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    Tanoa Life Public Release After many months of development, an unfathomable amount of support and input from our staff team & members, We are pleased to announce the official date for our Tanoa Life early public beta: LAUNCH DATE: 14/03/2018 You will be able to find us on the Arma filter or connect directly using our IP Getting To This Point! Firstly we want to say a huge thank you to our development team for the sheer amount of work they have put in and giving up their own free time to focus on getting the mission from its foundation days to where it is today. What they have created up to this point is truly revolutionary for the Arma Life community and going forward the many features that have been discussed will begin to appear. It’s not been without its problems though. The development team has been through a series of changes during this period, people have come and gone, however, the team we have now is strong and committed to making our server the best Arma 3 server in the world. What does early beta mean? Launching the mission in beta means that bugs can be expected, systems will be in a basic state and that many features that have been discussed will not yet be included. There will not be as much content as other life servers, to begin with but this will begin to change post launch. Much of the economy may need rebalancing and some systems we have made in theory may need adjusting in practice. The Hard Work Really Begins This is just the beginning of a new and very exciting chapter in our community. Once our server goes live and the community begins to populate, we will go from strength to strength, and although we recognise that many areas of the community will need to respond to this sudden change and demand of players, we are ready for the challenge and hope you are too! A Community Shaped By You A core principle of our community is to be driven by you, our members. We want you to be there with every step of the way helping us make our mission bigger, bolder and more exciting than any server you have seen. Our custom framework has been designed this way so that you can get involved in helping us shape the mission and implement many of the features that other role play communities have failed to create or consider. We have been extremely grateful to the community thus far for the outstanding amount of input and feedback and it continues to allow us to tailor the mission for you. Donations & Funding We want to express our deepest gratitude & appreciation to all of our Donators & Patrons over this entire development period as without you none of this would have been possible. A massive thank you is owed to every single person who has donated or continues to donate towards supporting the community. Last month we achieved the highest ever donation amount for a single month in our history. This now means the community is in a financially sound position going into the public launch. Since Arma 2 was shut down some members have, simply by their own kindness and nothing more, donated even when they knew the server was not coming for the near future. This has kept us alive and allowed us to maintain our infrastructure to get to this point. You know who you are, and without you we wouldn’t be here today. Again a huge thanks! Going forward we will continue to work with Bohemia at ways we can expand our donation policy and seek to expand the rewards for those who support us financially. Our Future Plans & The Road Ahead Many of you who have been in channels with developers may have discussed, overheard or even shared your opinion on future plans and ideas but to give you a little insight into some of the amazing features we have planned for the future: An advanced and comprehensive medical system that involves patient transport and over 20 injury types. The most advanced government system where every action or inaction has a consequence on the games economy. A very detailed and thrilling professions system were new job roles and types will be added over time to offer more variety to role play A complete rework of the property system, allowing players to purchase residential, commercial and industrial real estate. A unique custom and immigration system for all points of entry for each island. Expansion of the group's system to include gangs and employees with custom upgrades A new, overhauled skills system bringing you many new talents to improve. A completely custom legal and judicial system - including the role of a judge and lawyers. New and improved resource system introducing dynamic prices, stocks and new processes including the crafting of weapons, cars, and furniture. A prison system involving key card access with yards to roam around in, jobs, bail and parole boards, visitation and isolation. New side missions including hostage taking, delivery, uber and more. These are just a few of the many ideas we would love to see on the server and as always we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve the mission for the future. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
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    Right now I feel as if there's nothing to do on the server, the best run to do is gold and that is almost the only good way to make money at this point, processing it is worthless and doing any other run is not worth it. Fix the runs so that you can do several runs and they all have something good for themselves, cannabis could be a really fast run but it is risky to do, gold could be a really well paid run but takes a while to do, uranium is illegal and really risky to do but pays well etc. Make processing worth it and make it so that the processing skill is easier to level up in cause at the moment the best way to level up is by processing 1 each time but I think that you should level up depending on how much you process, so if you process 10 gold ingots you get 1 point to the next level instead of 0.1, right now it doesn't matter if you process 1 or 10 ingots you still get 0.1 to the next level. You shouldn't be able to knock someone out that has a weapon in hand. There's no direct fix for this but the player base at this moment is pretty low so that might be a reason why I feel like there's nothing to do. Most people that I know of all they do is sit and do gold runs because everything else is useless. Also fixing the garages as I showed in a previous post could make you feel a bit more mobile on the map cause right now if you need a car u gotta go to lijnhaven, georgetown or blue pearl industrial port and that is just way too split out also you can't even go on another island and take