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Firstly, a very warm welcome to our website. At British Borders we are not just your typical Arma 3 role play community. By bringing together players from around the globe, who share our passion for role play, our members become part of our story and are proud to call us home.

We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting new standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

We would invite you to join us and become part of that experience.

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    Here is the Armed Response. Thoughts?
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    The Island of Tanoa - [Beta Release Version] As you all are waiting for the release for the server I thought it would be nice for you all to see the official release version of the map. We are so close to the testing stage so to get your imaginations going here is what is what will be available on the launch. Also to note the Black Market & Resource Seller randomly moves location over time. Hope this helps you all get some good ideas for the launch. ps: Gas stations & resource locations are not listed due to the way the image was taken it can't be displayed. Thanks Adam
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    Introduction Sandline Defense Group [SDG] is a Private Military Company (PMC) which specialises in problem resolution and the provision of associated consulting services. The business was established in the early 1990s to fill a vacuum in the post cold war era. Our purpose is to offer governments and other legitimate organisations specialist military expertise at a time when western national desire to provide active support to friendly governments, and to support them in conflict resolution, has materially decreased, as has their capability to do so. We offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism, close protection and support to governments. Sandline runs a global network of offices, contacts, and associates. Furthermore, our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in the police, journalism, the UN, finance and commerce. Operational Capabilities We are able to adapt the capabilities of the company to address the legitimate requirements of our clients. The core skills of the company include: Training Basic and advanced tri-service general military training Special forces, Psy ops and intelligence training Special police unit training Humanitarian and disaster relief operational training Mine clearance training Operational Support Sandline can provide specialist individuals or formed units to support a client's own armed forces on operations - typical support functions are: Command, control, communication and intelligence teams Special forces units (including counter terrorist and counter narcotic) Heliborne reaction forces Maritime special warfare units Pilots and engineers Body guard/close protection teams Logistics Election securing/monitoring Integration/demilitarisation of warring factions Intelligence Support Provision of electronic Photographic and human intelligence gathering capabilities Information analysis Design and implementation of intelligence gathering structures and the associated training of local civilian or military personnel in intelligence operations Humanitarian Operations Securing strategic assets - water, food, electricity, key installations Convoy escort Humanitarian and disaster relief command and co-ordination Protection of aid agency personnel Medical support at all levels Air support Water purification Strategic Communications Public relations International lobbying Political analysis Psy ops Support for Law and Order Sandline can assist in non-conflict support to law and order. Typical areas are: Counter-narcotics programmes Counter-terrorism Combating organised crime Protection of natural resources and key installations Anti-poaching operations Anti-smuggling operations Revenue protection Fisheries protection and maritime surveillance. Policy Sandline's operating principles ensure that the company only accepts projects which, in the view of its management, would improve the state of security, stability and general conditions in client countries. To this end the company will only undertake projects which are for: Internationally recognised governments (preferably democratically elected) International institutions such as the UN Genuine, internationally recognised and supported liberation movements - and which are - Legal and moral Conducted to the standards of first world military forces Where possible, broadly in accord with the policies of key western governments Undertaken exclusively within the national boundaries of the client country. Sandline will not become involved with: Embargoed regimes Terrorist organisations Drug cartels and international organised crime Illegal arms trading Nuclear, biological or chemical proliferation Contravention of human rights Any activity which breaches the basic Law of Armed Conflict. In the absence of a set of international regulations governing Private Military Companies, Sandline has adopted a self-regulatory approach to the conduct of our activities. This includes a rigid adherence to the principles outlined above. Security and confidentiality are essential and we address this in more depth below. Confidentiality Sandline's projects are generally sensitive in nature and, therefore, we apply strict rules of confidentiality to our work and client relationships. These rules are reflected in our contractual obligations, corporate code and employment terms. Our code of confidentiality is absolute. Our security procedures are rigorously enforced to ensure protection both for the client and ourselves. Why Use Sandline? An independent analysis of