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    As we approach the release date of our Tanoa Life server, we are pleased to inform you that ALL the police textures have been completed. Below is a preview of SOME of the skins in action. The images only show a few of the many police skins that can be expected on our server. CAPTION 1 - Traffic Police conducting a routine traffic stop with the help of an interceptor unit. CAPTION 2 - Police performing a stop and search on a suspected drug dealer. CAPTION 3 - Armed Response breaching the residence of a suspected murderer. NOTE: We hope you like the skins, please leave your feedback below and tell us what you think.
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    Dont for get to leave a LIKE for target hopefully he will be back soon <3
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    Get Verified! Gaining inspiration from big social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. We have decided to roll out our own Verified Accounts Feature. How does it work? If your website account gets verified then you will receive anext to your name across the community website. Being verified is a prestigious symbol in recognition of your contribution towards the community. Being verified is at the sole discretion of the Staff Team, who can nominate on a monthly basis, suitable members. Members cannot ask to be verified nor donate for it. How do I know when I'm verified? When you are verified you will get a notification saying that 'British Borders is now following you.' This will go alongside a message congratulating you. Who is eligible for it? Community Staff Members, Developers, Department Managers and Board Members. Strong contributors to the forums. This includes creating new threads, participating in existing discussions and polls, and overall encouraging increased member participation. Trusted members who we can rely on to answer questions and support us in helping other members. For example frequently responding to the Ask a Question section of the forums and having the top rated responses. Dedicated and committed members who have supported us from our early days, contributing financially or otherwise the overall development and progress of the community. This feature will be rolled out slowly over the next few weeks and we will only consider other members once the Tanoa Life Server is launched. *Please be aware you can get your verified badge removed without warning if there is a valid reason.* We hope you like this feature and welcome any feedback in the comments below.
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    "Your Island, From the Heavens" I, Mr O.A. Powell, CEO of Tanoan Transport Inc. hereby unveil an exciting venture coming to the Island of Tanoa! We, Tanoan Airlines will begin operations shortly after the 8th July in the Tanoan Airspace. Our Mission Statement We aim to offer low-cost, high satisfaction air travel around the region Tanoa. Offering regular flights between Aeropuerto de Tanoa Internationale, Saint George Airstrip, Bala Field, Tuvanaka Airbase and the La Rochelle Aerodrome. Operating the Caesar BTT, services will be quick, reliable and of exceptional quality, offering a unique travel experience in Tanoa. Our Inventory Fixed Wing Our world-class pilots operate the newest aircraft from Caesar Aircraft Corporation, the Caesar BTT: Capable of reaching speeds of 235 kts (435 km/h), the BTT offers a modern take on a classic design. The highly manoeuvrable air-frame offers excellent comfort on the inside for its occupants. It offers a dual setup of Pilot/Co-Pilot and 2 passengers, or a single Pilot and 3 passengers. Whilst not offering a pressurised cabin, it's advanced air distribution system allows it to maintain a service ceiling of 25,000 ft. The single Lycoming O-320 powerplant gives the BTT high torque capabilities and its 160 BHP allows it to operate on short or temporary runways, giving the BTT ultimate flexibility. The BTT is the backbone of Tanoan Airlines, representing our premier service between the 5 major airports of Tanoa. Rotary Wing Running parallel, Tanoan Airlines also operate rotor-craft aimed at providing premium transport to VIP's. The PO-30 Orca from Pamov offers the latest in luxurious travel for VIP's. Powered by twin Turbomeca Ardiden 3G turbo-shafts, the Orca is capable of reaching speeds of 166 kts (308 km/h). Our Services We currently offer two services to the people of Tanoa: Regional Flights Tailored VIP flights Our regional flight service operates out of each of the five main airports of Tanoa as previously mentioned. Tickets are available from as little as £5,000 short haul flights, with a cap of £10,000 for long haul. These prices are subject to change however in response to the markets of Tanoa. Our VIP service runs separately from the fixed-wing service using our our rotor-craft instead. The service does not operates on a flightly basis instead, VIP's may hire a pilot and helicopter on a per hour basis, acting as a personal chauffeur between locations. Flights are at the discretion of the pilot in charge, and landing sites are to be pre-approved beforehand. VIP Plans start from as low as £20,000/hour, again subject to change. Safety Here at Tanoan Airlines, we strive for the highest quality safety standards, all our pilots undergo a training course before being permitted to conduct flight operations, and are regularly checked to ensure their competence. We can not however promote 100% safety, as a result, we offer a unique insurance service, which comes free of charge for all passengers, regardless of their circumstances. In the event of a major incident, Tanoan Airlines will agree to pay each passenger the sum of £50,000 as compensation. No other Airline in Tanoa offers this level of quality assurance. So, we are proud to unveil Tanoan Airlines to the world, and expect our services to be highly coveted! We look forward to seeing you. Owain Powell CEO Tanoa Transport Inc. Enquries can be made at BBTS3.COM
