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  1. British Front - Election Campaign

    The PMC's are a private business, it is up to them how they wish to run themselves. Although we support private enterprise, we prioritise the state. It isn't our place to get involved in individual corporations. That's all I'm willing to say on the issue
  2. What music do you listen to?

    Shoegaze: Slowdive My Bloody Valentine Adorable Chapterhouse Jesus and Mary Chain
  3. No more should the people of this island be forced to choose between the Vile centrists in politics, who only wish to gain power for their own business enterprise! The people of this great island have a choice! And that choice should be for the people! For the people who have worked and fought for this nation! So that it may prosper! ____________________________________________________________________________________ What is The British Front? The British Front is a party with two primary objectives: To ensure that the British heritage and commonwealth rule of the this island is respected and obeyed, and to end the economical/political monotony of the centrist rule! This country was run primarily on British labour and hard-work for the past 200 years, and still to this day parties like the Red Path and the Labour party would have all this work swept away to the sea for the only reason being that it is counter to their revolutionary ideals. Their unrealistic, Utopian ideals that everyone is equal and that we must all work for a "common good". They wish to destroy all the great things that the British empire was built on! Business, enterprise, Rule of law! We may seem like ridiculous radicals that wish to impose the sort of policies you would see in Germany or Italy in the 1930s. We are not simply a party that strives to gain the majority of votes so that we can abuse the people into a dictatorship like the lying corporatists in the Tanoan Independence Party might tell you in their Manifesto! ____________________________________________________________________________________ What do we stand for? We stand for something quite simple. An economy built on national pride! The rising of our nation like a Phoenix! While the communists argue for the shutting down of business by stating that it will only ultimately lead to a class war, they themselves wage a war against the prosperity of the nation! While the Laissez-faire capitalists on the mainstream right claim that the labour unions are disrupting the nations means of production they quite happily sell our country away to foreign businesses and investors! And for what? For us to be exploited by oil barons in the middle east or con-men from Asia? The truth is that nobody in what they claim to be the "Sensible" centre parties really care about our nation! The Tanoan Independence Party would quite happily have our nation cut ties with the British Commonwealth just to be sold out to the Saudis or the Chinese criminals! While on the other side of the political spectrum the Labour party and Red Path would quite happily watch as our successful corporate businessmen and our government be lined up on a wall and shot in the name of their Unions or for what they call the "Common good". The common good of what? The common good of the terrorists and warlords who lead your so called "People's Revolution". The type of "People's Revolution" where the people who aren't supportive of you don't get a say and instead get to cast their vote at the firing squad? Our mainstream political system is full of corrupted traitors and terrorists! It is time for this nation to rise up in pride and strength and take back what rightfully belongs to it! Our party calls for a new economic system. One that political scientists and other left-wing establishment fear mongers would call the political "Third Position". But we are not some subject of ridicule for the mainstream politicians to mock and dismiss. This system that we propose is what we call "National-Protectionism". This means that NO foreign states or businesses other than those from the British Commonwealth may have a say in or deal in the economy of our great nation! High tariffs shall be placed on non-Commonwealth imports and the state shall introduce a "National Repossession" scheme. What this means is that should a corporation or economic body wish to work against the state for their own benefit only and assist in the slow globalisation of this country then they shall be deemed enemies of the state and their assets and means of production shall be taken by the state as reparations. A BF government will NOT tolerate businesses simply selling out our country to the highest bidder. The state shall then own the seized corporation until a true patriot can be trusted to pick up the torch and steer our nation towards prosperity again! The time has come for the BRITISH people of Tanoa to stand up for a land that rightfully belongs to Britain! This wonderful group of Islands was built on the blood, sweat and tears of colonial labour and it is a disgrace that parties like the Red Path, the TIP and the Tanoan Labour Party should have the right to stand there on the podium and openly insult our British heritage! That they should publicly demand the secession of Tanoa. This is unacceptable and quite frankly, an act of treason and treason against the state. It should be treated as such. Our party pledges that we, should we gain power, Will outright ban ANY party that dares to disgrace or insult the name of the British people or call for separatism or any other form of anti-state ideology such as communism or labour unionism! The British Front believes strongly in the rule of law and is fully supportive of the efforts that the men and women of our policing and border forces do on a daily basis. Yet some wish to attack, kill or simply dismiss them. The anti-police sentiment amongst the left wing of this country is disgusting and must come to an end. We do not call for a police state. We do not propose dictatorship. But we DEMAND serious reform so that our police and border force can do their jobs to the best of their ability and as safely as possible without the trouble of petty activism and civil unrest! A BF government would prioritise the police and border force in government funding. The BF also fully supports the THS. The health service risk their lives everyday to rescue and care for the people of this island when they are in need. Yet Businessmen who wish to sell out our nation would want to privatise them in the name of their own personal benefit. Not for the good of the Nation! They have no patriotism and that is a terrible fact to face. Our emergency services should be a priority. And they should be allowed to go to work and do their job safely, without the worry of terrorism or revolution! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Our Main Pledges: 1. AN END TO THE CENTRIST RULE IN THIS NATION. SAY NO THE ENDLESS, OBJECTIVELESS MONOTONY OF TANOAN POLITICS! 2. AN END TO THE COMMUNIST AND REVOLUTIONARY-SEPERATIST TREASON! 3. A NEW WAY OF GUARDING OUR COUNTRY. WITH ACTION RATHER THAN MEANINGLESS PROMISES! 4. TO FUND THE POLICE AND BORDER FORCE AND ALLOW THEM TO DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY. NO MORE THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND PETTY ACTIVISM STOPPING OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT KEEPING THE STREETS SAFE! 5. WE PROMISE AS A PARTY, WHETHER IN POWER OR NOT, TO DO WHATEVER WE CAN WITHIN OUR ABILITY TO STOP ILLEGAL ACTIVITY AND CRIMES AGAISNT THE STATE BEING COMMITED. WHETHER IT BE THROUGH RALLIES, GOING ON PATROL OR STOPPING ILLEGAL FISHING AND WHALING IN OUR SEAS! ____________________________________________________________________________________ THE BRITISH FRONT Pride, Determination, Strength!!!
  4. Tom Mosley

