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  1. Happy New Year to all! I hope you achieve all your goals! And you wishes come true!
  2. We do actually have a section on for forum's which most political candidates have posted their political compass which you can find here.
  3. Hopefully i see you around, good to have you back mate.
  4. I do believe the development team have spoken about something like this. Depending on the funding which would be set by the elected government, each faction will be able to spend more or less on equipment.
  5. While walking to my girlfriend's house, i was thinking what people do in their free time apart from playing on this community. Personally, I spend my time biking. I have two bikes, a trails and regular mountain bike. I have spent hours with my friends at places like chicksands bike park and in fields in my local area. Just thought we could share what you do in your free time to see if any of us share a secret hobby.
  7. I absolutely love season 1, just haven't got round to watching season 2 yet. CAN'T WAIT
  8. Nice to see a new player within the community! Can't wait to see you around.
  9. All members of the Border Force please remember to send over the required information within the private message


  10. Looks amazing! Killed it again!
  11. Looks amazing might have attend a few nights with the boys ayyy.
  12. Development News

    I think this is going to be a really useful tool for the community to view as it will allow the members to view what is possibly coming to the server and how long it may take!
  13. Overall looks good, i am starting to do some video editing myself with a large amount of effects from AE if you ever want to have a chat about it hit me up!
  14. @Caboosathat's the smallest one out of my 3
  15. This is one of my cats however she is extremely overweight.

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