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  1. Watched both videos and gotta say, it looks like it would be a great addition to the server. I do have on bit of input though, since TS3 will be being used and of course to communicate between channels, say requesting backup as a cop, will be done with whispers is there really a need for this? And I can imagine gangs will be using their own Discords or channels to talk to each other. I personally think it looks great and would love to see it in game, but is there really a need for it?
  2. This server may be unique and it may be unlike any other with its own custom framework, but the matter of the fact is just because one server did decent with first person only doesnt mean another will. You also have to take in the fact that server is modded, meaning more people who go on that server will be there purely for the RP whilst on servers like this one, un-modded, many people will play this server for RP but not to as a great standard therefore they will be happy with 3rd person. If I'm completely honest if this server goes first person I reckon it wont make much of a player base no matter how great and dedicated the development team is.
  3. Or you could just let arma be how it is and let people have normal combat instead of trying to implement things which benefits no one
  4. Even if you did do it when the server has grown and has a good player base, many people may still disagree and you still need to think of the new players. It wont attract many new players tbf
  5. I understand, but I'm saying on the half of many new players who enjoy RP servers. But you have to understand there is only so many people who 100% as real as they can get it, many people who come for RP servers still LOVE 3rd person and prefer to have the two options between the views. I understand that, was just saying in case anyone thought I was slating the server in any negative view. Personally I think the server looks like it is gonna be extremely fun to play and cant wait to play it.
  6. Completely agree, like I said in my comment, many people will just disconnect as soon as they realise they cant go 3rd person.
  7. Its arma, IF you are gonna try and make this as realistic as you can. You may as well only give each player 1 life, and as soon as they die and they dont get revived they are permanently dead and can never play it again. I think you are trying to hard to make it as realistic as you can, I think people need to remember its a video game and some things are not gonna be 100% realistic.
  8. -1 and many people will disagree with me, I understand it may improve immersion but I know quite a lot of people wont play the server if you make it first person only. I understand its up to like the owner etc if this happens but a lot of people who connect for the first time and then see they cant go third person will automatically disconnect. And to be honest has anyone actually seen a first person only life server actually get anyway most die straight away. (not hating on the server before I get a bunch of minus reps)
  9. Welcome bud, hope you enjoy you time here
  10. The first comment does not come across as sarcasm, and for you second little comment you cant really tell sarcasm over text lol melt Cant really tell sarcasm without a voice......
  11. Sounds good
  12. no but whatever

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