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    Web & Systems Manager Position Filled After opening recruitment for all of our manager positions we are happy to announce that one has now been filled. After a long discussion between The Board we are please to announce that @Cado will fulfil the role of Web & Systems Manager. So what is expected from the Web & Systems Manager? The Website & Systems Manager maintains and improves our community website and TeamSpeak, introducing new and exciting features, whilst conducting scheduled updates and fixing any bugs. By researching new plugins and methods, the Website & Systems Manager will implement changes which enhance our members experience and encourage greater user interaction on our Website and TeamSpeak server. Congratulations @Cado
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    Greetings. I thought since I no longer have much time to communicate verbally, I would do so in writing. So here I am making use of these "new" forums! I'll start off by saying the community is looking great in terms of modernization. As far as most other features go however, I would not yet know. To all members who know me or did know me by the name of Grizzly, hello and please comment below! As I am considering a return once I free up some spare time. It would be brilliant to keep in contact with you all. So please do not hesitate in doing so! Kind regards John
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    Here's a brief Youtube Video of the armed response in action.
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    Hello all, I was drafting my Character background for Tanoa life today and came up with an interesting idea. In the history of BB there has been many roleplay experiences and events that have gone down as community legends and tales that we retell from time to time. But would't it be a great idea to document these ideas for future review, thus my brainstorming turned into the Journalist role. What exactly would a Journalist do? -- Well I want to see an app added to the in-game tablet, a news app if you will; one where articles written by players (Short, no more than say 600 characters) can be accessed and read by other players on the server. This can include car chases, murders, election results, terror attacks, government announcement, changes to taxation and so much more. A corresponding article could be written as a forum post on the website, therefore keeping these events documented forever. What would need to be added? -- An active Journalist profession added to the profession list in game, this creates an incentive for actually capturing stories as you would receive a bonus to your paycheck proportional to the amount of views your in-game article gets. As mentioned above, an app added to the player tablet to store these articles. How could this be managed? -- A new group of players, or indeed a faction could be added to the community, an Editor in chief would oversee applications to join the TNN (Tanoa news network) as a contributor, you could progress in the ranks to become specialists (Crime correspondent, Election specialist, Government and political columnist, Etc) The senior editor/editor in chief could have junior editors below him/her to manage the journalists on the ground. Gameplay mechanics -- Journalists could either be standard civilians (Able to be killed, robbed or kidnapped within roleplay) this would increase the risk of the job, and allow for dangerous circumstances, like interviews with terrorists and other hostile groups/players, these kinds of risky interviews and correspondence would be of more interest to readers and as a result the article would end up with more views and higher paychecks for the journalist. Or they could follow the same logic as the medic role (Immune to robbery and fighting) Roleplay application -- A freelance journalist, or indeed one that works for TNN, could use their skills of investigation to locate a terror group's hiding place, a gang base or some Intel on a known criminal. Journalists could then sell video footage (Uploaded to YouTube) or screenshots to the police for a fee, further increasing the insensitive for investigative journalism. I believe this would be a fantastic edition to the server at large, and allow for a feeling of a real, living, breathing world, where events matter and can have a great effect on public opinion. Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions in this thread.
