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    So, if anyone is wondering why it took so fucking long for the TS license to be updated it is because, the idiot AKA @Maverick, has spent the better part of 2 days mailing and replying to himself about upgrading it.
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    Tanoa Life Beta 1.0 Enters Testing Between the night of the fourth of August and the morning of the fifth our Tanoa Life Mission will go in to Beta Testing for all Patrons and Donators. This decision has been made by the Development Team & The Board due to testing being a definite requirement before a public release and too leave the Development Team a window to fix any encountered bugs. We want all of the Patrons and Donators to actually try and break the mission because the only way to make a stable mission is by trying to break it. Staff and Developers will be setting up scenarios to test out our systems. All acquired items, skills, licences, property, etc. during this phase in the development will be kept on the public release except if there is a major bug in one of our systems that would unbalance the mission. To encourage you guys to find and actively report bugs rewards will be handed to everyone who reports a bug. The mission is almost in a stage where it's playable and enjoyable. We can create the most crazy system but the main core functionality of a life server is still the role play so most of the fun will depend on you guys! We can only create what the community wants to use in role play situations. The bug rewards: Minor Bugs - £100 Medium Bugs - £500 Big Bugs - £1000 Game Breaking Bugs - £2500 After public release information: Well, a lot of information about what is going to happen after the release isn't out there. I'll briefly explain. We want to give our developers freedom. They still develop in there free time it might as well be fun and motivational for them so each developer will focus on what they enjoy to do. I will put a road map in an announcement on a later date. We would like to thank all member for their continued support and look forward to seeing some of you on the server. Waffle, Senior Developer
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    The Island of Tanoa - [Beta Release Version] As you all are waiting for the release for the server I thought it would be nice for you all to see the official release version of the map. We are so close to the testing stage so to get your imaginations going here is what is what will be available on the launch. Also to note the Black Market & Resource Seller randomly moves location over time. Hope this helps you all get some good ideas for the launch. ps: Gas stations & resource locations are not listed due to the way the image was taken it can't be displayed. Thanks Adam
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    Being the owner & head-developer of Altis Life Server taught me one thing. That the time of development is really unpredictable. I had to extend release date for three times and every one of the three extensions could've been about 1-2 weeks long, but I also learned, that it doesn't matter if you release your mission with several bugs. It matters how quickly you can fix them after the release. I get, that you want to make sure everything is just right and no mass bugs or errors can occur. I get this, but I am really disappointed as well as some other players, which were ready to play this friday or yesterday (Sat. 05.08). I am sad, disappointed and I give @British Bordersmy last hopes, that they WILL serve us the mission as soon as possible. In my honest opinion, development team should either hire Quality Assurance, which will check fresh implemented mechanics for any bugs or make additional dev-server with experimental/unstable versions opened for developers, patrons & donators whilst casual players can play on stable versions without limitations. (Due to the emotional affection of the author, you should not interpret this post too personally.) Kind regards, Benedikz
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    Right just a little update. One of the systems we were waiting on - the system to buy licences and training should have been in a week ago. Unfortunately due to some technical issues with one of the developers computer, the system is having to be redone my another developer. The player menu is having to be updated with some functionality to render it working. All the shop stocks and stores are complete and there is plenty to choose from Some major errors have been fixed. The map is in a complete state, its just a few small back end functions and systems that are having a quick update. We appreciate that everyone is excited to get on the server, not least to say the developers and staff. We want to avoid giving a timescale, but are working to get it complete ASAP! i It wont be long.
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    I was thinking, would it be a good idea to have earplugs? They play a huge part especially for louder areas of the map such as in a helicopter. Since most basic communication is on Teamspeak and earplugs can be modified to not affect chat in game. I think this would be beneficial for most people. Let me know what you think! ~Ant
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    Over the past few weeks, I have been busy developing a stats page for the Tanoa Life server. I want you guys to get a sneak peak before I put it live over the next few weeks. Please bear in mind this will be the first public version and isn't complete. A newer version will be released after the public release of Tanoa Life with new features and possible design change. Login Screen (Click to enlarge) Your Statistics Page (Click to enlarge) What do you guys think? Any feedback is appreciated. Cado Website and Systems Manager If you like it, remember to give it a rep +1.
