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We continue to forever challenge the conventional norms that so many Arma communities have come to accept, continuously raising the bar and setting new standards. Our extensive list of features, along with our fantastic user friendly website and committed staff team, help to deliver an enjoyable, unique and lasting gaming experience.

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  1. Greetings. I'd like to apologize for that. The relevant people have been notified. Your application should be reviewed later today/tomorrow.
  2. Nice setup! I like the keyboard.
  3. 37
  4. We need to drop a bomb on Africa.
  5. I'll be having a look at those vehicles once we give them out to the appropriate factions. Most likely they'll be skinned to match.
  6. Police don't have any kind of emergency medical training. I don't think medics would struggle that much, especially once they go into their divisions.
  7. Yeah, definitely. I'll skin it to match our Ambulances, but it'll be a DLC vehicle, so only people who OWN the DLC would be able to drive it.
  8. I could also re-skin the van to be like a bus of some sort? haha
  9. Very nice! it's looking good!
  10. As far as I'm aware the only stun gun that's going in will be the pistol.
  11. I'm a VIAL being! Hahaha!
  12. Apple juice.

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