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  1. New Police Display - On Patrol

    Dispatcher: I guess it's very hard to implement a dispatcher role within this game. It is possible but if we want to do so we need the following things in my opinion for the dispatcher: - Map with GPS location of every police vehicle - All emergency calls pops up for the dispatcher and he will be able to divide these calls to the closest unit - Every patrol unit needs their own callsign based on their division within the police faction AND their rank By adding this it will be possible for a dispatcher to add more structure to the units, he will keep an overview and will add more roleplay. CC: I agree with Shaun, CC's only responsibility is to manage the relations of the Police Force with other VIP's and the general public and should have overall situational command Command Support Officer: In my eyes not needed as we can use higher ranking officers to deal with delicate situations aswell.
  2. Police force all the way!
  3. Tanoa Life - Jail Poll

    I really support a Jail Persistence System (Disconnecting Allowed) if the system stores the remaining jail time. But in my opnion the maximum jail time of 18 minutes like it was on Arma 2 is enough and shouldn't be higher. Serving a jail time of 35 - 40 minutes is way too long. A lot of people can't play many hours on the server each day if they have to stay in jail for half their gaming time because they got caught the day before, that's a bit too much for me.
  4. Player menu

    I understand you view on adding more roleplay to the game. On the other side, if it's possible to impersonate police officers, thing will get very complicated and hard. Suggestions on adding more RP to the game are great but keep the limits of the game in mind. It should still be a playable environment for every faction.
  5. Show your interest in which whitelisted faction you are willing to join on the Tanoa Life server!
  6. Police Department - Free / Free / Free

    @Shaunyou got a point. As a police we are in the advangtage when it comes to gear, vehicles, items, weapon,... But in real life this is the same. The downside is that a Police force is outnumbered and always one step behind. If the Police Force works good and efficient it will be hard for civilians to do criminal activities. But that's just how it works. The map is big enough, officers can't be everywhere, even when they have a helicopter in the air. If it's hard for someone to complete their illegal activities it should reward them with a lot of money. Low supply will make the price rise so high risk, high reward in my opinion.
  7. Professions

    Truck driver: Deliver cargo from one place to another. You earn reputation and money for each cargo delivered. The higher your reputation, the more valuable your cargo is. People can steal it from you so high value cargo is a big risk but high risk gives high reward. With valuable cargo driving around, drivers will be more likely to hire PMC to protect their cargo
  8. Police Department - Free / Free / Free

    Good point eye! I agree on this. You could work with a system where it spawns vehicles and items depending on the amount of officers online. For example 1 car for each officer and the system spawns a new vehicle every 10 minutes for example. With this system officers will take care of their goods like you said eye.
  9. Can you imagine, you're going to work as a Police officer and you need to buy your own clothes, cars and weapons? OF COURSE NOT The police department provides every officer with the correct uniform, weapons and vehicles. This should be the same in Tanoa. The idea: Make all items free for police officers! They go on duty, take their weapon(s), pick the correct uniform, get some extra items, get in their vehicle and start their job as an officer and this without paying anything. This system ensures that every officer is geared and a real threat to criminals. Create a system where officers with a higher rank have access to more items, weapons and vehicles EXAMPLE: Police constable will be able to patrol in a slower police vehicle and a common pistol. A police commander has access to more items, faster cars and better weapons (i.e. M4A1). Benefits of this system: Encourage officers to grow within the faction to get access to more items Officers are well geared You don't need to spend your money on gear

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