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  1. Added Speed cameras - will detect your speed and automatically want you if you are above the speed limit. University Graphics. Carrier Lite Vest to police box Shop Descriptions on Items (more descriptions will be added over time.) Repair kit can be bought from faction shops. New pistol attachments for .45 ACP. Applies to Police and Border Force. Fixed/Changed Permissions are now set on the many vehicles that were missing or had incorrect requirements. Tanoa International Air Vehicle Spawn and Lijnhaven vehicle spawn now spawn vehicles. Alpha Skins now available. Updated server graphics to reduce mission file size by over 20%. Harvesting key is now Shift + H. Siren key is now F. Robbing gas stations now takes less time. Robbing gas stations earns a maximum of £1050. Rook 9 silenced removed from boxes. Rook 9 now full stun gun for law enforcement. Medics no longer receive welfare paychecks. Several grammar errors. A few glitches. Fixed missing image files. Restricted factories and sweatshops to civilian. Fixed destroyable objects that shouldn't be destroyable. Civilian welfare now considers both the bank balance and money on player. Vehicle prices are now lower. Civilian paycheck now £60 every 10 minutes. Faction paycheck multipliers adjusted so all faction pay is equal relative to ranks. Driving with out a licence crime now works. Unlock range is now greater so larger vehicles, such as the Blackfish, can now be entered. Cannot abort error fixed. Overhauled map markers to make them more clear for players. Removed Player stamina
  2. That is entirely dependant on how fast we are able to resolve reported bugs and finish off a few systems. We want the public release out ASAP. Another Private Beta Patch will be added with many fixes very soon.
  3. @John Johnson I can confirm that although you can be remain wanted for a crime once you have disconnected, after a few days with bounty is removed. This was discussed a while ago but the exact details i do not have to hand. I will check up on this for you.
  4. I can confirm that the mission file size for the next patch is about 28MB less with us continuously seeking way to reduce it. Currently it is 96MB and will go down to about 68MB.
  5. A big overhaul of vehicles prices is being implemented in the next patch with the patch thereafter including a massive overhaul of all resources in game.
  6. We want to try and make the economy as realistic as possible. All other servers tend to overprice their entire economies. We wanted to avoid this. Starting with 5000 is plenty to get you started and if not, or if you intend on doing sometime more lucrative it may require you to join other players and work together, sharing in the profits to begin with. Some prices have been adjusted and will take place in the next patch. This includes most vehicles.
  7. Added - [TEAMSPEAK RULES] - 7. When on the server or gaming, members are required to be in the correct gaming channels.
  8. Any member is welcome to stream on our server as long as the follow the server rules and streaming rules outlined on our Official Rules page. In addition, becoming a Donator means we can link your twitch into our website and promote it throughout our community social media. This is removed if or when your donation expires.
  9. i will look to improve this.
  10. Some interesting points and considerations made. We are looking to make a parallel suspect system, prior to a wanted system where vehicle information, character clothing, guns and also location can be recorded to create a profile. Maybe a new law would be required also in the BBACT to support the right to privacy and for a person not to identify themselves unless having commited a crime or passing through a checkpoint.
  11. Border force does have some helmets. It was most likely his choice.
  12. All police can use this weapon if needed, whereas some armed response may carry lethal all times.
  13. MY POST SAYS THIS - Also the .45 ACP will remain in the box as a lethal pistol for say armed response on if certain situations require it.
  14. I have been looking at this and personally think the best change would the following. The .45 ACP is not black and ideally for realism the standard police load out should be black. Also i think being able to remove a silencer from a pistol and make it lethal is highly unrealistic and there should a be a dedicated stun gun. I'm thinking of removing the rook silenced (as it also blocks iron sight) and having the Rook as a dedicated stun gun. Also the .45 ACP will remain in the box as a lethal pistol for say armed response or if certain situations require it. Finally in the next patch the silencer, red dot and flash light have been added for the .45 ACP.
  15. Once the server is out yes but you must wait for the announcement and server release.

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