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  1. Good to be back

    Hey guys, ive been missing in action for about 6 months now! Going in and out of MRI scanners, Rigged up to machines and all the rest of it has took its toll. Ive been keeping busy in the meantime, Mainly just trying to keep up attendance at work. Anyway......hopefully all sorted now. Ive just popped on to the server to see the work @Maverick, @Marshall and the rest of the team have done and it has got to be said....The server is outstanding. It plays so smooth and all comes together great. There has been massive changes since the closed Beta. Keep up the great work lads, I look forward to getting some more time on the server and enjoying all the hard work you guys have put it. Also thank you to @Jack Webberfor keeping me in the police faction with the minimal contact ive had throughout the past 6 months....I really appreciate it.
  2. 6PM Announcement?

    Hey, The announcement was made on the following thread... https://britishborders.co.uk/forums/topic/141-arma-3-alpha-build-progress/
  3. Any Updates

    Hey Owner(S), Devs, management etc. Is there any updates on the progress of the server? Not pushing for information, some of us havnt been able to be around the past few weeks on teamspeak to hear about any problems/news etc. I personally come on the website a couple of times a day to check if there is any news so I thought i would ask
  4. Variety Of Stun Weapons

    Beanbag shotguns to go along with the pistol would be nice
  5. Important Announcement Tanoa Life Release Window

    This is a time frame, the server could potentially lunch before 00:00, 00:00 was towards the end of the time frame they expected they would need to complete the necessary work!
  6. Lemme Smash!

    Jesus, I was on teamspeak today and all I heard for 4 hours was @Marshallsaying 'becky, lemme smash' haha
  7. I'd be interested to see the full results of that score. What components where used in each setup to achieve that score
  8. In my honest opinion Intel will always lead the market. AMD RYZEN, as beautifully extreme as they are can't compete. Put the newer Ryzen 5 1600x up against the I5 7600k (two similar priced processors) and the i5 beats it at single and qaud core speed with 2 less Cores and 6 less threads. The trend continues as you match all similar AMD & Intel products.
  9. Battleye issues on launching game

    Did you fix this? Did you try and allow the DLL through your firewall? Also ping battleye servers using your command prompt and see if you are suffering from packet loss mate.
  10. Battleye issues on launching game

    Could your security or modern be blocking battleeye? I once had a net gear modem that suffered from packet loss when trying to join servers, has to change the modem
  11. On that clarification, on top of the standard patrol officer i would be keen to take on the tactical support role. Ive got to say its a hard choice, all the roles have the respective pros that go with them and the individual scenarios that could play out with the different roles. Tough tough choice
  12. I would be keen on joining a few divisions if that is an option. I would imagine it would be an option that you can be trained across multiple roles within a faction @Maverick?
  13. Tanoa Border Force Strider Preview

    Every skin ive seen has looked perfect! I think the NHS skins are my favourite but all are really great! Awesome work @Marshall
  14. Development News The Island of Tanoa [MAP SNEAK PEAK]

    The layout of the map looks perfect!! The worst thing about some server maps is the cluttered icons around key locations, this layout wont have that problem. Everything is well laid out and clear. Top Job lads

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