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  1. Question : Why are oyu so kind to give away so many games ? NUMBER : 36
  2. Undead Rogue, its da best ! <3
  3. 39
  4. Here we go :
  5. This is why you fukin don't take drugs AND drive or do anything, IF someone really means of needing drugs, they should stay in a locked room ... OR IN THE BEST WAY Seek Help, in every country there is a hotline for drugs etc.
  6. Looks good, thanks for the update ! Radioation Zone and the Police HQ are the best palces I'm going to check out Kind Regards, Basko
  7. Thank you very much @Popeyou done what I coulnd bring into a sentence or even in words. I meant it exatly like oy usee it !
  8. I see that, but why not making a News about it and let it stay like it, that there is a testing / Beta phase starting 4th/5th of August ?
  9. Well okay, Sury for misunderstanding. I though the Mission file was finished a long time ago but Mav and the whole Team wanted to test things and find bugs in it
  10. But its says : "Between the night of the fourth of August and the morning of the fifth our Tanoa Life Mission will go in to Beta Testing for all Patrons and Donators." the 4th and 5th are already over. So I don't get it that you tell us, that the Server is in closed Alpha.
  11. Yes, so why not posting informations or a Community meeting where people, WHO WANT TO HELP to find bugs and help the faster public release ?
  12. Hellu Lemon, I think you are right ! - it would go faster - Players who are frustated that they have to wait again can help - The Beta Phase gets the right meaning - Staff Team gets not stressed out more, its get less (in my opinion) Maybe think the "Beta Phase" again through and start Beta Phase 1.5 for everybody who wants to participate and help BB to get a better public release ! Kind Regards Basko
  13. Looks Simple and like it, maybe its getting involved and made for each devision, but we see in the future !
  14. Thanks ! <3

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