out a car there you'd have to walk on it if you went there with boat. One way to fix this could also be by having bridges connected to mainland but personally I think that could remove a huge part of Tanoa which is boats. I think you should be able to shoot the wheels of a car if the guy is trying to escape in a car, because having to jump back into your car and chase him and try to ram him off the road will be way too risky and take way too long compared to just shooting the wheels of the car and getting it done with. You should fix the lockpicks that would make for interesting roleplay situations and also making you care more about leaving your car in the open before you quit or something similar. I don't know how the day/night cycle works but right now it feels like a really long time of the day is night which is not prefered in my opinion and also it's really really really foggy at certain times which is not good either, I don't mind fog, but when you can't see 100 meters ahead there's something wrong. Adding a taxi system would also be a really fun and cool feature for roleplay so people could buy a taxi license and then they would be able to roleplay as a taxi driver and they'd have a marked car showing that they are taxi and people could pay for rides etc. Another cool thing to add is a "bus system" so you could travel from say, Georgetown to Lijnhaven by paying a fee and you'd get there in like 30s to 1min depending on how far it is to your desired destination. Rifle stun guns that police and i think border force has should not one shot stun you it's like a better rifle as its basically a one shot, it's way too overpowered at this point. They also have really long range Balance the economy, it's been balanced a bit and it's decent but it's still a long way to go for it to get fixed. Spike strips should make the car get destroyed almost instantly, atm it takes a very long time for the wheels to get fully destroyed and that just isn't realistic in my opinion and it's not practical because that could ruin a full initiation because of the vehicle being able to drive too far. There's currently a bug that if you have a rifle on your back or a pistol and you have it pulled out or put it in the backpack and jump out you will die instantly if you jump in the water. It's happened to me twice already even though I was extremely careful the second time. Helicopters need to be cheaper to buy. Boats currently go into the Georgetown Car Garage and there's no way to take out the boat without destroying it. Implement housing as soon as possible that will be able to store physical and virtual inventory. Cars disappearing in garages should be fixed also your skin on the car that you bought gets reset when you take it out from the garage so if you have a green hatchback sport it is red(default) colour when you take it out. Cops and border force should be more lenient when it comes to tickets and prison sentences, yesterday I got put in jail for 36 minutes for firing my gun recklessly and they thought I fired at them even though I did not. It says "Hanger" on the map it is spelled Hangar please fix that as well :). Cops and Border Force should assign a leader that actually knows what he's doing so he can keep them in check who thinks of both the civilians side and the cops side to make a decision for the server. Add more tool stores. Show more obvious what is illegal and legal when talking about runs (change the colour of runs). Make sure that border force and cops know what is legal and illegal cause I've been told that 6.5 is legal but then I've also been told that 6.5 is illegal so now I am too scared to actually use a 6.5 even though I have the Rifle License. All factions should train their recruits and actually see that they can roleplay and other stuff that is important for a law enforcer and if they are not suitable for being a law enforcer put them on a special program where they get trained to actually roleplay and learn how to handle different situations. Add a bounty hunter system so that people with a specific bounty hunter license can check warrants and the bounty hunter would be able to see peoples' passports to identify them. Remove the Navid 9.3mm from the Rifle Store, it's priced £21000 same as the TRG-21 5.556 EGLM Increase the starting money to £10000 because right now everyone in the beginning is on a really tight budget so if you die or something like that maybe you buy a car a bit too expensive they're gonna just leave because they can't afford anything. Lower the cost it takes to transfer a vehicle from eg. Lijnhaven to Georgetown, because right now the price to retrieve a tempest transport in Georgetown that is in the Lijnhaven Garage is £8k which I think is a bit overpriced just for transferring a vehicle. Make the repair time for vehicles slower (for later stages of the server when gang combat becomes a bigger thing). Add different skills so that you can maybe lockpick faster, repair faster, transfuse blood to people. Add a medic timer that shows how long someone has been incapacitated. Add bar showing how much blood you have left until you bleed out and also add a kilometer counter that shows how far away the medic is. Add a mailing system so you can send messages to other players and the Police, THS and Border Force in case you need assistance but maybe it is not urgent or maybe you need urgent assistance. Because right now when you send a dispatch it could be about anything and the Police and Border Force should be allowed and able to prioritise different situations depending on the message sent. Add an illegal area where you can buy illegal guns and other illegal items, kind of like the black market but you'd be able to buy guns from there. Add the scuba license to any store as it is currently needed for the SDV but not in the game. Add a better VDM script so you don't instantly die if you touch a moving vehicle. Everyone should be taught what powergaming is and it should be a rule that you are not allowed to powergame. Check this post to get an insight on it: This should be written about in the handbook for cops and in the server rules for everyone to read because a roleplay situation can really be ruined if you start powergaming. Remember that this is a Roleplay server and Roleplay should be the priority. I will keep adding to this thread stuff that I feel like needs fixing (I will add it in another colour so it's easier to differentiate between old and new suggestions) This is more for the developers and owners of the server and the faction leaders. New content = Blue Thanks to @LeprechaunRage, @bartieman for the suggestions and thanks to @Idefor the Powergaming post.