a problem is required National security or stability may be threatened Indigenous capabilities may be insufficient International support is not forthcoming, but external support is essential Sandline supplements the local resources National capability is enhanced Appropriate actions can now be taken Problem expediently and costeffectively resolved. Financial Arrangements We offer a cost-effective solution for our clients. The financial package is self-contained and invariably determined in advance of service delivery. We anticipate all the likely operational costs associated with the conduct of a project and can, therefore, provide a firm figure prior to entering into a contractual arrangement. Contrary to speculation in the press, we do not seek to be rewarded in the form of mineral concessions or other indigenous assets. All Sandline contracts have addressed the issue of remuneration in an exclusively monetary form. Summary Sandline is unique in its field. We have rivals but they cannot or do not wish to deploy the full range of capabilities that we offer our clients. Our operations are completely self contained, highly disciplined and we are conscious of client confidentiality and local sensitivities. We do not always focus on the direct application of military force but are concerned with the application of a more subtle or oblique approach and, where required, the company is capable of conducting humanitarian operations. We seek to provide training for local forces, generating a transfer of our skills which enables client governments to become self supporting after the withdrawal of the company's personnel on the conclusion of our contract. We are capable of very rapid deployment and operate in a cost effective manner. We are confident that the cost to a client of deploying a Sandline project team is invariably cheaper than the cost of sourcing alternate forms of external assistance. Copyright by Sandline Defense Group©
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    I'm proud to present one of the new additions for the THS! A fully equipped Emergency Ambulance, ready to save lives. Little bonus footage: Working Emergency Lights
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    Whist awaiting for a new development update make sure to check out the laws of war vehicles and their unique skins. We've decided to bring these forward ahead of schedule and will be in before PUBLIC release to be tested and enjoyed by everyone. A few of these have already been featured in the donator insights. UPS Delivery: AA: Ambulance: Police: Border Force:
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    Gateway is independent non-profit business inspection company, originally founded in December of 2001 by André Forsman [swe], Bohumir Zapletal [cze] & Mihara Tokugawa [jap] . From 2001 to 2023 the company has expanded from its first three "capital" countries (Sweden, Czechia & Japan) to these countries Sweden, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Republic of Altis & Stratis, Turkey, Australia and currently in year 2035 its opening its branch in Republic of Tanoa XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX Organization operates fully independently without any state / government supervision. " Our system works on simple database in each country. Consumers from various countries can look into our database and see if company, which they are dealing with is already registered and checked by our inspectors and then if its well-ranked or marked as doubtful. Companies can voluntarily send us a letter with register request and our inspectors can then check how the company works, whats the quality of its services and the company then gets its place on our database, where its ranked from 0-5 stars, sometimes with description " ↓ Current company database ↓ https://goo.gl/K2weif Are you owner of a company on Tanoa and want to let your customers know, that your services are top-quality ? ↓ Click down here and get verified ↓ https://goo.gl/N2T8g1 Tanoan Branch: Gateway - Owner of Tanoan Branch & Lead-Inspector - Karl J. Zverinsky /Other members currently not public/
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    Hello, small post on whatever. Due to changes, decisions, choices, whatever you want to call it, in the community in more recent times, I'm no longer planning to play on the server. It's no secret that I dislike a lot of these changes (and people) that have occurred in recent times and I don't see this being fixed or changed to an acceptable point anytime in the foreseen future. Mostly making this post so that any person, for whatever reason, seeing this profile knows, I do not regret donating to BB in anyway, I've had a good couple of years here and I've made a couple of good friends and a block list so long it crashes TS when I open it. I might log on once in a while just to see whats going on, but most likely not a whole lot. I'm still using the TS and I'm always on there if anyone needs to get a hold of me for whatever reason and to make fun of Marshall, of course. You might see me online once every so often just to check in on whats up IG. I also just want to give a small thanks to some of the people that I have encountered that have made my experience here a lot better. Not going to list all the names here but the more important ones, Powelly, Alon, Andersfrank, Мирослав, Victory, Bruce and Adam. Also want to give a special thanks to whoever played SCO19 and Police for the jokes and laughs, like pretending that you follow the rules and laws in-game. Always an incredible experience dealing with people that are completely oblivious to the rules. And finally, a final thanks to all the TTWs who got themselves banned for being as dumb as bread. You sure got some funny ban messages.
