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  1. Enjoy the new logo <3
  2. I do as well, but sadly the hub caps are not within the texture file
  3. I'm proud to present one of the new additions for the THS! A fully equipped Emergency Ambulance, ready to save lives. Little bonus footage: Working Emergency Lights
  4. Hi inzane!
  5. Pretty sure you can't re-skin weapons without making a mod out of it
  6. I agree. I wanted to see the 4-five .45 ACP be the police one due to all the attachments, but sadly that's not going to happen because the weapon is not black.
  7. I agree with limiting the mag capacity I also hate the iron sights of the pistol!
  8. I agree, if they're restrained it should be taken automatically though
  9. I personally don't mind it, it's like when two black people say to each other " What's up my *Bleep* ". People should be able to say what they want, as long as they're not directly abusive to someone.
  10. From now on the Development Team have agreed to now display live progress of our Tanoa Life mission using our Trello board. This will give a clear indication to all members of the progress being made and the outstanding tasks required to be completed in order to launch. We hope this is more useful and informative, and will be updated frequently. No longer can members comment on this thread to help prevent the loss of this Trello board amongst other comments.
  11. Looks cool.
  12. I'm online most of the time, even at night If ya wanna chat i'm usually in members lounge.
  13. Most likely, but there's already a black transporter van, i'd probably just have to tint the windows a bit.
  14. I did not expect that.. Where can I buy one?

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