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  1. Some pictures from my work..

    just go to options and enable 'colorblind' mode, you'll be alright:)
  2. SUGGESTION - Using First Person Only

    There might be a solution to keep both 3rd and 1st person. A while ago i played on another arma 3 life server. on there if a gunshot was fired, everyone within a 300 meter area would be forced to 1st person for atleast a minute (the longer the firefight lasts, the longer you will have to use 1st person). However i do not know if this is possible to recreate without using mods, it would be something to look into. This way combat situations will be played out in 1st person, while everything else, (such as driving, flying and recource gathering) needs the 3rd person view in order to work at its best. hopefully something like this can be implemented to keep both 1st and 3rd person fans happy
  3. Development News Tanoa Life Beta 1.1 Now Released

    as stated before, public release SHOULD happen once most bugs and glitches have been resolved
  4. Tanoa Adventure Starting Here...

    Had so much fun, eventhough supplies weren't working properly yet, just exploring the variety of things to do was pretty cool. Finding the wierdest bugs on the way, such as @Adam Parkergrabbing and running off with me as a medic:)
  5. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    as Maverick stated earlier in the " Private Beta Access Changes " post, it will most likely be a password to the server
  6. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    ONLY twice a day?, thats not enough for me!:D
  7. Whats your aim in THS?

    My aim at release will be first response, but after some further development my interests are with the Mechanic part of the server.
  8. i don't think the van is fast enough to take part in a police chase.
  9. That is amazing. this will add so much more RP to the game, for example you having to open the doors before a prisoner can get into the vehicle, and they cant get out without you opening the doors. Great job on the vehicle skin aswell, (you might have to make one for me soon aswell )
  10. Is there an option to open the side and back doors (outside of the editor)?, if so, will that also be the case for any other van?
  11. An adventure in GTA 5

    grow a pair of wings, you'll fly even further!
  12. Important Announcement Ban History - A Fresh Start

    @Maverickdoes this also count for players who have recieved community bans?
  13. Tanoa Life - Choose Your Faction!

    i will once again be working the medical services:)

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