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    Tired of the same old politics? Is your government failing you? Take a stand! Make a difference! Become the next Governor of Tanoa.

    Each week an election process, including campaigns and voting, takes place and the member who received the most voted is elected Governor for one week. This process is overseen and managed by the Director General.

    Office of the Governor of Tanoa:

    As Governor, you are the head of state and the head of the Government of Tanoa. You are responsible for steering the course of direction and making the necessary changes to improve, or not, the general well being of the Tanoan people.

    As an elected official you represent the spirit of the nation, carrying out various duties and delivering on promises upon which you were elected.

    The job comes with its fair share of perks including a Governor’s Mansion, Governors SUV and increased pay checks.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    You are able to exercise a lot of power and influence over the nation and the Tanoan people. This is done through the duties of office. Those include:

    Creating New Laws – Proposing and implementing new legislation to further your agenda and to regulate exploited economic environments.

    Repealing Old Laws – Remove or replace out dated laws, unnecessary regulation or to reduce bureaucracy.

    Setting Tax Policy – Adjust taxes to help fund your vision or reduce taxes and enrich the population.

    Managing State Budgets – Distribute government funds and increase expenditure in government departments and public services.

    Engaging in Diplomacy – Liaise and work with independent states and devolved regions, agreeing peace treaties and local settlements.

    Military Chief – In time of uprising or war becomes the chief co-coordinator of law enforcement and defence services.

    State Management – Responsible for declaring Martial Law or a State of Emergency should civil disorder or chaos arise.

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    Party Name: Tanoa Socialist Party



    Greetings Comrades. No longer must we accept austerity as the only means by which we can govern our nation. No longer should corporations, gangs and the rich exploit us. It is time to Investment in our future, support our health service and ensuring the rich pay their fair share of tax. This is fundamental in helping to deliver the equal society we all deserve. By working together will achieve our goals. Come join us.

  • centrist.png.86cbb69ec58164d02dd8992f408fbbc2.png

    Party Name: Tanoa Centrists



    Fellow Tanoan’s we represent the fairest option for everyone in Tanoa, we want to bring the best of the right and left to the Governor’s mansion. Funding our public services and fighting threats to our nation whilst strengthening communities and working for a fair society that works for everyone. Let’s work together to build a better Tanoa.

  • Conservaives.png.c769a8491ce29ce24f51e55aa72ec0cf.png

    Party Name: Conservative Party of Tanoa



    We are the Conservative Party of Tanoa - The best choice for our nation. We believe in closing the deficit by investing in jobs and creating new opportunities. We believe in lowering the taxes for our citizens so that you can afford to have a good quality of life, and further investment in our law enforcement to keep all Tanoan’s safe and secure and to help combat the crime epidemic. Vote for the Conservatives to bring stability and peace to our great islands.

  • Introduction:

    As a member you have the chance one of the major political parties or become an independent. This means that collectively, with your fellow party members, you can promote your campaigns and implement your ideas for a better Tanoa.

    Party Membership:

    Becoming a member of a political party means you can work together with other members, canvasing and rallying voters during the campaign phase in order to build up the necessary support to elect a Governor who represents your party and its ideas. Quite often there will be several candidates from one political party and although there is a pre-existing base of support, making it easier to get elected, this can lead to internal disagreements and a split in votes if the party cannot unite around a common candidate.

    You can add, change or remove your party allegiance at any time by editing your profile.

    Running Independently:

    On the other hand Independents pursue their own personal agenda and are not whipped by other party members into compromising or backing down on certain issues or policy ideas. This can however be more difficult to become a elected but make you less accountable to others and create the way for dictatorship and corruption.

    We believe that our system allows for an in-depth and involved political environment, one with its own systems of campaigning, voting and governing.

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