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  1. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    I notice a lot of the arguments in this statement are based off the points I raised - I know they're applicable to any further questioning but I would like to re-iterate that this is the system that I am fully supportive of in terms of how this should be ran. Its RP orientated, a great simulation for how this can work compared to real life, fully server controlled so cannot be abused by external sources and better suits the balancing of gangs to police and border force much more so than the very basic suggestion Greg has outlined originally. On a side note about this - The Governor/government should state a budget, however it should be to the respective forces to put that budget to use, like how it would be in real life. You can even build RP around this excellently with the government requesting expenditure reports from the factions - if a faction has been seen to be needlessly spending money then the governor has the right to cut their future budgeting. In a game respect as well - I think its a bit weird for a none faction player to be dictating what a group of people playing as their faction can and cant use in a sense...it has the potential to really kill the mood for some people so I don't really believe that a civilian governor/government should have direct control over what a faction can and cant buy.
  2. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    Absolutely THIS is the contention point for your idea Greg. Given the huge imbalance of the number of individual gangs there can be to an individual police/border force it has the potential to end very badly for the faction sides. If gangs/terrorists were to bring down both of your hellcats for the week you've lost a key asset for a total of 7 days meaning one side gains a huge advantage. The currently proposed system with government funding is much more realistic and flexible in terms of its application, but we have to wait for that. Secondarily I am not a big fan of any system that has to be directly monitored by a source outside of the server when it comes to gear/vehicles. A spreadsheet that has to be kept by high ranking faction members is a weak security system and has many questions surrounding it such as; Do you have enough high ranking members to cover all time zones and monitor server faction activity? Can everyone in the faction view this stock inventory? Are you entirely basing this system on the trust that people will not bend/break the rules? A server side inventory system that replenishes would be much more stable and secure to use, however given the government system would be on its way I see no real reason for this to be implemented. Its a good basis idea and actually develops into the more complex, flexible and RP managed government funding system that we've already been given an idea of, but standalone in this form I think it would be a hindrance to players rather than a experience enhancement.
  3. SUGGESTION - Using First Person Only

    I'd disagree with that statement, British Borders have always targeted a wide audience, mature yes but not for 'realism-focused' content at all. We had 1st person only disabled throughout my time with the community because it narrows down play-ability for a lot of people. It was discussed multiple times during my time and yielded a fairly low positive response every time. Simply put, a player who prefers first person over third person is still incredibly likely to play the server with access to both options. A player who has a preference to 3rd person will just walk away in favour of a community that does allow it. Not saying I have a negative stance to it, I'd quite happily play with both or one or the other but in terms of being a far reaching community that provides the best possible RP to the widest audience it seems like a move to shoot yourself in the foot this early on. If anything it should be a post-launch discussion after a player base is established and a wider range of opinions can be gathered outside of the regular forum haunters and Teamspeak crowds.
  4. Combat options

    Now...this is a subject of interest. To start, British Borders from my experiences has always been a place to facilitate combat as long as its done in proper accordance to RolePlay. Takistan Life had plenty of opportunity for gangs to operate and have feuds among themselves and with the police, on several occasions branching to full scale wars. I know things are changing as the transition to Tanoa continues but I can't imagine that things will change so greatly that this will remove basic gang functionality once its implemented (minus government wars). As you don't seem to have had much playtime with the community in A2 I can understand your point of view, you're a new player with no idea how limited/free combat experience will be within the server. My immediate response is that we shouldn't need a highlighted kill zone on the map, gang areas, Bank, store/gas stations and the potential of a terrorist area alone should provide more than enough situations for combat surrounding gangs and police. Even the concept of a hostage area would bolster this. The concept for this has always been that the players create these situations through RP and from my own personal experiences many of the more experienced players on all sides (cop, gang and border forces) do an excellent job of crafting the RP that surrounds many of these situations. The community has strong roleplay ideas but certainly isn't devoid or against actual combat. The main point of asking should always be that all players MAKE these events happen, not for an area to be created for people to go buck-wild. I can assure you that if the server is busy, action will be happening all over...and well if its not, as long as you do it within the rules I can assure you that nobody will be against you livening the place up. You get out what you put in is my point here - Gangs that cause proper trouble and do it without infringing server rules will see all the engagements they could ever want and probably more without needing a dedicated combat zone. As an extension of what I've just said, I'm very surprised at what some players are stating that combat should be a last resort and other such things. That is a very broad term and one that is not strictly true. Jared stated this perfectly that combat can be a natural extension of RP and as long as it is done within the rules should be treated as such and not shunned as a last resort only. Let me emphasise that I do not agree with RDM zones because I have a firm belief the community's standard of RP should keep everything interesting action wise, especially when supported by the ever improving functionalities of the server but for several people to say that it should be treated as a last resort and that lack of combat is to be expected of how 'serious' this community is, is ludicrous. While we're not a community that has had killing and combat as our focal point it has ALWAYS played a part in our RP and server actions...I'd be sad if it was really true that the community is taking such a negative stance against combat as being advertised here.
  5. Town Prosperity & Overall Economy

