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  1. [BB] Marcus 27/2/2017 16/06/2017 Its the time of the year when i actually have to do work for my GCSE's. It is a few months away but i need to revise to get the grades predicted for me which are very high. I will be on from time to time but most time i spend on my pc now will be for revision. If you need to contact me just leave me a message on the website and i will try to reply. Many Thanks Marcus
  2. Happy New Year to all!! Enjoy 2017!
  3. Some more pictures taken by me!
  4. This is the few i have taken while messing about in A3 Editor. I will be uploading a few more soon! (They alright, slowly getting the hang of it)
  5. Welcome back! Enjoy your stay!
  6. Didn't know this was possible. So Beautiful & Artistic!
  7. Welcome Back!
  8. Sounds like a good computer similar to mine! Can't wait!
  9. @ShaunAhahaha i remember this one. Great times.
  10. I think wasteland with small ai mission would be better as its also PVP
  11. Personally i think Arma 3 is a stunning game! Share your Arma 3 screenshots for other members to take a look!
  12. @Shaun not all are irresponsible some who i 'ride' with do some indurance racing and private closed course. We have to have all the safety gear.
  13. I am either on my computer or jet skiing / water skiing on the Norfolk coastline. Forgot to add this but i do quite a lot of downhill mountain biking.
  14. I have lower specs than what has been listed above but i am able to run Arma 3 at high/ultra (60fps). You have good specs i don't think adding 8 more GB of ram will change much.
  15. love it looks amazing!

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