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  1. Tanoa Skydive Ltd

    I love the idea! If you ever need a pilot i'll be more then happy to do so!
  2. 3.4.5

    Added - WIKI Added - New Website Backgrounds. Added - New Announcement plugin. Fixed - Miss-alignment issues on mobile view. Fixed - Faction URLs not linking to the right area. Fixed - Store URL DNS settings. Fixed - Member notes not displaying correctly when embedding. Changed - Navigation menu to a more simplified version. Changed - myBB area re-worked to include more information and ease of access. Removed - Guides due to Wiki integration.
  3. Remove Like Button

    It's there as an aesthetic thing. It's like Facebook - they have emotions that you can set instead of just liking a post and it makes it more interactive.
  4. Some of that brain surgery

    Best of luck!
  5. Beta 1.3.5

    Added - New green zones (added to garages and impound lots) Added - VDM Script Added (No Vehicles Blowing up when crashing or D-syncing) Added - Lockpicking Vehicles (Full Release) Added - Car Alarm (After Successful lockpick) Fixed - Air vehicles and boats now store after restart. (Get them out from garages) Fixed - Lock picking (Chance based system, car alarms activate on lock picked vehicles) Fixed - Animations menu and actions (Press 0) Fixed - Black market and Export market now move around the map. Fixed - Minor spelling errors. Fixed - Air Garage Storage. Changed - Removed fog. Changed - Expanded civilian green zone.
  6. VDM Script in Action (British Borders)

    Finally! No more flying vehicles.. i hope.
  7. Complex Delivery Mission System

    If i'm correct, @Crossyhad this all coded some time ago?
  8. 3.4.4

    Added - Additional permissions for Developers to see hidden content and set future publishing dates. Added - Additional permissions for Faction Leaders and Coordinators to have access to bulk PM. Added - Additional permissions for Forum Moderators to edit Guides. Fixed - Members sometimes not being able to register accounts. Fixed - Adblock only working on one page. Fixed - Store Menu link not working correctly. Changed - Scroll bars - Vertical / Horizontal to include new styles.
  9. My favourite scene!

    My favorite scene starts with the step sister category on a certain site or two...
  10. Hacking Bank

    I'm not too sure if that's added, but in the future if you have a computer degree you wouldn't need the trojan ( You're suppose to be smart cuz you got the degree and etc. ) And a bigger chance to succeed with opening the vault.
  11. Cannot write a status update help!

    On your profile? Go to your profile and "edit profile" on the right of your banner - enable status updates. You should have an option to write a status update after that
  12. Remove Cyrus and add MK-1

    There's going to be a gang system implemented and terrorism ( in the future ) so the guns and vehicles that civilians can get out will be quite powerful.
  13. People Complaining about Police RP

    100% Agree. I really hope this can be cleared up and police can roleplay without being constantly looking behind them, being scared of getting robbed or attacked.
  14. BB ACT '18 Speed Limit Unit Change

    I agree with this change.

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