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    What you could of done is give the password out on the forums. That way the members of the community that haven't paid can at least get to test as well. As a sign of good faith to the community that have been excited to play over the weekend. You could also include a disclaimer in said post telling people there will be bugs ... etc etc. This way the server isn't open to people who are gonna be put off by a couple of bugs and you have more people to test out the bugs. Because as stated previous by someone else no one will come on because they don't want to play on an empty server. I understand it being a perk to the donators and patreons however under these circumstances it is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Due to most of us normal members being told we would be able to jump on this weekend and now being told that privilege is being reserved. I say that with no hate I just think it's a bit of a mismanagement in my personal opinion. That being said I'm still down with this server and think it will be amazing when it is delivered. @OffKiYeah the staff destroyed that server with the constant nerfing of rebels. It just weren't fun anymore.
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    I don't agree with this. When looking at the type of gaming community we are involved in it won't work. We are an Arma 3 roleplay community when 99% of the Arma community uses teamspeak because using voice is key. Discord voice communication is poor when you are talking about quality and the amount of people who would be in 1 channel. Also the fact is that discord gives people an excuse to just type to each other which makes it too easy for people to start being ignorant etc. Discord is great for different games/community's which I also use for other games I play like starmade etc but for us I do not think it brings the professional atmosphere that we are trying to bring.
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    I know a lot of people will be extremely annoyed for multiple reasons. They would be annoyed that what was promised to be a public release is now a testing center for donators and patrons. As a Patron myself, that is kind of annoying from the point of "I want to play the game with as many people as possible" but at the same time, I get it. You want it to be stable for the public. It's a fact that people who use a free service criticize it more than people who don't pay, meaning they don't return. I think overall, the choice to make it donator and patron only are smart. If you don't want to pay then whatever, but sure, this is a non-profit organization and all the money goes to the upkeep of the server, which is a good ending. Next, the idea that it's late and it's been delayed is something, even donators, are getting pissed about. I don't come from a development standpoint but if I was, I would feel just as frustrated as the people waiting. I was briefly in the development channel, talking about something off topic, and the sound of @Maverick's voice tells the whole story. He is exhausted. Along with the staff team who have been constantly working on this. I feel like they deserve soo much more credit than they are given. I've had people in Teamspeak get angry because the server wasn't released as promised. Reality check: Life isn't fair. I think the whole development team deserves every bit of credit and more. I want to say well done and thank you to you all! This server is nothing without you guys! @Marshall @Crossy @Aron @Waffle @Adam @Maverick @Bull @Cado anyone I've missed. ~Ant
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    It completely depends. It COULD be tomorrow OR a WEEK from now. There's features that need to be finished and crucial testing to make sure that all the systems are working flawlessly.
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    Gateway is independent non-profit business inspection company, originally founded in December of 2001 by André Forsman [swe], Bohumir Zapletal [cze] & Mihara Tokugawa [jap] . From 2001 to 2023 the company has expanded from its first three "capital" countries (Sweden, Czechia & Japan) to these countries Sweden, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Republic of Altis & Stratis, Turkey, Australia and currently in year 2035 its opening its branch in Republic of Tanoa XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX Organization operates fully independently without any state / government supervision. " Our system works on simple database in each country. Consumers from various countries can look into our database and see if company, which they are dealing with is already registered and checked by our inspectors and then if its well-ranked or marked as doubtful. Companies can voluntarily send us a letter with register request and our inspectors can then check how the company works, whats the quality of its services and the company then gets its place on our database, where its ranked from 0-5 stars, sometimes with description " ↓ Current company database ↓ https://goo.gl/K2weif Are you owner of a company on Tanoa and want to let your customers know, that your services are top-quality ? ↓ Click down here and get verified ↓ https://goo.gl/N2T8g1 Tanoan Branch: Gateway - Owner of Tanoan Branch & Lead-Inspector - Karl J. Zverinsky /Other members currently not public/
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    Here's a small video of a recent CS GO match where i ACE'd and also got an insane 0.008 second defuse at the end
