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I'm Away until 27/05/18

A Level Exams.

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  1. Police - Department Meeting


    Misclick - cannot attend due to being on leave
  2. General Screenshot Thread

    Here come the screenshots..
  3. Complex Delivery Mission System

    So I had an idea on how we can make our delivery missions unique, as you know every sever has them and they're the same.. So my idea was that when you go to a delivery point you can go to the AI and collect a package, this is a real physical object which you have to manually load into your vehicle. Dependent on the size of your vehicle the more packages you can hold therefore the more money you earn. I believe there should be a menu where you can choose the amount of packages and which one to deliver. As shown below. With these packages you have to load them into your vehicle. If you only have a small car then you would only be able to carry a small box, on the far right, whereas if you had a large truck you have the ability to carry large boxes and earn more money. I created a script which shows a basic idea of what I mean. Thoughts??
  4. Official Quote Book

    *pokes Marcus's girlfriend on Teamspeak @Marcus"oi! Excuse me, leave her alone, she is mine"
  5. Applications Open! It has reached that time where we have decided to open up applications into the Tanoa Island Police Department. These applications are open to ALL members and will be open until the Faction Coordinator decides to close applications.. Successful applicants will have 7 days to get in contact with their following Faction Co-ordinator via Teamspeak to get set up in the faction. (bbts3.com): Jack Webber Stark We emphasise that you include as much detail as possible in your application to give yourself the best chance of being accepted. If for whatever reason you are rejected then you will not be able to reapply for 7 days. Your application may be rejected if: Your application was poor quality and lacked detail. You are faction blacklisted. You are advised not to apply by staff due to reasons in the past. You are already in a faction. If you have any questions then please contact a member of staff or the Faction Co-ordinator via the website or Teamspeak. Application Link: Click Here Best of luck.
  6. General Screenshot Thread

    Making white powder..
  7. Silver & Gold Rings

    You just make them into gold/silver ingots now and sell them to export market. We removed that extra stage.
  8. Opium Balls

    You need to have level 2 processing, you can get it by processing wood or any of the farming materials currently.
  9. My favourite scene!

    @Kieran@Marshall@Ryanthis is Armed Response when Kieran gets shot..?
  10. WhiteStone Solicitors

    [OPEN] Whitestone Solicitors has opened and will be conducting legal services at the Police HQ for both parties (Police and Civilian) until the court system is released.
  11. Gangs, Rebels & Terrorists

    There is an advances gang system and terrorist system in the works. Eventually we have various ideas so gangs can have territories and control the smaller island ect. However right now it is just a basic group system which you can use.
  12. Hidden forums sections

    Faction applications are hidden for many reasons. We want people to join the factions to be unique and think off their own feet. Along with that the applications are hidden for privacy purposes containing the members personal email and DOB which they may not want to be publicised.
  13. Changing in-game rules

    22 Police slots i believe.
  14. Changing in-game rules

    @AlexBWe have limited police slots...
  15. I speak on behalf of the community with this but I would love to see an increase in players on the server. Yes there may be problems and bugs however if we get get 40/50 people on in an evening it will attract others to join and making the server more enjoyable for everybody. You may be aware that there are many reasons why the population has been low however if we can get more and more people on then it will create more role play situations for everybody to enjoy the server more. Join us.

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