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  1. Tanoa Life Server Optimisation Since launching the Tanoa Life Server, we have experienced some minor performance issues relating to the configuration settings of our mission file. We have found several contributing factors to this level of instability, and we are looking to address the problem. Over the next few days, we will be trialling a range of different solutions in the attempt to optimise the server as best we can. We would like to kindly ask you to bear with us during this time. At British Borders, it’s our commitment to make your gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. We also greatly appreciate the bug reports and suggestions flooding our website, which will all contribute to making our Tanoa Life mission better over time. It would be of much great help if you members could continue to post reports and suggestions to further improve our server. Kind Regards, Shaun.
  2. Tanoa Life Server Now Live After months of development, we are pleased to announce the release of our Tanoa Life Early Public Beta. What we need from you! Given this is our first public release, some of you may encounter bugs which we would have never found due to the small number of players testing the server. As a result, if you have a bug, please create a ticket here using the “Report Bug” button. At British Borders, we also value the feedback members contribute to shape Tanoa Life and our community. We expect some imbalances with our server, if that's in regards to equipment factions have or prices of vehicles. If you have a suggestion for our server which you’d like to see implemented into Tanoa Life, please post it in our forum section here. What to Expect With this being an early release, there is only a basic framework in the mission. We have future plans for our Tanoa Life mission which you can find details on here. We hope you all have an enjoyable experience on our early Tanoa Life release. Kind Regards, Shaun.
  3. Adding Maritime Laws to the Server Laws

    I have the feeling you’ve taken those points @eye4567straight from the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea I agree with two points, driving on the starboard side of the channel and what @Mariensaid, keeping navigation lights on at night. The other two points you said @eye4567are very minor things. A lot of the reason why those rules exist is due to high numbers of vessels in one area, which won’t happen on Tanoa.
  4. Website Performance Increase Over the past couple of hours, the website development team have conducted a transfer of data to a new provider. It is our promise as a community to continuously provide and invest in a reliable infrastructure to make your website experience faster and more enjoyable. The website development team acknowledged a short time ago that the website was getting slower due to the high number of new members joining. This was caused by a limiting factor with our former host, and as a result, we have moved host to a more reliable and faster web server. We’d now like to get your feedback from the community to see if our transition of host has helped increase website performance. A poll has been added to this post, in which we’d like to see as many people vote so we can get a good range of feedback. From limited feedback so far, we have noticed a much faster experience. Kind Regards, Shaun.
  5. After having a quick look over the BBACT, I realised that there is no discussion regarding maritime laws, and how boats should operate. In the real world, maritime laws are as extensive as highway laws, or arguably, even more extensive. I can think of a few laws that could be added: All vessels shall maintain a speed no higher than 30km/h whilst inside or entering a marina or harbour. All vessels should be stored on private property or, stored in either a harbour or marina. Anyone have anymore ideas for what maritime laws should be added?
  6. After reading through the British Borders Community Act, I have spotted a few points of confliction which some people may use to their advantage when regarding emergency aviation vehicles. The Problem: Currently, there is no support or exemptions made for emergency aircraft to go under the minimum flight limit. Section 2.3.2 states, “No aircraft is permitted to fly below 200 meters unless the aircraft in operation is being landed at an airfield or designated landing zone.”. The only exception is when martial law is active, in which law enforcement aircraft are exempt to the above statement. This law does not allow: Air Ambulance Units to land in any area. Law enforcement aircraft to land in certain situations (insertion of armed response units etc). The Solution: I believe the BBACT should have the following sub-sections added to aviation law: “V. Air Ambulance Helicopters are exempt to 2.3.2 when they are required to land to transport patients or provide medical assistance on land.” “VI. Law Enforcement Helicopters are exempt to 2.3.2 when they are required to land to insert armed response units in response to crimes listed under Section 7 and Section 13.” The Justification: For the first suggestion, in real life, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has made it clear [1] that aircraft classed under HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) are exempt from SERA.3105 (Minimum Heights) when responding to situations that would require the aircraft to land (such as picking patients up) as long as safety of persons, vessels, vehicles or structures is not impeded (i.e. The area is cleared and made safe for a helicopter landing). For the second point, the Department of Transport certified [2] the National Police Air Service in 2012 to provide fast-roping for CTSFO’s when responding to armed crime and/or terrorism. This was done as it was predicted that traffic congestion, due to the London Olympic Games, would make it near impossible for CTSFO’s to respond to terrorism and/or armed crime in sufficient time. Although the amendment to police aviation does not say anything explicit regarding roof top landings, it does state that police aircraft can land anywhere if safety of the helicopter and its crew is not impeded, and that approval is granted from the officer in charge of the situation. As both situations are allowed in real life, under certain circumstances, I do not see why either cannot be added to our server laws. References: [1] http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/ORS4No1063.pdf [2] https://web.archive.org/web/20151118162024/http://www.aviationtoday.com/categories/rotocraft/A-Career-Policing-Londons-Skies_78640.html#.WqL27WrFKUl
  7. Reputation Boosting

    I believe the original point of what this topic created has now been answered. To reiterate the key points: The only time action will be taken against up-voting posts is when the post being up-voted is unnecessary and/or spam. There is a daily reputation limit to stop members from acquiring mass amounts of reputation a day.
  8. Former squeaker inbound - Danno

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to see those RP skills in-game
  9. Great jobs guys! For my faction, I want to thank @Jack Webber @Atalin@zydulumfor the work put in! Just one mistake with the Police faction handbook @Jack Webber, on page 11, the images for the motorboat and rescue boat are the wrong way around.
  10. Elias Chise's Introduction

    Welcome to British Borders!
  11. Gazmask

    Who's @gazmask? Welcome mate, see you at launch!
  12. Reaction Introduction

    Welcome to British Borders! I'm looking forward to some of your YouTube videos then, especially over the Summer when I'll be stuck on a ship for ages...
  13. What drew you to the community?

    Stand easy On that note, it reminds me of the members who have photoshopped me in some form over the years, here are a couple of classics:
  14. What drew you to the community?

    Failed your exams over British Borders? Sucks man... I personally found British Borders in early 2013. Joined the Police immediately and haven't left the community officially since. Sounds strange, but the positive thing British Borders done for me was build my confidence. Met some proper weirdos in the early days as well, including @Adamwhen his name was actually Qunite However, I think he changed it after @Maverickdestroyed his innocent mind. Adam and Qunite are two different people
  15. BOI finally did it

    However, I'm sure BI will do what they always do. Release it and won't document it on their wiki. They'll leave it for modders to document via trial and error. Real pain in the ass. Same problem happened with Jets DLC, especially surrounding the sensor systems. That's the main reason why it taken a lot of modding communities a long time to push their aircraft with the new sensor systems... I'd appreciate it more if it was actually interactive and useful. Just something to make the game prettier, and also a lot harder work for modders, who lets not forget, contribute a lot to the game, especially given that over 60% of MP servers use mods...

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