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Firstly, a very warm welcome to our website. At British Borders we are not just your typical Arma 3 role play community. By bringing together players from around the globe, who share our passion for role play, our members become part of our story and are proud to call us home.

We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting new standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

We would invite you to join us and become part of that experience.

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  1. @IrishThat is something that is possible and we have explored this however it requires a plugin for the integrated system and that costs £££. At this moment we need to focus on funding the core infrastructure of the community. We can review features like this in the future.
  2. @IrishThere is no limit set. Should there be in the future, that is simply a matter for the faction leader to decide.
  3. @IrishThere will only be one PMC not 3 just to confirm and in terms of the structure it will be based on the tags established on our Teamspeak 3 server although it is important to note that nothing is set into stone yet.
  4. You can now display a bit more information about yourself on your profile page. Previously you were required to type the country you were from. This has changed. Now there is a drop down for you to select an country. ALL EXISTING MEMBERS WILL NEED TO UPDATE THIS ON THEIR PROFILES. Here are the new profile fields: And this is where you can edit them (when you go on the 'edit profile' option: If you have any questions please contact the web team or comment below.
  5. Just a blocked nose i think@Levi
  6. Border Force yes but not Medics and PMC yet
  7. @Skyler.B We can expect police applications to open closer the launch date. (2/3 weeks before launch.)
  8. For real estate there are two expenses: The cost of buying/ renting the house - Buying a house is a one time payment whereas renting a house from another player deducts your rent money after every restart (6 hours). The owner of the house will set his rent price before placing it on the market. There is also upkeep on every property - The person who owns, or if the property is rented, the tenant is responsible for the upkeep as they are registered to be living in said property. Gang forum - We can review this and possible create its own section. This will be discussed with web team but also we will await more feedback on your suggestion.
  9. @[BB] Jacki will address each suggestion in turn 1) Gang forums. This already exists - https://britishborders.co.uk/forums/forum/21-gangs/ Unless you mean having proper applications which is therefore simply not possible and its a lot of time to configure and set up each gang and a new tag gang would need to be created for each individual gangs. Gangs also come and go and are not around permanently like factions @Levihas created a thread whereby his gang document is shown and people can apply in the thread 2) Drugs are virtual items and once the drugs system is complete (wont be in until after Beta 1.0) there will be more than just cosmetics but perhaps having to use houses or business property to grow/house or manufacture the drugs and also you could consume to help with hunger (with negative side affects also.) 3) Like drugs the gang system wont be in until after Beta one but we already have plans to make the gang system like no other Arma 3 server. In addition to this gang bases are being considered as possible real estate options however there problem arises when there is only say 5 on the map. What then? We are thinking of allowing gang members to spawn in their captures territories and if all territories on an island are captured the gang can claim independence and form their own country (all be it small). This specifically breaches Bohemia's Monetisation Policy and will not be implemented. Any discounts must be extended to all members regardless of donator status.
  10. Have you been here before?
  11. @Maverick- Manchester United Get your boots on - @Moyes@lexuz
  12. Added - New Donation page featuring: New donate button New donation goal bar Various tabs displaying donation information. This page was released in line with new changes to the community donation policy. For more information about this read here. Added - Old announcements will be archived (older than 28 days.) Removed - Old 'staff team' page and 'contact us' page. A new staff page was recently released. Removed - Streaming calendar. Our new Live Stream feed allows Donators and Patrons to add their stream account themselves.
  13. Donating Just Got Better This is the third and final big announcement. As part of our continued effort to improve our donation policy, we are pleased to reveal a series of new additions and changes which we believe will make donating even more attractive. New Donation Page Our website, as many of you have already noticed, is going through quite a few changes to improve its usability. We have, in the past few days, completely redesigned a new donations page, making the information clearer and more presentable. Here are some of the changes: New, personalised greeting and button: Donation bar and current donations received: (More about the bar will be explained below.) New navigation menu making it easier to find information: Go ahead and check out our new Donation Page. New Donation Goal Following talks with Bohemia, they have agreed to accept our proposal, allowing us to introduce a donation goal with in game rewards. This system encourages members to collectively come together to help finance the server and in exchange we discount various items on the server for all players (including none Donators.) It is not acceptable to restrict these benefits to Donators & Patrons only as this would be in violation of Bohemia's Monetisation Policy. The below image explains how the goal system works: Character Name On our server it is not possible to change your character name once you have signed up and begin playing. Having again spoke with Bohemia, we are able to allow members to change their character name for a small donation of £2.00. Members will be able to do this once the new stats page is complete. Below is more information about the Character Names: New Donation Awards Two new community awards have also been introduced: High 5 - awarded to those who donate exactly £5.00. More Money Than Sense - award to those who have donated £500 in total. Virtual Garage Storage Bohemia was unable to approve our request to allow Donators & Patrons to have increased garage storage as this would have created significant disadvantage to none Donators. With your help, we will continue to find new ways to improve our donation policy and work with Bohemia to ensure it complies with their policies. If you have any suggestions you can share them with us on our forums here. We hope you like the new changes and would love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment below and let us know! Thanks
  14. A nice, simple and user friendly feature making the process of streaming a lot easier. I will update the stream rules to compliment this
  15. british_borders

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