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  1. Resources, licences, leveling & perks

    Its been a long day
  2. Just some thoughts and suggestions. Illegal runs: - Accessibility Each run should be made accessible by road except oil which should be used by accessing an oil rig by air or boat. This increases people doing the runs. But compensate with processing and gathering time for distance traveling. Make multiple drug dealers but distant from the runs. Make a place to sell oil only. - Risk and reward Illegal runs should always be the very largest reward for a run as they should have the largest risk. The drug dealer should be able for integration by the police & border force giving the names of players that recently sold. - Other changes Each resource,processing & selling area should be highlighted red. Naming of illegal resources & new additions, Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, LSD, Meth & Oil. Each drug should be processed to a pure form and should not be able to be sold in a non reacted state. Having individual licences or a system to work your way up to the top priced drug should be implemented for progression. Having multiple ingredients or having to pay for them to process should not be a thing as it is off putting. Legal runs: Each run should have some value in a tier system. Grinding to get the next tier or vehicle should not take forever but not to make it easy. Having a pickaxe and such is a nice idea and all but just being able to go an gather resources is much easier. Levelling: A general experience system should be in place for earning perks like restraining with cable ties or gaining more spawn locations. General: Have a processing part for each run increasing time but increase selling price big time. Example wood & sawmill. Make a resource index for all resources their weight and selling price. Not played to much civ so if some of these features are already there big thumbs up.
  3. Lets increase server population

    A couple of more patches and new implementations will improve the player base. Then give it time I guess.
  4. Tanoa Cartel

  5. moving a resource

    Drugs should have the most risk but also the biggest reward
  6. moving a resource

    I think making Lijnhaven a gang land / extreme illegal runs like meth and cocaine would prove to be awesome, this would make a great deal harder for border force but also create some interesting scenarios.
  7. Remove Cyrus and add MK-1

    Nah not sure at all.
  8. Remove Cyrus and add MK-1

    There is no need for the MK1 as we have the SPAR 17. The Cyrus would be replaced by the MAR-10 if anything.
  9. Hello World - Anthony Stevens' Introduction.

    Welcome back hope you enjoy.
  10. Venneman's Intro

    Welcome to BB dude
  11. Sanders Introduction

    I would hope so to, nice to see you introducing yourself.
  12. Tanoa is Beautiful

    After all that rain on the server yesterday I'm not surprised about the rainbow haha Nice screenshot
  13. Jonty

    Welcome to BB
  14. Phoenix

    Hi Phoenix, welcome to BB

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