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  1. @MichaelKeep in mind that Internal Affairs isn't a full divison, however a sub divion for faction management.
  2. WhiteStone Solicitors WhiteStone solicitors is a well trusted law firm, offering a full range of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Tanoa. An award winning law firm with years of experience invites any individuals or businesses that legal services. Whether you're buying or selling properties, need assistance with injury claim or a compensation mix up, we can help. We appreciate that some cases can be particularly stressful, which is why we always put out clients first and pride ourselves on our high level of customer care. Careers - WhiteStone Solicitors As far as careers with us goes it is not mandatory that you have previous experience; however apprentice solicitors/paralegals and partners will be taught on the job and will handle minor legal services. Moreover new solicitors with previous experience which show to excel in their role will take on responsibility to handle higher services involving court as such. Whether you have previous experience or not and are interesting in a long term role then please send a message to myself (Jack Webber) via the Website or Teamspeak. Services - WhiteStone Solicitors As the leading solicitors in Tanoa we excel in professionalism and strive towards a better Tanoa, we offer a full range of legal services; Any individual or business that seeks legal assistance or advice is welcomed into WhiteStone Solicitors to resolve to issue. With senior solicitors to part time paralegals we can assure that your services are well filled. With staff of all experiences and backgrounds we cover a wide range of services. Other - WhiteStone Solicitors Payment towards the solicitors for their assistance is required at a meeting and after a court hearing (if there is one) failure to do so will mean we will have to stop offering you legal assistance and the situation will be taken further. Total payments will be for the amount of time the meeting and work of the staff does. If you are inquiring in getting legal assistance/advice or need a solicitor for a court hearing then either get in contact with a WhiteStone Staff member or pop into the office. - Jack Webber
  3. I'm liking all these give aways... Time to win 1
  4. Good little table! May be a good thing to be added into the Border Force Handbook.
  5. It is not breaking the terms of service. Bohemia allows a 'Payed entry' into the server. Letting donators and staff to play on the server a few days before public release to HELP find bugs so it is a BETTER experience for everybody else, I would take it as an honor having other people make your game better. There is no difference in donators and staff being allowed a couple days prior to find bugs and maybe earning a little bit of money and somebody joining the server a year later and going "its unfair everybody else has been playing on here and has got more money and i never knew this existed" whats the difference. If you are so eager to get on the server a COUPLE days earlier while there is still bugs then feel free to donate but DON'T complain that people are putting their own money into the server and then offering their time to test and make it a better experience for YOU. Rant over.
  6. So just a suggestion about oil and fuel. I think that oil should be able to be farmed similar to Arma 2 where it can then be processed and sold to a separate company. From there it is possible for somebody with the Zamak fuel truck (shown below) to go to this company and get an assignment, similar to delivery missions where they can fill up their fuel truck and transport it to the designated fuel station. Fuel Truck The individual will collect the fuel off the company via a scroll wheel, however other manned companies can be set up which hire individuals to collect and process then to transport the fuel to the designated fuel station to gain 100% profit, they will then drive the fuel truck to the selected fuel station where they can scroll on another object to transfer the fuel to gain a profit. This increases RP as fuel stations will need to be refueled by players and if not the price of the fuel will be increased massively as the fuel station will have to use it's emergency supply. The fuel assignment will be chosen by which fuel station is in need of fuel and has the lowest and also which one is most frequently used. Feel free to leave your thoughts.
  7. Let me work my magic
  8. I don't think it is completely wise to set a date without completely knowing when it will be complete. Setting a date then discovering a bug that needs fixing meaning that it doesn't go beta on that day may still frustrate some people, all i think is that it will be out when it's ready and there is no need to rush.
  9. https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2?ec=-2.13&soc=-1.13
  10. The server will be live, i do not think it is up yet.
  11. 999999
  12. Tbf it will be done when its done, there is no point in rushing the developers and then complaining while they're working their arse's off, it will be up when their done.
  13. I guess there is pros as cons for this, with this implemented for the civilian side it means that work with both law enforcement factions will need to be at the highest standard, if both law enforcement are conducting a great job then there should not be a fear of any submarines smuggling narcotics. However this will not always be the case, there will be peddlers and smugglers that sneak past. With the video shown from @EpicFailLOLabout the submarines being hard to hit with high calibrate weaponry and virtually hidden from any thermal, maybe an item could be brought in for both law enforcement factions which allows any maritime and aviation vehicles to drop a 'dingy' into the water which scans for any submarines, this can be done and will show up if there is any sub-sea level vehicles within a catchpoint zone (1km). Just a suggestion.
  14. That's indicator script is amazing and will enhance role play! I wonder if there is a similar script for the lightbsr of thr offroad.

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