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  1. There's a new DLC that's being worked on for ARMA 3, called 'ORANGE'. I have high hopes that it might bring a civilian plane or two. I think that'd be a great addition for the company.
  2. Great! I'll lock the topic since the issue has been fixed
  3. Could you try now? I've checked through your account and i cannot see the bug. Please reply if you still see it. PS: Next time please post the bug in : Thanks!
  4. Within the next upcoming days there will most likely be an announcement about that
  5. *Blushes in Anime* Arigato gozaimasu! I'm just glad the trailer is done. Took quite a lot of trial and error with certain AI..
  6. I'm afraid we're going to need a BIT more information, Ms. Alon.
  7. " It's not that i don't know, I made an educational guess! " - @Tom
  8. The official Quote Book of British Borders. Feel free to quote anything from anyone at anytime! " Don't jump on my balls, i'll perma ban ya " - Maverick " Out of all the factions, SCO stun the most " - Adam and etc. You get the point
  9. Here you go :P
  10. That's a very nice deal!
  11. Nice introduction! *dabs*

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