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  1. Remove Like Button

    I don't really see where the issue is. An upvote is supporting someone's constructive message, a like is you enjoying that comment. e.g. Someone makes a constructed comment on a discussion, I might not agree at all with how he sees things, but I can still encourage his time spent to write a lengthy contributing opinion on a certain issue: i'll like it. That's obviously how I use it, but I think there are differences between them. --- I don't know why the downvote button is here though, it's harsh and only adds nuisances between eachother. Downvoting should only really be used when someone is really being an asshole, outright offending others or promoting server rule breaches, and sorts. And those things should just be reported. If you want to downvote someone's opinion, atleast have the balls to speak up! To give you an example of what another forum uses: Only positive things to choose from, which greatly boosts the overall enjoyment of the forums, because tbh I hate the downvote button
  2. Green zone spawn camping

    I think the green zone should even be a block or 2 big, it kinda makes the honest civilian look like cattle, staying in a small open area with limited amount of places to run. I don't recall it fully on Arma 2, but I think the entire city of Nagara was a spawn point, like 75x75m or even 100x100m. In the unfortunate chance of this spawn camping happening, the civilian is then atleast able to move out of sight and leave the green zone in a safer area. Now that I think of it: on Arma 2, you were able to withdraw money, buy a car, and basic store items before leaving the green zone. This gives the civilian enough possibilities to safely start. Maybe that's a thing to work towards to: Switching high end car dealership with low end, and increase the green zone so it embodies the initial spawn area, the low end dealership, and 1 ATM.
  3. Night Vision Control

    The issue with limiting NVG is the fact that you give such a big handicap to anyone who wouldn't be able to use it. Limiting it for civs would cause such a disadvantage for them, especially because you have a big % of cops right now being specialised, but still helping out on patrols. I do know that it adds to the immersion if you drive around with your headlights only, and you could lose a cop during a chase because of him not having NVG, but the item just gives you such a big advantage over someone who hasn't got it, that I don't think we should limit it any more
  4. Custom PC Sites

    Also check out the big German retailer MIFCOM, they have a vast number of preset desktop configurations which you can tweak with a lot of upgrades or downgrades for each component, and they have a big amount of options for every part of your desktop. Just as PCpartpicker, it will only display compatible stuff and also give you warning if you do something wrong. You can use the website to actually config and buy your desktop and it will be fully assembled and shipped to you ready to use with all drivers, or you can use the shopping list to buy the parts yourself and build it on your own
  5. The Map is a Mess.

    Given the fact that Georgetown is like the capital of the map, it's only logical that there is also an office/embassy where you can get your passport in the city itself, just like actual capital cities around the world.
  6. People Complaining about Police RP

    Instead of trying to win over another with throwing in as much bad RP examples as you can, how about we actually read what others are telling about whatever side you're on, and improve your part first based on the feedback that we've all gotten in the last couple of days. The best way to improve is to do it from the inside out, be it cops, border force or civilian. We'll all gain from that
  7. Border Force is to serious

    What's the use of the police force then? I don't think speeding tickets are a reason that the border force is allowed to detain/transport someone to a police HQ. In real life, you don't get detained for speeding tickets as well. The border force should contact the police, but wouldn't be allowed to hold a civilian with them for like a max. of 15 minutes. Speeding tickets are not that important
  8. Didn't find an existing thread where we could show off things that happened while playing on BB Tanoa, so here goes! India-99 transporting two armed response officers, tasked with stopping a suspect robber fleeing the scene on a jetski.
  9. Few Suggestions

    I also spent a lot of time manually selecting gear and what I would've loved having was a preset loadout (a suggestion that maybe is faster to implement than a cart system). Similar to the arma arsenal functionality, where you can select a previously saved loadout. When looking at the police force, a basic patrol officer loadout with the correct weapon and magazines, and a couple of basic items, all under one button.
  10. Name On Player Heads

    We had that in arma2, but it was widely used in a way it shouldn't: people were arrested on the spot because police saw their name on top of their character. So both ways have their benefits and downsides. What could be a possiiblity, but i'm unsure of the implementation of it; i've seen other servers where civs had numbers instead of name, possibly their GUID or a generated number. This could then be used to track the actual player in support cases
  11. Before I make a bug ticket, i'd like to just ask other civilians if they encountered the same issues, as i've had this issue back in beta, I remember reporting it but I can't find if there was any solution to it. - Buying an atv at the low end dealership spawns the vehicle, but it seems to be stuck in the ground. I can only go forward/backward in a very slow pace. A police officer was able to drive the vehicle fine. - The impound lot, does it work? the same officer impounded the vehicle but it never showed up in the impound lot. What I did see was that it looked like "Impound Lot" was listed in the "vehicle list" and I could click the Retrieve button, but that obviously didn't work.
  12. Gazmask

    Well I wasn't planning on ever making one of these, but as I noticed this post would be the 1000th one in this Introduction subforum, it HAD to be a good one! Imagine your bed room as the British Borders community, and a couple of years ago you somehow made a stain on the wall, and as the years passed, you kinda got used to that stain being there but you'll still sometimes notice it. That's me! Somewhere in January 2014, I watched the Lirik guy streaming ARMA2, on a server called BB. I always thought this was some milsim game, but then I saw all kinds of people roleplaying as crooks, cops and blueberries. I wanted to see more of that stuff instead of that streamer guy bending the rules, so I bought the game the day after and straight up joined BB. Memorable first 15 minutes on the server: I loaded up as UN, no fucking clue what to do, somehow managed to get to the central checkpoint. We were getting over run by annoying civilians and I respawned after getting killed. I came back to the checkpoint, only to see some loud talking guy in military drafts with a gun out, pointing at my fellow blue hatted friends. No more, I thought! I ended the threat quickly with the power of my trusty UAZ, only to read this message in chat moments later: [BB] Maverick: WHO JUST RAN ME OVER AT THE BORDER? Seconds later, a ban message "Idiot/mav". Clueless what to do, I awkwardly installed TeamSpeak, joined the server and got dragged in a support room. I don't remember who helped me that time, but the amazed "Ohhhh.." response when I told him a guy called "mav" banned me, was memorable. Scared shitless, I somehow managed to stutter my explanation of things, @Maverickjoined the channel as well and we resolved the issue, regaining access to the server. The way things were dealt in that room, somehow added to everything, and ever since that day, BB became my daily home for over 2 years. See you at launch!
  13. Gang & Company TS Icon/Tags

    As others already mentioned, there is a lot of work in creating the icons, uploading them, managing them. Definitely not something for temporary gangs. Although this could be something used to reward long standing gangs? Giving it a time period, if a gang would surpass the 6 (just a number rn) month mark, they could apply for that tag. This both increases the motivation of gang members to stick together for a longer period of time, as well as making sure the teamspeak developers don't waste their time on tags that will not be used
  14. Proxy and the boys are coming for BB

    Isn't AZA one of those gangs on grand theft arma?
  15. Thanks for the updated version. Is it also possible to supply a google doc version? It has more interactive functions than the current online PDF, such as a table of contents which is clickable to quickly move to the correct paragraphs or sub titles and/or fines. e.g.:

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