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  1. Nice to see our first gang starting up preparing for the server release. Good luck and all the best and hopefully you guys can bring some fun roleplay.
  2. Starting to have fun with Crypto Currency trading :D

    1. Chaz


      Send some Bitcoin my way then ;)

    2. Adam


      ew bitcoin isn't the best way to make money its using new upcoming coins and gamble on the release based on what they are doing.

      Its basically like stocks but with crypto coins

  3. You still owe me a slice.
  4. The changes sure do look nice, I think its a step in the right direction.
  5. Hahahaha this has funded my mc donalds for work
  6. 1 person done it so who ever it is post some feedback once you have tried it for a day or 2
  7. Exactly @WaffleI am going to use this method to fund the BB music bot so it isn't in the server cost since I have an old phone i never use running on this 24/7 then I use my main phone on a second app while i sleep :P. But yes this would be a great additional help to donate to BB too if people wanted because they are only paying for electric which you don't spend anyway near as much compared to what you make so basically your making money for close to nothing.
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  9. What i don't understand is peoples opinions towards this. I thought the whole point from a unique standpoint was that British Borders does a British based realistic roleplay server. So in the UK you need insurance to drive but that does not stop you buying a car and driving it illegally also if police run your name and you have no issurance you lose the car and leads to more roleplay. People need to take a long think about this because we are trying to make a British based unique roleplay server and making it so you have shortcuts that are not realistic is just going against "British Roleplay" and means we are not unique because its just copying every other server. People need to stop thinking about how other servers are played and start thinking outside the box. Features can be tweaked so its not overkill.
  10. Take care wish you all the best. Thanks for everything you have done. Keep in touch.
  11. Hello Moped, We kept the Takistan Life server up until players did not want it any longer which ultimately closed down due to only having 5 players max at one point. All our time in running servers is now invested into Arma 3 and we do not plan on reopening the Arma 2 server.
  12. I saw this on facebook wont be long till they get beheaded for making it either xD.
  13. Happy new year.

    As you all have noticed the teamspeak and servers are down and that is due to our host doing maintenance, It should be back to normal shortly.


    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  15. So..... MR QUNITEEEEE. Running to a green zone, are we?

    1. Adam


      Can't wait till the server launches because the moment you spawn in and leave civ spawn Im going to rob you and kidnap you every time and you will be the easiest to find since you will be waddling along like you shat yourself with a quadruple chin and webbed feet.


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