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  1. Could use PMC for security and transport?
  2. Theresa May lover eh?
  3. I agree with your points, however i don't thing the Command Support Officer is needed as instead of the Police doing their role as protecting civilians and upholding the law there will always be 1 officer that isn't doing that as they are just protecting a police high command. @Shaun
  4. Great to see you return! @Lerk
  5. What I meant was "Off-duty" meaning maybe returning back to HQ and re-arming and such for 15 mins.
  6. As you may be aware there are various computers around the Police HQ. My idea is, at the gate there is this station where there is a computer. An officer is always stationed here and at the computer there is a scroll wheel display he can open. Which you can also open at any other computers around the police HQ. At the display it allows you to select an officer who is currently online and register them as: On patrol and where, on duty or off duty and other options. From the computer display any officer at the HQ can see who is on patrol and where and who is on/off duty. Higher officers in command can see who is patrolling or stationed where and who is on fast response. It would make it easier to station people around the islands. It would look something like this. Police Register As said before, any officer would be able to access this on any computer in the HQ however the CC would be able to station an officer to stay at the gates of the HQ and record who comes in, out and what they are doing. The register can see what all officers are doing. Please leave your thoughts if this would be possible, and any improvements and features. -Jack
  7. Welcome back @Irish, see you on server!
  8. I asked with "Has a rank been decided" before he answerd with "no rank has been decieded". It shows before (above it) because I recommended it for best answer. Not me not reading it as he posted a comment last. Just in a different order
  9. Has a rank been decided? @Cado
  10. I was watching the trailer, which looks amazing by the way, great work @Marshall, but my question after watching the trailer is how does one get to armed response level, do you get chosen? Can you get into it though just police or border force also? Thanks. - Jack
  11. I agree, the trailer looks amazing
  12. The way it is presented at the moment allows people to find a specific section they are unsure about, instead of scrolling through pages upon pages on rules just to find 1 rule they need to find. That's my opinion on them as I think they are much easier to navigate through them as they are.

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