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  1. Played this game on and off for years. Finished worlds in the #1 tribe multiple times. Very time consuming. Love the speed rounds though. I would honestly love to play this again when a fresh, new world comes out.
  2. Glad to see that the beginning of the factions will be taken seriously. I hope all the factions do well from the start right up until the end. Good luck to all the factions! Will be good fun! Bring on Arma 3. ~Ant
  3. 13 like always. ~Ant
  4. Confirmed by Aron. We're close... too close. ~Ant
  5. Ah damn, sorry to hear this. The faction is definitely not closed. I'll see if someone can look at it asap. Sorry ;( ~Ant
  6. As someone who wants to make role play the best it can possibly be, I'll disagree with you on parts. Firstly, the idea of the bodycams, like I said above, is great but realistically it's not going to work. I like the idea of a "click and play" server and saying "sure, you can play but if you want to win court cases then download this this and this" we might aswell have a modded server (which is a terrible idea.) I will disagree that the court system is a waste of time. I think it's a great idea especially on a new server and a community that has had a court system. I love the idea of enhancing that role play to a new level. If people want to go out of the way for a court hearing then let them. That's the fun! Court is optional. I think the role of a Lawyer is amazing. Once again, it enhances role play. We want to bring as many roles to the game as possible. We see people setting up mining companies, law firms, etc. Why restrict role play possibilities? I understand some people will disagree with me on points, especially the recording point, and I am trying to actively think of alternatives that will produce quality role play in game. ~Ant
  7. I agree that it shouldn't be directly accessed for use of evidence. I do believe there should be a system in which we can collect things such as gun residue and such. I know we will be having an evidence locker at some point and it has the possibility of being stolen from. If we have this evidence we can use, why do we need videos? If we have videos of the person doing it, it would negate any use of evidence that we may have. Just think what's best. Everyone can collect evidence or not everyone can record. Collecting evidence gives the Police another role. It intensifies role play and makes it better. ~Ant
  8. Ok. Teamspeak is "Required" for Factions though. As stated in the rules, I don't have to upload video evidence unless I choose to record it. I just don't think it's the best. As I said, I'll oblige to the rule. ~Ant
  9. Thanks for the information @Maverick . I just don't think it's very good role play to tab out of the game. I understand the long range because that's gameplay inside the game. Tabbing out, however, is not. I'm not going to disregard a rule, but I don't agree with it. ~Ant
  10. Once again, I think uploading things to YouTube for in game role play is not considered role play. There is a little sequence here. The crime is committed. How do you know that crime will go to court? If it's going to court, did you have enough time to capture the recording? If not then tough luck. If yes then how long will it take to upload to YouTube? Court in 30 minutes? It'll take an hour to upload. Is it fair? No. It's not a fair system. The idea behind the body cams originally was to have a fair system that everyone could have used. ~Ant
  11. Ok. The evidence is evidence. I'm not tabbing out to view evidence. We will be having evidence lockers so that we can collect evidence from crime scenes and use it in court. People will be able to steal from them (won't come into effect straight away.) We will be using the evidence gathered, this will prevent external use. As for the rest of the post, I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't understand it. If you're going to debate with me on a subject, please give me some sort of indication at what you're hinting at and back it up. You've backed none of your statements up with any reasonable evidence which leads me to believe it's not true. Once again, if you're going to give people an unfair advantage based on their PC and internet speeds then I won't be participating in that however controversial that is. ~Ant
  12. The thing is, lying in support cases is a bit more extreme than lying in a court case. Sure, I made that situation up with a sniper. It's a one off and probably won't differ. The only thing that will differ is that if you're tabbed out then he can kill more than one. If you're tabbed in when someone gets shot you're going to run like mad. A bit of a difference. Since when was tabbing outside of the game and throwing a youtube link role play? The thing is with court cases in Arma 2 is that it wasn't a developed system and people hated them. In Arma 3, we want to make them enjoyable. Tabbing out is not enjoyable. If you are all for giving people who can record a win every time then go for it. Personally, it's not fair to the others. You're blatantly giving other people an advantage, which is wrong. You've proven that in Arma 2, the best story won even when video evidence is shown. So why do it if it has been proved not to work? I'm definitely not clutching straws. I won't be participating in this "role play" of tabbing out viewing youtube links. My role play experience happens in game and stays in game. ~Ant
  13. Sure. Not all court cases are going to have security. What's to stop a sniper? They can shoot through at 600m or more. Security won't stop that. I still don't think it would be amazing at the court. As I said above, support cases. Maybe they will implement such a system where we can see footage on an in game television. Who knows? Probably not though. If you cannot record then I hope you enjoy losing every court case. Hope that's fair. ~Ant
  14. Sure, we are here for realism but we are also trying to be fair. It's like starting a football match 3 goals behind. I just think the idea of tabbing out of game to view footage is totally against RP. Role play should stay in the game. I'll be looking forward to the day where you are showing your footage to the judge and you all watch it together then you tab back in 3 minutes later and you're all dead. Cannot wait. At that point, you'll moan. Until that happens then you won't. The idea of this was to use something that everyone can use ( in this case body cams) and if they aren't being implemented then methods similar shouldn't be used. This is going off-topic. Keeping to the idea of body cams. It's a good idea on paper but is literally impossible for the server to implement. ~Ant
  15. Sure. Ok. Again, I didn't say you should not have it at all. Of course, it can be optional, but as stated above, not all people have the recording capabilities and the upload speed to record it to youtube. That also brings the point of, we are being slightly biased towards them people. The ones who cannot do that. Screenshots are something everyone can take and that's cool, but the video is different. I am all for people recording videos for support cases and things like that, but for court cases, it would provide an unfair advantage (i guess) for people who can record and would not work as the people who cannot record/upload wouldn't be getting equal treatment. Also, tabbing out totally ruins the RP element. You're not in the game. Also, anything can happen whilst tabbed out. The court will most likely not be a safe zone. ~Ant

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