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    (The Tanoan Nationalist Party (TNP) is a traditional right leaning party focused on saving Tanoa from foreign exploitation and getting Tanoa back on its feet by investment into areas such as general infrastructure and the health service.) People of Tanoa, for too long has our beautiful archipelago been exploited for our precious natural resources and cheap labour. For too long have our forests and jungles been destroyed in favour of feeding the industry that continues to infest our land. For too long have you, Tanoans, been completely disregarded by the mainstream parties (Conservatives, Socialist and Centrists) who would rather sell out our island to foreigners than actually care for the people they are supposed to protect. We must unite together to oppose this inherit corruption that plagues Tanoa. Unite under the Tanoan Nationalist Party. The Tanoan Nationalist Party (TNP) is 100% committed to safe guarding Tanoa and its people from the threat of foreign corporations. With us in power, focus would be redirected towards improving the living standards of the people, and not trying to fill our pockets like the main parties seem so bent on doing. So, do yourself a favour. Do your country a favour. Join the TNP today
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    This is what happens when someones sets @Judgegreg off While we support members discussing their personal political views, @Kekkerheim is correct in saying that these threads should only be to discuss or comment on the in-game political parties, their policies and any other corresponding information. Please try to keep these discussions on the topic of the political party at hand, and if you wish to continue this discussion you use teamspeak or a separate forum thread in the correct section. Thanks Chaz
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    Hey guys clark here. Wow its been a while how is everyone doing. My name is Kyle (RL) im a 21 year old male that has been with BB in a number of years, Right from the start of takistan i am an ex Administrator and have always enjoyed BB. I have recently returned to the community full time and aim to contribute to the best of my ability, I love all things gaming and will always try have a laugh, All in all i hope to get chance to meet you all and re-establish friendships and hopefully make some new ones Thanks guys Sgt.Clark
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    With our Arma 3 Tanoa Life Server soon to be released, we do require the Apex DLC for our members to be able to access the server. Currently steam is providing the Arma 3 Apex DLC with 66% off bringing it down from £24.99 to £8.49! If you do not currently own the Apex DLC now is the best time to get it for super cheap. This is offer will remain until the 22nd of June. You can purchase it here:
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    Hello Everyone, As we are now on the path to the official open release date of the Tanoa Life server and from that the implementation of the factions, I just thought I would go over some of the new changes to the returning PMC faction. For the PMC faction this time around myself and @Cadowas given a good level of freedom by management to build the faction to a degree in where we were able to maximise the roleplay potential whilst keeping the sense of enjoyment to the faction. Many of the core features from Takistan Life PMC will be returning as well but to a much more refined and revamped way of implementing them into gameplay. One of the largest of the new changes is the complete revamp of the ranking system inside the PMC faction. With the addition of political parties, territories, more ways to make to make money and the returning government system inside Tanoa we hope that PMC is going to play a much larger part in the general roleplay of the server so from this we have overhauled the way the faction runs in general, the faction is now broken into two primary groups. The Paramilitary Unit: This group is trained to focus on the more controversial side of our contracts that being territory defense, turf wars, and other illegal activities. The Protection Unit: This group is trained to focus primarily on that of VIP protection and security, that can be anywhere from a citizen doing a mining run all the way up to the Governor of Tanoa. We chose to break PMC up like this because being that Tanoa is somewhat of a guerrilla state, we wanted a more darker and corrupt themed PMC to that of its Takistan counterpart, this does in no way mean we are going to turn into Hitmen or anything along that line, we are just going to be willing to take on a larger range of illegal contracts with a higher risk attributed to them. As we get closer to the release date I will be happy to release a few more pieces of information about the faction so keep and eye on this thread. And I hope that once released whether your a member of PMC yourself or part of another faction you like what PMC is going to be in Tanoa Life. Thanks Chaz
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    Jets won't be an option within our mission, but the USS Freedom will most likely be used in one way or another You'll have to wait and see! hah!
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    Artwork: 1) Never Forget - "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." 2) Stealthy Takedown 3) Friendly Air Asset Down! 4) Landing in the Dark
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    Submitting Leave Submitting Leave has just got a whole lot easier. You no longer need to create a thread on the forums. It's now done through your profile. To submit leave first head to Account Settings > Member Away. Here you are able to select your leave duration (In days) and enter the reason you are on leave. Once you fill in all required information Select Save! Other members will also be able to easily see you are on leave. This helps so they know that you aren't ignoring them. *If you are in a Faction please remember to also inform your Faction Leader same goes for Staff, Please inform the Staff Manager. In the future, we hope for it to automatically inform the correct people when you go on leave.*
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    Hey guys Sgt.Clark here! So thought i would make a quick post to extend my reach a little! I am a Youtuber that is now returning i make lets plays, Reviews, Music, AMV's and MUCH MUCH MORE (Including some old BB content for some of the old school players). Check out my recently re-vamped channel today at Youtube: Also i have just completely set up my Twitch with all the juicy bits including specs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube links as well as donations should any of you wonderful people enjoy my streams in the future just click the BUTTONS!. Twitch: Thanks for reading guys! Sgt.Clark AKA: John Talvaski, GTnKGaming ------DISCLAIMER------ In no way am i advertising another community all things listed above are just for my entertainment services, I do intend to record on British Borders if allowed in the future. All the above links are there to Entertain the members of British Borders community and hopefully connect some old school players with the new ones. Should the staff have any concerns with this post please do mail me and i will promptly respond.
