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  1. My Fellow Tanoans I address you today as a candidate for Governor of this fine Island. Elections may soon be upon us and it is time to think hard about the kind of Governor that you want. Do you want someone driven only by party politics, or someone driven by the interests of his people? Do you want someone who bows to the ideological extremities, or someone who is willing to stand up for what is right? Do you want a ruler who dictates from on high, or do you want someone who leads from the front, with his best foot forward? If you want a secure, prosperous, inclusive and forward thinking Tanoa then vote for Tom Underwood! A vote for Tom Underwood is the only safe choice.
  2. Official Quote Book

    @Marshallto @Maverickduring a skype call "Orange, Maverick."
  3. How Will The Prison System Work?

    In my opinion any form of capital punishment is implausible from a game play perspective. There is supposed to be punishment for committing a crime if you're caught. The issue being that if you're executed you can just start another life. One may argue that as you're supposed to value your character's life being executed is summarily a bad thing, but I feel that it adds no real growth to the character or consequence for the PLAYER behind the character, they just start again and aren't met with any real downsides to their actions.
  4. Politics

    Thank you for your support young man. Remember a vote for Underwood is a vote for a better Tanoa.
  5. Stranger Things - Your Thoughts?

    I have watched the show in it's current entirety (At the time of writing there are two complete seasons) I would highly recommend it and have a few comments regarding the show, the cast and the themes. Positives: Stranger Things is a true joy to watch, the mystery is subtle and conveys a number of strong side stories alongside the main mystery itself; the cast is sublime, some already established actors with a few good projects already under their belt, are mixed in with a number of unknowns and some new actors. The children cast in the show are especially noteworthy, it's very hard to cast good child actors but they seem to have pulled it off (For me, namely the characters of Eleven and Dustin are the best examples of this) as the characters play off of each other very well and present a believable childhood friendship group. As for the main plot itself, I won't give away any major spoilers here as I don't wish to ruin it for any newcomers who want to check this show out (Highly recommend that you do just that) What I will say is that it presents an interesting mystery, with some unexpected twists and turns, the mystery is pleasing in a traditional sense of the story type but keeps you on your toes with a style that is unique to the show. The ending reveal at the end of season one is very good and leads nicely into the second season, we care about the plot, characters and what actually happens in the town of Hawkins. Very good plot. Negatives: For me, season one is better than season two. The second season is good, but the first half of season one is where the show is at its best. The shift in tone from season one to season two is noticeable. The show has a hard time deciding if it's still a mystery or if it is a full on SciFi thriller. *Slight spoilers for season 2 ahead. Nothing Major* The love triangle between Steve, Johnathan and Nancy is utterly unconvincing. Nancy clearly cared deeply for Steve in season one but seems to have very quickly lost interest in the second season of the show. We are supposed to 'root' for Johnathan to end up as a romantic partner for Nancy, as he is your typical introverted nerd who gets passed over, and isn't conventionally attractive. But Steve is far more likeable and when his relationship with Nancy does take a negative turn, you really feel for him; he is a very grounded and realistic character and does whats right, despite being written to be slightly full of himself, he takes care of the kids at the end of season two when they're in danger and comes through constantly as the most responsible person in the show. Well acted and underrated character. Bravo. After everything, and despite the negatives, Stranger Things is really great. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who likes; Mystery, SciFi, Drama, or just good television.
  6. Change in Community policy

    Any swear word, profanity or any such vulgar language can be used in a disrespectful way. This word has history and it's understandable that some people may not appreciate it's use in any setting. However, in the circumstance you refer to @Johnusing it in a gaming lounge when the only people present are those whom you have known for an extended time (Time enough to understand their sensitivities and their reaction to such language) is perfectly fine. Banning words because it may offend someone is not what the internet or gaming is about. That being said I would not encourage the use of such words in front of people who you don't know, or who you know are sensitive to such things. Bottom line is this; the use of any word in a disrespectful and aggressive manor is wrong and is abuse. The use of the "N" word in a casual setting, with no direct aggression or individual target or aim is simply free speech and should NOT be censored.
  7. Oh please. You fellas have nothing to complain about when it comes to Time Zones. Try being 8 hours ahead
  8. Step right up! And see the amazing flying skills of @Maverick Flying in Grand Theft Auto Five isn't as easy as it may seem. @hedruzhand I can attest to that!
  9. Meme Bank

    Speaking from experience, Meathead?
  10. Hey everyone, a few days ago @Marshall @Nathan and myself had a very successful game of PUBG, I captured the final 3 v 6 fight and uploaded it to YouTube for your enjoyment. Check it out!
  11. Playing and finding bugs in Tanoa Life

    We're technically in Alpha/Beta stage. It's only open to Donators/Patrons and Staff; trust me you will be grateful for the extended development time- you'll be getting a better mission file at the end!
  12. Playing and finding bugs in Tanoa Life

    At the moment we don't know. You'll of course be notified as the when this is!
  13. Playing and finding bugs in Tanoa Life

    Hey fellas. I understand that you want to get on the server ASAP. However, what you must understand is that when it goes public it'll still be in Beta. At the moment, we are in closed Alpha that is open only to Donators/Patrons and Staff. We will be Beta testing with the community at large for a time AFTER the public release. There won't be a finished product until a fair amount of testing has been done during a "Beta phase" That will be open to the community. You will get a chance to look for bugs during the Community Open Beta.
  14. https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2?ec=4.88&soc=-0.56
  15. Being in a faction and politics

    To run for public office (Government) in BB Tanoa life you must not hold faction membership. You can openly support a party/candidate and it will be important for candidates to win the votes of faction leaders and members. If you wish to get involved in Tanoan politics you must leave your faction.

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