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  1. VDM Allowed for MRAPs

    Sure@AlexB! With the current implementation of the VDM rule you are allowed as a driver of a vehicle to ram your vehicle against someone else his vehicle with the attempt to disable or stop the vehicle. One can see this being used in a chase to try and stop the vehicle or to box him in. Only in the situation that you are trying to use your vehicle to blow the other vehicle up is it classed as VDM. See this as driving into a stationary vehicle or ram a vehicle head-first into a building. The second bit I was referring was plainly hitting a person who is not in a vehicle is classed as VDM with the exception of one situation, which is when you as the driver of the vehicle are in immidiate danger. An example for this is when your car cant go in any other direction other than the threat. In that situation it is allowed to try to escape by going through the threat, which can be a person.
  2. VDM Allowed for MRAPs

    Just a clearification. Using your car to intentionally blow up the car of the person you are hitting is classed as VDM. You are allowed to use your car to try to disable another person's car. Also plainly hitting a person is also classed as VDM.
  3. Shooting out players from vehicles

    I personally don't really agree with you @AlexB. On our previous Arma 2 Takistan Life server we had the same rules as stated above, that a vehicle was not allowed to be shot at unless the life of the individual was in immediate danger. This included the police officers and therefore it was not allowed to shoot a moving vehicle that was escaping. This forced the police force to use other means of trying to get the person to stop like ramming, spike stripes, boxing, funneling. Your point in the situation for them using trucks I also disagree with, given the fact the police force can do the exact some thing as they can against normal cars and even a bit better. The person in the truck has to stick to the roads or else he will go below 20 which will give the police force more chance of gaining an advantage.
  4. Housing

    It is currently in the game but deactivated due to a couple of issues with it. The issues are not big, but other things needed to be addressed before we can start to fix the property system. Expect it soon after we find ourselves in a more stable position mission wise.
  5. Few Suggestions

    Some good suggestions you have there. There will definitely be a cart like system for the shop system, but that will be part of a future overhaul for the shop system in general. This suggestion is also more in line with the suggestions you made about the shop system and will be taken with when going forward. Names will be disabled if they cause said effect, but in the future the tag will then change to a vehicle tag showing who is driving it. Again only for the faction members that will then be visible.
  6. Statistics, Mobile Signal and Dispatch

    I very much like this idea of gathering faction specific information about the actions and performance of a individual faction member. Though remember that there will be never a system in place that will tell a faction member that officer X has made this many arrest and therefore is up for promotion. The faction leader itself will only use said information to make a better judgement. I'm not neccessarily sure if the same should be done for the civilians and having that information then publicly available for everyone to see. For example a list of all the people that often find themselves wanted for high severity crimes. There are plans for a reputation system later down the line that will give you the ability to choice your playstyle and the game itself will percieve you different because of your actions. To also answer the 'can it be down' question, YES, it can be done. It is something that we are going to need in place later down the line because the advanced medic system is also going to need to know this information. It will be a very cool feature on itself, but the question remains if it would inhibit your possibilities of being rescued too much. Tanoa is mainly jungle so how will this then work? Will you have no reception on most of the island? The implementation of this feature has the possibility of becoming very resource intensive and with so many features also planned it is a valid point of discussion. I do like to hear more of this from everyone so please feel free to comment.
  7. How would terrorism work?

    @_Tom_I understand that what I wrote might be taken in the way you did, but I do need to clarify one thing. Terrorism itself is an aspect of violence + politics as you described. That being said it is not something where a system needs to be in place to accomodate that besides the government system. That leaves just the common discussion with eachother for it to solidify as a community formed aspect of our mission file and I believe that is what would make it ultimately a better balance. I'm not hear claiming that the mission will go out half-baked with content that wasn't discussed properly with both you, the community and ofcourse internally. Therefore I state that this aspect of the mission file is still open for discussion. We want to make it right so please allow us to open up to you.
  8. How would terrorism work?

    Killing people with probable cause is and always will be RDM as it clearly states in the name. One also needs to take into account the difference in the story between Takistan and Tanoa. Takistan was a war torn country where everyone and everything was poor and poorly made. Conflict was bound to happen over the littlest of things so terrorism in that regards was a bit more free. Tanoa is a well developed and well established country where all the conflict will be over political disagreements, cooperative disputes or personal matters. Terrorism on Tanoa will be more like a extreme right political party doing coordinated strikes on those they deem unworthy of life or success, which is completely different than what it would have looked like in Takistan. How terrorism in Tanoa will occur hasn't been fully thought through yet, but this will be the core of it's fundamentals I believe, but correct me if you feel I'm wrong!
  9. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    I really like the idea's floating around here! I can shed some light on how we had it planned, though keep in mind that what I'm about to say is not final and given enough feedback and good arguments like in this thread can be shifted towards a more suitable system. The government will be in charge of all spendings of the state and, given the fact that factions are in essence public services, will be responsible for the budget of the factions. There will be a range of vehicles and equipment for the faction that will not be limited by budget and these vehicles will mainly be the cheaper resources. The rest of the vehicles and equipment are being limited by the budget that the governor has placed on that faction. Discussions are currently about whether or not the governor himself is also in charge where to spend that budget on in regards to vehicles and equipment. Will he solely state this is the budget and will a specific person in the faction then decide what to spend it on in regards to restocking of resources OR will the governor himself do that? In regards to finding out the abusers in the system. We will keep a log of all the relevant interactions within the server (read: purchases, transactions etc.) in order to further balance the mission. This can be extended in the future for the faction leaders to have insight in their servants purchases on this budget. One should be mindful about the fact that as a police officer what you get out of the armory is free for you, though it did cost the faction a lot of money to have it available for you in that instant. You losing that equipment due to some unforeseen circumstance will cost your faction money it could have spend on other resources. In regards to the scenario where gangs have enough resources to cripple the police force, there is a counter argument to that. Think about the following scenario. A lot of gangs constantly destroy equipment of the police force which undoubtably cost a lot of budget to restock. Because the governor has to keep the public services running at minimum at least he has to spend a lot of his resources to the police force budget which in turn will run state funding dry. This will give him little to no options to raise taxes and other means to replenish his fundings which also in turn will hurt those gangs as well. So for those gangs it is not worthwhile to commit to destroying those equipment because in the long run they will bite the dust. I'm really keen on what you think about this scenario and proposed system. Feel free to comment on this with counterarguments or hatemails (please don't...) because this system will be vital to the success of the mission!
  10. Town Prosperity & Overall Economy