  5. Anthony Lloyd (Leader of the British Front)

    I am Anthony Lloyd, The man who will one day be considered the saviour of this godforsaken island... ____________________________________________ Anthony Lloyd was born in the former British colonial territory of Tanoa on the 16th July 1980, He was born after the revolution when the Island became an independent nation. His father and uncle, being members of the British Parliament were both hanged for so called "treason" in 1979 before Anthony could ever meet them. Anthony grew up in the only area where British people could live without Marxist sectarian violence against them, The small slums to the north of Georgetown called Saint-Julien. In 1996 when Anthony had just turned 16 gunshots tore through the walls and windows of his house, Killing his brother and mother. Another 36 people in the small neighbourhood were killed in what was later labelled as a state sponsored purge of the remaining British expatriates. The remaining British people either fled to the nearby British pacific or Caribbean territories. Anthony was given the choice of the firing squad at age 17 or exile to Great Britain the next year after being caught in the jungle by local Police. He arrived in the UK and was put up for adoption, And unluckily for him, He was adopted by a family in the worst possible place a teenager who had spent a life in poverty and fear in political fuelled conflict could be placed. Belfast.... By his later twenties, with the troubles in Ireland dying and smaller splinter groups breaking off Anthony seemed to be seeing the last of violence and in 2007 he flew to England looking for a new life. Separate to the past 27 years of conflict he had witnessed. He worked for the Daily mail as a political correspondent for 3 years and eventually became involved in the Eurosceptic campaign up until the Brexit vote in 2016. (Just step away from the storyline for a second, this is where a bit of Arma 3 alternate history starts). He was pleased with the result of the referendum and stayed in England until 2020 living happily and making money from the constant political arguments that were no rarity in the years following. But one morning he woke to the worst story ever. He was tasked with flying back to his second home of Belfast to report on a mass shooting outside a DUP rally by republicans. Anthony would come to stay in Northern Ireland for the following 10 years covering what the Media called "The Second Coming of the Troubles". Bomb attacks and sniper fire became a common occurrence in Belfast and towards the latter years, London and Manchester as the reformed PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) stepped up its armed campaign against British security forces and Loyalist groups such as the UDA and UVF. Anthony was relieved after the second Good Friday agreement of 2031 was signed, Only his lifelong experience of war was not over. For his next assignment was another war, In another former British territory. The Republic of Altis and Stratis. The war came close to a global conflict and in 2034 Anthony was wounded in a mortar attack by FIA forces while reporting on the frontline fight at Oreocastro castle. Anthony returned to Belfast in early 2035 and spent months doing nothing. His whole life had been spent in warzones or reporting on dangerous aspects of British Colonial politics. He thought back to his home country of Tanoa, which attracted attention later that year after the 60 year long reign of the Communist regime came to an end and more westernised candidates started to form in the country, Anthony read of politicians such as Thomas Underwood and parties such as the reformists. He was fascinated. He took the first plane back to the pacific island but was Bitterly disappointed when the first thing he saw when he reached the capital of Georgetown was Left wing and tribal activists wearing masks and throwing anything they could at riot police while chanting "Down with our colonial past!" and burning union jacks. The riot police wore scarily British looking uniforms and suddenly the lines began to blur. Georgetown 2035 became Belfast 2011 and the