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  1. Is there a rough idea of when the server will be publically released?
  2. If any of you are considering joining the British Defence League, please don't hesitate to message me for more information on the group, as I am head of the BDL.
  3. Seeing as this server is going to have alot of Politics involved, I was thinking that if there are going to be election campaings there should be some sort of media involved to help the people of Tanoa to decide who they are going to vote for. I would like to see soem types of media in the server: Newspapers Radio TV's (That work) News Broadcasts Political Party Broadcasts Social Media ect. I think if we had some of these media types in the server it would bring alot of RP to the server, it would also make the server unique to other servers as not many other servers do this it would also generate alot of new professions on the island: Newspaper Journalists Radio Hosts News Reporters News Presenters Camera Men/Women For the government side of the server I also think it would be good if we could have some kind of Parliament, maybe not as large, maybe like a council or something so candidates who won in the elctions can meet and debate on issues on the island, scrutinse the current government and help to make Tanoa a better place. What do you guys think of all this?
  4. I presume the supreme court will be located in the capital of Georgetown.
  5. Will the court be a crown or magistrates court?
  6. Tom Mosley __________________________________________________________________________________ "Those who march with us will certainly face abuse, misunderstanding, bitter animosity, and possibly the ferocity of struggle and of danger. In return, we can only offer to them the deep belief that they are fighting so that a great land may live." __________________________________________________________________________________ Tom Mosley was born in the south of the United Kingdom on the 30th December 1978. Tom was born during the worst time in British Political History as inflation rose and prices increased, people all over the country started to riot, this came to be known as “The Winter of Discontent”. His father, a miner striking for his next paycheck and his mother an unemployed maid, his family struggled to bring daily food to the table. Tom found life very difficult, with no food or new clothes, the only place he felt at his best was at school where he was engulfed with knowledge from books, articles and sources of all kinds. Taking a strong interest in History and the politics around him, Tom strived to know more about the past that has affected the present, throughout Toms schooling he acquired a plethora of interests (mainly The British Empire and the years building up to WW2) and skills which he could utilise in later life, eventually Tom managed to graduate from Oxford University with an LLB-(Hons)(A Law Degree). In 1983 Tom was now 19 and in the general election, that year voted for the newly elected Conservative candidate Margaret Thatcher instead of James Callaghan the old Labour candidate. Now under Thatcher's government, Tom hoped that Britain might prosper once more, while he was still 19, Tom decided to join the British Army serving in The Falklands and rose to the Rank of leftenant. After experiencing war himself, Tom started to feel a sense of Patriotism and later developed into a strong form of Nationalism, from that moment on he vowed to do whatever it takes to do what is right for his country. In 2020 after leaving the army, Tom ran independently as a candidate for Wiltshire in the general election, winning by a landslide he remained as a member of parliament for 35 years before seeing that there was mass civil unrest abroad in the British Overseas Territories, especially on the islands of Altis, Stratis and Tanoa. So in 2035, Tom flew to the islands of Tanoa at first as a representative from the UK to help stop the hostilities between the Tanoans and the British and to restore a democratic government on the island, seeing that a peaceful democratic approach did not work, he turned to the Right-Wing approach instead, at a Pro-British Right-Wing rally Tom met a post-British expatriate while at the rally going by the name of Anthony Lloyd, with similar views and ideas, the two formed the political party known as “The British Front”. A hardline Right-Wing British Nationalist Party dedicated to returning Tanoa over to British hands. Two years in the British Front and we were getting nowhere, Anthony was losing hope and the courage to continue with the ever so failing party, Tom thought back to his days that he was at school and remembered how other Right-Wing organizations gained power, so Tom contacted some of his old colleagues from the Army and formed a Paramilitary group known as the British Defence League, now with the small army that Tom had full command over Anthony now had hope he had been waiting for and that The British Front may someday reign supreme, and together they were finally ready to gain back control of Tanoa.
  7. When the server releases to the public, I would love to see a real British Court system, where civil cases are heard in a Magistrates court with three magistrates who determine the fate of the defendent and a Crown Court for Criminal Cases with a randomized jury and a judge who oversees the hearing. MAGISTRATES COURT (OUTSIDE): MAGISTRATES COURT (INSIDE): CROWN COURT (OUTSIDE): CROWN COURT (INSIDE):
  8. Those who march with us will certainly face abuse, misunderstanding, bitter animosity, and possibly the ferocity of struggle and of danger. In return, we can only offer to them the deep belief that they are fighting so that a great land may live. (Oswald Mosley)
  9. As one Nationalist to another I thank you for the honour and hope to see our party prosper in the years to come.
  10. The British Front New Membership: CryptologyMaster (Deputy Party Leader, Leader of the British Defence League) What do I stand for: As a member of The British Front, I stand to keep Tanoa as part of our proud and sovereign British Overseas territories, to proctect it from terror and civil unrest, to maintain and uphold the law and bring justice to those who go against it, these are the policies I stand for as part of The British Front. Rule Britannia! What is my role within the Party: Deputy Party Leader: The role of the deputy party leader is to, advise the leader on decisions and issues at hand, if the party leader is unavailable the deputy party leader will take over until the party leader can become available. Leader of The British Defence League: As leader of The British Defence League, I am tasked with keep order in Tanoa and upholding the law, anyone who does not follow the law and goes against what it stands for will be punished, I am also tasked with protecting higher members of the party as well as stopping unrest during party rallies and marches.
  11. I sent you a friend request on steam, how about we discuss this over steam instead of in the forum
  12. eg: Joseph Goebbels
  13. I am decent at it.
  14. I wouldn't mind to but I was hoping to have a more governmental role within the party. You see, I study Government and Politics as well as Law, so I know how governments work.
  15. What exactly will the British Defence League do?

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