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    This guide will go through how to acquire a license for a firearm type. You need a Gun License to be able to purchase weapons from the Supermarkets, and to legally own a weapon. You could get a friend to buy you a weapon, but if the police catch you with a weapon you don't have the license to, it will be removed and you will be fined. Before you start driving/flying to the Gun License seller you need to withdraw: 10k for Pistol license, 20k for Rifle license, 50k for Automatic-Rifle license. When you have done that you should start heading to your closest Gun License seller, there are 2 different sellers, I have marked them both in the pictures under: When you arrive at one of the sellers you need to walk to the sign at the location, scroll and you should be presented with this menu: Now you just pick the one you want and you buy it with the money you withdrew earlier. Congratulations, you have now successfully bought a Gun license and can now enjoy the benefits of having a license. Please give this guide a thumbs up if you can!
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    -1 I don't believe BB should be a First person only server. Almost every server that does while expecting a high player base just signed their own death warrant. I believe just like Arma ll Have it on both. It's not an unequal advantage when EVERY player has access to it. Wheater they chose to exploit it. Is up to them
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    Brilliant suggestion and in an ideal world, I would like it to be first-person only. However, Arma III isn't an ideal world at all; I find first person, at times, to be very clunky and limiting on viewing angles; you cannot to the best of my knowledge adjust the FOV either, creating a 'screen-door effect'. Not to mention the nausea-inducing shaking is a major turn off, it is realistic but when you're looking at something moving fullscreen and you aren't yourself it's very horrible, this can be tied to travel or air sickness as it feels like you aren't moving at all yet you look outside the window and everything is flying past you. Back on Arma II, everyone used third person to their advantage just as much as they used the first person for aiming. This is something the game has enabled and I think to disable a game mechanic is a dangerous business; we can only go so far in regards to realism before it impacts playability. That's why I strongly believe that having both first and third person is something that should be kept in place, at least until the server is public and the community can see what it is like with first and third person, then make the choice whether to sacrifice playability for realism, as they can then make a much more informed decision. Thanks, Jordan.
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    As much as I like the idea and feel on the basis of immersion and roleplay it is something that is closer to realism, the player base of Arma 3 have got used to that ability to be able to use third person this including inside other Roleplay communities, My concern is if we implemented this would people be able to make the transition of being restricted to first person only, when coming over to our community compared to others that allow you to use it freely, as many people rely or like the ability to be in third person view. I understand it can lead to in-game advantages like @Marshallhas stated that of looking over walls etc, I would say its more along the lines of if we implemented this we may appeal more to those players who look for more realism when choosing a Roleplay Server, but is it worth potentially putting off those players who like the third person aspect and may not enjoy being restricted to a first person only environment and is that something we can afford to do when trying to continue to grow our community. It is defiantly a grey area for Roleplay when it comes to Arma 3.
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    The British Front Time To Take A Stand Against the Communist Thilth Who Would Have The Great British History Of This Island Wiped From Human Memory For Their Own Leninist Criminal Ideology! ~___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________~ The British Front are a pro-colonialist, far-right party, originally a break away from the National front to combat the independence movement in the Horizon islands in the late 1960s the front now exists to bring a hard-line right wing governor into Georgetown. Economic Policy The Front reject both communism and capitalism, instead opting for a form of government known as "Democratic Fascism" in which industry and corporations are protected and owned by the state, however run by the Corporate businessmen, The front believes this system will achieve better working conditions and a more stable economy. This is because the businesses will be run by the experienced businessmen and the profit will be typically distributed to the companies that have earned that money. However if the business was to go bankrupt or there were allegations of the mistreatment of employees the state could quickly use force to take over said corporation and bring it back to a working state, thus stopping bankruptcy from ruining the island's industries and avoiding the loss of jobs. Health Policy The front strongly believes that as long as it can be funded the THS is a great asset to the people of Tanoa, however the front believes that anyone with a criminal history or Tanoan ethnic natives should not be allowed healthcare. Criminals are the thilth of society and the Front believes that allowing them a better chance of survival is a crime against humanity. As for the natives, Consider this a sanction for their crimes in the past. The British empire colonised this fine island and un-savaged the people. We modernised this island and we traded with them. We did not mistreat them like the French and Spanish before us. And how were we repaid? We were repaid with a 60 year