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    After having a quick look over the BBACT, I realised that there is no discussion regarding maritime laws, and how boats should operate. In the real world, maritime laws are as extensive as highway laws, or arguably, even more extensive. I can think of a few laws that could be added: All vessels shall maintain a speed no higher than 30km/h whilst inside or entering a marina or harbour. All vessels should be stored on private property or, stored in either a harbour or marina. Anyone have anymore ideas for what maritime laws should be added?
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    Your New Factions Handbook As many of you may have known the faction handbooks were undergoing an overhaul, to make sure they were up to the best standard possible for the public release of the server. The overhaul has now been completed and we are happy to release the updated versions to you the community. Feedback & suggestions are always welcome and we encourage you to do so, if you see something that can be improved upon or you feel a new section is required please use the suggestions area on the forum to make this known. Tanoa Island Police Department Tanoa Border Force Tanoa Health Service All handbooks can be viewed using the factions page on our website, also links can be found above. We want to say thank you to @Atalin & @zydulum. They have done an amazing job working on these documents, putting in countless hours to make sure these documents are up to the standards we require
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    Quad bikes explode quite easily and since this is the starter vehicle it can be extremely annoying to have it blow up and waste around 1/5th of a newbie's overall cash. When you buy vehicles they spawn unlocked (not sure if this is all the time) and i've seen people wait outside the shop for people to buy something and then hop on it and drive away before you can even get there to stop them Lockpicks don't seem to work. Skills reset upon server reset The runs seem quite unbalanced at the moment, my friend told me he was doing a weed run during which he found that a joint sells for £2.40, requires 4 cannabis leaves and buying 1 paper for 0.30 so a total of £2.10 profit, there's also the additional time required to do the run by going to the sweatshop. Compare that to just selling weed which is 1.20 per leaf it seems silly to go through these extra steps for less of a payout. Processing materials is bugged with the amount of exp it gives out at the moment, currently if you only process one unit of material it gives you the same amount of exp as doing a full batch. Since doing one at a time means it goes faster and allows you to do it more this could easily be abused to grind up skills fast Backpacks don't work to increase virtual inventory Only one tool store is a bit annoying, maybe adding another one would help, same with the boat storage. SUV pricing is crazy, at 57k it's priced above the sports hatchback, the 4WD and insanely... the prowler and the qilin, these last two are AMAZING vehicles that are far better than the SUV in every way. IMO the quad bike can stay at £999, the standard hatchback should be £7.5k, the 4wd and the suv both at 10k, sports hatchback at 20k and the prowler and qilin price stay as they are. Unless I'm missing something about the vehicles such as virtual storage space, which on that note would be handy to be able to see in the menu... The point of the pricing changes I've listed is that it seems to me to be WAY too grindy that after I've bought my driver's licence, quad, farming licence, basket and started doing some cocoa runs (at which point you're left with about 5k and a crappy vehicle that blows up on a whim and kills you when you crash into a 6 inch high bush) that it would take me 346 runs (average payout of £150) to afford an SUV. Would be nice to have something that lets you know if there's a medic on their way or whatever when you're downed, either a distance meter or some notification that they're on the way Repairing your vehicle should really take longer, when truck combat becomes more of a thing it's going to be really shit if they can just repair their truck in 2 seconds, there needs to be a penalty for them to their vehicle being disabled and a strategic bonus to the attackers when you manage to do it. If myself and a few others get attacked by another group and they take a few wheels, I limp over to some reeds, decamp and insta-repair it's just not cool since they'll need to approach me cautiously at which point I'm already repaired and they've lost pretty much any initiative they may have gained.
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    So I would like to just quickly update the community on the development side in this quick post. If you haven't noticed the Trello has had a lot of activity in the last couple of days, we are working extremely hard to get the mission file to the standard we would like for public release, I can tell you that we are so close to the quality we would like. You will hear from the Staff Team within the next couple of days. Currently at the moment we are working on just fixing bugs that could become game breakers as this is our main priority right now to make sure everything runs smoothly whilst the server is running, so the community can have the best experience possible. Our second priority is to make sure all the systems are functional and cannot be manipulated in a way they were never intended to. I'm currently working on fixing bugs and will be starting the Staff Menu with @Aronin the next day or two so the Staff Team can support players with compensation requests and also keep the role-playing to the highest standard possible when in-game. I have just currently completed the basic group system that does have a few hiccups but nothing that will affect any dates currently set. @Aron is currently working on the GUI's for the mission (#GUIGOD), but is also in charge of the back-end systems to make sure everything is running smoothly not just on the server but also the database, he is also reviewing the whole teams code to make sure it's at the level of quality he would like before pushing it onto the server. Aron is also making sure the development team always has tasks assigned to them so the team is always running at full capacity at every stage of development. @Jaredhas done an immensely good job over the last couple of months and has just completed the PlayerUI for our mission, although he only started learning SQF when he joined the Community he has been a great asset to us and I'm sure he will only go on to create and develop more fantastic features. He is now assigned to editing the garage system and fixing small bugs that will be ready for the public release. @Scrumbee has only recently joined but has also became a great credit in the final stages of public release as he has just finished adding the clean up script which will allow the server to run at maximum performance at all times. He is also always on the Dev Server trying to break everything he possibly can and then reporting back to us so we can fix the issues he has found on his undertaking. @MarshallHas done an absolute fantastic job on all the textures that are currently in the mission file, he has just finished the PlayerUI textures which have now been implemented into the mission. Marshall will now go on to develop many more clothes/vehicle textures for the server. @Maverick is just finishing up the finer details from vehicle/character storage to shop items and resource prices so the economy of the server will be fair and will work correctly to make the mission as pleasant and enjoyable it could possibly be. Once he has pushed his branch onto the mission you will see there will not be a lot of work to do until full release if everything goes to plan. I hope this post clears up any confusion right now on what's going on with the development stage. I would also like to thank every single person that has supported this community not just over the last couple months but also the people that have just joined and that have helped in any way possible from the Handbooks being re-designed and just the amount of support from donations. Kind Regards Development Team
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    Feels great being back as Assistant Director and Staff Manager now lets make this the best Arma 3 roleplay server in the world!
