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  1. Hello @Proxy! Great to see new members looking forward to server release. Hope to see you around Teamspeak and the server!
  2. @Marshalllooking good!
  3. There is already a Dispatcher role
  4. Take a look at this:
  5. Or in Britain we say "That Way" in a slightly posh voice
  6. There is no set date for public release. However with the recent release of our Trello you will be able to see a live update on development and what there is that needs to be done. You will see that various different tasks have different priority levels and might help you to get an idea on how long it will take. When development is finished and the server is ready to be released there will be an announcement on the website and across the social media notifying you of this.
  7. It will be a Supreme Court, the same as the British judicial hierarchy. It will take on both civil and criminal cases. Crown and magistrates are both criminal courts in Britain; Tanoa will only have 1 court and that will be the Supreme Court.
  8. It seems there will be a court which will hear both criminal and civil as the majority of the time the court cases will be criminal hearings. It would be interesting to have judges professions in either criminal or civil. However in Britain the Magistrates Court is on the criminal side of the hierarchy dealing with smaller, less important cases whereas courts higher in the hierarchy such as the Crown Court would deal with more important cases with a judge instead of a magistrate. It will be interesting to see the various outcomes of both civil and criminal court cases.
  9. Looking great, not much left to do
  10. New Police Department coordinator - @Kyle If you have any questions about the Police Department don't hesitate to send a message to Kyle or myself.
  11. It is not needed to play on the server but there will be Laws Of War content on the server, so if you wanted to use it you would have to have the DLC
  12. Right now if you are interested the APEX DLC is now 66% off its original price. If you haven't got it I would fully recommend it and it's the best chance for you to get it now. £8.49 from £24.99. Along with this all the other DLC are also on offer. Including Arma.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone
  14. THS is looking great! Would love to see a large faction forming! Great work. Waiting for the day to see you flying that BIG YELLOW BUMBLE-BEE to the rescue.
  15. Well who can say no to a free game. @Moyesgot it now!

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