long guerrilla campaign of endless terrorism and criminal atrocities. Justice Policy The front rejects the liberal idea that the prison system should be rehabilitating, instead they believe the prison system should be a place of suffering to teach filthy scum that they should not-reoffend. Prisoners should be given one meal and two drinks a day and should undergo at least 2 hours of either harsh, gruelling military style drills or 4 hours of Forced labour eg, Woodcutting, tobacco picking. The front also believes in the re-introduction of the Death Penalty. They believe that this should be done in the most detached and fastest way possible. If the front were to gain power they would introduce the "Capital Crimes Act." This would mean that any prisoner convicted of more than 5 violent crimes or 1 terrorist offense will be sentenced to death. They will be taken to a police station rather than a prison and will wait 20 minutes to make an appeal. Should the appeal be denied they will be taken into a room where a high ranking police member will inform them that their appeal has been denied. They will be told to kneel down and an executioner standing behind them will produce a silenced pistol and place one shot into the top vertebrae of the spine, killing the prisoner. The Police force should be well funded and well trained, Although the front believes that prisoners should not be treated well the party does believe that everyone on the island (with the exception of native Tanoans and people with serious criminal histories) should be entitled to fair a trial. Trials will be held Within 15 minutes of a person's arrest and instead of a judge there will be a sentencing panel which will contain the Island's Prison warden, A member of Government and a high ranking police officer. Government Policy The Front believes that the country of Tanoa should not just be run by a single party. Despite being an authoritarian party the front understands and accepts that no one party state has ever succeeded and it will only result in violence and revolution. This cannot be allowed as revolution is a violent form of anarchism. Their solution to this is a formation of the Horizon Island National Assembly where an election will be held and multiple "seats" can be won by different parties. This in effect creates a parliamentary system of government and all decisions can and will be voted on by the Parliament. However issues such as the Nations economic policy will be strictly kept to the ruling party. The party also encourages politicians to act honourably and courteously which Is why we will be introducing a new Law called "The Political Disputes Act 2017/18" which will overrule the century old ban on the practise of Duelling for high ranking members of the government and corporate world. These duels are not to be an excuse for needless violence but as a way to keep the possibility of political uprising and inter-party disputes down. If one politician argues with another and one of them challenges the other to a duel, They will both meet the next day outside the Mayors house with a second (A trusted friend who can negotiate on their behalf). The seconds will try to convince the duellists to come to an agreement such as an apology or some sort of repayment to put the dispute to rest. If all else fails the two duellists, With a police officer and member of the THS present, will each choose a pistol loaded with 1 round in the chamber and they will stand 20 paces apart. On an order they will be told to hold their weapons down and on a second signal they will be ordered to aim and each fire their one shot. However it should be noted that duels cannot be a common occurrence and should not be widely challenged over petty disputes which can be sorted with words. If the British front is to gain power the Red Path party will be declared a terrorist organisation and will disbanded. Anyone associated with the Red Path will face terrorism charges which carry the Death penalty.
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    Well where do I start? I live in Greater Manchester and work in Tesco 5/7 days, in my spare time I either go out or spend most of my time gaming. I currently have about 2000+hrs on ArmA 3 and have spent this time in multiple communities within ArmA some being other Life Servers, whereas others being MILSIM communities. I'm a friendly guy and always happy to chat/play a game, If you see me on TS be sure to say hello.
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    "2 mins guys just watch that video cause I'm getting handcuffed by my sister" - @Shaun
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    Quick Development Update As promised here is a quick update following from the Department Meeting. Development is still moving at a strong pace and we are continuing to box off features required for the public release whilst patching the remaining bugs found during the testing stages, there have been some changes to the development team that some of you may have noticed already. We have a new Developer that has joined the team that being @Corza he used to help out with Development on our Takistan Life server and has now decided to bring those skills over to help Develop our Arma 3 Server, We also have a returning Developer @CrossyDeveloped for us earlier in the year but due to unforeseen circumstances had to cease developing for us but has now returned and is getting back into Development. We will be looking at getting an end of year Development Update out to everyone with more details soon, where the Development Team will break down the current state of the mission and how we will progress into the new year. Chaz Forum Manager
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    just go to options and enable 'colorblind' mode, you'll be alright:)
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    Noticed that you don't post any pictures of you in your dress serving tea and coffee. Or the one were you sent the captain asleep talking about politics.
