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  1. Alright Buttercup
  2. I would love to zues mission I love zuesing
  3. Back in Arma 2, There was a license you had to but that would Automatically announce to the whole server you declared terrorism. And then you would be KOS by the government you would normally attack the government and UN but it was expensive. This is Arma 3 though it could be different, I assume it will be similar.
  4. @Shaun I wouldn't mind if we put the person in later down the road when the mission is in its final stages and we have a steady player base. But if we put it in when we are still getting started or the player base is unstable we will just doom our selves.
  5. @Moyes I can understand using the First person only in Armored Cars or tanks but not in everyday police and civ cars. Also if we wanted nothing but pure realism then we might as well make it modded, Lock the server to whitelist for only serious player, and one life only Rember this is still a game
  6. -1 I don't believe BB should be a First person only server. Almost every server that does while expecting a high player base just signed their own death warrant. I believe just like Arma ll Have it on both. It's not an unequal advantage when EVERY player has access to it. Wheater they chose to exploit it. Is up to them
  7. The donators are what have kept the development and server as well as ts going from them making donations to the server so it can stay running. So they and others such as you can keep play. Now I do think Items/inventories should be reset since for them to buy anything back they would need to spend the money they earned while testing the server.
  8. ARE YOU INSULTING MY LORD! WE WILL NUKE U...........after lunch I need some Wendys.
  9. @Pope you're not seeing my Points nor am I seeing your points. Frankly, Im tired of responding to this thread so I will step out if an important question arises that you wish to ask me simply PM me. If it seems very beneficial to the Thread ill screenshot and adds it to the theard. I've had 19 notifications XD
  10. @Pope No need to be a smart A... Obviously, there was trafficking drugs and trafficking human slaves. to be honest you would not be able to understand what we mean if you never played here before. In BB we had server laws, policies, and the UN documentation of human rights. I'll look through my Drive and see if I can find some of the Documents for you so you can get an understanding and Watch this video made by a member from arma 2.
  11. @Pope The UN was not an Army it was not allowed to get involved in any conflicts unless human rights were breached, the Terrorist were very rare usually only were seen when the server money reset time was about to happen. As I said before and as @eye4567has said as well to play BB you have to throw any ideas you get from other servers. Becuase BB is run very differently.
  12. @Pope The terrorist was a License that a civ could buy for around 500k to 1 mil and everything they used was very pricey. Once they died they lost their license and had to rebuy it.
  13. Takistan life is Just like any other life server it was simply on the Takistan life map so it was called Taki life. Your version of takistan life must be the arma 3 variant where it was Cop/nato fighting terrorist. Our server was the same as it is now but a differnet map. We had Civs, medics, cops, And Un ( aka border patrol)
  14. His hours in atlis life should have nothing to do with this debate. @eye4567 has played on BB for years from my memory. BB is very different from other RP servers, You really cant use experience from other Rp communities in BB for a debate due to us doing things differently. Simply to sum up my little Statement, BB is not like other RP servers it's useless to compare it
  15. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pros & Cons--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should police have to initiate? The reason why not to: 1. Once you have or are committing a crime you have decided to commit that crime knowing full well the police will arrive to stop you 2. Civilians are under the police protection, Mugging or attacking something under someones protect will be a act of aggression aka initiation. 3. It would reveal the officer's presence and possibly put the civilians life in danger. 4. It would undo the officers only advantage of having the drop in the Criminal. The reason why to: 1. It would prevent the Criminal from being at a disadvantage. Can't think of anymore lol

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