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  1. Welcome back to the community!
  2. The trailer is stellar. @Marshalldid a truly fantastic job!
  3. I didn't think that the community around DayZ mod is still active. I'd love to play a bit with some of you fellas!
  4. "When I grow up I want to be a Dam" - @Marshall "Meathead!" - @Maverick
  5. Love the homebrew
  6. I would encourage all members who do not own this to pick it up now. You won't get a better deal than this!
  7. Good new feature. Will be very useful in future. Really like the profile integration!
  8. If you read the statement I do stipulate "Once elected"
  9. I very much like this idea. I would like to offer my offical endorsement as a candidate for the Tanoan Governors office and would like to extend my congratulations on your new venture. Do keep in contact with updates on your business, if elected I may consider a Government contract to offer flights to the Civilians of Tanoa for free
  10. Picked up Payday as a result of this thread. Have put in a few hours and have really enjoyed it! Cheers again for the post
  11. For illegal activities that are "High risk" Bank robberies etc. Where the money might normally be traceable. Perhaps the money would need to be "laundered" this could be implemented by giving players a "dirty money" item or some kind of deposit box that would need to be sold on the black market for a certain price
  12. This post is bang out of order!

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