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  1. @MarshallYou need to cross off the ""Trump will never build the wall" "Trump will never deport the illegals" But add "Trump will destroy ISIS"
  2. Thanks @Marshall - Just an idea for the future. Also, may be a private jet Couldn't you import the specific files into the mission file - so when you enter the server it all automatically loads?
  3. Is there any chance real vehicle models could be put in game? I'm not a fan of ArmA cars, and I guess many people aren't either. This will enhance roleplay and make people work for something more.
  4. No, but we can expect @Tomand his family to be on "The real housewives of Liberals"!
  5. A great and central location for a shop. This should most certainly be put in !! Good spot 'Liberal @Tom'
  6. Happy New Year!!! Who wrote those for you @Eagle Eye;)
  7. This will definitely promote cooperation throughout the community, as well as give British Borders more publicity through social media platforms etc. Great Idea @Shaun
  8. I am so thrilled this has arrived! Great Video
  9. holster

    I 100% agree that this is essential for all factions. It will enhance Roleplay as stated previously!
  10. You're a beautiful singer.. ;) 


  11. @CadoI think you smash it
  12. @Cado- Please delete this thread, or lock it, due to it being inconclusive and un-needed now, if you can thanks
  13. Ok, don't worry about ACRE or TFAR! Updated Mod List!

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