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  1. Petition to start a ‘BB - coming 2020’ shirt
  2. Could we preferably not throw out these 'soon' posts all the time, just gets people's hopes up unnecessarily
  3. Now I have to buy the second DLC bundle
  4. Wanting to hit management in Armed response mainly, building ties with the other special departments the best I can
  5. I like the setup, especially the peripherals no SSD though?
  6. Interested in a semi-serious, squad based, dynamic, Zeus controlled covet operation with 5-15 people? Read on! Over the last couple days I've been building a mission for Tanoa, for a couple reasons. One, to sate my apetite for Tanoa, and secondly to improve my mission making! Earlier on myself and a few freinds tested the mission and it works great, now we just want some people to give it a full blow run through and have some fun! Quick Brief: CSAT forces have been building up their presence on the neutral island of Tanoa, working in close connection with the International terrorists known as 'Syndikat'. In response, a two man recon team were covertly inserted into the island to find out the extent of the CSAT-Terrorist relationship and the reason behind the increased activity. That was almost a month ago, and the team went MIA shortly after arriving on the island. Not long after being assumed dead, an SOS on a secure NATO radiowave was sent from the main island, but it's exact location could not be pinpointed. Your mission is to find the recon team, complete their mission and recover them and any assets possible. You will be in constant contact with ZERO (Command/me!) for guidance and support. The mission is made to be dynamic, meaning YOU must choose the way in which you complete the objective, and the situation(s) you find yourself in will depend upon the decisions you make. Actions have consequences, and the enemy will react according to the threat they face as realisticly as possible. This is IA ed at rewarding planning, such as making distractions to divert troops away from a hot area, and to punish gung-ho solo rambos. We will meet tomorrow at 8.30pm GMT on the BB TeamSpeak. No mods, just bring yourself and a willingness to work together. Depending on interest, I can make this mission work with a minimum of 5 people and maximum of probably 15-20. Thanks to @Clint Westwood @Pope and everyone else who helped test it today.
  7. The way other servers get around the automatic stun OP issue is that a hit with an auto stun gun takes a portion of the players stamina, and then when their stamina is depleted then they are stunned.
  8. I feel as though there isn't the need for the hostility in this thread. When people highlight the issue of ToS, it's not because they're being negative by any means, it's because it is something which other communities have been shut down over, and members of the community are concerned. I was one of those concerned, Maverick then had a chat and explained why we're all in the clear, and now I'm chilled with it. It's a legitimate worry and bringing up issues with the intent of ensuring the community does not fall prey as others have should not split us. We're not here to pit everyone against each other; if you're on this forum pre-release, chances are you're pretty keen. Nothing wrong with a bit of Devil's Advocate after all
  9. I don't think it will get this far. My understanding of the intent of the management team is to allow donators/staff/patrons to keep their first few licenses, maybe a low caliber weapon (pistol etc.), so that donator time isn't 'wasted' per say. Maybe @Maverickcould shine some light here?
  10. I appreciate your replies guys. I only play the role of devils advocate to make sure all the relevant questions have been asked so that this server can be the best it possibly can be. Looks as though management has been very thorough in this area, as explained by @Maverickin a short conversation on TeamSpeak. Hats off to you guys.
  11. Even as a donator, I disagree with allowing us to get a 'head-start' on non-donating players. It seems a tad unfair and not the reason why many donated. I also believe it goes against Bohemia's Monetisation rules around paying players recieving an unfair advantage over non-paying players. Don't want the community shut down over donators having a few k over others!
  12. Some interesting locations. The exploring will definitely be a exciting part of the server.

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