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  1. As you are all probably aware, I made YouTube series called 'COPS', which was quite successful. I also did a 'Medic' episode which also went really well. I'm thinking of doing a new series when the server releases. but need ideas. I have the following series in planning stage: COPS - Season 2 Tanoa Health Service - Series 1 Border Force Series - Series 1 I may also do a Gang related series, or company related series - similar to a TV show. If any of you would like to have your faction/company/gang showcased on YouTube for everyone to see, then please contact me. If you are in the Police, Border Force or Health Service, and wish to be in my series, then please contact me. Thanks All!
  2. A really helpful post, so we can track the state of development It's also great as we can see form the bugs, what has already been developed.. Is there still a possible time frame?
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone
  4. New Law Firm Available... Click HERE

  5. A northerner is pushing it, but a Geordie? - Nice to meet ya (not really)
  6. Loving the designs, great work to whoever made them
  7. Fancy
  8. Franklin Voight Law Firm was founded in December of 2017, after its massively successful business in the arab state of Takistan. We specialise in almost every type of law, from civil law, criminal law and employment law, to name a few. Kent Franklin and Hank Voight have proven to be the most experienced and successful lawyers in the nation of Tanoa. They have worked together for many years, most notably with the one and only Pearson-Hardman Takistan Law Firm. They truly are the best of the best. Franklin Voight Law Firm is the law firm for YOU, as we connect with our clients on a personal level. We listen to your concerns and always mould our cases around the client. Furthermore, the cases we have one have varied, from a minimal win of £3,000, up to a staggering £200,000. As well as our very successful track record, we can promise you our best performance in every case! When our clients approach us, we will require a deposit of £1,000 - this is in order for us to dedicate the time and resources to determine whether the case is viable or not. If the case has been found viable, the deposit will be kept as lawyers fees, and the commission on the winnings will be set at 20% of total compensation. If the case is deemed unviable, you will have your whole deposit returned - this is incredibly rare. Our lawyers always find a way to make your case VIABLE and WINNABLE.
  9. This is what's called an Oxymoron, for those of you that are unsure. Not gonna lie, all I see from Tom is words, and catchphrases... Has he actually put forward any EFFECTIVE POLICY that's come from the minds of the 'people'? No. Do the right thing, VOTE FOR REFORM - VOTE for the TANOA REFORMIST PARTY. REAL POLICY, from REAL PEOPLE, leading with strength and stability.
  10. Not trying to spam the website! ;)

  11. Thanks for all the feedback. it seems that it is a popular idea, and judging by the poll, the majority of people would like to see it implemented - with some additions and changes as recommendations. I'll work on a few ideas and get back to ya'll.
  12. Very Good, I like it! Nice job, and a lot of effort
  13. Great to hear from you @eye4567 1) The Environment: We believe in preserving Tanoa's great wildlife and jungle, but we will not prioritize the environment over hard-working, tax-paying people like yourself. If we need to build a new road, or increase industry, or increase the budget for a faction, we will NOT refuse in doing so. 2) The Military is important in the protection of our great county. The budget will be enough to cover extensive training and weapons, as well as new, state of the art weaponry. Furthermore, we believe in National Service, so everyone has discipline, life skills, and a job if required. 3) Gun Crime is an issue, however, my party fully support Tanoans owning their own weapons, whether it be for self defence or hunting.. However there will be punishment for those that chose to use weaponry as a means of crime. 4) Unemployment is a dangerous thing. That is why we will support business in their ability to hire as well as grow. 5) Immigration is a real problem when integration doesn't exist. We will make immigrants intergrate within our society. Furthermore, we will take those that have the skills required to build our country, as well as those who are looking for employment in a sector where there are many jobs. We will ALWAYS PRIORITIZE TANOANS for emploment over immigrants. 6) Terrorism is a the worst thing to occur in any nation. It will be dealt with severe punishment, and unlimited resources will be available to factions in the event it occurs. There will also be support groups and funding in place to help those who are affected by it. Hope this clears things up, and ultimately you make the decision to VOTE FOR REFORM. Vote for the TANOA REFORMIST PARTY.

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