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  1. welcome dude. i promiss you will not be disapointed. Arma 2 takistan was already great Tanoa can only get better.
  2. Yu dont kno da wea. to kno da wae yu hav to hav ebolaa.
  3. Do yu kno da wae?
  4. happy ney year to everyone from germany!
  5. content like what? bosko told me about it. something about car paitings and such... but he was really vague about it
  6. dont we need laws of war aswell?
  7. maybe we could have something like the police having basic medic stuff to help people up so they can walk at least. and they are only able to move in a injured animation and movement speed until they are treated by a real medic or are driving to the hospital to heal themselfes completly there.
  8. Hi, i dont really know where to put this topic into, but i wanted to ask you for permission to stream my game expierience of Tanoa life on Twitch as soon as the server is open for everyone. Kind Regards Lemonsausage
  9. ah ok.... so what do you think how long will it take so the server would be playable?
  10. how would the server look unprofessional? It is in Betaphase. When the servername contains the term "betaphase" in first or second place people will see and understand it that there are some bugs. and if not they just dont understand the term betaphase.
  11. am i too late?
  12. Hello mates, i coudnt help but notice you wont let players on your server because you want to first find all the bugs before you release it. BUT woudnt it go much faster to find most of the bugs if more players could play on the server? I mean the Betaphase is basically meant to be a PUBLIC test to find bugs. People will understand if they will be screwed by some bugs in the betaphase. In my opinion its is much better to let the People finally play; with bugs; than to let them wait and make them join other Life servers. kind regards Lemonsausage
  13. ummm would be great if you would tell us in short what division is doing what
  14. Hello pipel, I dont know if this has been asked before but i used the search function and i havent found anything. So I was just lurking arround the Arma 3 server list to test the Apex DLC, but it turned out that the launcher notified you if some DLC are missing when you want to play on a particular server. On the BB server aswell. Question is: Are ALL Arma 3 DLC's required to play on BB's Tanoa Life Server? Or are those just optional things to have? And will it have influence on the Game experience if i dont own the Jets and Heli DLC? KR Lemonsausage
  15. Well... intel is not in trouble since AMD cannot reach the performance of modern intel processors. Also Amd still got some serious Heat problems which have to be compensated with a water cooling if you want to opperate at high levels for longer periods of time. BUT AMD is still better in Price/performance so its better for you if you want a budged PC. If you want performance and you dont care about money you pick intel. And since i9 was released i already see the price for a i7 droping on the german market. The sad thing is that if intel would want it, they could easily drive AMD out from the CPU market by dropping their prices to AMD level. But since Monopoly isnt allowed... well you get it I personally wait for 2020. DDR5 RAM is planed to launch in this year and maybe then i9 will be affortable for me XD.

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