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    @Tomwhat are you thoughts?
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    Greetings Citizens of Tanoa. My name is Thomas Underwood and this is my story. I was born on this great island just over three decades ago to British-Born parents, soon after my birth my family relocated to London, England. I grew up in the great city of London and attended Cambridge University where I received a Masters in Political Science and a Law degree. I went on to join start my own law firm in London, practising criminal law and later, corporate law. I spent 5 years as a full time lawyer from the day I graduated until I decided to try my hand at Politics, I joined the British Civil Service but after a period of 12 months I wanted something more... Something greater than myself. I turned my eyes to the international stage, to the war torn country of Takistan. War had recently ravaged the small desert nation. They needed experienced individuals with a mind for politics to rebuild their once proud nation. I applied for "Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Takistan" I advised the PM for his entire term, but in his final year he appointed me his Secretary of National and Homeland Security and I served to the best of my ability and achieved great things, bringing down radical groups in the country and stabilising the region. Thanks to our efforts, Takistan is well on it's way to being a safe and productive nation again. After my experience in Takistan and in London I longed for home, my place of birth. Tanoa. I returned recently and have been practising law again, as a means of establishing myself in this great society. I have assisted many innocent Tanoans who have been left behind by the justice system, I have given families justice, I have given the elderly hope and I have given the young dreams to strive for, the last 2 years I have spent here on Tanoa have been the most rewarding of my entire life. It is my goal to represent you all as Governor of this Island one day. But first I need to prove myself worthy of your trust and your respect. You know my name, you know my story. I am Tom Underwood and I am here to serve you.
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    New Official Rules Released Over the past few days we have worked to update our rules in preparation for the launch of our Tanoa Life server. Our tasks was to simplify the rules, making them easier for you to understand and for the staff to enforce, whilst defending our core role play principles and maintaining a high standard of realistic game play. We have learnt many lessons from the days of Arma 2 Takistan life and have adapted the rules according to make a positive change going forward. It is so important that you read the rules and familiarise yourself with them. These rules are effective immediately and will be enforced. You can read the rules by visiting the page below. Just in case you missed it, the Community Policy was also recently updated with new guidelines and procedures. Please take a read. Like always we welcome any suggestions and look forward to your feedback. Suggestion can be posted here.
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    First set of exams over. Only 6 more to go, finishing on the 26th. See all of you then.
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    Hi lads, sorry ive not been around. My new 1080 should be here tomorrow so ill get my pc back up and running once again! Dam 980ti packing in Ive just seen the trailer on YouTube Via Facebook. Absolutely outstanding work by @Marshall. Ive seen a few trailers in my time and this one is brilliant, great job of showcasing the servers factions and features. Roll on the 8th of July for launch....HYPED
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    Hey everybody, My name's JudgeGreg (Greg), which has been my gaming name for my whole gaming lifetime. Where did I get the name from? Am I a judge? No, I actually got it from watching Judge Judy one day, I thought.. I need a gamer name - that's what I'll do Just add Greg About Myself: For starters, my number one hobby is flying- I can fly the Grob 115 and Cessna 152 solo. I also have hours on the Piper Warrior PA-28. I'm also a glider pilot, having flown the 'Schleicher ASK 21', 'Slingsby T.21', 'SZD-50 Puchacz' and 'Diamond HK36 Super Dimona' My second best hobby is shooting - having spent a large amount of time in the USA (4.5 months) over the last year, I did plenty of shooting. I shot weapons such as an SKS, M1 Garrand, M1911, Browning High Power and much much more. I am a Republican Party Member who 100% supports Trump and Pence, and a registered Conservative Party Member, who loves Theresa May. My loving for the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II is without question. I am obsessed with WWII and Cold War History - You will find me exploring abandoned Cold War bunkers, WWII Gun Emplacements, and frequently visiting many museums both here in the UK and France. I am an avid photographer, mostly of aircraft but occasionally land marks. Here is a selection of some of my favorites:
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    Here's my updated computer showcase! Tower Specs: Laptop Specs: iMac Specs: Peripherals/Other:
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    I have read through this post and its great to see a lot of discussion taking place. I noticed my name was mentioned a few times and some questions were asked so i address some point in order. I can confirm that the staff team has agreed, if you are a member of a faction you cannot run for Governor. There are two reasons for this: Conflicts of interest may arise with someone who is part of a faction. When playing Govenor you would be expected to play for the duration of time in office. This result in no dedicated to your faction during this period. There will be certain things that only civilians can do. More and more features and systems will be developed once our Beta is launched but for example, to start with: Gas station robberies Delivery missions Resources The full extent of the housing system (other factions keep house but cannot use its features when playing as: Police; Border Force or THS. You must also remember that some vehicles will only be available to civilians such as planes. Future ideas include: Businesses, Judges Bank robberies Terrorism Gangs and territory wars. Professions such as mechanic, bus driver, pilot to name a few each with their own unique features and pay check. and much more. Police can own a business but you are right to point out that they wouldn't be running it full time if their primary line of employment in as a police officer. That being said, although owning a business would be possible, using its features as a police officer can and probably will be restricted. If your playing as a faction you should have no interest in your civilian role at that time. The Police, Border Force and THS will not be required to purchase their equipment or vehicles and instead there will be a set quantity for each one. This quantity can be increased and decreased by the Governor spending taxes and fines collected in the central bank. This means that factions may have to lobby the Governor for more funds or if the government runs into economic trouble it will have to sell faction equipment and vehicles. The Government will be able to do a lot more than Arma 2. We really want to make the Governor system integrated with player interaction. Every action the Governor takes will also have a consequence for the games economy. Some ideas that have already been generated for the Government system which will not be implemented in the initial release include: Allocating vehicle and equipment slots for factions Implementing new laws and changing or removing existing laws. Increase or decreasing tax. Changing the cost of licences. Changing the cost of training and degrees at the University of Tanoa. Imposing travel restrictions and managing immigration. Ability to impose a state of emergency. Adjust the paychecks to each faction (not including civilian) Change the welfare that each civilian receives and the threshold for welfare entitlements. Changing the bank interest rate. Creating referendums. The above features supported by our weekly elections will certainly make the Government system more thrilling and enjoyable. Lawyers will be a profession once the professions system is complete. You will be able to apply for a job in a Job Centre. Totally Agree! It will important for factions to manage this but we will never impose a restriction and prevent people from being able to civilian. If you are a member of a faction it would be expected that you are dedicated and committed to your faction. I am aware other servers prevent players from playing as civilian during peak time. We don't like this idea and believe everyone should be able to switch to mix up their role play. I imagine factions will be quite strict on this and any officer caught in or charged with corruption will likely receive a warning or risk being unwhitelisted. That being said it doesn't mean you cannot be corrupt. It means don't get caught. All sentences will be the same as they are predefined in our mission. I appreciate that someone is expected to uphold the law especially if they work to enforce the law but again this is more faction discretion. There will be no stipulation imposed by the staff or community preventing you from committing crime as a civilian if you are in a faction, however it may be frowned upon by a faction who may indicate that they expect cops, when playing civilian, to act more responsibly. True and we want to make every interaction in game role play to ensure we retain the title as a leading Arma role play community. Also the newly created rules have defined the importance of role play and we expect every member to role play to a high standard. Failure to do so will result in a ban. The slot count for the server is as follows Total: 120 Slots Civilian - 80 (PMC will be included and work similar to Arma 2) Police - 22 Border Force - 13 Medic - 5 Our intention with the medic system is, depending on the severity of the injury, will depend on the treatment required and if it falls below a certain state or is serious then yes the player would have to be taken to the hospital. We have also thought about introducing an insurance system which players will be able to buy to cover their medic costs. Arma 2 was great. We intend to bring over what worked well but also learn from what didn't work well or could have been done better. Ultimately, over time, we will have the best Arma 3 life mission available. I somewhat agree with this although this is something we have not discussed in great detail. I can confirm that the government will be able to use state funds to help start business or subsidise businesses. In terms of creating a business for themselves its risky, open many doors and will need discussing further in development. In this case you, if it was permitted, you could vote for a new candidate, lobby for change, protest and riot or in extreme cases of corruption kill the Governor. A long ambition of ours which wont be seen until 2018 is to introduce a stock market and investing system. Although i cannot disclose further details relating to this, i can clearly state that i personally have knowledge of how 'investing works' along with a few other members. We will use this to develop a sound and robost stocks and shares system. This is exactly what will happen eventually. All funds will be centralised in the bank for civilians to rob and for the government to spend so they can invest in the economy and improve the lives of the Tanoan people. There will be certain spending restrictions in place to prevent the Governor spending it all at once, possibly spreading it out over a term, but again we will work on refining this when we begin developing the system. I hope some of these answers helped clear a few things up and in this post i have revealed some future plans. I look forward to any feedback!