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    Clothing & Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE Over a week ago now @Maverick made a post regarding your opinions on BB Clothing & Merchandise. Over 40 members voted to state that they like the idea. I am happy to announce our store is now open and available. Visit the store here - http://store.britishborders.co.uk/ Get your hands on a unique merchandise award: Upon purchase, you are able to receive a unique merchandise award. To get this please contact either Me or another member of the web team so we can confirm your order. A little bit about our clothing: The idea of official BB clothing began with the aim of giving members something more than just a fantastic experience, something they can touch, hold and wear to represent their community. A selection of hoodies, t-shirts and jumpers are available to purchase with a small proceed going towards helping fund the community we all love.t-shirts and jumpers are available to purchase with a small proceed going towards helping fund the community we all love. We are grateful to everyone who purchases our merchandise and thank you for helping to fund our community. Patron Discount: We wanted to make sure we gave a little back to all our patrons so I can now confirm, all community patrons will be reimbursed 20% of the order price upon their order being accepted by own checkout system. (If you are a patron and have made a purchase please contact @Maverickin regards to your reimbursement.) A few possible FAQ's: Shipping - All clothing could be shipped worldwide. Sizes - These will range from XS to 5XL. Postage - Postage will cost yes. Price - The hoodies will be sold with price just above cost. (A small commission of each item sold would go to BB to help fund out services. Colours - There will be 3 or 4 colours depending on the product (black, blue, red, green) Orders - Items are made to order. You can order at any time (previously we have ran a clothing campaign.) All information regarding delivery and returns can be found on the store site. Tracking your order is available on the store site. Don't forget if you purchase our clothing, make sure to share an image on the forums!
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    Forum Manager Position Filled After opening recruitment for all of our manager positions we are happy to announce that another position has now been filled. After a long discussion between The Board and intensive interviewing we are please to announce that@Chazwill fulfill the role of Forum Manager. So what is expected from the Forum Manager? The Forums Manager moderates our Community Forums. With a vast array of posts, threads and poll amongst other things, it is imperative that this environment is kept up to date and engaging. As part of this, the Forums Manager will enforce our forum rules and ensure any necessary steps are taken to prevent violations from taking place. They are also responsible for creating new threads, closing old or outdated threads, managing polls and making announcements on behalf of The Board. Congratulations @Chaz
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    WHAT IS TUBER ? Tuber is a Tanoa taxi service which will be known as "Tuber". Tuber will be a cheap and reliable service that can bring people to and from their desired location. WHAT WE HOPE TO ACHIEVE This company will hope to achieve a fast and long lasting service for the people of Tanoa Island. In the future we hope to bring forth more services such as Air Taxi's and Transport services. We hope to bring a long lasting community relationship with the people of Tanoa Island. HOW TO BECOME APART OF TUBER The requirements of becoming apart of this wonderful company * 4 person vehicle ( SUV / Hatchback ) * Must have no criminal record * General map knowledge of all major locations of Tanoa Island. If you are Interested in joining this company , Contact me!
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    So just a suggestion about oil and fuel. I think that oil should be able to be farmed similar to Arma 2 where it can then be processed and sold to a separate company. From there it is possible for somebody with the Zamak fuel truck (shown below) to go to this company and get an assignment, similar to delivery missions where they can fill up their fuel truck and transport it to the designated fuel station. Fuel Truck The individual will collect the fuel off the company via a scroll wheel, however other manned companies can be set up which hire individuals to collect and process then to transport the fuel to the designated fuel station to gain 100% profit, they will then drive the fuel truck to the selected fuel station where they can scroll on another object to transfer the fuel to gain a profit. This increases RP as fuel stations will need to be refueled by players and if not the price of the fuel will be increased massively as the fuel station will have to use it's emergency supply. The fuel assignment will be chosen by which fuel station is in need of fuel and has the lowest and also which one is most frequently used. Feel free to leave your thoughts.
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    I'm a VIAL being! Hahaha!
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    I would firstly say that the testing phase has no limit on it currently, this duration will depend entirely on how many bugs there are too fix. Less bugs means quicker release. I appreciate that some members may be disappointed. That was to be expected. I would be too if i was in your shoes. It is important that we go public ASAP as none of us wish to keep the server restricted to Donators and Patrons.
