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  1. This topic has a nice mixture of opinions and both sides have fair points but unfortunately I do not support this idea. The fact is there are multiple reasons for not going with this idea, the first one being it was tried in Arma 2 for 1 week and we lost 80% of our community. The second being FPS, remember we are on Tanoa not Altis and most people will be getting lowish FPS in cities. Remember in 3rd person 30 fps is playable but in 1st person it wouldn't be a nice experience and would be more noticeable. Next you need to remember we are trying to give people a unique experience and yes 1st person only is unique but you can do that anyway and the fact is we would be taking away a core feature of the game and we need to remember this is a game and there is a line of going too realistic and ruining the fun and enjoyment of a game. So in all I do not support this suggestion but welcome all view points and opinions. Thanks Adam
  2. No only 1 faction at a time.
  3. following a lengthy discussion regarding the law enforcement engagement rule for aviation vehicles a new rule has been published. Thank you all for your feedback. Old rule 5. Aviation vehicles can only be shot if the vehicle is flying within restricted airspace or the vehicle is firing at law enforcement. New rule 5. Aviation vehicles can only be shot if the vehicle is flying within restricted airspace or the persons in the vehicle pose an imminent or immediate danger to law enforcement or civilians. (Imminent or immediate danger includes: raising or firing a weapon, moving to initiate lethal contact. Any civilian unarmed cannot be considered a threat.)
  4. Staff Recruitment Drive Closure Hello, As you are all aware there is currently a staff recruitment drive going on and we are grateful to all those who applied so far. We received a larger number of applications than anticipated which is positive as we move towards public launch. With the introduction of some new staff members, the staff recruitment drive will be ending tomorrow at 23:59 GMT (14/11/2017). This will also mean all minimum requirements will be back into effect so if you are interested this is your last opportunity to apply. If you have questions or concerns regarding the recruitment process or eligibility please contact me. Thanks Adam
  5. hi adam highlander here  not very happy  put game on to find my base taken over lost all my donation things, they would have had to go through 9 doors and a secret room to get in  so it must be a hack so thats it from me not wasting 3 days building a base on this server to be  hacked so good luck did enjoy the server all the best David

    1. Adam


      Issue sorted.

  6. Staff Recruitment Drive! As you are all aware we are heading for the full official release of our mission which poses many hurdles to come. One of the biggest is the staff team which I manage and have a duty to maintain. Over the past few months The Board, in consultation with the Board Advisor, has been discussing what can be done in helping to prepare an adequate staff team for the launch and after some discussion we have decided to make some temporary adjustments to give new opportunities for members to join. We believe these adjustments and the suspension of a few entry barriers will allow us to achieve this. Firstly - As of now there will be no forum post requirement in order to apply for staff. Secondly - In terms of activity within the community members must demonstrate hey have been active for a period of 30 days (usually 60 days) on our community facilities i.e. website or Teamspeak. Finally - We may look to give the opportunity for some members to trial staff. If you are interested then post a staff application if you feel you meet the requirements. If you are unsure whether you can apply or feel you will just be dismissed then send me a private message and I will let you know if you are eligible to apply and we can discuss a route to joining. Anyone who feels an application is a barrier to entry. For example if the member can speak English well but not necessarily write it as good or if the member has Dyslexia then we are more than happy to accommodate the interview by hosting a meeting instead. As I have said this is temporary as we feel the community in general could benefit from having some new keen support staff and would be a great opportunity for someone new to get in early before the requirements come back into effect. Kind Regards Assistant Director Adam
  7. So hyped!! just finished testing on the test server and we can now release for donators and patrons :D


  8. It is finally time, Tonight we have just finished the final testing for the private beta release and we are launching 6pm 05/10/2017. Remember this is for donators and patrons to test and enjoy our unique features. We expect bugs to be encountered and we will work with you to fix those promptly.
  9. Think the police should get one of these as a "Bait" vehicle so when someone tries to steal it, put blanks and when police turns up they just spin on the turret :')
  10. Most content in the DLC will be used in our mission but we will have alternatives so there will never be things that people can't do just because they don't own the DLC.
  11. This is what makes us different to other communities, we are not like all other servers who make specific means for combat like that if you want combat then either go rob the bank or play king of the hill. There are plenty of ways where a weapon is useful and we will include things such as robbery on gas stations etc but creating areas and purposely making an excuse for people to kill others that give 0 role play is not what we want to create. In the future to my understanding there will be terrorism added and things like that is where you can do "combat" provided there is role play involved but like I said there will never be a way to just come on our server and buy a gun and have an excuse to kill people because they want a bit of combat.
  12. Welcome to the community! Hope you find our server brings something new that you have not seen in your 2.5k hours
  13. Lol Welcome back been a while.
  14. My current Ui: Feel free to add me: Qunite#2339
  15. So recently I have been getting back into World Of Warcraft thanks to @EpicFailLOLand I must say Legion is not that bad. There is some things that could be done better but overall in my opinion its a vast improvement to WOD & MOP. Anyway over the past few weeks of playing a few members in the community have overheard me talking about it with Epic and other members have started getting involved with playing so decided to create this thread for any discussion for World Of Warcraft. I personally do a bit of everything PVP (Arenas) & raiding and started live streaming a little so if anyone wants to get involved you are more than welcome. It does not have to be just friends I am encouraging any member of BB to get involved as this can be considered as another easy ice breaker for those new members who have not spoken to any existing members yet. Feel free to post account info if you want people to add you. I will post mine in the comments and anyone is welcome to add. Remember you can discuss anything you like about World Of Warcraft such as: Opinions on this expansions content Favorite class what you personally enjoy doing what you don't like about this expansion Post images & Ui Talk about addons This is just to give you an idea of what sort of things I am talking about.

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