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  1. Rocket League - Giveaway - Xbox One

    Winter means snow. Snow is COCAINE
  2. Community News Annual Community Poppy Appeal 2017

    For all the people having concerns. BB have done this before. I have donated multipile times to this. I have my trust in BB and you should too. Theres no need to have any concers about where the money goes. This is just to highlight how much BB does.
  3. Just a compliment

    BB has also been apart of my life for a couple of years. Since i was 14, im now 17 so for 3 years BB has been in my life
  4. Just a compliment

    Hello Everyone I just want to point out how nice it is that everyone is backing BB up so well. The one thing that the BB community has done so well is helping eachother and the community. Since the server went down on arma 2 and started transfering to Arma 3 everyone has been so helpfull and kind. I think its amazing to see everyone backing up around something like BB. The social part of BB is amazing and have always been. Im looking forward to the official launch of the server, and i am hoping to see a lot of you guys on the server doing proper RP and just having fun. Thanks for reading this InzaNe
  5. InzaNe

    Thanks, im looking foward to be playing with all of you fine folks.
  6. InzaNe

    Hello there i thought i might just introduce myself My name is Lucas and im 17 and from Denmark. I study marketing on my third year and i will be done in the summer. I have been in BB for a couple of years now and had a lot of fun. I love to use my sparetime gaming and drinking. I am very excited for the release of the server and i will be joining PMC when the time comes! Thanks for reading this little thing about me.
  7. Cameron -- Never played BB before

    Welcome to the community! Hope to see you in the future
  8. Goodbye for Now

    Take care cockram <3
  9. British borders Not secure

    Ok Marshall
  10. I'm not gone yet

    I look foward to getting shot by you again, when im a hostage and you wanna save me <3

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