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    Tanoa Life Release Window On Sunday the 30th of July the Development Team and the Board had a pre-release meeting to discuss the current state of the Tanoa Life Mission with the topic being if it would be ready and up to the standards required to meet the release date. Unfortunately although a great amount of work has been completed and many starting features have been moved into full completion. The reason behind our move towards a release window is over the period of time since the last release extension we have not had the ability or time to test the current state of the mission from within the Development Team due to the amount of back end work that was required to make the mission playable to the standards originally set. The testing of the core mission systems by the Development Team is something we feel is crucial and must be carried out before the server can be released to you the public. So for how long will this release window cover? Thankfully it will only be spanning from Monday the 31st to Friday the 4th so a public release is to be expected anytime between then, this decision will be made by the Development Team once they feel its ready to be released. What will be happening in the mean time? Once the mission is compiled and functional the current closed Alpha will be updated to the latest release with many of the new developed features ready for testing from any staff or current Donators, once the new Alpha is released we are asking that you access the server and test every system you possibly can this will largely help with the testing for the Development Team and should hopefully speed up the process towards the public release all we ask is that you report any bugs found to the bug reports section on the website. Seeing the response from the Community in regards to the previous release date, has made this decision much harder for not only the Board but the staff team as a whole, this decision was made with purely the community in mind as we want our Tanoa Life server even through Alpha, Beta and full release stages to be something that represents the hard work we have put into it and to truly allow you the community members to enjoy. Once again we are truly sorry for this delay but we have no doubt in saying it will be worth the wait and thank you to everyone who has continued to show support up to this day. Thanks Chaz Forum Manager
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    Hello there, I was looking at the numbers of the slots allocated to each faction and if you don't know what they are, here you go. Police Force - 22 Border Force - 13 Health Service - 7 Civilian - 86 The Police Force has 3.909x fewer slots than civilian. On Arma 2, this was 2.045x The Border Force (Which is a law enforcement agency) has 6.615x fewer slots than civilian. On Arma 2 (In relation to the UN) this was 4.5x If we added them together, which would be 35 slots, this would be 2.457x fewer slots, which on Arma 2 (law enforcement) was 2.045x. Which is still less. Firstly, I think, the scale of the map, the Police Force need a few more slots. Maybe 25? The map is so huge compared to Takistan and the faction popularity will make it horrible for people at the start wanting to play. Next, The Border Force have way too little slots for the role they are playing. If Border Force are expected to control Immigration, key areas, control the waters, respond to high threat situations then they need a couple more. Maybe 18? I believe, personally, the Health Service is in a good spot. My suggestions would be as follows: Police Force - 25 Border Force - 18 Health Service - 7 Civilian - 78 This is still an overwhelming majority of civilians, which is what we want, but we also want people to be able to play their factions. With 13 slots, I don't want to have to wait until a restart to then snag a spot. I hope you find this suggestion helpful and please let me know what you think. ~Ant
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    Hey, guys! Hope you're all doing okay. We are just over 24 hours from server launch (if no more delays). I think that every single person who was involved in the development of the new Tanoa Life server should be extremely proud of themselves. I've watched people put silly hours for no cost to put together this server so that members of the public can play. I for one am really looking forward to being able to play again. I want to be able to create memories just like Arma 2 Takistan life. I want to be able to meet new friends and connect with them. This is the greatest opportunity. We owe all this to the members who contributed. Thank you, everyone, whether this is from people right at the top of the community chain all the way to the simple idea or suggestion. You all matter! ~Ant
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    Dear members, Unfortunately a system to create & manage gangs is not in development at this stage right before release. This system will be developed in the future. Of course I'm not stopping anyone from teaming up . But for now an official system for gangs is not being developed and has no set release date. After development our Team will sit down and discuss the course of development for after release. Anyway enjoy the release and believe me this won't stop or hinder any gang. Feel free to advertise and recruit members for your gang. NOTE: A smaller system (non persistent) will be developed after release Waffle, Senior Developer
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    That's disgusting. It never stated that it would be a public release on that post. I think your idea that this is capitalism is a load of bullshit. If you think you HAVE to pay for this server then shame on you. All donations fund the server and support the upkeep. When the server makes profits then you can call it capitalism but until then (Which will never happen), don't assume it. What you've said there, even though you meant no harm, makes me sick. ~Ant
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    I completely understand why some members are getting frustrated, but honestly the development team are working as quick as they possible can and we feel the pressure, I know you are all eager to get on the sever but just bear with us a little bit longer and the server will be out, we are on the final stages now for the beta release it won't be long.