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    Fantastic job Marshall someone has been filling themselves up with 10p like a slot machine
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    United Nations Recruitment Here is just a Recruitment Video Created By Members of the Faction and Maverick: What The Faction Consists and what our main roles are: The United Nations operate all over Takistan, ensuring to maintain stability and uphold human rights within the dangerous region by whatever means necessary. The main roles that the UN play a big role in is: Preventing Drug Trafficking Countering Terrorism Stopping Slavery Preventing Weapon Trafficking Manning The Checkpoints (West Border And East Border) Patrolling (I.e. Drug Fields, Terrorist Base, Workplaces (Slaves), Borderline, Southern Government Complex, Weapons Factory) Granting Aid and Safety to the Civilians Of Takistan Setting up FOB's, Humanitarian Aid Camps and Embassy's Act As Diplomats During Times of conflict between the North And South Government's The UN Rank Structure: All New members of the Faction start of at the rank of: Recruit Private Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Major At The Rank Of Private First Class you will get access to a Special Box on the Server Called NCO Equipment which Contains 2 Weapons, 2 Vehicles (M113 [M2] and Btr 40 [Armed]) and a Backpack, And at the Rank of Sergeant you have access to a new skin when you connect to the server which looks like this: They Also have access to a special Box on the server and a vehicle stand, in the box it contains, 2 Rifles, 2 Snipers, Stinger, MAAWS, Breaching Ladders (Small, Big), Backpack, Ammo, Satchel Charge. In the Vehicle stand it contains vehicles such as, BMP, Lav, Jackal and a Venom. The Only other Rank where you earn something is at Major where you get access to a new skin: If you Have any questions about the information above or anything to do with the UN feel free to contact a member of High Command (Cpt. Jack or Lt. Tom) either on Teamspeak 3 Or Via the Website @[BB]Cpt.Jack[UN]and @Tomwho will answer anything you would like to know. If you would like to Apply for the United Nations you may submit an application here which will be reviewed between 24 - 48 hours of you applying: United Nations Application Form I look forward to all the People who apply and hopefully manage to get into the Faction and progress through the Ranks!!! Kind Regards Cpt. Jack ~ UN Captain ~ UN High Command ~ UN Head Of Administration
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    Ah, I can see how warn down your enter key is from all the bans..
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    Show your interest in which whitelisted faction you are willing to join on the Tanoa Life server!
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    People of Tanoa, long enough you have suffered, Your time to rise up against the exploitation of the markets of this beautiful Island, the destruction of its landscape and the dominance of NATO controlled interventionist puppets finally will come to an end. With the principle of the non-negotiable People's war against most of what the current government of Tanoa tries to suppress us against, what they try to make us believe has never existed in the first place to begin with and what we chose to believe to be just a minor issue to calm ourselves for a short second of our life, we will overcome our misery. The situation is far worse than you may think: Constant criminal actions unregistered by the government, made possible through bribes and the corrupt bureaucracy of the state dominate our daily life. Few rich people control most of the income and resources on the island which they guard with their own private armies and mercenaries, making it impossible for the common citizen to gain access to it in any possible way ever as we are either bound to fight or starve. So I say again citizens: The change that this island needs will not come from sticking with the status quo or even supporting it, neither will it come from reform through a liberal government as they are bound to worsen it all. The only possible change will be coming from action. Fatherland or death, the Red Path will be victorious!
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    Pretty much a Jew nothing else to say here.
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    The British Borders Community Act is currently still being worked on, we have a lot of documents to write before the Beta release of the server, we are working as fast as we can and we will try to get the Community Act out as soon as possible so that members can familarise themselves with the server laws.
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    I can see where you're coming from @Jack Webber. The future idea would be that a specific role, a.k.a. Dispatcher, would be in charge of managing the officers in the field and task them accordingly based on demand in regions of the map, but for now no such system is going to be in place to set yourself off-duty.
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    Toms political career is bang out of order!