    The notion that you'd be willing to kill traffic officers over a ticket stop in terms of RolePlay is also very ridiculous.
  6. This discussion is kind of over as my question was answered but since you took the time to downvote someone else's concerns I'd just like to point this bit out. Chaz's initial post did not outline anything of the sort, hence why I originally asked for clarification. Clarification was provided by the HR member responses and considering how vague the original announcement was, I see them as valid concerns to have as a player. Chaz then seemingly updated his post to reflect this criteria which is great and what I asked for. Isaac has a valid point that the original post was mis-worded and should have had a better explanation to detail what we needed to do from the outset instead of me having to ask about the requirements. Originally Chaz's post contained no detail at all as to what we had to do to be considered active, so for you being late to the thread after it had been updated, making an uninformed post pushing information that was added after Isaac's comment onto him and then negatively repping him to boot is a bit of a harsh thing to do. Aside from that, you put everything else eloquently. Regards, Steven.
  7. Can we have a little bit more information as to what constitutes activity in this case? If I am still understanding correctly, then the server is still under BETA lock with only staff and donators having pass-worded access? So by this point are you asking us to be active in areas of the forums or teamspeak? It seems a bit odd to conduct a review of factions when there's very little material for faction members who do not have donation access to be around for. Some clarity to review what EXACTLY the criteria of these HR members are looking for would be much appreciated so for people such as myself who work and have other commitments but no access to the server, we know what we have to do to retain our positions in our factions. Thanks, Steven
  8. Police Department Body Cams

    @Skyler.B @eye4567(edit to tag you in as well since I've just read your response and some of my content to Skyler is also relevant to the points you raised) From my previous experience in Taki, the system always was an accused person applied for a court case BEFORE being sent to prison - with the sentiment of avoiding being sent to prison in the first place. This is also the same situation that Eye provided in his example, if the system changed after I left for it to be post prison - it seems odd but fair enough, however you guys operate, but you've missed the point. My concern IS NOT about the court itself, so the system and processes used are irrelevant to the discussion mostly. What my point concerns is the impact that external influences such as video recordings will have upon how court cases are handled. (The time taken is very much a concern if the system is the same as it was when I was actively playing Taki) This is a complete misunderstanding and misrepresentation on the concern I've brought up, the actual point you've missed is 'All RP should be easily accessible on an even playing field to all'. People having a stronger and better rig allows them to access better external supplements such as recording software and the ability to upload while still keeping a decent connection in game, this is an unfair advantage to those who do not have a stronger rig. The graphical setting the player needs to actually run the game has pretty much nothing to do with RolePlaying...nor is it any way comparable so I fail to see your point or its relevance here? Again - if the system is now that court cases are held POST imprisonment then yes, then my argument is incorrect but I was talking off how the system worked when I was actively playing Takistan Life and from the information I could gather from Eyes example post above. If I'm uninformed then apologies. However then I begin to question the court system as a whole, it begins to seem like a support case for wrongly imprisoned players than it does for the actual purpose of being a court of justice, and one that can be manipulated by smart criminals. That is not a topic for here and now then. In relation what does again strike me as worrying is the fact that a player needs to undergo hours of preparation for 90% of the courts applications being related to false imprisonment, again not an issue related to the use of video footage but an interesting consideration nonetheless. Overall I'm now quite confused to what the system and process actually is as varying people have given varying examples that suggest different court systems, if anyone actually has the actual evidence of how the court system will operate, please feel to tag me a link or a PM. I'd be very interested to see how the system is actually supposed to work. All the points I raised earlier were in Taki and still are ways for the police not to lose a court case, videos and screenshots were never really necessary, why is it suddenly so vital?
  9. Police Department Body Cams