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    We are new centrist - center-right political party on the scene. We want to destroy the corrupt government, political "godfather-party" mafias and make essential changes in law system & legislative FOR PEOPLE. We are the TANOA Movement. ⇩ See more ⇩
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    Garage storage will be separate with three locations across the map. This will store all the contents of your vehicle. Houses will eventually have upgrades and these will come in a later patch. Ideas include house alarms, lock upgrades and garages. The details to this are to be finalised and wont be in on initial release. Houses and be bought, rented and sold. Rented houses will allow other players to pay the landlord money after each restart. Good for long term income.
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    Ever wonder how all the vehicles seem to have an endless supply of gas? I think making fuel consumption quicker would add a new dynamic to doing runs and chasing people. Helicopters wouldn't be able to tail forever just as a truck wouldn't be able to do 2 - 4 runs in the same restart without fuelling up. With this new dynamic you could also add gas stations to the real estate market. Owners would have to buy petrol to keep them functional and oil prices would vary due to changes via a supply & demand mechanic or manually by admins based on in game events. There could also be some kind of oil run maybe an illegal one eg. (stealing from oil pipeline) that effects the Supply and demand mechanic. That could be sold directly to the gas station owners for less. Rather than the owners buying it directly from the pipeline company. A gas station license would stop owners from stealing the oil themselves as they would obviously be barred from buying it from the pipeline if discovered. And to balance out the feature.
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    The indicator idea would be nice, but we develop everything in house and any system like this would be made by us. Secondly, in response to light bars - a basic lighting system will be introduced with just a key. A more advanced system will be created in the future. Finally Placeable objects will be available a few weeks after launch. Although, technically we could sell these items via shops, the system to place and move does not exists but it certainly on the cards. @Aron @Waffle
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    New Community Role - Staff Advisors Since the creation of British Borders we have seen many members who have stood out from the rest and have spent a considerable amount of their time toward improving this community. This covers a broad range of areas and over countless occasions they have been recognized and even rewarded for the work they have done, although some of these members are no longer with us, the majority still hold the community quite close to their heart even with the possibility of returning in the future. This is where the new role of Board Advisor come into play, If some of these members are to return, we never forget about their past contributions and if they were to show interest and we feel they can still benefit the community on the same degree as before then we should not turn away that member, and the help, advise or opinions they can bring to us. As the name states this role is going to be advisory only. They will not have any direct power on the server, Teamspeak or website and will be listed as Department Staff. Now the people put in these positions would have previously been former Directors, Department Managers or even Community Staff, so have spent a large amount of time across of all areas of the British Borders Community, allowing them to potentially be great advisors. Some of the roles and responsibilities of the Board Advisor would include: Helping to advise The Board, Department Managers and Community Staff on various topics of community progression, development and any large scale decisions that will directly impact the community as a whole. They will also be observing community activity, in the aim to review and scrutinize any procedures they may feel is negatively effecting the community, and to then outline any suggestions and or improvements to rectify the problem. With the people placed in these roles they bring with them a vast amount of knowledge and previous experience which they can then pass down to others within the community if that be to the staff team, faction leaders or even general community members, they will be able to offer general advise, opinions or guidance to the community as a whole. This leads me into the last point, the best news is we already have a new Board Advisor in place for the launch that being @John. Some of you may know him as former Director John or Grizzly and as someone who has contributed a huge amount to getting British Borders to where it is today. The Board feel that John would be a very suitable candidate due to his experience in so many areas of the community and feel he would have so much to offer as a Board Advisor. I hope that everyone will not only welcome John back to the community but also as someone who is once again going to be helping the Community to reach any current or future goals we may have. Thanks, Chaz Forum Manager
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    I only have Le Tour De Cherno logo But I thought about this few days ago, when I accidentally found it again in my folder.. Chat BI to add bikes Edit: MADEIT
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    I don't see any reasons to have two communication platforms when ts does the job perfectly and everyone is familiar with it but any suggestion is great!:)
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    chassis Corsair Carbide 400C Clear Motherboard ASUS ROG Strix Z270H GAMING Processor Intel Core i7 7700K "Kaby Lake" Quad Core with HT - Overclocked to 4.8GHz CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro H100i Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz DDR4 Graphics Card 11GB EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING Power Supply Corsair 550W TXM – 80PLUS GOLD System Drive 250GB Samsung 960 Evo M.2 SSD Storage Drive 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD Enjoy the copy and paste but thats my Tower set up. Extras 1st Monitor- 34" Asus Designo Curve MX34VQ UWQHD Monitor 2nd Monitor- 24 " Acer K242HLbd Widescreen FHD LED Monitor Keyboard- Asus Strix Tactic pro gaming keyboard Mouse- ASUS Strix Claw Dark Edition Right-Handed Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse with 5000 DPI and DPI Control Headset- Razer Tiamat 2.2
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    That would be a great idea! Only issue to that would be that we're currently in the last sprint towards the actual patch and we've nailed down almost all of the major blockers that are currently in the build. The bring a whole update thread up for just this would be a bit too much, but I definitely support said idea for when the patch hits live!