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    Hello my name is Richard Gardner, I am from Tucson, Arizona. I am 20 years old and I'm currently pursuing an AAS in Computer Programming. I have to say I have never seen a community/group like this before; it honestly blows my mind. I can say I am very excited to join such group once my PC arrives. I have around 200+ hours in Arma3 but that was around 4 years ago. I knew once I bought my new PC I was going to be joining an Arma3 role play group and I started looking but I did not think I would find one as great as this. After spending several hours in the forums I can see how committed the staff is to the success of this server and how willing the people are to help and contribute, I can see they are in good hands. I look forward to spending many hours on the server and with the great people of this organization. I apologize for the long introduction and I swear I'm not trying to kiss ass, just very excited to be apart of this community.
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    Faction Recruitment Open Again It is has reached that time again where we have decided to open faction applications with a fresh round of recruitment. Applications are now open for the following factions: Police Department Border Force Health Service These applications are open to ALL members and will be open until a Faction Coordinator decides to close applications for their respective faction. Successful applicants will have 7 days to get in contact with their following Faction Co-ordinator via Teamspeak (bbts3.com): Jack Webber (Police Force) Ant (Border Force) Levi (Health Service) We emphasise that you include as much detail as possible in your application to give yourself the best chance of being accepted. If for whatever reason you are rejected then you will not be able to reapply for 7 days. Your application may be rejected if: Your application was poor quality and lacked detail. You are faction blacklisted. You are advised not to apply by staff due to reasons in the past. You are already in a faction. Faction Coordinators will start reviewing applications in 48 hours time until then any applications will remain pending. If you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff or Faction Coordinator. Best of luck to all those who apply. @Jack Webber@Levi@Ant Faction Coordinators
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    Now...this is a subject of interest. To start, British Borders from my experiences has always been a place to facilitate combat as long as its done in proper accordance to RolePlay. Takistan Life had plenty of opportunity for gangs to operate and have feuds among themselves and with the police, on several occasions branching to full scale wars. I know things are changing as the transition to Tanoa continues but I can't imagine that things will change so greatly that this will remove basic gang functionality once its implemented (minus government wars). As you don't seem to have had much playtime with the community in A2 I can understand your point of view, you're a new player with no idea how limited/free combat experience will be within the server. My immediate response is that we shouldn't need a highlighted kill zone on the map, gang areas, Bank, store/gas stations and the potential of a terrorist area alone should provide more than enough situations for combat surrounding gangs and police. Even the concept of a hostage area would bolster this. The concept for this has always been that the players create these situations through RP and from my own personal experiences many of the more experienced players on all sides (cop, gang and border forces) do an excellent job of crafting the RP that surrounds many of these situations. The community has strong roleplay ideas but certainly isn't devoid or against actual combat. The main point of asking should always be that all players MAKE these events happen, not for an area to be created for people to go buck-wild. I can assure you that if the server is busy, action will be happening all over...and well if its not, as long as you do it within the rules I can assure you that nobody will be against you livening the place up. You get out what you put in is my point here - Gangs that cause proper trouble and do it without infringing server rules will see all the engagements they could ever want and probably more without needing a dedicated combat zone.
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    @CameronOnce all our systems are implemented there will be opportunities for this but quite simply we are a role play server and if you have a dying enthusiasm for killing then our community cannot facilitate your much needed desire. Here are some ideas that will be or will become available for engagement: Bank robbery (other missions will be added in the future.) Gas station robberies. Gangs and territories, taking over areas of the map and holding them. Prison breaks Conducting illegal activities such as farming whale or mining uranium. Government throw overs and coups. Operating an illegal business such as trading firearms. Terrorim Drug trafficking. If you are hoping to get more killing than this, there are plenty of servers out there that offer that. This would go for all members whose primary aim is not the put role play at the fore front of their gaming experience and time on our server with us. We are not a community that follows others, we seek to redefine expectations and set new standards. We achieved great success on Arma 2 by being different and we have the exact same ambition and aim for Arma 3.
