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  1. And that is what i was responding to. High levels of role play will be expected all the time. So to answer your question, you should not have concerns about players failing to role play too much because they simply won't be playing very long. In addition to this, i also didn't state you was condoning it for the record. I hope this answers your question.
  2. The server will enforce strict RP. Simply killing because you want to kill is the wrong mindset for any player to have, if they are wishing to play on our server.
  3. Its great to see so much time and effort being put into creating a company
  4. Noticed that you don't post any pictures of you in your dress serving tea and coffee. Or the one were you sent the captain asleep talking about politics.
  5. Faction Recruitment Open Again It is has reached that time again where we have decided to open faction applications with a fresh round of recruitment. Applications are now open for the following factions: Police Department Border Force Health Service These applications are open to ALL members and will be open until a Faction Coordinator decides to close applications for their respective faction. Successful applicants will have 7 days to get in contact with their following Faction Co-ordinator via Teamspeak (bbts3.com): Jack Webber & Kyle (Police Force) Ant & Corza (Border Force) Levi & Moyes (Health Service) We emphasise that you include as much detail as possible in your application to give yourself the best chance of being accepted. If for whatever reason you are rejected then you will not be able to reapply for 7 days. Your application may be rejected if: Your application was poor quality and lacked detail. You are faction blacklisted. You are advised not to apply by staff due to reasons in the past. You are already in a faction. Faction Coordinators will start reviewing applications in 48 hours time until then any applications will remain pending. If you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff or Faction Coordinator. Best of luck to all those who apply. @Jack Webber@Levi@Ant Faction Coordinators
  6. Rule 11: "switch to the driver’s seat" Firstly you would not be switching to the drivers seat if you are outside the vehicle so it would be perfectly acceptable for you to jump into the drivers seat of an abandoned car found on the pavement or in the road. I would also state that our rules are governed by common sense, thus meaning that if you are a passenger with a friend its is illogical having to ask him to get out of the vehicle. The rule is more designed to prevent people jumping out if they are taken hostage or otherwise engage in role play where the control and actions of their character are limited do to current circumstances. A possible revision to provide more clarity may be needed and will be considered. Rule 12: Gear is something that technically will be locked in a vehicle, but the likelihood is that this rule will be removed and scripting implemented as you suggested. Rule 13: Again, in the enforcement of our rules we apply common sense but also show compassion. Although we expect all players before playing on our server to be aware of the rules, something as small as // being forgotten is not going to result in an immediate ban. Either member of the community or staff alike would firstly seek to remind this person that // is required. An enforcement of this rule is likely to take place on repeat offenders. Hope this helps to answer you concerns.
  7. More civilian roles will be added. The processes for refining resources are quite lengthy and more features will be added in preparation for launch and after launch. @Dandythis mission will be launching in Beta.
  8. Great response@Stevenn @Cameron i hope that both Steven and myself have helped shine some light onto what can be expected. I appreciate that some comments on this thread have been somewhat blunt, direct and in a few cases could be perceived as hostile but @Chazhas rightly highlighted that all members must remain respectful when posting. I would be interested to hear if the responses have addressed your initial question.
  9. @CameronOnce all our systems are implemented there will be opportunities for this but quite simply we are a role play server and if you have a dying enthusiasm for killing then our community cannot facilitate your much needed desire. Here are some ideas that will be or will become available for engagement: Bank robbery (other missions will be added in the future.) Gas station robberies. Gangs and territories, taking over areas of the map and holding them. Prison breaks Conducting illegal activities such as farming whale or mining uranium. Government throw overs and coups. Operating an illegal business such as trading firearms. Terrorim Drug trafficking. If you are hoping to get more killing than this, there are plenty of servers out there that offer that. This would go for all members whose primary aim is not the put role play at the fore front of their gaming experience and time on our server with us. We are not a community that follows others, we seek to redefine expectations and set new standards. We achieved great success on Arma 2 by being different and we have the exact same ambition and aim for Arma 3.
  10. until

    This is only for the people currently processing the HR elements of the community not all faction members.
  11. Law Enforcement: 5. Aviation vehicles can only be shot if the vehicle is flying within restricted airspace or the persons in the vehicle pose an imminent or immediate danger to law enforcement or civilians. (Imminent or immediate danger includes: raising or firing a weapon, moving to initiate lethal contact. Any civilian unarmed cannot be considered a threat.)
  12. until
    HR Meeting for Faction Leaders
  13. Trumps latest tweet just reinforces why this guy is king!
  14. Me and @Leviwatch episode one and it was quite interesting. I think a few more episodes need to be watched before i can really say.
  15. Having moved this thread to a new topic, it is fantastic to see the discussion continuing with such enthusiasm. I will find time to have a read and work with@Chazon a summary for a possible rule revision to be presented to the staff team as this has sparked such interest from members.

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