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  1. Hi lads, sorry ive not been around. My new 1080 should be here tomorrow so ill get my pc back up and running once again! Dam 980ti packing in Ive just seen the trailer on YouTube Via Facebook. Absolutely outstanding work by @Marshall. Ive seen a few trailers in my time and this one is brilliant, great job of showcasing the servers factions and features. Roll on the 8th of July for launch....HYPED
  2. I like slack 😂, used it for work projects in the past. We could get discord if you prefer?
  3. Right lads, I'm setting up Slack. Slack is a App/Website that allows users to communicate in different channels, a bit like teamspeak without the talking (handy if your not at a computer). If you want to join just send your email address to and I will email you an invite.
  4. Haha nice one mate, I've got the solo flight and night flight to go! Won't get a chance till tomorrow but we will definitely sort a flight out!
  5. I got some time on FSX last night briefly. It's early access so obviously there is limited content & bugs. - Small but decent choice of aircrafts. - Some instruments inactive. - Graphic bugs (nothing major). - limited simulation in the form of ATC etc. From what I did play, (short flight from Glasgow to Liverpool in a two prop cesna) it was sound. The graphics are unreal right down to the rain drops on the window swirling in an upwards motion on take off. In FSW the reality is still there as you would expect but they have tweaked the finer things like shadow movement. if you land to hard your sun visors will come down. I noticed side winds had a more realistic effect on the plane. A lot of little things that make you feel more immersed and adds a lot more realism to it. The game is only going to get better as it slowly releases. Has anyone had time on it and what's your thoughts?
  6. Hopefully it won't take long to implement! FSW looks incredible.
  7. Out tomorrow Is there any news on Vatsim & FSW?
  8. Pirates of Tanoa Gang >:(


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