Tribal protestors became Angry republican youth throwing petrol bombs. However Anthony thought to himself, "What if the British would return to the island of Tanoa, what if the British truly triumphed". It would make his struggles in 1980s Marxist Tanoa, IRA era Belfast and the failed British territories of Altis and Stratis all worth while. He started to make speeches at small right wing rallies and eventually found another British Nationalist called Tom Mosely, sent the British government to Establish a democratic government, But failed. The two formed the political party "The British Front". A hard-line Right wing British nationalist party dedicated to returning Tanoa to British hands. When democracy failed in the elections of 2036, Anthony considered giving up and moving back to Belfast. To die a forgotten British activist. It was only after Mosely had the idea to form a Militia of Pro-British Loyalists to combat Tribal and Marxist revolutionaries in the cities and countryside that Anthony felt a new purpose, To stand up and fight in a similar fashion to the many Paramilitary groups he had seen in Ireland. Adjusting to the new age colonial fighting like in Altis and Stratis. All his life had come to be of use, And he was now dedicated to one purpose. To rebuild the British Territory of Tanoa. With his new Army.... (A picture of the founding members of the BDL, the Paramilitary wing of the British Front. Anthony in the middle, Tom Mosely to the right and 'PLACEHOLDER WE HAVENT GOT ANYONE YET FOR THIS ROLE' to the Left. Who is currently serving a prison sentence for firing live rounds from a gun at a Tribal meeting in Tanouka)
  6. Political Sectarianism

    What I was trying to say is that, Would you people have any problem with my group becoming sort of like the IRA functioned, Aswell, launching attacks against other parties (denying involvement obviously). And overall just acting like a sectarian paramilitary, We would post videos of us making political demands etc. The british front would be the political wing and the BDL the armed wing. Its just a shame the Red Path isn't active anymore.
  7. Political Sectarianism

    Ok thanks, Misunderstanding, I thought you were thinking I was going to be like that. apologies
  8. Political Sectarianism

    I wasn't condoning random killing, im saying id rather have rebels be rebels for roleplayed political purpose like my group rather than regular rebels just wanting to kill
  9. Political Sectarianism

    I want to know what you people think, but If I was the escalate the actions of the British front into a hardline paramilitary force turning Georgetown effectively into 1970s Belfast with political sectarianism, Ypu guys think it could make good RP? since I find too many rebels be rebels just for the sake of killing cops. No real RP behind it.
  10. Community News Clothing & Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE

    Lol, you've probably offended a lot of people there, hehehehe
  11. Campaigns

    It would be nice if we could kickstart some early political campaigns, maybe a new thread for political discussion/debate and policy advertisement. also how many people do you think will play on the server, forums seem pretty dead right now compared to earlier.
  12. [QUESTION] New Government Page

    The three parties that are listed, Is anyone actually supporting them because everyone seems to be supporting the indie parties, perhaps replace those three with the most active ones on the forums.
  13. Politics 2.0

    They've promoted themselves like my party, but no compasses to see where exactly they stand
  14. Politics 2.0

    Its the thing that will most likely dominate the RP on the server, So I suggest all candidates post their political compass on the forums.
  15. Rioting

    What do you think they would be like, will there be Molotov scripts, non lethal riot weapons, id hate for it to just be a massive shootout but something civilians can actually do, eg matches to set cars alight, buy fireworks that fire off flares and such. Im sure some of that could be done with scripts right?

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