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  1. On paragraph One: So what you're saying, is that we will be ruled under military control in a wholly oppresive regime? And how will you enforce someone declaring an income, listing all their ways of earning money? Whats to prevent them witholding that? Paragraph 2: As far as I'm aware, the state of Tanoa already gives citizens a basic income, are you suggesting you'd raise that figure? Paragraph 3: Inteoducing these controls on criminals will most likely increase crime rates, as all their money is being taken away from them? Interesting policies, I'd like a response on the points I raise.
  2. Here we go. If you want a proper Politcs discussion boars, here it is:
  3. Well, this is a political party board, discussing polical parties in a roleplay sense, look at the other threads. They're similar. And the roleplay debate was going well, then all of a sudden, after quoting figures and fact, it was suddenly a 'political post' . As far as i'm concerned, this is still roleplay.
  4. That would be cool... Lets hope!
  5. On a serious roleplay note: Your party.. How are you going to redistribute the wealth among Tanoan citizens, and have you released any form of actual policy or propsed legislation I could look at?
  6. I'm guessing the facts I presented you, shocked you. The way I see it, these are the views you have as roleplay, leader of a commi party, and me, leader of the Reformists. We are Can't change the rules to suit ya! Copy that @Chaz I'll start a post And yes, this is what happens when someone says something I wholly disagree with
  7. He has a strong rhetoric against immigration from 6 countries (Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya – but only halting entry for a period of 90 days.) that suffer from extreme Islamic radicalization. That's fact. Furthermore, large amounts of undocumented 'refugees' are allowed access, without being vetted or screened. He hasn't banned Muslims, otherwise 1.8 billion people would be banned from the USA, as well as people from all the following countries: Indonesia 204,847,000 (87% Pakistan 178,097,000 (96%) India 172,000,000 (14%) (2016) Bangladesh 145,312,000 (90%) Nigeria 75,728,000 (48%) Iran 74,819,000 (100%) Turkey 74,660,000 (99%) Egypt 73,746,000 (90%) Algeria 34,780,000 (98%) Morocco 32,381,000 (99%[86]) Iraq 31,108,000 (99%) Sudan 30,855,000 (97%)[87] Saudi Arabia 30,770,375[88] (100%) Afghanistan 29,047,000 (100%) Ethiopia 28,721,000 (34%) Uzbekistan 26,833,000 (97%) Yemen 24,023,000 (99%) China 23,308,000 (2%) Syria 20,895,000 (93%) Malaysia 17,139,000 (61%) Russia 16,379,000 (12%) Niger 15,627,000 (98%) Philippines 5,000,000 or 11,000,000 (5% or 11%) Somalia 10,864,733 (100%)
  8. A lapdog of the Saudis? How and in what way? The USA and UK have always been allies with Saudi Arabia, Obama was 'besties' with them.. So no change on that front. And TrumpCare? People's healthcare costs rose 300% under Obamacare. Under Trumpcare that will drop, Healthcare will be cheaper.
  9. Well, I edited my post because I added a sentence. But then again the left always make it personal
  10. Communism is such a failure. It has never worked. it killed 94 Million people throughout the 20th century. And it is oppressive. It prevents business from growing and offers people little to no incentive! It's awful in every way.
  11. How do I not understand basic spelling?
  12. A candidate that doesn't even understand basic economics... How can he run a country?!
  13. Check this out, looks pretty cool:
  14. Hey everybody, My name's JudgeGreg (Greg), which has been my gaming name for my whole gaming lifetime. Where did I get the name from? Am I a judge? No, I actually got it from watching Judge Judy one day, I thought.. I need a gamer name - that's what I'll do Just add Greg About Myself: For starters, my number one hobby is flying- I can fly the Grob 115 and Cessna 152 solo. I also have hours on the Piper Warrior PA-28. I'm also a glider pilot, having flown the 'Schleicher ASK 21', 'Slingsby T.21', 'SZD-50 Puchacz' and 'Diamond HK36 Super Dimona' My second best hobby is shooting - having spent a large amount of time in the USA (4.5 months) over the last year, I did plenty of shooting. I shot weapons such as an SKS, M1 Garrand, M1911, Browning High Power and much much more. I am a Republican Party Member who 100% supports Trump and Pence, and a registered Conservative Party Member, who loves Theresa May. My loving for the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II is without question. I am obsessed with WWII and Cold War History - You will find me exploring abandoned Cold War bunkers, WWII Gun Emplacements, and frequently visiting many museums both here in the UK and France. I am an avid photographer, mostly of aircraft but occasionally land marks. Here is a selection of some of my favorites:
  15. Very to the point, I like it. Stay away from Tom and Crossy though.

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