    I do really like the idea's floating around here. Some of you imply that when they take up the role of Governor they are going to make it a paradise for drugdealers and cripple the police for that, but also think we want it to be fun for the public services as well. What would you guys see as a good middle ground for that matter?
  11. Court Suggestion/Idea

    As much as your suggestion brings the whole court system closer to reality, we do have to keep in mind the limited player count on the server and the fact that all of the judges, not taken into account which court they serve, will not be on at all times. I'm torn in regards to this suggestion, because I personally see no real benefit into splitting them up. We're aiming for a very broad spectrum of possible role-play and in such the amount of stuff that can be settled in court will likely also increase because of it. Nevertheless, I predict the majority of those cases will still be criminal cases and having a judge on at that time with little to nothing to do, because he is a judge in another field, whilst his college is doing overtime, is not something I advocate or would deem wise. Let me know what you think@Jack Webber
  12. Cartels

    I fully understand the needs of other people to use the guns they bought, but what I disagree with is how to satisfy that for them. Of course every RP Life community out there is trying to gather an as broad as possible audience for there server and many servers tend to provide something to do for everyone. They are all based on Arma and Arma in itself is a military simulator so what you suggest makes perfect sense as to why limit that core foundation of the game? What I believe that will hopefully makes us be apart of all the others is to how we satisfy the hunger for those in need of having something to use their guns for. Of course you can threaten and rob any person on the server and in doing so having your gun be of actual use, but designating areas around the map where you can shoot without question is not something I would want. I personally don't see a reason of making something so others wont break rules.
  13. Cartels

    As much as I understand that people love combat to a certain extend, I'm torn in regards to what you suggest. Basically you suggest we develop a system that would give the trigger happy people something to do on the server, so that they don't break the rules, which is similar to giving a foul dog a bone so he doesn't bite people. In both cases you're just treating a symptom without trying to cure the cause. I truly believe if you can't think of a meaningful spending of time and enjoyment in engagements other than wanting to kill people, a RP life server may not be the place for you to be. This I am not aiming towards you @Cameronor that you make me thing you are like that, but in a broader sense that we don't want a community like that nor a server that accommodates that type of behavior. I believe more in creating role playable scenarios that will accommodate such levels of interaction and of course room for firefights. We all would want to be able to shoot the gun we buy, but giving people the room to do that on DM zones is what I believe not the best solution.
  14. THS Healing System

    Hey @ilan3101! That is a great suggestion I totally agree with above! As@Chazrightfully pointed out a very basic and placeholder system is currently in place that will do the job until we fully developed and implemented the end game system for the medics. The current system will work something like this: As soon as an individual receives a lethal amount of damage or reaches that lethal threshold, the person will go unconscious. At this moment it does not take into account the different limps that are affected just to global damage. When unconscious all the medics are notified of that occurrence via a marker and a message. Once they arrive they are given a option to either drag or revive. Once revived the person in question is good to go. I understand, given the depth of your suggestion, this will not satisfy your view on the medic system but we have a whole immersive and realistic system planned for the medic system that will go into development after the launch. The full details of it aren't set in stone yet but it will be roughly the following: As you stated yourself the system will revolve around different types of injury on the different limps. Think about grace, bullet, fracture and a couple more I cant think of. Every injury will impact your blood level (which won't be a visible factor for any of the players but a behind the scenes factor) and in such will affect your heart rate and blood pressure. These parameters a medic can read out and in accordance to those parameters, can get a rough healthiness of the patient (high heart-rate and low blood pressure means lots of blood lost). Treating a specific injury with the wrong medicines or actions will result in consequences that the patient will not appreciate to say the least. Multiple of these parameters can be read out by using the right equipment. As you said yourself if too much is happening to the patient the patient will go in tachycardia and eventually flat line. Defibrillators will give you some chance of getting the patient back and will act as items in your medic arsenal. After the patient has been successfully stabilized on the field he/she needs to be transferred to the hospital for full recovery. Hope this satisfies it a bit more. Feel free to comment on this concept or where you see room for adjustments. We'd rather know them now then half-way into development.
  15. Official Update

    That would be a great idea! Only issue to that would be that we're currently in the last sprint towards the actual patch and we've nailed down almost all of the major blockers that are currently in the build. The bring a whole update thread up for just this would be a bit too much, but I definitely support said idea for when the patch hits live!

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