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  1. Lets increase server population

    @GloriousMaximuscouldn’t agree more. Additionally: I understand now why the release date was constantly being delayed. I think if there was a lot more transparency and you guys just said “this is where we are and this is all the stuff we need to do” rather than the promising of a release month after month before seemly pushing out a server with minimal features and gameplay. People really wouldn’t of minded waiting. Another giant problem was the obvious mismanagement of the release with there being - no warnings of the IMO disatorous login feature - no guide on getting started, making money, getting weapons etc. When asking support for help he said “your not here to be spoon fed” no seriously ... - no explanation of features or economy. What could of helped was before the release making detailed post about these and explaining what you were trying to accomplish. - what appeared to be no management of the factions with border force driving around with MK18’s and Quilins within 30 mins of the server launching. And it was all of them doing this ... not to mention cops were all ready arresting people within this time period as well. As constructively as I can possibably put this the biggest downfalls of this staff team stem from its inability to plan for, manage and communicate it’s problems. I don’t know for sure as I did not have sight into the process but from an outside prospective it seems as though there was a clear lack of adminstrative leadership in the staff team. Deadlines and changes seem to be slow for a server that should be under a lot of pressure to act as it’s playerbase dwindles. Also the fact that the development focused more on features such as the login system which I really think is completely useless actually rather than runs and other basic gameplay features. The server really feels empty. Im sorry to burst people’s bubbles but unless radical changes are made and quickly that playerbase we saw on day 1 isn’t returning. It breaks my heart because I was really looking forward to playing a Tanoa server. I still hold out hope although the situation gets bleaker and bleaker everyday that player count goes down ... Good luck I will keep my eye on this server and hope to comeback to a nice surprise someday.
  2. The Mango Mandem | M

    Hi @Prophet Manage, Unfortunately due to the server not being up to the standard that we had hoped it would be at this stage we are not willing to invest time as of yet. Being a large gang on another server has us spending most of our time over there until things pick up here. Thank you for your application and apologies for the inconvenience. ---------------------------------------- Recruitment is Suspended until further notice
  3. People Complaining about Police RP

    Don't understand why this got down voted ... valid points and brings to light the fact that there is a severe lack of regulations on border force and cops atm.
  4. Patch Update

    Will there be a detailed list of the exact changes done by the patch?
  5. Border Force is to serious

    I'm pretty sure its not their jurisdiction as well if you really wanted to argue it
  6. Vehicle interior lighting

    cool idea but defiantly not priority
  7. Border Force is to serious

    @BeastlyMonkeeyAgree with what you said. It's even more annoying that they are all running around in prowlers with mk18 loadouts on week 1 as well ... Is anyone in charge? There is such a thing as letting people off the hook as well do you really need to process every player for speeding tickets on the first week ... its a minor offence
  8. I think a guide to help new players would go a long way. Seems like quite a steep learning curve.
  9. Launch Showcase

    @Jared I think we all understand there are going to be issues from the get go but when you say soon how long do you mean? People are obviously very eager to get started and with the delays in the past I think people deserve to know even in the worst case scenario so they aren't disappointed later on.
  10. Runs?

    I was told in TS by support that we have to just figure it out however there seems to be no info what so ever ... seems unreasonable to have to trek around to find out you were wrong. Any idea how the runs work? Processors, Licenses, dealers?
  11. @Jared124 people loading in at the same time 😅
  12. First Causality on Tanoa?

    It’s official the first causality of this server is the load in time
  13. Law Enforcement Patrol Areas & Zoning

    Any further detail into how the zones will be split between Border Force and TPD? @Maverick Was trying to search for more info on this as I'm not entirely sure on the difference between the two forces.
  14. CrazedCucumber

    @CrazedCucumberLol Lifetime cop achievement over here ... It's good to see an OG player here.
  15. First Causality on Tanoa?

    @Proxyget them all in the mandem and yeah defiantly playing hard this week. I got Friday off work.

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