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  1. Life is Feudal:MMO

    Honestly, looks good. However, it just seems to be poorly made. Animations don't really look good, the concept is simple but probably means there won't be much to do and the grind will be horrendous. I've recently got back into archeage and I know people scream that it is pay to win. It is. But I'd love to get a group of people and just level, make a nice housing community and enjoy the game. Do fishing and exploration togethor. Maybe that can happen one day. ~Ant
  2. Viper

    Hey. Names familiar. First off, you deserve to rot in the ground for that pun (no pun intended) Good to see you though. I hope you will enjoy it back here. I drink my life away and game. Best of both worlds! See you on the island! ~Ant
  3. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    *places hands together* Goooood. Overall there are loads of ideas and it's really good to see what could happen. Personally, I would love it if the governor set the budget and the faction then played on that budget. ~Ant
  4. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    It is going to be tricky to monitor who buys what and I think that a spreadsheet will be a poor idea. I believe it is up to the faction leadership to monitor this whilst they are online. Obviously they won't be online all the time but I assume there will be others who are supporting a factions growth. I think you will recognise the people who are abusing the stock system and I am sure they will be punished. I know that I am in the process of putting out a forum post on The Border Force headquarters about this and should be available tomorrow. It is an interesting topic and requires much discussion to find a viable solution. ~Ant
  5. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    I like the idea but this will be implemented once the Government system is introduced. We will get a set budget and won't be able to overspend. The government will be able to budget us. I know at the start it's pretty strong that we "theoretically" could take out 10 choppers. I know for a fact that for The Border Force we will not be doing that. We will be micromanaging everything we buy in preparation for the government system. I can assure you of that. I hope the other factions will take after The Border Force in restricting vehicles and weaponry to only have them when necessary and not as a vanity item. ~Ant
  6. Hobbies?

    I literally work and play games when I can. I like to focus on my job a lot as it's something I enjoy and gives me motivation to do anything. I would like to get into Airsoft/Paintball on a regular basis but there is literally no where good near me and not many people live around me (friend-wise) due to university. ~Ant
  7. Gardner - Introduction

    Hey. Welcome buddy. After being here on and off for a long time I can say it's a great place to be. I really hope you enjoy it here! ~Ant
  8. Stranger Things - Your Thoughts?

    I've seen people talk about it. It sounds really good but never watched. I am watching a lot but i'm coming to the point where I am finishing things. This is going to be next. ~Ant
  9. IDAP Deliveries

    Maybe this could also be tied in with the idea or weapon/vehicle manufacturing in which you create a vehicle/weapons then you either get a mini package you hold or the physical weapons to transport to maybe a seller? ~Ant
  10. IDAP Deliveries

    See, I know a lot of servers who do the "delivery" missions. These are normally supplies you don't know and it's just a pickup and delivery. I'd love it, when playing as civ, that you can do this and support smaller towns which aid. This could also include cross-water trades? ~Ant
  11. The Twurkey

    Saw this on facebook today just after I clicked the link here. Interesting. ~Ant
  12. Remedy - Introduction

    Welcome. Used to live in Warrington like 17 years ago. Also used to work in Tesco. I've seen you have some good suggestions on improving the community and we always welcome that. If you ever want to talk, just let me know. Join my Patron channel whenever and come chat. ~Ant
  13. Sandline Defense Group© (PMC)

    This is actually really great. As said above, this is definitely competition for Blackwatch. Even as a new member of the community, it's great to see people preparing. Can't wait to work alongside. ~Ant
  14. Police Engagement Rule Feedback

    I understand that you are expecting other people to "make" the rules/laws. As said before, Maverick believes this is a healthy discussion meaning that all answers are viable. The solution is somewhere in here or yet to come. There will be no Rules or laws that are perfect. What makes a good rule/law is the ability for it to be high impacting whilst causing the least amount of tension. Simply put, there are more positives than negatives. Give a viable suggestion backed up by points and potentially evidence without actually anyone pinpointing individual people or their ideas in a negative way. ~Ant
  15. Police Engagement Rule Feedback

    I think that if there is a shootout and we have people firing shots, I think the Police have all the rights to stun and restrain anyone attempting to end the life of another even without them having the "chance" to engage. No one is going to shoot down a chopper if there is the "slightest" chance of them having to pay comp. Firstly, If you disable the chopper and someone dies then don't expect to compensate. I'd be expecting an RDM ban, especially if it happens multiple times. Next, It's not promoting the "shoot on sight" mentality. You will need to role play but realistically if you, as a Police Officer, can get to the 6 of a criminal and stop them, then that is going to be the effective way. You need to also communicate with them. If you are in a gunfight and both people are behind the wall then you can talk to see if they will surrender. If you are multiple people then most likely they will (I'm sure there is something in the rules that if you are outnumbered then you can't just shoot to get shot yourself as it's fail RP). This is something aswell I wanted to comment on. We have a long discussion a while ago about the use of recording software for evidence. I, personally, was against it as some people's PC's can handle it better than others. This is where I think recording software should be used. You can use NVIDIA shadowplay to record in the background and when you want to clip something then simply press 1 button and the last x amount of minutes is recorded and saved. There is your evidence. If you don't do it and/or refuse then most likely that is because you're lying. Same thing will happen in the court system. Video evidence will be used. I'd expect to use it a lot. All in all, it comes down to how much RP people want to partake in. If they don't want to appreciate the role play then you will notice they either lose interest to the server or get banned. If they do indulge in role play then they will be the ones who stay and make this community great. Top tip of the day (And I hate saying it) : Always record ~Ant

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