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    Hey there, I'm going to be straight up, the map's a bloody mess. I just went to a border and without mention I had to turn around and go back to Georgetown to get my Passport. There should be a way to get your passport that's closer to the damn Border. It doesn't mention anywhere that you need a passport to go to a different island (one of the only places you can sell resources at). There are hardly any Car Garages, there are three on the whole map, even on the islands that you can only reach with a Helicopter/Plane/Boat. The Quad Bikes break so much. Again, this is why we need more garages, because when driving on the highway to get to any of the resource points, if you crash and lose one tire, that means you literally have to run all the way back to Georgetown. I've brought this up before but you start with $5,000. You need to purchase a Drivers license which will cost $250-500+ you will also need a vehicle so that's another 940 odd pounds on a Quad Bike that will probably break anyways, if you want to go to a different island to get the Farmers/Miner's License, that will cost you ~ $500 for a Passport, and that's not even counting the $2,500 for the Farming License and the tools you may or may not need. Let alone the mining license which is quite a bit more from what I know. There definitely needs to be another Local Market on the main island at the moment, people would HAVE to blow an extra $500 on a passport they might not even need and could be spending it on something that will help them gain money instead of constantly losing it, other than that, I believe the only other one, other than the ones on the other islands which you can't reach by land vehicle, there's ONE all the way to the top North of the map. There's probably more but I feel like I've gone on enough of a rant. Just really bummed out that after destroying half of my Quad Bikes and losing over $3,000 alone on them, after I finished grabbing my first load of Gold Ore, I was turned around BACK TO Georgetown where yet another Quad Bike will probably explode from a tap of a bush or by slapping up against a sign and spend $500 that I don't even have on a Passport that I probably won't even use because the Border Police probably won't even be at the same bridge. Give me your thoughts on this.
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    Tanoa Life Server Now Live After months of development, we are pleased to announce the release of our Tanoa Life Early Public Beta. What we need from you! Given this is our first public release, some of you may encounter bugs which we would have never found due to the small number of players testing the server. As a result, if you have a bug, please create a ticket here using the “Report Bug” button. At British Borders, we also value the feedback members contribute to shape Tanoa Life and our community. We expect some imbalances with our server, if that's in regards to equipment factions have or prices of vehicles. If you have a suggestion for our server which you’d like to see implemented into Tanoa Life, please post it in our forum section here. What to Expect With this being an early release, there is only a basic framework in the mission. We have future plans for our Tanoa Life mission which you can find details on here. We hope you all have an enjoyable experience on our early Tanoa Life release. Kind Regards, Shaun.
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    I was just flying around the amazing Island of Tanoa, and saw this amazing sight! And yes, my HUD is purple too...
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    I think @Crossyhas made a fair point, trying to define what is reputation boosting over friends liking each others post is a hard one, due to the fact everyone has their own comprehension of good quality content. As long as members are not producing Spam or unnecessary posts on the pure basis of receiving reputation that would be the only instance where perhaps myself or the forum moderators would step in. As for going forward, there is nothing in the rules that restrict people from doing it, although there is a daily reputation limit which would be the only way to counter it in general along with the amount of content that is there to give reputation towards.
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    Maybe his friend likes the quality of his posts? It's not like the guy is saying "Kappa" and then his friend is liking his post, he's actually writing proper responses which are friendly. If I was his friend I would give him rep too. Problem Solved?
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    Hopefully i can clear a few things up. The next server release is PUBLIC. There may be a small chance that a patch will be put on a few days before to straighten out any major bugs but we want the server live as much as anyone else. Secondly any money etc obtained during the private beta will NOT be carried over and every player will be required to start from scratch giving an equal playing field for all. Finally the wait is almost over and an announcement will be made this week so stay tuned.
