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  1. Loving the skins, nice job guys
  2. Domination Server for All???

    Yeah I'm hoping to get a server up soon as, I will keep everyone updated.
  3. Domination Server for All???

    A pol has been added would be great if you could vote
  4. Hi Everyone, Just a suggestion here, I think it would be a great idea to get a server up, could be domination or any other mission everyone will be happy with. Hopefully it wont be long now till the server launch as the developers are making good progress so I think this will be a great opportunity to get everyone together and to have some fun. Let me know your thoughts on this and hopefully make this happen. Thanks, Kyle
  5. Sneak Peak - THS Emergency Ambulance

    Nice work Marshall, looks really good
  6. Any chance that there can be one made for armed response, all black? with black out windows for situations like bank robberies and raids etc?
  7. Can it be more than just a transport van? ie used for raids, patrolling with multiple officers, patrolling built up areas or even just using it rather than a car so you can pick up prisoners if need be? Have to say though looks really nice
  8. Law Enforcement Patrol Areas & Zoning

    looks really good, will ensure that there are officers available to respond to all areas much faster having them located to certain sections.
  9. Police Department Body Cams

    I'm sure it wont take 15 min to upload will depend on peoples speeed and all the uploading and preparation would be done before attending court, I also think its going to be down to people if they want to use video evidence or not, it will not be a requirement for everyone to record jut down to preference, I think we will have to wait and see how it goes in game before judging if its good or bad.
  10. Police Department Body Cams

    Yes team speak is required for factions but that doesn't mean they have to keep tabbing out to see who's in their channel, I just disagree with tabbing out is bad RP I know a lot of people tab out of game even if its to see who's messaged them on steam and so on. Also if a police officer was uploading evidence they would not be on patrol they would be in the police station in the office so tabbing out would be good role play if anything as the officer is doing the paper work and preparing to provide evidence to the court.
  11. Police Department Body Cams

    Most people tab out of game even if it's just changing channel on team speak or even checking who's in your channel, I don't think that would be classed as bad role play.
  12. Police Department Body Cams

    Thanks for providing that Mav
  13. Police Department Body Cams

    Personally I would only start recording when attending a 999 call or in a pursuit I would not record my full shift. My internet speed is pretty fast so wont even take 5 min to upload to YouTube.
  14. Police Department Body Cams

    I know that it is possible especially by using YouTube, I know a few people already record using YouTube, hopefully people who want to record can use it to provide evidence.
  15. Police Department Body Cams

    Let's say we use YouTube, I'm sure you can just upload then send the link to the person who you want to show it to.

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