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    I've briefly skimmed across all the posts here in regards to the body cams. Before I make my point, I believe a history lesson is due. If you look back on how the ArmA 2 Court System worked, it had many flaws. It was a nightmare for the Police Force not because they had to give up their time to attend, but quite often the result of the court would be based on 'impartial' eye witnesses. Many times, they were not impartial, but this was near impossible for the court to prove. It resulted in many cases where Police did not do wrong but had to pay the consequences as if they were in the wrong. I was part of those many cases due to my position in the Police Force at the time. From my experience, the reason why the Police lost court cases was due to lack of evidence. In-fact, the only time I recall the Police winning a court case was when the Police had screenshots, audio files and/or video files. In response to your original post @Kyle , and this is where I agree with @Ant , it should never be a requirement for Police to record when on-duty. The primary reason for this is due to the constraints of hardware that many of our players have. It would be unfair, and as Ant said, would break the fundamental ethos of ‘click and play’. However, I would certainly recommend that all police officers record if they want and can do so. In response to your comments @Ant that have been consistent on the topic of breaking immersion/RP by using out of game software, I disagree entirely. Quite often, you will be requested to go to court, and it is mandatory (Policy, not rules) as far as I am aware. If you do not have sufficient evidence (i.e. Video, Screenshots) you will most likely lose. Quite often, from my previous experience, most of the court cases I was requested to had a plaintiff whom had video and/or audio evidence. You will want your own evidence to counter their claims. In my opinion, having video, audio or images is the only way to prove if the defendant is guilty. If you just rely on word against word in court, you will get nowhere and will often have an unfair result. @Stevenn , I think it should be part of the BBACT to make it compulsory to have all evidence prepared prior to attending to a court case. As stated earlier by another member, court cases are not instant. The case may happen hours later as there should be sufficient time for both parties to have sufficient evidence and appropriate legal representation. So, none of this waiting around business should happen if what I said was the case.
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    WhiteStone Solicitors WhiteStone solicitors is a well trusted law firm, offering a full range of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Tanoa. An award winning law firm with years of experience invites any individuals or businesses that legal services. Whether you're buying or selling properties, need assistance with injury claim or a compensation mix up, we can help. We appreciate that some cases can be particularly stressful, which is why we always put out clients first and pride ourselves on our high level of customer care. Careers - WhiteStone Solicitors As far as careers with us goes it is not mandatory that you have previous experience; however apprentice solicitors/paralegals and partners will be taught on the job and will handle minor legal services. Moreover new solicitors with previous experience which show to excel in their role will take on responsibility to handle higher services involving court as such. Whether you have previous experience or not and are interesting in a long term role then please send a message to myself (Jack Webber) via the Website or Teamspeak. Services - WhiteStone Solicitors As the leading solicitors in Tanoa we excel in professionalism and strive towards a better Tanoa, we offer a full range of legal services; Any individual or business that seeks legal assistance or advice is welcomed into WhiteStone Solicitors to resolve to issue. With senior solicitors to part time paralegals we can assure that your services are well filled. With staff of all experiences and backgrounds we cover a wide range of services. Other - WhiteStone Solicitors Payment towards the solicitors for their assistance is required at a meeting and after a court hearing (if there is one) failure to do so will mean we will have to stop offering you legal assistance and the situation will be taken further. Total payments will be for the amount of time the meeting and work of the staff does. If you are inquiring in getting legal assistance/advice or need a solicitor for a court hearing then either get in contact with a WhiteStone Staff member or pop into the office. - Jack Webber
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    Made a quick table of what the vehicles in the border force are able to carry, more information will be added soon.