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    So over the past few days, people have been complaining of Police RP and how they rp situations. Well, many of the Civs Will not give us the option to even attempt to start an rp situation they will simply shoot on sight, Or Run into the forest when we get within even 100m of them. So to be honest many of us would appreciate it if you would stop bickering about Police RP when over 90% time you won't give us the opportunity to attempt it. I'm going to go over some of the common situations in past so you can see why or why not you did your grade A rp and we would prefer to give. 1. Being in the holding cell for while. The Main reason for this is when they get detained they goto a support room Nothing wrong with that if valid BUT we cant continue the RP till support case has ended or the support member tells us to finish RP then do the support case. 2.Gas stations- for the past few days there has usually only been the same 10 of us online as police and usually 3 actually playing police. So then we have to respond to a gas station on the other half of the map which we won't be even 2km near before it ends. Or they shoot on sight....so we cant really have rp. 3. Police being robbed with no prior RP beforehand just robbing police for the guns when only 1 or 2 are online. This is some of the examples I can think of on the top of my head. This is not to target anyone just to address an issue many members of police don't want to bring up due to fear of being kicked. I'm not scared due to If I was kicked for this means its somewhere I don't want to be. Also, I can state that there are the issues in the police that need to be fixed many don't know what to do or what they cant do due to there being no divisional handbooks So its all he said, she said at the moment. ~S.B
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    After reading through the British Borders Community Act, I have spotted a few points of confliction which some people may use to their advantage when regarding emergency aviation vehicles. The Problem: Currently, there is no support or exemptions made for emergency aircraft to go under the minimum flight limit. Section 2.3.2 states, “No aircraft is permitted to fly below 200 meters unless the aircraft in operation is being landed at an airfield or designated landing zone.”. The only exception is when martial law is active, in which law enforcement aircraft are exempt to the above statement. This law does not allow: Air Ambulance Units to land in any area. Law enforcement aircraft to land in certain situations (insertion of armed response units etc). The Solution: I believe the BBACT should have the following sub-sections added to aviation law: “V. Air Ambulance Helicopters are exempt to 2.3.2 when they are required to land to transport patients or provide medical assistance on land.” “VI. Law Enforcement Helicopters are exempt to 2.3.2 when they are required to land to insert armed response units in response to crimes listed under Section 7 and Section 13.” The Justification: For the first suggestion, in real life, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has made it clear [1] that aircraft classed under HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) are exempt from SERA.3105 (Minimum Heights) when responding to situations that would require the aircraft to land (such as picking patients up) as long as safety of persons, vessels, vehicles or structures is not impeded (i.e. The area is cleared and made safe for a helicopter landing). For the second point, the Department of Transport certified [2] the National Police Air Service in 2012 to provide fast-roping for CTSFO’s when responding to armed crime and/or terrorism. This was done as it was predicted that traffic congestion, due to the London Olympic Games, would make it near impossible for CTSFO’s to respond to terrorism and/or armed crime in sufficient time. Although the amendment to police aviation does not say anything explicit regarding roof top landings, it does state that police aircraft can land anywhere if safety of the helicopter and its crew is not impeded, and that approval is granted from the officer in charge of the situation. As both situations are allowed in real life, under certain circumstances, I do not see why either cannot be added to our server laws. References: [1] http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/ORS4No1063.pdf [2] https://web.archive.org/web/20151118162024/http://www.aviationtoday.com/categories/rotocraft/A-Career-Policing-Londons-Skies_78640.html#.WqL27WrFKUl
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    I believe the original point of what this topic created has now been answered. To reiterate the key points: The only time action will be taken against up-voting posts is when the post being up-voted is unnecessary and/or spam. There is a daily reputation limit to stop members from acquiring mass amounts of reputation a day.
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    Well I wasn't planning on ever making one of these, but as I noticed this post would be the 1000th one in this Introduction subforum, it HAD to be a good one! Imagine your bed room as the British Borders community, and a couple of years ago you somehow made a stain on the wall, and as the years passed, you kinda got used to that stain being there but you'll still sometimes notice it. That's me! Somewhere in January 2014, I watched the Lirik guy streaming ARMA2, on a server called BB. I always thought this was some milsim game, but then I saw all kinds of people roleplaying as crooks, cops and blueberries. I wanted to see more of that stuff instead of that streamer guy bending the rules, so I bought the game the day after and straight up joined BB. Memorable first 15 minutes on the server: I loaded up as UN, no fucking clue what to do, somehow managed to get to the central checkpoint. We were getting over run by annoying civilians and I respawned after getting killed. I came back to the checkpoint, only to see some loud talking guy in military drafts with a gun out, pointing at my fellow blue hatted friends. No more, I thought! I ended the threat quickly with the power of my trusty UAZ, only to read this message in chat moments later: [BB] Maverick: WHO JUST RAN ME OVER AT THE BORDER? Seconds later, a ban message "Idiot/mav". Clueless what to do, I awkwardly installed TeamSpeak, joined the server and got dragged in a support room. I don't remember who helped me that time, but the amazed "Ohhhh.." response when I told him a guy called "mav" banned me, was memorable. Scared shitless, I somehow managed to stutter my explanation of things, @Maverickjoined the channel as well and we resolved the issue, regaining access to the server. The way things were dealt in that room, somehow added to everything, and ever since that day, BB became my daily home for over 2 years. See you at launch!
