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We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting new standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

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  1. Bet your a bit triggered considering the 2 words that won this was "Absolute Cock" hahahahaha Thanks though
  2. Happy birthday have a good one. I know its depressing feeling old but shit happens get over it grandpa! :D

  3. Yes and that's why we will retain our reputation as a community who prides itself in a good staff team. We are all here to achieve a goal which is to create the best role play server in Arma 3 and considering there is no other click and play with a completely new framework we have a fighting chance. The fact is you can't always find all violators and that's unfortunate but if someone has a different name in game that doesn't matter because when you connect to the server our unique logging system links an email etc to your profile and if that person does not come in teamspeak for a support issue then they get banned simple.
  4. Yes you should let him go because this would be considered really low quality role play. How about instead why not use some planning and coordination and block off roads and make an ambush or just follow until they reach their destination and when they have stopped pounce on them and try to rob then. The way we are looking at all of this is pretty simple, we are not other servers where you can do unrealistic actions as a means to an end all role play needs to be planned and thought about and then applied. Not thought for 10seconds then make an action and do crap RP. Staff will have access to kill logs so you just need to give your name in support & even if you don't know who it is either record and we can match it up that way or contact staff while your near them and we can check who it is.
  5. It seems this isn't completely up to date we can't toggle gas stations and some of the resources but this is more or less the release. And for the radiation zone its meant to be uranium mining.
  6. The Island of Tanoa - [Beta Release Version] As you all are waiting for the release for the server I thought it would be nice for you all to see the official release version of the map. We are so close to the testing stage so to get your imaginations going here is what is what will be available on the launch. Also to note the Black Market & Resource Seller randomly moves location over time. Hope this helps you all get some good ideas for the launch. ps: Gas stations & resource locations are not listed due to the way the image was taken it can't be displayed. Thanks Adam
  7. Unfortunately in the world of development it is so unpredictable. I can understand the frustration from members who have been waiting and even the people who have donated. I can't take much credit in terms of development since I can only organize the staff team and faction standpoints and only relay what we discuss and decide with the developers. When we made these announcements we made them expecting things to go smoothly but unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way. At this point I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible since everyone else is busy trying to get everything sorted but once we know the mission is about to be released you guys will know. I personally would like to apologize on behalf of the board and the developers to the community that we have not met every deadline we announced and its not something that happens often. As experienced members of British Borders know we do deliver 99% of the time and this is just one of those unfortunate times where we could not foresee any fall backs. You all will be looking back on this in a couple of months thinking "Okay yes it did suck we had to wait but in the grand scheme of things but it was worth the wait" Hope you all can understand our point of view and will keep you all up to date as much as we can. Kind Regards Assistant Director Adam
  8. Haha the banking system is going to be very fun and in depth with so much potential for role play you guys are going to see a very unique system that other servers haven't used for a bank system before. All I am going to say is its not a matter of going into the bank getting to the vault and scroll wheel and press rob. It has quite a complicated system where you need to actually plan and use brains to get away with it so you guys better get scheming
  9. Well its nice to see someone completely new to the Arma community popping in. I am sure you will enjoy your experience with us and don't worry if you have questions its only natural. I would be surprised if you didn't have questions that is what the forums is for, Just browse away and get burring into the threads and see if anything has been answered before if not then make a HQ post yourself and we will gladly give you any info your itching to know. Welcome to British Borders. Have fun! Adam
  10. If this was real life money don't you think I would be sneaking on the server to make cash myself?
  11. When you think about it if they have small storage you can't transport much and without multiple people it wont be very lucrative anyway because once you get to the location you need to you will most likely need to drive to the next place to process/sell the drugs so unless its a gang operation or something like that then I don't think it will be much worry about. Plus as it has been stated it will cost a lot. I think the only time it will be effective is when doing something like robbing the bank since that's next to the shore but if the border force are paying attention it wont be a problem. Or evading law enforcement because of a huge bounty. Those are the only most efficient ways to use it in my opinion.
  12. Its great to know we are in safe hands Took 3 emails to realize it was himself
  13. Happy bday hope you got plenty of moral prezzies now that your 42.

  14. Don't get me involved in your trolls -.- I am not doing any company's ignore these numnuts

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