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  1. 1.6 patch changelog

    https://britishborders.co.uk/release-notes/ They are now available thanks to@Aron
  2. Thoughts On A Server Wide Event ?

    One of the roles we will be looking to fill as the server picks up is the Events Manager. This is certainty something that you could either apply for or alternatively work with the successful candidate in enhancing our members gaming experience with the introduction of new, creative and exciting events.
  3. Four applications have been successful and taken to the next stage of the staff recruitment process. For those who are still interested, you CAN apply!. There is just one week left before the recruitment drive is over and the entry requirements return to default.
  4. Thoughts on new patch?

    That's what you think
  5. Rules Changelog

    Changed Civilian & Groups 2. Players must be in a group to defend each other. (Being outside of a group and defending a friend is considered RDM.) to 2. Players must be in a group or be wearing the same uniform to defend each other. (Being outside of a group and defending a friend is considered RDM.)
  6. High End Items

    @AlexBwe are going to continue to rebalance the economy and the prices but are satisfied that we are making positive progress. It has been mentioned about the price of trucks and helicopters and this will be part of our continued economic adjustments. Weapons have not yet been overhauled and will be in a coming patch along with clothing. Licences are also something that are going under review for the next few patches. Rest assured that your feedback is of great value and contains many great points so of which will will seek to incorporate by lowering the potential earnings or increasing the price.
  7. Thoughts on new patch?

  8. Staff Recruitment Drive - We're Expanding Our Team Over the next few weeks we will be looking to expand our staff team and would invite any member interested in getting involved to apply. Our community staff team is made up from members all over the globe, who each share a passion to help our community grow and succeed. They work closely, around the clock, to make your experience with as enjoyable as possible and to resolve any questions or queries you may have. We are always looking to introduce new members into the staff team who share our love for role play and our commitment to professionalism. If you have what it takes, then apply today. You could be the next member of our fantastic team. Should I Apply? This is entirely your choice and your decision. Although we may encourage exemplary members to apply, we would never force or push a member to do something they wouldn't enjoy or don't want to do. However If you are prepared to roll up your sleeves, confront challenges and have a positive impact of members gaming experience then becoming staff is certainly something to consider. Entry Requirements: As part of our recruitment drive we are lowering the entry requirements temporarily for joining the team. This will expire on the 28th of April. Minimum Requirements: Have been a member of the community for a minimum of 30 days. (Usually 60 days) Must be aged 17 or over. Have not received a warning or ban within the last 90 days from the date of application. Have a minimum forum post count of 10. (Usually 25 posts) Active and strong presence throughout the community. This includes the forums, server and TeamSpeak. Not a member of staff within another community. Additional Considerations: Confident and able to make decisions under pressure. Ability to learn and adapt to change in a fast paced environment. Why Should I Join? There are many reasons for joining the staff team, below are a few: You get great satisfaction from helping members on a daily basis. You get to participate in meetings and having a real influence over changes and developments. You get a slight increase in paycheck (this is incremental based on rank.) Gain access to a host of tools and systems to help the smooth running of the community. Certain ranks can play all factions and divisions. If you are interested then APPLY TODAY! We look forward to reviewing all the applications. Thanks, Maverick
  9. Plane runs

    This has been done with a few resources. For example gold is located near an airfield on the south west island.
  10. Beta 1.6

    Fixed - Vehicles no longer get damaged on being spawned. Fixed - Not being able to use interaction menu repair option. Fixed - Helicopters and planes not going to the air storage. Fixed - Vehicles reappearing in garage even when out of the garage after reconnect. Fixed - ATM placement which significantly reduced loadtimes.Changed - Hangar storage detection radius to 20m. Changed - Skill progression multiplier means gaining levels will be slower. Changed - Economy further. Changed - Price and storage of air vehicles.
  11. Beta 1.5.5

    Added - Staff paychecks. Fixed - Some tools still require licences. Fixed - CTRL + T buggy when near vehicles.Changed - Repriced some of the raw farming & fishing resources. Changed - Skill progression multiplier means gaining levels will be slower. Changed - Moving shops will move twice between each restart. Changed - Price and storage of air vehicles. Changed - Price of repair kits and medical kits.
  12. Thoughts on new patch?

    We would love to continue to gather feedback on the patch. In addition we are just finalising a new wiki page which will contain information about the new resources, processes and prices etc. Sugarcane is something that i noticed needed tweaking slightly and we will be increasing the value of the bass run as well.
  13. Roleplay over Ruleplay?

    Interesting thread. Something i would support. Would be great to gather more opinions but i will subscribe to this thread!
  14. Night time, lights, speed cameras ect

    This is correct and @AlexBis also right to state that the cameras clock at 130. We give all players about a 10% margin so that people don't just get clocked for going 121mph
  15. Night time, lights, speed cameras ect

    Possibly. It maybe something we can look at. Alternatively we could change our multiplier.

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