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  1. Some of that brain surgery

    Hope it all goes well! See you when your back!
  2. Prevent BB Bot Kidnap

    The only time the BBbot will move you from the lounge is if you have been AFK for longer than 15 minutes. This is in place to stop people going AFK in the public channels. The faction and members lounges should not be used to go AFK in.
  3. Add push mechanic for boat

    I believe the developers are looking into this and may possibly be included in one of the up and coming patches! Could we get more information? @Jared @Crossy
  4. Green zone spawn camping

    This is horrible role play. People should not be camping outside of the player spawn just because they want to live the 'rebel life' they need to role play each situation to the fullest and by sitting outside of the spawn it failing to do so. If this happens and a member of staff is not online please report the player here on our forums (click here) and it will be dealt with when a member of staff is next online.
  5. Vehicle storage capacities

    At this moment in time there is not. However, in the not too distant future we intend to show all vehicle information prior to purchase at the various vehicle shops.
  6. money disappeared

    If you could provide us with some more information on the situation that would really help us out. This could include a video or some screenshots! If you feel you have lost some money due to this glitch please don't hesitate to fill in a compensation request! Finally, to help us out as a community and fix this issue please fill in a bug report with as much detail surrounding the issue as possible!
  7. moving a resource

    I totally agree with the fact that illegal resources should be in a red circle as that was how they were on our arma 2 server as it was easy to determine they were illegal. However, i disagree with moving the illegal resources to a more 'suitable' location. If someone is doing a drug run they are not going to attempt to cross the border where they know there will be Border force patroling, they will find alternative methods trying to avoid law enforcement at all costs. I feel the border force should have regular patrol route checking each drug field and illegal activity site.. In addition, the use of a border force heli could come in useful for improving the speed of checking the drug and illegal sites.
  8. Virtual inventory bugs

    If you are able to provide sufficient evidence to prove it disappeared then you may be entitled to compensation. If there is no staff on to deal with your issue please fill in a Compensation Request on our website (Click here) and a member of staff will be with deal with you as soon as possible. If evidences of the bug is available please create a bug report form so the developers are able to look into and fix the issue before it happens again. Thanks!
  9. Bank Robbery

    I was speaking with a few other members earlier on today about this exact situation. I believe that at least for beta that it should be a combination of both Cops and Border force just to test it out and see how it would play out. In the situation of a bank robbery the border force wouldn't just watch they would get involved and when requested possibly providing more firepower than the actual police force.
  10. VDM Allowed for MRAPs

    Currently the rule is: Vehicle death matching – using your vehicle to deliberately hit another players or ramming another player’s vehicle to cause death or the vehicle to explode will result in a ban. I don't see the need for this to change. If you are trying to disable a ifrit with a Hunter then you should have the money to buy a powerful gun as well, which could easily take out the tyres causing the vehicle being disabled. One of the reasons we don't allow only the disabling of vehicles through ramming is because if it does go wrong and you end up blowing up the whole vehicle then it would be Vehicle Death Matching. This is why we simply don't allow it.
  11. Amazing job by all developers for releasing a patch so quick! As a community we are so lucky to have you :D

  12. General Screenshot Thread

    A cop helping a dying man @Marshall has blood on his hands
  13. Gas Station Robberies

    Like @Marshallsaid, gas stations are being re-worked to balance them out throughout the server. Personally I believe once a gas station has been robbed there should be a 2-3 minute timer where you are unable to give cash to anyone or deposits any money. In addition, once a station has been robbed it can't be for the next 10 minutes e.g. the gas station is closed for business due to recent losses.

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