server and once restricted it will be found in the Donators Club area of the forums. The reason behind this is because we are always looking at ways to provide our Donators & Patrons with more rewards for contributing to our Community and we feel this would be a nice exclusive feature for them. Having the Trello open to member's also allows for you to work your suggestions around some features that may be implemented in the future, if you see a feature on the Trello that you feel could be expanded upon or made better by your suggestion then please feel free to post it in our Suggestion's Area and hopefully we will see some nice suggestions from this. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
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    I personally don't mind it, it's like when two black people say to each other " What's up my *Bleep* ". People should be able to say what they want, as long as they're not directly abusive to someone.
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    My fellow 5-0's, Think this has been up for a year or even a year and a half, i've created a Arma unit for all drafted police officers: Join up! Speaking to @Maverickat the time, this will function as the unit for all police officers when playing as that role. Benefits: Name appears on the game list as: PlayerName [BB | TIPD] Police badge on shoulder (will be the actual BB police logo) Police badge on vehicles when driving one I would advice not to select this unit as active every time you are playing civilian, only use this unit when in the police role. Not only does this confuse people when playing as a civilian, you don't want to have a big police badge on your truck when your smuggling contraband on your day off! I also encourage someone at THS and the Border Force to create your own unit! (As I can only fit in 3 myself, can't make them for you). It would be cool to keep the same formatting such as [BB | THS], [BB | TBF] or just go for something like [THS] or [Border Force]. As custom url I would pick /bbtanoaths and /bbtanoaborderforce EDIT: When sending an application, add your forum username in the message if your Bohemia username is different than the one you use on these forums.
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    "Levi, you got a problem with gays just cause I like a bit of dick in my ass and maybe in my ear" - @Shaun
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    Everyone: "Mav whens the server up?" @Maverick: Soon(tm)™™
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    That is entirely dependant on how fast we are able to resolve reported bugs and finish off a few systems. We want the public release out ASAP. Another Private Beta Patch will be added with many fixes very soon.
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    We will try and get the public release out as soon as possible, the Dev's are working their way through the bugs as we speak, we cant give an exact timescale just because certain bugs might take a long or short period and just the sheer amount of bugs we received that were reported, but the developers are working as quickly as they realistically can.
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    British Borders Community Act Released Just a quick little announcement, we are happy to announce that the British Borders Community Act has now been completed and posted by @Maverickand is available to view here in the Server Laws tab under "Tanoa Life" We expect everyone to familiarise themselves with this document, especially to those people who are currently a part of the Border & Police Force as these laws are those that you will be enforcing throughout the server. Revisions may be made in the near or distant future but any changes will be made clear so people will not miss any new, edited or removed segments of the Act, having this now in place is also going to help us in regards to expanding the factions into their Divisions and the roles they may undertake this being something which we will be looking to do very soon. If you notice anything that may need changing or revising please send @Mavericka message on here. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
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    Currently, all delivery points have the same name on the map. When doing a run, the dialog states 'bring the package to the delivery point in Oumere' (or another city). Could we give all delivery points a digit and maybe slim it down to DP? It hogs up the map and it makes it easier for people to quickly find the delivery point they need to be at. Example: DP 7 edit: Delivery Point missions should also be rewarded based on distance travelled, not a fixed price. I just got 100GBP for completing a 6km (flight distance) delivery
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    Sorry I used steam link, I don't know how to use the insert button
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    Greetings all. I have recently been looking into the community policy. After visiting the TeamSpeak server when I have free time, I tend to converse with the users on the TeamSpeak. I also listen in on conversations from time to time to see what people are conveying in public channels. I participated in a conversation whilst in one of the gaming channels previously last week. I overheard some very vulgar and unnecessary conversation. The word in question defines a person of black colour. However, the way in which said word was used, is an aggressive word that was specifically created to offend these people. I do not believe such a word should be used in a professional gaming community such as British Borders, it conveys aggressiveness and disrespectfulness and should not be used in day to day discussion. I have noticed our community has a "political correctness" section and have copied the following for your benefit. "Political Correctness Free thinking and the freedom to say what you like is a wonderful thing. Our community is full of individuals who do, from time to time, express themselves or their point in a way which may cause offence or upset others. We, as a community, enjoy the freedom of though, and as such, place no limitations, unless otherwise explicated stated in our rules (such as being abusive), on the discussions that take place. We are all mature. If we don't like something or don't agree, we present a better argument or simply ignore it" In this case, I personally believe this word falls into the "Racial Abuse" category, of which I know is not tolerated in this community. I would like to suggest a change in this policy and otherwise have it reviewed for obvious purposes. Kind regards John
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    ARMA 3 Beta Build Progress Current Team: Waffle - Senior Developer Aron - Junior Developer Jared - Junior Developer Marshall - Map Editor / Texture Designer Maverick - Map Editor / Config Management Please note: If you are interested in joining the Development Team you must contact@Maverickvia the website or our Teamspeak 3 server.
