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  1. Faction leaders will not be in place immediately. We are more interested in getting the numbers first. Faction leaders will follow.
  2. Firstly there wont be a Chief Constable role on the server. There will be a governor who will oversee all government departments. Secondly the Dispatcher will be situated at police base and when the system is implemented it will be fundamental to the police operating smoothly. They will have a completely interactive UI which will greatly assist law enforcement in their role.
  3. 'CALM DOWWWWWN!' @Tomtelling@EpicFailLOLto calm down just for breathing! 'Egg Zak Tee'@Marshall
  4. The timing is nothing more than coincidental. Leaves before all the hard work begins. Returns when all the hard work is nearly over. I'm guessing your work ethic hasn't changed from when you was Director.
  5. I have read through this post and its great to see a lot of discussion taking place. I noticed my name was mentioned a few times and some questions were asked so i address some point in order. I can confirm that the staff team has agreed, if you are a member of a faction you cannot run for Governor. There are two reasons for this: Conflicts of interest may arise with someone who is part of a faction. When playing Govenor you would be expected to play for the duration of time in office. This result in no dedicated to your faction during this period. There will be certain things that only civilians can do. More and more features and systems will be developed once our Beta is launched but for example, to start with: Gas station robberies Delivery missions Resources The full extent of the housing system (other factions keep house but cannot use its features when playing as: Police; Border Force or THS. You must also remember that some vehicles will only be available to civilians such as planes. Future ideas include: Businesses, Judges Bank robberies Terrorism Gangs and territory wars. Professions such as mechanic, bus driver, pilot to name a few each with their own unique features and pay check. and much more. Police can own a business but you are right to point out that they wouldn't be running it full time if their primary line of employment in as a police officer. That being said, although owning a business would be possible, using its features as a police officer can and probably will be restricted. If your playing as a faction you should have no interest in your civilian role at that time. The Police, Border Force and THS will not be required to purchase their equipment or vehicles and instead there will be a set quantity for each one. This quantity can be increased and decreased by the Governor spending taxes and fines collected in the central bank. This means that factions may have to lobby the Governor for more funds or if the government runs into economic trouble it will have to sell faction equipment and vehicles. The Government will be able to do a lot more than Arma 2. We really want to make the Governor system integrated with player interaction. Every action the Governor takes will also have a consequence for the games economy. Some ideas that have already been generated for the Government system which will not be implemented in the initial release include: Allocating vehicle and equipment slots for factions Implementing new laws and changing or removing existing laws. Increase or decreasing tax. Changing the cost of licences. Changing the cost of training and degrees at the University of Tanoa. Imposing travel restrictions and managing immigration. Ability to impose a state of emergency. Adjust the paychecks to each faction (not including civilian) Change the welfare that each civilian receives and the threshold for welfare entitlements. Changing the bank interest rate. Creating referendums. The above features supported by our weekly elections will certainly make the Government system more thrilling and enjoyable. Lawyers will be a profession once the professions system is complete. You will be able to apply for a job in a Job Centre. Totally Agree! It will important for factions to manage this but we will never impose a restriction and prevent people from being able to civilian. If you are a member of a faction it would be expected that you are dedicated and committed to your faction. I am aware other servers prevent players from playing as civilian during peak time. We don't like this idea and believe everyone should be able to switch to mix up their role play. I imagine factions will be quite strict on this and any officer caught in or charged with corruption will likely receive a warning or risk being unwhitelisted. That being said it doesn't mean you cannot be corrupt. It means don't get caught. All sentences will be the same as they are predefined in our mission. I appreciate that someone is expected to uphold the law especially if they work to enforce the law but again this is more faction discretion. There will be no stipulation imposed by the staff or community preventing you from committing crime as a civilian if you are in a faction, however it may be frowned upon by a faction who may indicate that they expect cops, when playing civilian, to act more responsibly. True and we want to make every interaction in game role play to ensure we retain the title as a leading Arma role play community. Also the newly created rules have defined the importance of role play and we expect every member to role play to a high standard. Failure to do so will result in a ban. The slot count for the server is as follows Total: 120 Slots Civilian - 80 (PMC will be included and work similar to Arma 2) Police - 22 Border Force - 13 Medic - 5 Our intention with the medic system is, depending on the severity of the injury, will depend on the treatment required and if it falls below a certain state or is serious then yes the player would have to be taken to the hospital. We have also thought about introducing an insurance system which players will be able to buy to cover their medic costs. Arma 2 was great. We intend to bring over what worked well but also learn from what didn't work well or could have been done better. Ultimately, over time, we will have the best Arma 3 life mission available. I somewhat agree with this although this is something we have not discussed in great detail. I can confirm that the government will be able to use state funds to help start business or subsidise businesses. In terms of creating a business for themselves its risky, open many doors and will need discussing further in development. In this case you, if it was permitted, you could vote for a new candidate, lobby for change, protest and riot or in extreme cases of corruption kill the Governor. A long ambition of ours which wont be seen until 2018 is to introduce a stock market and investing system. Although i cannot disclose further details relating to this, i can clearly state that i personally have knowledge of how 'investing works' along with a few other members. We will use this to develop a sound and robost stocks and shares system. This is exactly what will happen eventually. All funds will be centralised in the bank for civilians to rob and for the government to spend so they can invest in the economy and improve the lives of the Tanoan people. There will be certain spending restrictions in place to prevent the Governor spending it all at once, possibly spreading it out over a term, but again we will work on refining this when we begin developing the system. I hope some of these answers helped clear a few things up and in this post i have revealed some future plans. I look forward to any feedback!
  6. @Corey SpencerThat is what will happen and you will find out more about the government system in the near future.
  7. @Corey Spencer @Jack Webber Please ensure when answering in the Ask a Question section of the forums you are providing the answer to a question that someone is asking. Alternatively if you have suggestion please share them with us on our Suggestions thread. @Michaelin response to your question businesses, once the system is implemented (which wont be initial beta) will have a vast array of features including specialisms, upgrade, new features and more, and yes there will be a corporation tax which can be changed by the government to touch on your point @Jack Webber. A complete list relating the benefits of setting up and operating a business has not been completed yet but will be in the near future.
  8. @Tomwhat are you thoughts?
  9. We will be releasing something in the next week showing a few of the border force skins and vehicles.
  10. Its doesn't surprise me that@Tomwould get into bed with a commie@Victoryjust to gain votes, throwing his values down the drain to gain power. Its clear that any campaign you ran would be about you and not the people.
  11. Community News

    A nice, great addition to the website@Cado
  12. Added - New website groups: Forums Manager & Forum Moderator Website & Systems Manager Brand Manager Development Manager Events Manager Changed - Completely overhauled all website group permissions. (If you believe you encounter an error please report it here.)
  13. Thanks @Irishthis has now been fixed.
  14. *if you play cop @eye4567

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