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    Hello guys I am Back I got Great News only for a Limited Time There are 5 Million Free Copies of Payday 2 on the Steam Store GET UR ASS UP AND GET ONE NOOOOWWWW Before the 5 Million Copies are out. I will see u all in Tanoa <3 Update: The Event ended Payday is free no more
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    The TRP (Tanoa Reformist Party) is a Conservative, Authoritarian party aimed at reintroducing native Tanoan ideals with strong, independent Leadership. You elect someone to get a job done, and we will do it! None of this inter-party politics, constantly passing the buck back and forth, not taking responsibility for our duty type party, but one that is elected on a foundation of policy and will put that policy into effect. Citizens, one and all, for too long have politicians not taken responsibility for their actions. For too long have policies been bounced back and forth between different parties in what seems like a game to most of them. That needs to stop, that needs to change. A vote for the Reformists is a vote for stability and true leadership. A leader that is strong. A leader that will guide this great country in the RIGHT direction. A leader that will GET THINGS DONE. Our Top 5 Policies Reforming the Education system - We will ensure that children are taught BASIC Tanoan values and laws, and to ensure that they have a curriculum that prepares them for their life ahead. We will also support all students following an educational career in a subject of importance, such as Engineering, Medicine and Science, to name a few. Improving the Economy - We will introduce a fixed tax rate (15%) on income, so no matter what you earn, you will all pay the same rate of tax on your income. We will support business growth by lowering business rates, whilst ensuring that Vehicles and Sales tax are moderated to best fit the economy at the time. Reform the Judiciary - Every crime committed will have consequences which includes a fine and/or a incarceration sentence. Fines will be based on a percentage of your total wealth. The percentage rate will vary based on the severity of your crime. E.g Speeding will be a fixed fine of 10% the value of the vehicle. Murder will be a fixed rate of 20%. Furthermore, all sentences will be reviewed on a case by case basis, all with a minimum sentence. All serious crimes will be consequented by individual sentences which will be cumulative in the event of multiple serious crimes. Reinforce Tanoan Ideals Within Society - Tanoan citizens will always come first when it comes to seeking employment, welfare or school places. Everyone in Tanoa will follow the law, no matter your origin. You are in Tanoa, you follow Tanoan ideals. Community isolation will not be permitted. ALL communities are required to integrate with each other, under Tanoan values. Firearm Ownership - All citizens are legally allowed to carry a firearm in the execution of his/her duty, self-defence and/or survival. However, in periods of declared danger (critical terrorist threat/High Crime Rate), those with current or previous convictions are required to store their weapon/s inside a vehicle or storage item.
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    We will be releasing something in the next week showing a few of the border force skins and vehicles.
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    Release 2 - The New Ranks and Their Responsibilities. Along with the addition of the unit system for PMC we are able to include some brand new ranks along with those returning from Takistan. The first new rank that will be seen in Tanoa Life is the Specialist Agent. The Specialist Agent will be the highest rank achievable rank before joining the beginning stages of Faction Command, a specialist agent is someone who is recognised to be one of the best in their field of expertise, if that be protection based contracts or paramilitary activities these agents will have access to the most advanced and high tech equipment that PMC has to offer, with the result of being able to guarantee our clients the highest level of protection. The second new rank that will be seen is the Unit Commander. The Unit Commander will be the first stage of Faction Command for a promoted agent, Unit Commanders will have full control over their respective unit of choice and will ultimately plan and lead any training that may be required for the members of those units, all promotions and demotions of agents being able to join or leave the units will also be carried out by themselves in accordance with a Supervisor. The final new rank to be seen is the Supervisor. The Supervisor will be the final rank achievable before joining the Senior Command of the faction, Supervisors will be primarily a manager position and will be in charge of reviewing applications and undertaking interviews for those accepted, further duties will include closely working with Senior Command in reviewing any faction complaints, issues inside the PMC faction and assisting towards any training for the ranks of Unit Commander and below. This will most likely be the last informational release before the implementation of PMC into the Tanoa Life server, if you have any further questions for myself or @Cadofeel free to post them here or find us on Teamspeak we will be more than happy to answer those we can. Apart from that we will look forward to seeing you in game once released. Thanks Chaz
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    Looking forward to working with PMC. As you know it is my intention to run for Governor, in an Underwood administration I want to see the excellent Blackwatch PMC services put to good use and retained on a permanent term-long retaining contract that would put you at the centre of government security services. Looking forward to seeing you lads in action.