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    Server goes live for Patrons and Donators tomorrow
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    I never thought i would say this but i agree mostly with@Shaun. The one thing i would not entirely support is restricting words in public channels. I think members should be mindful and respectful of other members and to start shouting profanity out in public channels where new members are present is not wise and runs the risk of offending someone. Me personally, i think it is only abuse if it is directed towards and individual or if you attacks a certain group of people because of their race or other characteristics. That being said. my concern with censorship on certain words is where do you draw the line. For example we have jewish members who make anti-semetic jokes all the time. Would this be acceptable? If a non jewish member then makes that same joke does it become offensive? No one in the staff team will tolerate abuse or offensive language being directed towards someone specifically and that will be dealt with in accordance to our community rules. This is my opinion on the matter. I think a great discussion is taking place here however i would remind members to avoid implying or degrading other members opinions because they disagree with it. Insinuating people are stupid or otherwise is not healthy for a debate, especially when discussing issues that may be sensitive.
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    Is it really abuse? Towards who exactly? I think we just all have to act carefully and mindfully. If I'm in a channel with a bunch of people who I've known for a long time, let's say Adam, Levi and Marshall for example, and they used it when getting angry at a guy in a game or as a joke, I'd have no problem, as they're not using the language to directly abuse anyone. However, if in a channel with members whose backgrounds may not be known, that's when being careful and mindful comes in. Yes, racial slurs, even when not targeted at anyone, can cause offense to someone; so to me, that's where the change should be, only using it where suitable (i.e. Private Channels, not public channels). Obviously, using any form of abuse, disregarding if it's racist or not, directly at someone is not tolerated. TLDR: Apply a bit of common sense and use it sensibly, not wildly.
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    @Levi*coffing* "I think my breath went down the wrong hole."
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    Getting closer and closer can wait to get on and start helping the people of tanoa
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    I think this is going to be a really useful tool for the community to view as it will allow the members to view what is possibly coming to the server and how long it may take!
  45. 3 points
    Think the police should get one of these as a "Bait" vehicle so when someone tries to steal it, put blanks and when police turns up they just spin on the turret :')
  46. 3 points
    This is one of my cats however she is extremely overweight.
  47. 3 points
    You made the right choice by going to college @Marcus i made the mistake of choosing sixth form and it was complete shit, I think you need that change of scenery and environment, That level 3 IT course is also a pretty good one it's the same as the one i did just expect a lot of work towards the end of it. You will find that your biggest decisions come after you get through either college or sixth form and where you go from there but that is something to face at the time. The course you chose will open a lot of door's for you once you have finished college, as the demand for people to work in the IT Sector is always growing as for level 3 math's I couldn't think of anything worse i hated math's at GCSE Level but its still a very good qualification to have And remember if it all goes wrong you can always become a drug dealer
  48. 3 points
    Well After seeing this I just imagine one of these attacking the border, or goverment.
  49. 3 points
    Crappy camera but that's the zip up hoodie. Super comfy. Well worth it. ~Ant
  50. 3 points
    "[banned] Permanently because I signed Maverick up on a dating site." - aznice
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