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    Some big patches are coming in regards to the economy within a short period of time, so that should attract new players. Also, once a lot of the game breaking bugs, like the garage system glitches, are fixed, we should be able to hold a steady player base. I think everyone is just taking a break and waiting for patches. On a side note, we are starting to focus on what makes our mission different in comparison to other servers, so play style should get better for both factions and civilians.
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    Hello, I have seen many different servers fail due to their start and it is not a pretty sight. I am not glad to say that this server could go down that road. If the staff steam don't come together and fix crucial bugs. Players like myself and others will not bother playing since the main elements of the server are dieing. I do NOT want this to happen to this server. There are two main issues: Everything else can be left till these are fixed ASAP. - Prices and Rewards - Skill Resets Bug
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    I would like to suggest the addition of a tool store and boat storage in Georgetown. 1. Tool store. Currently you need to travel all the way down south to get some basics tools, like baskets and buckets. Personally I think its a bit silly that you have to drive ten to fifteen minutes in order to get there. This can be especially frustrating for new players who often only have an ATV or a hatchback (besides the license they need to get, which is a additional 10 minutes of driving back and forth to the tool store). Personally I would like to see another toolshop in Georgetown, which should make it a bit easier to start fishing in the area, as well as doing other resources in the area, which are currently all neglected due to them being so far from the tool store. 2. Boat storage in Georgetown. Currently you have to drive around about twenty minutes to get to the boat storage in the blue pearl industrial port. It then takes you another twent minutes to sail to the west side of the main island to catch whales as a example. I would like to see the addition of a boat storage to promote fishing in the area, as well as promoting the use of boats and thus the other islands. One could argue that when the houses get introduced you could evade this problem by buying a house near the port, however the nearest houses to the port are mutiple kilometers away, with no car storage near any of these, in the future, buyable houses. 3. Removal of the farming license. Currently you need to buy a license of 2500 pound to buy a basket and a bucket. I can tell from experience you really dont need training in order to put water into a bucket, pickup mushrooms or pick berries from a bush.
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    Tanoa Life Automated Server Restarts After a couple of days setting it up we now have automated server restarts! All information about the server restarts can be found here. There has been a few additional features along with this such as automated restarts after a server crash although we don't expect any. We also have added constant in game message announcements with name restrictions such as no ascii characters. We hope this brings a better gaming experience for you all as you can now plan what to do on the server based on how much time you have available. Many thanks. The Board.
  23. 5 points
    The development team is working hard to implement a patch fixing several of the game breaking bugs and the economy. This patch is planned for tomorrow, as seen here (https://britishborders.co.uk/release-notes/), however it may come out at some point today. We are sorry to keep you waiting, however these things take time and we are working as fast as possible.
  24. 5 points
    I can understand the frustration with the mission but all we ask is people remain patient. We are not like every other server where we copy the framework of a life mission we have created everything from scratch which means we have to physically code everything which takes longer. We are working on fixing the game breaking bugs to try stabilize the mission so players can at least get started. The server is no way near the state it will be when it is finished and we expect players to leave and come back over time so all I suggest is if players are getting frustrated with the bugs make sure you post everything as a bug. We would rather players stuck around but this mission is in Beta development and people need to remember that. We read all comments on the forums and are working as hard as we can but remember we only have so many hands. Thank you for all the feedback so far it is helping a lot. Assistant Director Adam
  25. 5 points
    Hello, I was thinking to myself, "How could the developers improve BB" and I came up with an idea that I thought you might want to hear.This is a very complex thing to make but there is no harm in me suggesting this as it might be possible. My Idea: On the forums, there should be a private page for each registered user where you can view all of your in-game stats such as: Money Properties Owned Account Info (e.g. being banned, Playtime on server, Recent Join date, Bank, Cash) Player Statistics (Total Deaths, Most used weapon, Money Spent/earned in the last 24 hours, Total Donated to the server, Total vehicles owned) Faction Status (Tells you which factions your are in and others that you are not in) Money Chart (Displays your overall balance for each day of the year) Vehicle Status (Tell you which vehicles you own and whether they are destroyed or not) Death List - Displays who you got killed by and how(e.g. got killed by being run over by a car) at what time and date and also you can check out your inventory you died with and how much money you had on you when you died. This should show every death you have had since the start of your playtime on BB. If you have any suggestion just comment them below. Thanks for feedback and replies, Hydro
  26. 5 points
    Big day today! ☺
  27. 5 points
    It will be @Viperbecause he will think he's being smart by placing a bomb and accidentally set it off. 'Special' Ops..