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    Tanoa news network? More like Thomas News Network!
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    The old days of the PMC 80s pornstache skin.. Tom has seen some shit in his day boi....
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    The names John, John Talvaski life has not been easy i have seen innocent people slaughtered in Moscow, Corrupt governments in Takistan, Famine in Africa and drug lords in England. These things make you who you are they change your way of thinking and the way you decide to live, There are so many things wrong in the world. I must make it right. Through what i have seen i have a growing sense of morality. I only recently moved to Tanoa and i can already see its a s**t hole it needs a firm hand to make this place right, I will do anything to make people safe and be rid of the gangs, Drugs and murder let it be known i will not rest until people can feel safe again. This is a brief story as my character develops i will post on this thread Thanks Sgt Clark (John Talvaski)
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    Seriously looking forward to PMC being active on Tanoa. So much great roleplay was created by PMC in ARMA 2. Here is hoping that we continue to see that in ARMA 3
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    Ahh DayZ Overpoch me and @Chaz used to play this for hours!
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    @Corey Spencer British Borders has always given its members freedom to go on leave whenever they wish, all we ask is that if your staff or part of a faction you let the respective people know of your absence so that it can be noted down.
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    I think the price and availability (in quantity) of the police, border force and medic basic vehicles, equipment and weapons should be determined by the government just as they were in ArmA 2. However, I think all government agencies should not require government employees to make purchases in order to effectively carry out their duties. I also think the government should do a lot more than they did in ArmA 2. I enjoyed playing Prime Minister and working with PMC - it was really fun. However, seeing as BB is ready to go to the next step, so should they role play too. This means persuading people to start petitions, dedicating a team to propose laws and maybe even having small teams that represent BB house of commons and house of laws. This idea opens up the possibility of implementing qualified lawyers where people have to pass a test to become a lawyer rather than having someone become a lawyer only when their friend is in trouble. Some people may argue that this seems too much but in reality, it provides the opportunity to do much more than commit crime 24/7 and I think people who are interested in playing that role would love having these ideas put in place. Afterall, roleplay experience is only limited to the imagination and determination of the community to make change and progress forth as one. Going back to the lawyer talk, lawyers could choose between representing the state or become a private lawyer representing on behalf of those stood before a criminal/civil court judge/jury. We as a community need to keep investing time so we can witness its continuous growth. ( I realise this message may not make perfect sense but you should be able to understand.)
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    Tanoan Democratic Party The Tanoan Democratic Party is a center-left leaning party that has, in recent years, shown considerable gains in popularity throughout the island nation. The party is currently led by Timothy Alifair who only recently secured party leadership and is the party's chief candidate for Governor of Tanoa. The party emphasizes the ideas of social and economic equality, the welfare state, and modern liberalism. The TDP believes in a mixed-market economy, taking advantage of Tanoa's cash crops and mining industry to produce a regulated economy. The Tanoan Democratic Party operates several branches in an attempt to appeal to all demographics of Tanoa. These branches include: University Democrats of Tanoa (Young adults wing) Youth Democrats of Tanoa (Youth wing) Global Tanoan Democrats (Abroad wing) Female Tanoan Democrat Coalition (Women's wing) Timothy V. Alifair gave this brief statement after accepting the role of Party Leader: "It is the hope that one day all Tanoans will possess a greater quality of life. It is the duty of this party to fight against social inequality and the rising wealth gap. In addition to such, it goes without saying that the Tanoan Health Service(THS) must maintain a stable budget so as to provide for all citizens. Not to mention our nation's infrastructure which I believe to be just as important and in dire need of repair. Fellow citizens, it is with great honor to have been offered this position, and one day I hope we may see these goals realized, Thank you." Contact your local Democratic Party office or go to to learn more Key Issues: Healthcare - Improve and protect existing government programs like the THS Wealth inequality & Taxes - Balance and reform tax code to strengthen middle class and make the wealthy pay their fair share Infrastructure - Improve existing paved roads and bridges whilst working to better mining access roads and rural areas Border Security & Immigration - Maintain strict border control while simultaneously offering paths to citizenship for illegal migrant workers already in Tanoa Disaster relief - Allocate additional funds to the Tanoan Emergency Management Agency(TEMA) and draft simplified evacuation routes in event of natural disasters Environment - Regulate carbon byproduct emissions, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and look towards cleaner energy New party members are always welcome!
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