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    You are focusing too much on the combat side of the situation if you wish to play as a gang constantly and take part in those activities, yes you may be doing the same thing each time when looking at it from a combat perspective but its the roleplay behind it that allows for it to be unique every time you do it, Remember this is a roleplay community and that is what we want to create not more ways for gangs take part in crime and kill each other it's about keeping a balance and being realistic.
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    I am wondering when will the public release happen? I don't want to be rude but things are being promised and not even once you guys made it on time.. I really get it, it takes a lot of time especially when you don't get payed for it. But i remember a post when people had questions about the Private Beta Release, Maverick answered on that and he said: The private beta will only be private for a week or 2. Like i said, i get it developing takes a lot of time. But why is there no schedule anymore? It has almost been 2 months now since Private Beta Release, i and i am pretty sure a lot of people are doing this; i check this website every day for an update status but every time i get disappointed again. Why not post a status update every week? Lots of people are donating. I'm not trying to rush you guys or put you in a bad daylight but please, just let us know what you guys are working on at the moment. Please don't get this wrong, i am still waiting for the server to go live and i'm still hyped for this.
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    Law Enforcement: 5. Aviation vehicles can only be shot if the vehicle is flying within restricted airspace or the persons in the vehicle pose an imminent or immediate danger to law enforcement or civilians. (Imminent or immediate danger includes: raising or firing a weapon, moving to initiate lethal contact. Any civilian unarmed cannot be considered a threat.)
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    The TRP (Tanoa Reformist Party) is a Conservative, Authoritarian party aimed at reintroducing native Tanoan ideals with strong, independent Leadership. You elect someone to get a job done, and we will do it! None of this inter-party politics, constantly passing the buck back and forth, not taking responsibility for our duty type party, but one that is elected on a foundation of policy and will put that policy into effect. Citizens, one and all, for too long have politicians not taken responsibility for their actions. For too long have policies been bounced back and forth between different parties in what seems like a game to most of them. That needs to stop, that needs to change. A vote for the Reformists is a vote for stability and true leadership. A leader that is strong. A leader that will guide this great country in the RIGHT direction. A leader that will GET THINGS DONE. Our Top 5 Policies Reforming the Education system - We will ensure that children are taught BASIC Tanoan values and laws, and to ensure that they have a curriculum that prepares them for their life ahead. We will also support all students following an educational career in a subject of importance, such as Engineering, Medicine and Science, to name a few. Improving the Economy - We will introduce a fixed tax rate (15%) on income, so no matter what you earn, you will all pay the same rate of tax on your income. We will support business growth by lowering business rates, whilst ensuring that Vehicles and Sales tax are moderated to best fit the economy at the time. Reform the Judiciary - Every crime committed will have consequences which includes a fine and/or a incarceration sentence. Fines will be based on a percentage of your total wealth. The percentage rate will vary based on the severity of your crime. E.g Speeding will be a fixed fine of 10% the value of the vehicle. Murder will be a fixed rate of 20%. Furthermore, all sentences will be reviewed on a case by case basis, all with a minimum sentence. All serious crimes will be consequented by individual sentences which will be cumulative in the event of multiple serious crimes. Reinforce Tanoan Ideals Within Society - Tanoan citizens will always come first when it comes to seeking employment, welfare or school places. Everyone in Tanoa will follow the law, no matter your origin. You are in Tanoa, you follow Tanoan ideals. Community isolation will not be permitted. ALL communities are required to integrate with each other, under Tanoan values. Firearm Ownership - All citizens are legally allowed to carry a firearm in the execution of his/her duty, self-defence and/or survival. However, in periods of declared danger (critical terrorist threat/High Crime Rate), those with current or previous convictions are required to store their weapon/s inside a vehicle or storage item.
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    I found this while browsing the BI forums and it caught my eye. It looks very promising and I'd love to see it on our server. This is a script which enhances the in-game VOIP by adding radio effects when communicating with other players, while factoring distance between the sender/receiver of the transmissions. No mods or third-party programs required. FEATURES: No mods required! No third-party programs required! Tiny file size (104 KB) No performance impact Admin/clients don't have to download anything to play your mission No custom sounds; AFAR recycles Arma 3's audio files No custom artwork; AFAR recycles Arma 3's models/textures No custom animations; AFAR uses an animation already Arma 3 No custom items; Players just need a radio equipped to talk on radio channels Adds interesting depth to VOIP, which it has lacked for so long Talking on VOIP channels in-game will broadcast radio noise to all friendlies in range with a radio Radio noise gets louder based on distance, until out of radio range Incapacitated / dead players cannot use radio Compatible with land, sea, and air vehicles Compatible with Arma's End Game respawn templates Compatible with Arma's End Game Spectator Compatible with Arma's Dynamic Groups VIDEOS: What do you guys say? I say YES!
