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  1. Whatcha drinking there lol
  2. @StevennIm assuming we are doing it the same as in the past You commit a crime you are arrested. The criminal can choose to go to court but he serves his time and if he wins the court case he is compensated for the time and steams he lost during the case by the court or whoever pays that what tended to happen. The Court has already been decided Just let it be.Unless when we get in the game and it turns out to fail we scratch and start a new system to work towards perfection. And your point about some people having better rigs If that's the Case well everyone we better start playing on low setting since some people rigs are better than others. "Of course it would be mandatory in terms of RP, doesn't mean your accused are ever gonna show up if you make them wait for 15+ minutes while evidence is prepared, let them walk free and they'll go into hiding - making your perpetration worthless and a waste of your time" to your point about them walking free It's usually the convicted who ask for the court case so if he wants compensation then he better show up if not Welp he gets nothing.
  3. If we are here for realism then If one person can and one person cant that shouldn't make it so people cant use a video just because little Jimmy can't record like big Jimmy can. Like I said If you can record You should every right to use that in court if you can't welp better luck next case shouldn't try and lie in court. Someone using video simply shows the truth if you have a issue with someone using video then you are most likely lying and don't want the truth to be told.
  4. @Ant So far I don't agree with any points you have made (just stating put the knife away). If a player wishes to record their gameplay and upload it to youtube and present it to the judge as evidence then should have all right to do so. The server would still be click and play because they are not being forced to record, IT IS THEIR OPTION. If you record and the person accusing you or vice versa says he pulled a gun and your body cam or GoPro footage shows you never had a weapon out, maybe you didn't even own one then you just won the case and the person with the good storying telling just lost the case. to sum it Up the judge and anyone else who wishes to see the video would be able to they should just need to go to youtube or click on a link and there they have a video and them not being in game you are still in an in game TS channel so I don't see the issue you would still be rping in a rp environment just tabbed out.
  5. They said there would be on their discord They slipped it out while everyone was complaining about the DLC price
  6. So do you mean if its like apex that you need to buy the DLC to join the server it won't be used?
  7. There is new faction coming to Arma 3 with the upcoming DLC It is a humanitarian faction adding new clothes new van with multiple varients including an Ambulance. https://arma3.com/dlc/lawsofwar with this new addition, You can also make a custom pamphlet and use a drone to drop them around the map while flying ( someone might find a use for this )
  8. I'm here for the free Cookies
  9. https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2?ec=-3.88&soc=1.54
  10. From what I have heard many of the Donators don't play on the server because they just want other people to play with. Let's be honest Most of us know its boring to play an RP game with 10 people on a map as big as tanoa. Anyway, It's next to impossible to have a perfect server I simply think the server should be released as long as there is no game breaking bugs like flying cars. The more people we have on the quicker you can find a bug and also stress test the server at the same time. (this pic is about unperfect server) @Victory I'm just responding to your comment here to keep my comments together........... Anyway, the donator part I'm talking about are the ones I know. Like I stated some donators, not all I also other than game breaking Bugs I know you can't release a server with them I helped manage a server for 2 years so I sort of see from two views (player/mangement) I say sort of because they are two different group of players. I'm tired so my bad on grammar I may fix them in the morning
  11. 6 pm But I have to still unpack from moving so more like 7 or 8
  12. BB doesn't use mods

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