    Again, this ignores the key point, in the name of RP you're really going to allow a criminal free during the process of a court case? Because I can guarantee no criminal is going to stick around long enough for that, most would even be entitled to go into hiding under RP which ruins all your hard preparation work. So whats the alternate process? You're gonna hold the accused captive until the cases are prepared and evidence is ready? So your two options: You allow both parties to wander about freely in the build up and 9/10 your criminal legs it and goes underground. OR You hold the accused until the case, if that goes for any long length of time I'll guarantee you'll accomplish nothing aside from killing any RP incentive for people to use the courts. Being able to play the game > Peoples desire to role play every time. Unfortunately the nature of this being a video game where jail sentences have to be short periods of time so you dont force players out of the game or discourage criminal acts just means that any obligatory long length of time is unlikely to work. This is just a critical look at everything you guys are suggesting regarding the courts. Of course it would be mandatory in terms of RP, doesn't mean your accused are ever gonna show up if you make them wait for 15+ minutes while evidence is prepared, let them walk free and they'll go into hiding - making your perpetration worthless and a waste of your time. Exactly WHY that RP in terms of the court should be kept within the game only IMO. Peoples external resources are limited to their hardware and software capabilites. A player with a better rig with Shadow Play is gonna steamroll his opposition in a court case, which if he's in the right fair but criminals have the right to try and wiggle their way out of it too. 'unfair' results happen, in real life and they should also be allowed to occur freely in RP as well. Rely on eye witness' testimonies, chat logs and alerts to the big crimes. There are ways to catch a criminal within the confines of the server easily enough. Look at gang affiliations between the criminal and his alibi backers etc. This is not a support case, it is an RP situation. Fair and Unfair results should both be as close to justifiable as possible, not just for the cop with a decent computer. The court cases really have to remain the same as they did in Taki in terms of preparations and then the time taken for the court hearings to take place...you really do risk damaging peoples interest in the courts, crime and even the server.
  10. Police Department Body Cams

    Very ambitious, but it's not exactly the case is it? The accused has to sit around, they won't be walking freely and if jail times are tailored similarly to Taki vs these preparation times you're discussing then I also begin to question how much use this will get by the player base. Not to deminish the idea that's being presented, the courts were very effective if handled quickly but unfortunately due to the short time span of jail (which is a vital IMO), cases had to be handled quickly. If this is any similar again - 15 mins taken up on preparations for a video upload detracts quickly from just serving an 18 minute jail time. also on your example...didn't the bank Auto-want you when robbing it, gangs could clearly be seen as well and you couldn't just pass money off purposely to those outside a gang...so I'm not quite sure if your example was just breach of the rules here. I dunno, maybe things changed after I left. Inconsequential anyway, just curious about the situation described. anyway, my personal thoughts on the situation aside there's a key factor - The RP aspects should have total accessibility to players, these videos are dependent on a players individual computer system and internet connection - all players should have a fair playing field in terms of RP. I dunno, outside sources can be fine, it's not like I'm opposed. I'm just cautious of the line between RP being overbearing on a players enjoyment of the server is all.
  11. Police Department Body Cams

    Ah yes...because I'd love to sit stationary in a court for 15+ minutes at a time while someone attempts to upload raw video footage to YouTube.../s I think simplicity is the best way in theses cases - if it can't be added in server or TS, don't make it applicable RP...causes such a huge time delay it's just not viable 9 times outta 10.
  12. Development News Tanoa Life Beta 1.0 Enters Testing

    IMO I don't see much wrong with donators keeping what they earn. They paid to support the community and are rewarded with early access for their contribution...what's wrong with them utilising this? You have to keep in mind this is an RP server, not a wasteland or warzone map, people being able to afford better guns isn't going to impact you a great deal or for a very long time - from my understanding of the faction mechanics it won't cause disruption to them either. If Personal wealth hasn't got a huge impact outside of some better vehicles and guns for a short period of time it doesn't really seem like a huge deal. People putting in real money deserve something back - simple as. I see no issue with this as a return. If you don't like it, you don't have to contribute. If you want in, get in on it.
  13. My criticisms of Lexuz are very different from holding myself to my own standards. When your only response to someone's viewpoint is to tell them to be quiet, then you are not contributing anything positive to debate or discussion. You are simply being rude. Which is exactly what Lexuz did. My statement about locking the thread came from the fact that after seeing the responses Eye has gotten from Lexuz and yourself by the way you wrote your statement, is because the discussion was seemingly becoming rude, impolite and uncivilised. 'Robust discussion' is fine and of course I uphold my standards and practice what I preach in that regard. But talking down to people, as your message conveyed when Eye simply asked for your source of information and being told to straight up be quiet of his opinion by Lexuz are two examples of this thread becoming rather toxic. I'm happy to 'practice what I preach' and 'stick to my own standards' on any regard but I will speak up if I feel there is rudeness or hostility in what is nothing more than a difference of opinion. Basically - some of our more overzealous political followers need to calm down before they ruin it for everyone else. That's my point.
  14. You said in the post before that the final count was in? Now there are still 20 electoral colleges left to vote? Quite frankly you haven't stated a fact. All you've given are two contradictory statements on the matter and saying that leaks suggest he will be up 600,000+ still is not the 'final count'. Honestly. For a discussion on a public gaming community forum this is becoming rather hostile. If people aren't willing to have any further positive discussion about it maybe it's best to ask a moderator to lock the thread.
  15. Hey, come on now. He's entitled to state his opinion win or loss as much as much as you, me or anyone else who has an input. No need to be rude. Whatever your standpoint it's just politics and people shouldn't be told to be quiet based on their opinions. Thats kind of contradictory to the point of having a discussion about a democratic election do you not think?

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