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  1. Support the British Front Michael! Support the British front, the true party for the REAL working class white man who has had enough of dirty socialists and natives ruining the economy of this country! Kind Regards Roland Montgomery (Dandy) Leader of the British Front Party
  2. Indeed Cyptology, It is an honour to have you in my party
  3. While you're here make up some catchy phrases or something that we can use, Id like to see you in action as a politician
  4. exactly, I was going to say that but I forgot how to spell his name lol
  5. Well then I can make you deputy head of the party, and leader of the British Defence league. Consider yourself Propaganda Minister
  6. Are you any good at speaking?
  7. Basically the SA
  8. Then you might aswell just join me
  9. I would rather vote for someone extreme than a fake con artist who attempts to gain support by pretending he is just like the people he is trying to manipulate!
  10. what sort of the thing were you thinking about, Left wing right wing? how extreme etc
  11. You can lead the British Defence League, Our military wing. Make sure to check out our full policy in the government section of the forum
  12. No It isn't, I get beta access but I don't think the public release is for a little while. Not too long though, Will you support my party?
  13. Indeed Good sir, We are about as right as you can get, pretty much fascist!
  14. The front strongly believes that our border force and police should receive a majority of the nation's funding. Although the THS will only be funded 20% of the budget it will still be a considerable amount because criminal offenders and native Tanoans will have to pay as punishment for their involvement in terrorism and violence against the British crown! The overall budget would be : 20% THS 45% Police force 35% Border force Yes Elliot! We are the counter to Marxist terrorists who would see our great island reduced to poverty and civil war in the name of deceit.
  15. A Vote For A True Cause! We must seize control of the government and turn this country the other way around as soon as possible, Down with the Leninist agitators. Down with the tribalists who would see all the great work of the White British man censored by history to avoid their own offence and to push forward their own ungrateful agenda! The Defence of the People! The Armed wing of our party. The British defence league, Strives everyday in the fight against red terror and artful tricking of the proletariat by lying Marxists! We will use any force necessary to defend what is rightfully the belonging of Queen and Commonwealth! For The Good people of Tanoa, For the British Crown and Empire, For the commonwealth! FOR THE BRITISH FRONT!!!!

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