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  1. Your opinion

    But rip to the "Drop religion and drop more bombs" ( Muslim myself )
  2. Your opinion

    @StarkNow that I'm actually reading it, I like the way you think about space. Could discuss about this shit for years honestly, you on my good side already.
  3. Official Quote Book

    "Slice you're so obvious" @Crusader
  4. Your opinion

    What is your current opinion on the state of the world, and if you see issues what would your way of solving the issue be?
  5. What music do you listen to?

    I have quite the variation in my taste of music, but generally speaking. All I really listen to is Bon Jovi, the beatles, u2 and late 80's to early 90's hiphop somewhere here and there late 90's but nothing past that really. The only way I get in touch with modern music is through the radio in my car, but most of the time I have that on a volume that my ears don't pick up anymore.
  6. Police Station Rule

    Alright, I notice that it's already a big topic but I feel like. You shouldn't just go to the PD to initiate. The only reason I see valid to initiate in the PD is if one of your gang members is in restraints and you want to get him out of custody. To the person saying just rp as a lawyer or break them out of prison. Why get it to the point where he already lost his gear when he's in prison? If they're just arriving at the pd and you have the ability to save him and his gear why not do it that way? Why take the unnecessary driving/flying to the prison starting a outbreak causing a potentially even bigger fire fight ?
  7. What is your favorite game?

    So, I've been wondering. As a lot of people say my choice in games are out-dated or even plain stupid. So my question is, what is your favorite game? I'll start: CS 1.6
  8. Hello im Adam :)

    Hello, welcome to the server, I hope you enjoy your stay and have a pleasant experience.
  9. The prison system

    Alright, I consider this thread to be answered and could be locked upon request unless you wish your other community representatives have anything else that could potentially make these set amount of questions have more in depth answers if they feel like something that should be described in more detail which I think is unnecessary as I am pleased with the answers I've been given. I hereby also would like to thank you for your fast response and even the fact that you took your time to respond.
  10. The prison system

    Well, do you find it necessary to have all these features for a prison? Is this not just going to be causing potentially unused features that are going to be left in the dust? Or do you guys have it planned out within the infrastructure of the prison system that reasons of arrest are going to be selected and based off of the final verdict of the arresting officer that this will trigger certain limitations within the prison itself? I understand your response that active law enforcement officers have the availability to do so. But do you think that they're actually going to be doing this?
  11. The prison system

    Hello there, I've got a question regarding the prison system that is going to be worked on and implemented for in the future of BB. And I quote " A prison system involving key card access with yards to roam around in, jobs, bail and parole boards, visitation and isolation. " My main questions Does this mean that prison times are going to be over an hour? If they're going to be longer then an hour do you think that players would potentially stop playing over this? Do you think it's actually necessary? Why would a isolation cell be required? Are we going to have actual prison guards and what would result in being held in isolation compared to being in the regular holding cell(s)? Will the prison jobs for prisoners have any benefits such as being released early? Or will this allow you to have a small amount of currency in exchange for your work? Why do you specifically think that this is going to benefit the server if it were to be fully implemented?
  12. Licenses

    Meh, whether you restrict licenses or not. You're always going to have players that are here for a more combat sided gameplay, but in a realistic aspect. You wouldn't go to your local school and say I would like to enroll into a class so I can learn how to grow marijuana or cocaine or meth or any drug or to get good in any illegal activity for that matter. It simply doesn't feel right for me at all, it is something that I've always found annoying roleplay servers. Why put licenses on excuse the language shit that doesn't make sense to have a license? It's not like you're gonna get pulled over and the cop notices crystal meth in your car and asks you can I see your meth license? Seeing the fact that it's an illegal activity to perform, how would you buy your license from the "government" to pursue your dream of becoming the next Pablo? Edit: Realistically speaking, you're going to start off broke. Unless you've got a sugar daddy on the server, which from right of the bat would be boring cause you've got nothing to play for. This will allow you to have a chance for a fresh start on a new server and try out the legal life, this doesn't mean that you're always going to be doing legal activities that'd be boring even I think so. But it also allows you to realize that even though the money is slower, the risk is lower as well. The legal runs most of the times give me the most pleasant memories as I usually experience the weirdest and or funniest things doing legal activity. When I'm doing illegal activity it's usually gonna resort in either A. Me constantly being on high alert because there's cops or rebel parties that want to steal my shit, or seize my shit. B. I could be attacked/ambushed at any given point in time ( same for legal but less likely ) C: When I get pulled over, I know it's gonna end in something bad. As to legal runs if I were to be getting pulled over it would most likely end in a fun roleplay experience knowing that I've got nothing to hide, or at least I shouldn't have anything to hide so I can have a fun interaction with an officer.
  13. Political Sectarianism

    Although I understand what you mean, I don't think it'd be necessary to have parties literally starting a war against each other for political means. I understand Tanoa is a rather jungle island that could give you the idea of a more harsh environment but if I wanted to roleplay parties liquidating each other I'd go play something that is revolved around political views. Which would not make a good server if that's all it is about.
  14. Medics going AFK / Not online

    I've seen this topic around a lot, and to be honest. I think that there should be notes added to the PNC or at least from command or maybe even as a rule in the national health service that you are required to have a certain amount of hours a week on the server playing as a whitelisted member of the national health service. This way, you'll not only easily get rid of the poorly motivated members within the national health service you'll also have the members who care for the national health service working at least to get the minimum required hours plus assuming that there'd be a reasonable limit on how much medics can be online at the same time due to slot limitation this will cause medics that can't get a slot during peak times to play their hours off peak times, and if they decide to afk those hours longer then allowed accordingly to the rules or the handbook. Players always have the availability to make a complaint at the command of the national health service and if necessary a report up against the medics.

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