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  1. Conan Exiles

    Oh okay
  2. Conan Exiles

    Do they have still the idiotic COOP "system" where verybody is bound to thet host ?
  3. Loading bar for upcomming patch

    I agree with Armitxes, it would be the same like the Deadlines, people just starting to wait and maybe get disapointed and asking the BB Team how long it gonna take etc. It just takes more pressure on them !
  4. Police Commander

    Hello Edward, Application just means yo ucan apply for the Tanoa Police Department but don't for a High Position. You have to work your way up like all of us. If you really are interested you can send us an application. At the moment our Police coordinator Stark overlooks the Applications and decides who gets into the TPD. Hope that helped you. Kind Regards, Head of Detectives, Morosow
  5. Funny Clips

    GG Guys ! Kind Regards, Head of Detectives, Morosow
  6. Run Calculator

    Have to say formating did really good but Design and Visionally it could be better Kind Regards, Head of Detectives, Morosow
  7. BB ACT '18 Speed Limit Unit Change

    Agreed !
  8. Development News Tanoa Life - The Road to Public Release

    If they come out with a date and can't release it on that date ? Its not helping us and even not helping the whole BB Team ! It was said that people should stop about asking about a release date, the players who really wants to play it can wait !
  9. Police Department Body Cams

    That looks amazing, if thats coming to BB then I have to GG the whole Team D: <3
  10. DA WAE

    Do you mean maybe "Dawei" ?
  11. Happy New Year

    Dear BB Community, Me Basko and my Family wishes all of you a great start into the new year, much love and luck in your work, school and relations ! Hope your 2017 was great and let 2018 coming ! King Regards Detective B. Morosow
  12. Christmas

    Hello Dear BB - Community ! In Germany we Christmas started and wanted to wish you all of you a great and lovley christmas day with your family ! Get presents, enjoy the snow (if its snowing, hope so) and of course the Gaming ! Kind Regards Detective Morosow
  13. SUGGESTION - Using First Person Only

    Good idea, like it. Personally I dislike 3rd person. If 1st person gets engaged then maybe set it from the server permantly to 3rd ?
  14. Deadlight Giveaway!

    Question : Why are oyu so kind to give away so many games ? NUMBER : 36
  15. World Of Warcraft

    Undead Rogue, its da best ! <3

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