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  1. Skill Cap

    The skill system is still in an early stage the finished idea will have loads of levels where it will take months to max all of them. Currently its just in a basic state.
  2. Tanoa Life Automated Server Restarts After a couple of days setting it up we now have automated server restarts! All information about the server restarts can be found here. There has been a few additional features along with this such as automated restarts after a server crash although we don't expect any. We also have added constant in game message announcements with name restrictions such as no ascii characters. We hope this brings a better gaming experience for you all as you can now plan what to do on the server based on how much time you have available. Many thanks. The Board.
  3. BB Low Popularity Warning

    I can understand the frustration with the mission but all we ask is people remain patient. We are not like every other server where we copy the framework of a life mission we have created everything from scratch which means we have to physically code everything which takes longer. We are working on fixing the game breaking bugs to try stabilize the mission so players can at least get started. The server is no way near the state it will be when it is finished and we expect players to leave and come back over time so all I suggest is if players are getting frustrated with the bugs make sure you post everything as a bug. We would rather players stuck around but this mission is in Beta development and people need to remember that. We read all comments on the forums and are working as hard as we can but remember we only have so many hands. Thank you for all the feedback so far it is helping a lot. Assistant Director Adam
  4. Official Quote Book

    @Viper"Hey Adam does the faction handbuke look okay?"
  5. The Mango Mandem | M

    It is nice to see you putting effort into creating a nice gang thread. Wish you all the best and hope you bring some nice RP on the server.
  6. Rules Changelog

    Added: [TEAMSPEAK RULES] 7. Muting members of staff is not allowed.
  7. It is fantastic that we are finally at this point and I am looking forward to seeing how the mission changes the Arma Life community. Looking forward to seeing what roleplay people will bring this time around. Thanks Adam.
  8. Community News Your New Faction Handbooks

    Looking good thanks for the hard work you guys have put into these.
  9. Gazmask

    I think @Maverickmade a wrong decision and should of left the ban.
  10. What drew you to the community?

    I was originally playing DayZ then decided to look around and see what sort of missions Arma 2 OA had to offer and then saw roleplay servers everywhere so It made sense to find a uk server since I am from the uk and ever since then I have never left
  11. Feels great being back as Assistant Director and Staff Manager now lets make this the best Arma 3 roleplay server in the world!

    1. Michael


      Welcome back :D

  12. Nice to see the website active again.

  13. Representatives

    This is not something you should worry about. Currently the system is as follows. The Board (Assistant Directors, Directors, Owner) Is at the top of the list in terms of managing the community and that stops one decision being the only way since it has multiple peoples input. After ideas and such are approved it is then pushed down to the community for their ideas on specific things. We can use the garage system as one example. The devs and the board would of had a discussion about it first then fleshed out the ideas they had and possible options then a poll and thread was made to see how the community would like the see it added into the server. So everyone gets a say and its never 1 person making all the decisions. At the same time The Board does not come up with all the ideas since they are just their to steer the community roleplay a certain way and the idea is for you the members to post on the forums with what you would like to see. Also on the subject of staff being corrupt etc there are people in different positions to stop this happening. A director has a sub responsibility such as Staff Manager or Director Of Factions which works with all faction leaders to push faction ideas/suggestions and concerns to The Board. These checks ensures the community as a whole functions the way it should and the people with authority and the position to make huge changes have their own checks to make sure they make the right decision. Hope this helps you understand how it works. if not contact me on teamspeak for a chat if you have concerns.
  14. Charlie Thomas Introduction

    Welcome to the community. I see you have a similar relationship to which I have where you are @Atalin (s) bitch. But don't worry I have that relationship with @Mavericksince he my bitch and always in the kitchen doing as he is told. Any how hope you enjoy it here and have some interesting new experiences.
  15. World Of Warcraft

    /cast Mass Resurrection Updated UI

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