  28. 5 points
    2015 Subaru BRZ Series Blue No Mods, yet.
  29. 5 points
    Hello everyone, I've been here for a few years now and have never really introduced myself. As there is a few new faces joining the community I thought there is no better time. My name is Marcus as some of you may know and i joined the community back in 2015 with my good friend Jack who is also still a member. During the summer nights we were extremely bored and wanted to try something new. Then one night we stumbled across the British Borders server and we found ourselves playing it every night for weeks straight robbing banks and causing trouble. After talking to a few of the members and getting really stuck in we decided to sign up to become members. Throughout the process I was so nervous because I really wanted to be accepted into the community, but the staff member calmed me down and reassured me that there was nothing to worry about. During my time as a member I joined 2 out of the 3 factions on the Arma 2 server. I initially joined the PMC at the time called SERCO which i worked myself up through all the ranks to second in command with @Liamheading up the PMC. After having a blast for 3 months meeting new people and making some unforgettable friendships i decided to leave and join the police force. I was luckily accepted into the police force and slowly worked myself up to sergeant as i had my heart set for SCO19. Finally, after 6 weeks of being in the police force the SCO19 apps opened and I was accepted. Throughout my recruit period of SCO19 it took me back to the nervous days of my BB membership. Luckily, I was accepted to become an SCO19 officer and a few weeks later became assault instructor and this is where I remained for the remaining time on the server. I became a member of staff in January 2016 having no idea what was going to come out of it and two years later I'm still here helping the members of the community as the youngest member of staff. That was a brief history of my time I spent on BB during 2015 & 2016 but what do I do now? I am currently 16 years old (17 soon) currently studying computing and business at a-level hoping to get an apprenticeship once I finish school revolving around cyber-security. I spend my free time away from studying either with my girlfriend, messing about with my mates or going gym. My hobbies pretty much revolve around computers as i enjoy looking into what is behind the face of programs and websites. I'm currently teaching myself HTML, CSS and java script whilst setting up a few small databases for school and personal projects. I've recently been looking into setting up Team speak servers and the permissions involved as a few close friends needed one and I had a bit of free time. Other than sitting inside at my computer all day I have a keen interest in biking and water sports. I currently work at Halfords fixing, maintaining bicycles with the main benefit being the 25% off . I have a few local downhill trails which we generally ride on the weekends during the summer which is always a blast. But most weekends are spent away from home at the coast jet skiing/water skiing which I am fortunate enough to do on a regular basis. Well after reading all of that I hope most of you learned a few new things about me and if you didn't know me at all then I hope it wasn't too boring. ~ Marcus
  30. 5 points
    Hi, I am Reaction from another rolyplay server Most people know who I am, I make quality roleplay videos on my youtube channel. I can't wait to spend a lot of time with my friend @Vibez on this server. WinkyFace
  31. 5 points
    I was basically the same as Jordan, I was searching for an Arma 2 OA server and came across this, I believe it was late 2014! It’s been a big part of my life since, hopefully there’s many more years to come
  32. 4 points
    Not gonna mention any names, but here recently I was playing as a civ. I had a lawyer and the full nine yards. We were covering every basis that the cops said I had a charge for. At the end of the day, not let off with a ticket or just a minor sentence, they didnt give the time or day that me and this fellow civ playing as my lawyer spent piecing a story together to defend myself, and I was slapped with a full sentence of 45 minutes. Im sorry, but when I sit there with a lawyer for 30-45 min defending myself and its does me no good, it puts a bad taste in my mouth and probably others who have encountered the same thing. I could've saved my time said "fuck the pigs" and still got sentenced for 45 min.
  33. 4 points
    Blocking off the road due to someone who was suicidal. The Border Force locking down the bridge. Recruit Sims floating... @Reagan
  34. 4 points
    Receiving life-saving treatment from the world's finest health service, the THS.
