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  1. sounds gud looking forward to this so much !!!
  2. Many other will be hyped asf and i was just wondering how long the beta lasts cause i cant seem to see it anywhere or is it just until management are certain there aren't any big bugs?
  3. might be a tad extreme but maybe resetting your pc may be the only option
  4. @Chaserzany update mate? anything i say fix your issue?
  5. norton & some other AV's have been tagging BE as a trojan, nothing to worry about (false positive). If thats the case try adding the arma 3 folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3) to the anivirus exceptions. Also add this to the eceptions:C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye You could also try: Library>arma3>properties>local files>verify the integrity of game cache. Or deleting the BE folder in the arma 3 folder, then start arma & it should DL the files Also you could take a look here:
  6. do you get an error msg?
  7. I had this with H1Z1, what i did to fix was delete ALL battleye from ALL games which have it so arma etc etc then just relaunch the games and it will re install the battle eye for that certain game and should be fixed
  8. Hey all, I've recently started playing this game again and I got to say its fucking amazing to come back to after a long time. Already dicking on kids after a day of getting used to this game again but anyone know of any good skins which look bright and stand out so I can look as gay as I want when I run about rdming people. Thanks (tried looking myself but there's so much choice thought i'd see what other people thinks look CooL) <<<<proves I'm cool
  9. thats mine
  10. custom faces are not a mod
  11. Hello all, my name is Cameron. I'm 16 years old, I live in County Durham (Near Newcastle) and I thoroughly enjoy video games, I have 1.4k hours on arma mainly Exile and Life servers(mainly enjoy the rp but wouldn't say no to a gun fight ). I have been on the forums for a little while to see what the people on this are like and everyone seems canny, I have never played on BB server not on the arma 2 server which looked like it would of been great fun if I actually enjoyed arma 2 either way I'm here to stay on this server as long as it goes as good as it looks its gonna do and I look forward to talking to everyone both in game and on ts3 etc....
  12. Basically, as many will know custom faces are a big and known thing and i was wondering if you can use them on this server? Thanks
  13. all that is, is a list of what needs doing/testing etc not an actual time which i asked for. And I had already seen that post which is why I am asking as I don't understand each thing will take as I don't personally know how you code for a server etc etc
  14. As it says above, is there any sort of estimate until the server goes live for everyone. Because me and my mate are personally dying waiting for this server to go live, I cant imagine what its been like for people who have waited longer !!!! (by estimate i don't mean a date I mean "maybe a week and a half" etc) thanks

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