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  1. Jets won't be an option within our mission, but the USS Freedom will most likely be used in one way or another You'll have to wait and see! hah!
  2. Another successful flight from Sofia to Burgas! I'm slowly getting my flight hours up so i can get my license!
  3. Yeah, I've had a flight from EGCC to EGLL last night which was successful in a full blown thunder storm + I've done most of the training and logged some flight hours! So far i'm loving it and I can't wait for them to release more content! PS: If you want to fly with me just send me a message! UPDATE: Soon enough i'll be getting my first license!
  4. Just did a successful flight from EGLL to EGCC I'm very excited for the future of this game. Some Screenshots of how it looks like
  5. Downloading and I'll try it out. I'll tell you all how it goes after my first flight!
  6. It's OUT!
  7. No idea, probably will be implemented once it's released.
  8. Only two more days before Early Access comes out! Can't wait!
  9. New Screenshots! Enjoy!
  10. Welcome back
  11. *NEW* Some gameplay video of the new flight sim
  12. Mining? Oooh. I like the sound of that! Good luck
  13. Fixed - Most Liked Content awards now display on your profile. Fixed - Unit social media icon not re-sizing correctly on mobile view. Fixed - Profile song throwing an error on all pages due to faulty script. Fixed - Donation goal not displaying correct percentage. Added - Display Countries & Interests on your Author Panel - You can set them at your Profile Page > Edit Profile. Added - Online/Offline status on your Author Panel. Added - New Twitch banner to accommodate our new streaming feed - FEED LINK Added - Topics over 30 days inactivity will now automatically lock. Areas effected - Election campaigns and results. Added - Cookies Message will now display after clearing your cache / first time visit. Changed - Scroll to Top feature is now disabled on mobiles and tablets. Changed - Re-organised profile information displays - more relevant information at the top. Changed - Donator music player has been re-designed to match the theme. Changed - View Streams button on News & Media page now links to our Twitch streaming page. Removed - Forum tag prefixes from displaying on Topic areas, but can still be displayed on Threads.
  14. Glad to see our favourite mascot!
  15. Greetings! I've been following the development process of this game since the announcement trailer was out AND i was wondering how many people would get this or be interested in it? I'm a huge fan of flight simulation games, but sadly none of them really reach my expectations. I'm glad to say that this game has spiked my interest in ways that none other have. You could say that this post is like a little exposure for people who're not familiar to flight simulation games or have not heard of this one specifically. You'll find some videos underneath which showcase some early in game footage and development insight. Flight Sim World is a flight simulation platform developed by Dovetail Games. Based on benchmark technology, FSW includes the whole world as well as several single and twin propeller aircraft to get you started. The aircraft in Flight Sim World have been created using the latest modelling and rendering technologies resulting in stunning realism and detail. Every switch and gauge in the cockpits are clickable, while a range of animations really brings the experience to life.Not only do the core aircraft look amazing, but they also react to their environment realistically. A combination of atmospheric effects and advanced mechanics result in a remarkably unique flight experience. If creating content is your passion, we have included the Pro Mission Editor, which is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create your own missions. Free Flight: The whole world is yours to explore in Free Flight mode!Multiplayer (Alpha): Fly with your friends on Steam! Please note Multiplayer is still in its Alpha stage, so you may experience bugs.Lessons & Missions: Learn the basics with our LAPL and PPL based lessons, and then test your skills with a series of missions. Integration of Accu-Feel™ technology Fleet of highly detailed GA aircraft Easy to use flight planner Realistic flight model Integrated Orbx FTX Global textures Lessons and missions to test your skills Pilot profile to keep track of your flight hours Pro Mission Editor Screenshots: Hope you enjoy this and tell me what you think! PS: A link to the Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/389280/Flight_Sim_World/ Marshall/ Web Developer / Server Developer / Graphics Designer marshall@britishborders.co.uk British Borders We are a role playing community, based in the UK, providing a wide range of gaming solutions to gamers internationally. www.britishborders.co.uk

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