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  1. I always found it to be beneficial for players in different time zones, a good example is Takistan Life. During the day in the UK, we would all collect resources and generally play. Whereas during the day in the U.S they would of course, collect resources but this was during the quiet period or early morning in the UK, it allowed for players in different time zones to experience what it's like to actually have a full Kamaz of platinum without having someone screaming "pull over and give me the keys" and if you refused, you would probably either end up dead or stranded!
  2. Change in Community policy

    @Skyler.BI do not want that at all. I completely agree with you that, yes this is a gaming community, with a large amount of players from all over the world, that is another point that reinforces my overall issue, the term "Ni**er* should not be used in general conversation! I have two jobs, one full time and the other on call. I enjoy a joke and a laugh in my full time job, but my on call employment requires professionalism at all times. I do enjoy a mess around and a good laugh, cussing and using that language is accepted in certain circumstances, however I am not comparing that terminology to the conversation I overheard. I have been here for three maybe four years now, in many different positions. I have never accepted that word in particular, neither will I in the future. I just believe that certain terms need to be outlined for usage, in this case, not at all. It is a word that was created strictly for offensive purposes and serves no beneficial usage. You are correct with several of your points, but I just believe a little more effort needs to be made in terms of outlining the specific usage of aggressive terms, it creates a friendly environment that will invite others to join and participate.
  3. Change in Community policy

    In regards to the previous replies, quoting the policy that I did indeed copy... It is my personal opinion and from a professional stance, that the term used is NOT suitable for general discussion, nor is it used in day to day conversation. If you feel that the term can be used in general discussion then I highly recommend visiting a professional work place or reading some real world material. If you believe stating that I need to "Grow thicker skin" or "Ignore it" is suitable, then I highly suggest re-evaluating your thought process. Regards John
  4. Greetings all. I have recently been looking into the community policy. After visiting the TeamSpeak server when I have free time, I tend to converse with the users on the TeamSpeak. I also listen in on conversations from time to time to see what people are conveying in public channels. I participated in a conversation whilst in one of the gaming channels previously last week. I overheard some very vulgar and unnecessary conversation. The word in question defines a person of black colour. However, the way in which said word was used, is an aggressive word that was specifically created to offend these people. I do not believe such a word should be used in a professional gaming community such as British Borders, it conveys aggressiveness and disrespectfulness and should not be used in day to day discussion. I have noticed our community has a "political correctness" section and have copied the following for your benefit. "Political Correctness Free thinking and the freedom to say what you like is a wonderful thing. Our community is full of individuals who do, from time to time, express themselves or their point in a way which may cause offence or upset others. We, as a community, enjoy the freedom of though, and as such, place no limitations, unless otherwise explicated stated in our rules (such as being abusive), on the discussions that take place. We are all mature. If we don't like something or don't agree, we present a better argument or simply ignore it" In this case, I personally believe this word falls into the "Racial Abuse" category, of which I know is not tolerated in this community. I would like to suggest a change in this policy and otherwise have it reviewed for obvious purposes. Kind regards John
  5. Further Education / School

    I took a gap year in Australia once finishing full time education in the UK. I went to Perth and worked on Motor Yachts. Learning to pilot and crew these Yachts. I came home and worked for a small period of time and then started an Engineering course. I always agree with taking a break from education, otherwise it becomes repetitive and you lose interest. Find a job or as I said, depending on your financial situation, take a gap year. Travel a little more.
  6. Cartels

    Unfortunately, I disagree with the points made in terms of "trigger happy" and specifically targeting combat. Cartel activity supports a vast range of industries, ranging from drug smuggling, human trafficking, extortion and many more illicit and illegal activities, the only reason cartels would need to use weaponry is if a rival cartel was an aggressor or purely for defense. I believe there could and possibly should at least be a concept made up for the future. This would create a newer and more modern aspect of roleplay. You wouldn't just shoot and not worry about it, the actual crime taking place would need to be thought upon and planned before carrying out. I like the concept and would like to hear about a possible plan behind this.
  7. I'm sure you've been told this over and over again, but patience is the best policy when it comes to release dates, unfortunately being rushed for time has meant multiple things have been under development at once. The developers have also had a huge work load and personally, I believe with the man power they have, they've done a brilliant job. Just giving my few pence worth.
  8. Going to need a bloody THS C-130 With the size of this map!
  9. Greetings all. Just before we all start begin playing on the server and only interact when in-game, I think it would be a good idea to introduce yourself (optionally). If you don't want to, not a problem. However, I'll begin. Name: John S Age: 22 Nickname: Grizzly Employment/Job: Firefighter, Business owner General Info: I've worked on EERV Vessels in the North sea, seen some of the most horrible weather on the planet and worked on Rescue boats. Spent majority of my time at sea, only now have I put away my wetsuit and become Land based.
  10. Work smart, not hard. That way you get more done. That's why I was a good Director.
  11. Greetings. I thought since I no longer have much time to communicate verbally, I would do so in writing. So here I am making use of these "new" forums! I'll start off by saying the community is looking great in terms of modernization. As far as most other features go however, I would not yet know. To all members who know me or did know me by the name of Grizzly, hello and please comment below! As I am considering a return once I free up some spare time. It would be brilliant to keep in contact with you all. So please do not hesitate in doing so! Kind regards John

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