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  1. I think that the weapon should be kept the same however the magazine capacity changed due to the weapons 'spammable' ability.
  2. @ShaunVery nice. Like how it's taken during a Mil-sim Op.
  3. Would be cool to collaborate and mix some of your AE with some of my footage @Marcus
  4. So i had a bunch of clips from a while back where i was making a cinematic movie that i never got round to finishing but i mashed up all the clips into sort of a story, its shit, but added some dramatic music in the back and i quite liked it. Why not check it out Respect goes to all active/retired soldiers.
  5. The population on the TS will rapidly increase when server launches so there will be plenty to chose from @Skyler.B
  6. Where abouts in your hardrive is your Arma 3 folder?
  7. Try looking into your firewall or getting in contact with BE on their Website.
  8. My Paypal..
  9. Think something is a little powerful? Excuse the Bandicam
  10. I believe you may have to speak with the developers about this but when you join the server for the first time you will be greeted with a log in page where you create a name along with an email and password, i would link the forum post but i cant find it... I can't remember if it says above 'Player Name' that it needs to be a suitable role play name or not but either way it should be common sense. @ArmitxesSo it might say when creating a name in the server log in the lave a suitable role play name. If this made any sense...
  11. On the Tanoa Life Server everybody wishing to play will have to have a Roleplay name as it says in the rules. Just thought i'd clear it up for you 6. Members must use a unique role play character name when joining the server for the first time. Using names such as AAA BBB is not acceptable and will result in a ban and your account being deleted. @Dandy@Armitxes
  12. I see your point @Aronand agree with it, just a suggestion to see what people thought.
  13. So as you know there will be a court system in the Tanoa Life server, what I'm not sure on and inquire the opinions of others is that should there be more that one court. As some of you may know in the UK there are various different courts ranging from magistrates court all the way to supreme court. Along with this at the lower courts there are 2 sections: Civil and Criminal; So with the Tanoa Life just round the corner and court system to be implemented shortly after. I wanted peoples thoughts on whether there should only be 1 court for everything or various different ones in the hierarchy or Civil or Criminal. This would mean that if you were to take your career on the Tanoa Life down the legal system route then you would specify in maybe being a Judge trained for Civil hearings or a Solicitor trained for Criminal hearings representing either Law Enforcement or the side of the 'Criminal'. Please leave your thoughts if you disagree or agree.
  14. Once the server is launched and the BB Act is released it will be developed and staff will be recruited.
  15. Looks great! Good idea to get effective patrolling across the islands.

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