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    What an asshole, the guy in stolen lightblue Citroen was under the influence of drugs.. Thank god, that the family, especially their child, is okay.. credit: Police of the Czech Republic
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    As i have previously stated. Our donation policy has been developed with the support of the legal department at Bohemia. Everything is done in accordance with their guidelines. The situation regarding Donators and Patrons keeping their stuff will be reviewed prior to launch by The Board and we will involve the community in this decision. At this moment we are happy to reward members who find confirmed bugs. Anything else remains open. Hope this clears a few things up.
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    I am totally on board with the idea that sometimes devving is difficult and unexpected bugs come up, however I don't think that this should just be accepted and no criticism can be made. Let's look at this from an outside perspective from a random ArmA RP player who has stumbled across the server, and look at the facts which they will see. - A late launching server on a map which has never done well English speaking servers - The server has had multiple delays even though it has had considerable development time - Announcements have not come to fruition, possibly considered misleading by some Now I want to make sure I say that these are not my own thoughts, but we have to accept that this is the image of BB to an outsider, and however many times people say 'Just have patience!' will not change this. I will play on the server whether it launches tomorrow or in 3 months, but non-community members/prospective members are who we need to impress, not each other. I have faith in this dev team, and in the community, which is why I put my money where my mouth is; but let's not kid ourselves, the situation makes us look unprofessional and has/will damage our reputation. I wish all the best to Management and the Dev Team in getting the server up when it's ready. You've done a great job so far, I'm just adding my two cents in the hope of bettering the community in the long run.
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    Donators and Patrons are the first to play-test the beta because they are the ones who have stood by and supported this community when it has needed it most between A2 and A3. No one is forced to donate, and no one should be upset when the people who donate their own money get to play what they supported first.
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    From what I have heard many of the Donators don't play on the server because they just want other people to play with. Let's be honest Most of us know its boring to play an RP game with 10 people on a map as big as tanoa. Anyway, It's next to impossible to have a perfect server I simply think the server should be released as long as there is no game breaking bugs like flying cars. The more people we have on the quicker you can find a bug and also stress test the server at the same time. (this pic is about unperfect server) @Victory I'm just responding to your comment here to keep my comments together........... Anyway, the donator part I'm talking about are the ones I know. Like I stated some donators, not all I also other than game breaking Bugs I know you can't release a server with them I helped manage a server for 2 years so I sort of see from two views (player/mangement) I say sort of because they are two different group of players. I'm tired so my bad on grammar I may fix them in the morning
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    I can now can confirm that the submarine is available for the civilian side only.
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    no we will be mining the most valuable ores which will produce the company a profit, however this will vary if the price and quantity of the ores decreases in value.
  47. 4 points
    The Quarry And we mine all the goods possible
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    Good evening dear community, Development has been going on schedule and i do not see any delays coming. We have worked with all the time we had to release a well functioning server for you guys to enjoy and spend massive amounts of time on. We are also very pleased to welcome @Bull back to the Development Team. As you know me I'll jump straight in to the developments and information. Developer Status: @Waffle, Mainly I’ve been working on the Faction System this includes ranking, promoting & whitelisting. I’ve done a whole lot of work on the Prison System and we are glad to tell you that you won’t need the same Arma profile name as your chosen character name. I’ve also went ahead and reduced the requirements for passwords. I went ahead and created the paycheck system on the side and the license system. Other than that I revamped the vehicle storage system. @Aron, Has been enhancing his Shop system and creating a wonderful medic system. Aron also finished up his faction terminal. @Crossy, Our new talent to the Development Team created some interesting things. First of all the Bank robbery system, a moving black market on the map, a vehicle menu for doing basic actions to your car like flipping, repairing & pulling out players and as last he did a nice animation menu for you guys to do animations in game. @Bull, has come back to us with full effort starting off with the key system & enhancing the staff system I apologize but this will be all for now. I will write a complete Devblog on the release of the mission. I have to put full effort in to development for now. Some nice eye candy will be given prior to release. Waffle, Senior Developer
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    With any luck you'll put @Tomout of a job, but if you want any dirt on him, me and @Aronare your guys
  50. 4 points
    I think Discord is an amazing platform which provides many features , once of which is private calls! I have high hopes that in the near future we could move over.
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