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  1. Interceptor Division Meeting

    Calling all Interceptors - We are having a meeting on Tuesday 1st May at 7PM BST. I'd like you all to attend as we'll be discussing the updated BB ACT, Roleplay, the division's role and responsibility, and basic policing. If you have any items to discuss, please let me know! RSVP asap. Thanks JG-
  2. Run Calculator

    Great! Loving this, really helpful. What you should also do is get the up-to-date prices and put on there how much (roughly) one would expect to make per run.
  3. General Screenshot Thread

    A Police Interceptor vehicle, written-off at the side of the road, during a pursuit.
  4. The Grand National today.. I hope you’ve all put your bets on some horses! Hoping to win :D

  5. Rental Company | For New Players

    I like this sort of self-enterprise on the server. It’s great roleplay!
  6. Remove Like Button

    I think it should stay, as Marshal says. I may want to 'Like' a photograph, to show I 'Like' it, but upvoting can be used as a way of voting something you support of etc.
  7. Mindblown


  8. Thoughts on new patch?

    I think the prices are great. If anything, the price for drugs will go up. This enables more reoleplay and ability to do things on the server, especially with more planes/boats, it goives border force more to do, as well as the police and operations etc. Overall, I am very happy with patch 1.5. I hope more people go on the server, there were 15 people on yesterday, there should be more!
  9. Roleplay over Ruleplay?

    His should be common sense, not a rule. But for the sake of argument, I agree with this and putting it into a rule will avoid doubt.
  10. Some photos from my quick trip to China

    Ohh Arlene
  11. Some photos from my quick trip to China

    Shanghai is definitely my preference. Love it there, great night life as well. Took this on the Bund, just across the river.
  12. Just thought I’d share a few photos of this place, it’s actually quite cool here in a Beijing, except the smog 😭 The Wall with the Chinese flag A section of the wall, no tourists and beautiful architecture. The Imperial Palace, and the picture of Chairman Mao.. Chinese soldiers practicing some armed drill. Hope you liked the photos! -Greg
  13. Tanoa civil watch

    Ohh we do like a bit of competition
  14. On my way to China, and there’s WiFi on the plane.. Saved! 

  15. Green zone spawn camping

    Excessive can amount to trolling. Please go to Staff.

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