  35. 4 points
    I think the name of the person robbing it should be removed altogether, it just allows for metagaming and powergaming. You should have to go there and find out yourself, possibly adding cameras to gas stations that are accessible from police stations so cops that aren't driving there can view the shop and get a description of the person would be the way forward. Or even if you could script it so you can interact with the shopkeeper NPC and he would be able to list the clothes & weapon the player had
  36. 4 points
    So I've run into this twice now so I thought I'd lay this out as clear as possible as this is one of the most annoying things to encounter in roleplay situations, considered to be in extremely poor taste and on many servers is considered a rule break. This subject applies especially to cops & border force players as you have special interaction menus that give more information about a player than civs have. Powergaming is when a player presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative. For example, saying "oh look you're crying, obviously you're guilty so I'm going to charge you with the crime" when the player hasn't shown any signs of crying, or "Okay let me just search you here, ah I see blood on your hands you're obviously our guy!" To give a server-specific example of this, as happened to me yesterday - myself and a friend were robbing a gas station when police showed up and opened fire on us as we drove away (another story) so we returned fire but ended up losing the fight. One of the officers came up to us when we were laying on the ground and immediately said "Okay this is Ide and Sway Rasa" I asked him how he'd gotten our names and he said "It's on your papers" Now while we had bought licences, to assume we had them on us because you can use the interaction menu to see them doesn't mean you can use that information as it denies our characters any choice in the matter and also denies our ability to roleplay it any further with something such as "Oh we left it in the car and I don't have keys you're going to have to lock pick it" or simply not having brought it with you. In fact in this situation when I pressed the matter the officer told the rest of the cops there to "Ignore this guy he's just salty" There's plenty of ways to deal with a situation where someone won't give you their ID such as the fact that if you are being accused or even suspected of breaking the law you are obliged to identify yourself and if not you can be held in custody until your identity can be ascertained. Once at the station you could "run the plates" of their vehicle if they had one there and since cops can check registration and as you're roleplaying it this would be considered fine - if it turned out to be their vehicles then you have their licences in the database which would logically include a photo and you can now identify your detainee. If the vehicles aren't theirs or if they have a weapon and they are insisting have no license on them then you can charge them for not having a valid drivers/gun license/possible possession of a stolen vehicle and proceed from there. As we were being brought back to the station one of the cops also said "So Ide why did you rob those gas stations" (we'd robbed two stations, during the first robbery they never managed to get close enough to identify us and in between the robberies we'd also changed clothes and waited a while) when I asked how he knew I'd robbed multiple gas stations he said that the shop owner had identified me, this again was never roleplayed out and so could be considered powergaming as you're getting the information from the notification you recieve when it gets robbed. You could argue that the officer is trying to make me implicate myself in the crime which is fine but if they insist on believing it to be true and charge you based on it then it's straight up powergaming. Hopefully this has helped clear up what is and isn't powergaming and ways you can use roleplay correctly to work around it.
  37. 4 points
    Not only that but the atm's are usually right outside the shop or even in it so I can legit just 180 and store. I'd suggest making them withdraw only or make them unavailable to be used for a certain amount of time after the robbery, possibly linked to the timer for robbing the gas station again
  38. 4 points
    Just to clear things up it will be at 18:00 GMT!
  39. 4 points
  40. 4 points
    Hi, so I am not really new to the community but hey – I get an achievement for this… So my real name is Tom and I like video games… I have been a member of British Borders before back on Takistan Life and can honestly say it was, and has remained as, my favourite life community. My in game name will be Steve Handley and I’ll be playing with the Police department Armed Response unit. Hope to meet a lot of new people on the server and cannot wait until launch!
  41. 4 points
  42. 4 points
    That's no way to treat your brother Anthony
  43. 4 points
    If it was a sort of skill you developed by more basic things e.g. you have to start with apples and can end up doing Uranium maybe that would be better?
  44. 4 points
    Welcome to BB Looking forward to seeing you in game!
  45. 4 points
    My favourites Shooter: Battlefield 3 / Arma 2 Dayz Story: Last of Us / Uncharted 4 a thief's end Strategy: Total war Warhammer 2 / Total war Rome 2 MMO: Old School Runescape RPG: Skyrim / Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Builder: JPOG And I guess Arma 3 due to life servers & battle royale
  46. 4 points
  47. 4 points
    Took the dev team long enough, geez
  48. 4 points
    To follow on from what @Levihas said other factions being able to heal is just not going to happen. It defeats the object of having a medic system entirely. A few points i would like to suggest are: Firstly - A rule that if you are a medic and going to be inactive for more than 10 minutes you disconnect. (time frame can be discussed) Secondly - Once we launch, we work to develop the best and most comprehensive medic system in Arma 3 to remove any form of tediousness from the role and to offer a lot of variety. Making both a enjoyable role play and learning experience. Thirdly - This not only applies to the medic faction, but to all factions. The minimum paycheck is £200 and the maximum is £400 every 10 minutes based on rank. People playing as factions should do so because they want to bring great role play to the server not because they want money. The Governor will have the ability to change these figures once we introduce the Government system. Finally - Medics also are able to repair vehicles currently and this will be reviewed over time so medics may get non-emergency calls.
  49. 4 points
    I think @Maverickmade a wrong decision and should of left the ban.
  50. 4 points
    The scale of managing this is slightly larger i think that one would like to think, although not colossal of course. Constantly adding random tags to our Teamspeak for gangs and setting them, monitoring them against any conditions etc. I think@Jared certainly raises and interesting balance between those who would not want it and those who would. My question would be, how do you determine who would qualify. Application? Number of members? (with this what if a small group are a great gang and don't want large numbers.). These are all questions that would need to be answered. I am aware that other communities are in favour of this and also allow gangs to create gang channels as well. I think this somewhat relates so i will make this point now as a suspect another thread may be started. We will NOT be doing individual gang channels and this is for two reasons. Firstly allowing people to donate solely for channels violates Teamspeak's AA/SS licence agreement. Secondly we have Donator channels or public gang channels which can be used and constantly creating channels on Teamspeak makes it look very unorganised.

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