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Firstly, a very warm welcome to our website. At British Borders we are not just your typical Arma 3 role play community. By bringing together players from around the globe, who share our passion for role play, our members become part of our story and are proud to call us home.

We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting new standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

We would invite you to join us and become part of that experience.

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  1. Think this would be the introduction of the year..........
  2. I know more than 1 irish since you left and I only knew you as Irish Ranger not just Irish lol
  3. Long time no see glad your sticking around. And that sucks . And i agree @Marshalldone a good job with the trailer.
  4. Just noticed this nice to see you again haha. Would be nice to see you on the server again.
  5. Great so this mess is back...... think we should close the server down already
  6. Welcome back hope you can bring some HQ roleplay to the new server.
  7. Glad to see you sticking around for the new server, hope you have fun.
  8. Congratulations on Web & Systems Manager. 

    Expecting good things from you in the future.

    1. Cado


      Cheers buddy!

  9. Web & Systems Manager Position Filled After opening recruitment for all of our manager positions we are happy to announce that one has now been filled. After a long discussion between The Board we are please to announce that @Cado will fulfil the role of Web & Systems Manager. So what is expected from the Web & Systems Manager? The Website & Systems Manager maintains and improves our community website and TeamSpeak, introducing new and exciting features, whilst conducting scheduled updates and fixing any bugs. By researching new plugins and methods, the Website & Systems Manager will implement changes which enhance our members experience and encourage greater user interaction on our Website and TeamSpeak server. Congratulations @Cado
  10. :') those were the days haha. sure will miss arma 2 moments like these.
  11. Fantastic job Marshall someone has been filling themselves up with 10p like a slot machine
  12. Finally back :v

    1. Marshall


      Took ya long enough! :D

    2. Adam


      Unfortunately it couldn't be helped :/ will enjoy tormenting you later don't worry ;)

  13. Nice to see our first gang starting up preparing for the server release. Good luck and all the best and hopefully you guys can bring some fun roleplay.
  14. Starting to have fun with Crypto Currency trading :D

    1. Chaz


      Send some Bitcoin my way then ;)

    2. Adam


      ew bitcoin isn't the best way to make money its using new upcoming coins and gamble on the release based on what they are doing.

      Its basically like stocks but with crypto coins

  15. You still owe me a slice.

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