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    Just in case some of you were curious, here’s a selection of pictures I’ve taken from work. Boeing 777 Boeing 747 Heathrow Airport Tower + 747 Pushback A320 Center Console Hope you like them! @Maverick@Marshall @Remedy @Rob
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    Hey just wondering if there has been any further updates with development at all?
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    It would be more realistic, yes, but a lot of people, maybe even most people prefer to have third person view enabled. I think that we will lose a big amount of potential players and members if we decide to have a first person only server.
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    Traditionally, this type of player tends to be outside of our target audience. Without speaking for the community as a whole, but as a staff member with years of experience with British Borders, I can say that we're aimed at mature players who are looking for a fairly serious, realism-focused community and we've enjoyed significant success as a result of that policy. This, of course, is not to say that your argument is invalid - we do want to attract large numbers of players. If you downvote the original post, you should expect some retaliatory downvotes on your end from some of the members who are particularly passionate about their arguments. I, as a general rule, don't give negative reputation to any post that offers a constructive contribution to the thread, no matter what side of the argument the member is on. Good to see a healthy discussion evolving already, though!
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    I disagree, its arma after all, I fully comply and agree that any suggestion that brings more rp is good, but taking 3rd person away just to stop 3rd person abusing is just a server death penalty. -1
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    -1 and many people will disagree with me, I understand it may improve immersion but I know quite a lot of people wont play the server if you make it first person only. I understand its up to like the owner etc if this happens but a lot of people who connect for the first time and then see they cant go third person will automatically disconnect. And to be honest has anyone actually seen a first person only life server actually get anyway most die straight away. (not hating on the server before I get a bunch of minus reps)
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    Thread Locked As stated in my previous post if members can not partake in a mature discussion this thread will be locked, any further discussions on this topic can be had privately or via the Teamspeak.
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    Can we try and keep this thread as a mature and respectful discussion and not member's taking jabs at one another over the points they raise, you are free to disagree over someone else's comment or viewpoint and voice your opinion accordingly but I expect any responses to be mature and not directly being over critical of the other member to where a response becomes unneeded or off-topic. If you can't then this thread will be locked.
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    Maybe we could add something that we used to have in taki, which was little gang bases (claimable) , at which you could buy lower priced illegal goods and process a said illegal item. Yet it could be illegal for civilians to be there, and gangs would compete for this area.
  38. 4 points
    We will try and get the public release out as soon as possible, the Dev's are working their way through the bugs as we speak, we cant give an exact timescale just because certain bugs might take a long or short period and just the sheer amount of bugs we received that were reported, but the developers are working as quickly as they realistically can.
  39. 4 points
    British Borders Community Act Released Just a quick little announcement, we are happy to announce that the British Borders Community Act has now been completed and posted by @Maverickand is available to view here in the Server Laws tab under "Tanoa Life" We expect everyone to familiarise themselves with this document, especially to those people who are currently a part of the Border & Police Force as these laws are those that you will be enforcing throughout the server. Revisions may be made in the near or distant future but any changes will be made clear so people will not miss any new, edited or removed segments of the Act, having this now in place is also going to help us in regards to expanding the factions into their Divisions and the roles they may undertake this being something which we will be looking to do very soon. If you notice anything that may need changing or revising please send @Mavericka message on here. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
  40. 4 points
    "[banned] Permanently because I signed Maverick up on a dating site." - aznice
  41. 4 points
    @Tomwhat are you thoughts?
