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  1. Political Parties and Voting?

    Is there a governor? When are elections and election campaigns going to start? and when is the government going to do anything to help make tanoa better?
  2. Controls for the Server

  3. Anyone going to be on this evening?

    1. Stark


      With the new patch I would hope so. That is if its coming out tonight :/ 

  4. Controls for the Server

    I'm having trouble figuring out the controls for the Server, Mainly accessing the Virtual inventory, I have tried every button I can think of but I still don't know what the virtual inventory button is. When I get into the server I cannot eat or drink and it's starting to get really annoying. Can someone help me?
  5. A BB Radio Station

    I really like this idea as this will allow information and news to get around much quicker and will also be very vital in election campaigns as well.
  6. British Front - Election Campaign

    Manifesto: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fsnWAzsJH7Fx593PbFcqdQNeJHLxQNXT9T0--mj47k4/edit?usp=sharing Application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVIQ6galIAIgEOwHsVDpxqwlSo-HglPw4-Iz5VPqHdtlIcRA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  7. Tanoan Maoist Revolutionary Comittee

    If you know your history, you'll know that they weren't capitalist they were in fact Nationalist.
  8. British Front - The Party Of True Nationalists!

    Tanoa's Flag when the islands were part of The British Empire
  9. British Front - The Party Of True Nationalists!

    What do you mean by "What would you do if your businesses started to fail?"
  10. What drew you to the community?

    I found British Borders around last year (2017) after searching through google for an Arma 3 life server with a comprehensive Political and governmental system incorperated into the server, and that is exactly what i found here and that's what made this server stand out amongst the rest and made it unique to other servers. I still feel though that the Government system still needs to be reformed though but atm it is the best i've seen on any Arma 3 life server.
  11. Government Reform

    well then it's simple we don't have a large government and make the max seats in parliament 10-15 or something along those lines. depending on how many regions/islands there are on Tanoa
  12. Government Reform

    A parliamentary system is feasible, if you read the Community Act 2018 it states in Section 12.0 Travel and Immigration, Article 12.1 Passport Control, Part 1 "A passport grants the rights for civilians to freely travel between different islands and regions" As it states in The Community Act 2018, there are islands and regions on Tanoa so therefore a Parliamentary system is feasible if the work can be done to implement the parliamentary system. Link to The Community Act 2018: https://britishborders.co.uk/laws/
  13. British Defence League - Recruitment

    The British Defence League This is the recruitment page for the British Defence League, the British Defence League is the para-military wing of the political party known as The British Front. If you want to know more about The British Defence League, please message me. If anyone is interested in joining, then copy the template below and message it to me with the areas filled in. British Defence League Recruitment Template: Character Name: Date of Birth: Country: Reason why you want to join the BDL: Links to other BDL or BF pages in the forum:

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