  42. 3 points
    I like the idea but this will be implemented once the Government system is introduced. We will get a set budget and won't be able to overspend. The government will be able to budget us. I know at the start it's pretty strong that we "theoretically" could take out 10 choppers. I know for a fact that for The Border Force we will not be doing that. We will be micromanaging everything we buy in preparation for the government system. I can assure you of that. I hope the other factions will take after The Border Force in restricting vehicles and weaponry to only have them when necessary and not as a vanity item. ~Ant
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    I'll be blunt about this; most people want third person as it is an aid to combat. It is true, and there is no denial of this. Many argue that if everyone has it, it is equal. No, it is only equal theoretically, not practically, and more importantly, situationally. One of the biggest arguments in the life community, let alone in this thread, is that first person kills off a server. What are we basing this off here? The answer is that most life communities who have tried this have failed. But, British Borders, as far as I’m concerned, does not represent the majority. I always seem to have to say this in posts, however, the entire idea of a custom framework is to be unique. The entire goal here is to make a unique mission, something that has not been experienced in a non-modified game mode before. Take an example, Project Life, another community who tried something unique, something no other life server has done. They have first person forced on foot? Last time I checked, they were a very popular community to go to, and they have certainly not lost player base, if anything, increased. The point being made here, is that if there is proper infrastructure and a clear attitude as to what kind of style of game play we are setting, it is perfectly acceptable to trial first person view. Personally, I prefer first person. To me, I see it more of a challenge, more of a risk, especially in combat. Whilst in first person, two people caught in combat initially have the same chance at killing one another. If you can see them, they can see you, which forces players to be more careful, slowing down the pace of combat, which is what I think many people are concerned about. However, with all this in mind, I recognise the concerns many people have here. I think @Chaz said it right, many players are used to third person, and we need to build a player base prior to implementing something so game changing. My suggestion would be to trial and implementation of it when the server has player base. Ultimately, I personally believe that first person view is inline with the ethos of this community.
  44. 3 points
    I'd disagree with that statement, British Borders have always targeted a wide audience, mature yes but not for 'realism-focused' content at all. We had 1st person only disabled throughout my time with the community because it narrows down play-ability for a lot of people. It was discussed multiple times during my time and yielded a fairly low positive response every time. Simply put, a player who prefers first person over third person is still incredibly likely to play the server with access to both options. A player who has a preference to 3rd person will just walk away in favour of a community that does allow it. Not saying I have a negative stance to it, I'd quite happily play with both or one or the other but in terms of being a far reaching community that provides the best possible RP to the widest audience it seems like a move to shoot yourself in the foot this early on. If anything it should be a post-launch discussion after a player base is established and a wider range of opinions can be gathered outside of the regular forum haunters and Teamspeak crowds.
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    @Marshall@RedWolf130@Cameron@Dandy@Liam@Ant@Eagle Eye@Moyes@Remedy @Jack Webber Thank you all for the warm welcome and offering me with help! I look forward to getting to know you all better!
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    No only 1 faction at a time.
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    @Skyler.B & @Pope All stats will most likely be wiped for the Public Release, although this is subject to change if we can further balance out the economy to where we want it, this will not lead to those members having a considerable or large advantage over non-donating members, but as for the specifics, this is something the Board will have to decide on when refining the economy. You can expect an announcement or post regarding this topic before public launch. Also, this thread was not created to discuss this topic if you wish to discuss this further please make another thread. Chaz Forum Manager
  48. 3 points
    There is no date set for the public release because various things can change between now and then changing the date. As stated in a previous announcement by the Board, development has been slow recently due to the developers being on leave for personal reasons however it is picking back up and development is making progress. We thank you for staying around and keeping keen on the release but there is no date on which it will be released. Keep your eye out for announcements though! @LakeFall
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    following a lengthy discussion regarding the law enforcement engagement rule for aviation vehicles a new rule has been published. Thank you all for your feedback. Old rule 5. Aviation vehicles can only be shot if the vehicle is flying within restricted airspace or the vehicle is firing at law enforcement. New rule 5. Aviation vehicles can only be shot if the vehicle is flying within restricted airspace or the persons in the vehicle pose an imminent or immediate danger to law enforcement or civilians. (Imminent or immediate danger includes: raising or firing a weapon, moving to initiate lethal contact. Any civilian unarmed cannot be considered a threat.)
  50. 3 points
    Very well, whilst I can appriciate your opinion It disappoints me to see your narrow minded views.

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