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  1. Custom PC Sites

    I use i7 with gtx 1060 and 16 gigs of ram
  2. People Complaining about Police RP

    the Ifrit and the Full arms I understand, on day One people where taking Spar16s out And I told everyone there would be little to no use and all you need is a tazer at most on day 1. But due to there being the only restriction of nothing higher than 5.56 most people will take the highest they can get aka Spar-16 One your first point Never said it was all situations I said majority and which it is. Your case I know it was weird due to the arresting officer leaving and forgetting to tell us what you were charged with so then we had to chase down your charge. On the second one about the Robings, you don't play police so you may not know Police from day 2 have been robbed for the pure purpose of gear we are told put hands up..Drop your gear...they take it and run or shoot. No rp or we are targeted just outside our base. Because they use the player list and see there is only 1-2 police on. This is my point to your responses the original post is an overall feeling from some us in the police. ~S.B
  3. So over the past few days, people have been complaining of Police RP and how they rp situations. Well, many of the Civs Will not give us the option to even attempt to start an rp situation they will simply shoot on sight, Or Run into the forest when we get within even 100m of them. So to be honest many of us would appreciate it if you would stop bickering about Police RP when over 90% time you won't give us the opportunity to attempt it. I'm going to go over some of the common situations in past so you can see why or why not you did your grade A rp and we would prefer to give. 1. Being in the holding cell for while. The Main reason for this is when they get detained they goto a support room Nothing wrong with that if valid BUT we cant continue the RP till support case has ended or the support member tells us to finish RP then do the support case. 2.Gas stations- for the past few days there has usually only been the same 10 of us online as police and usually 3 actually playing police. So then we have to respond to a gas station on the other half of the map which we won't be even 2km near before it ends. Or they shoot on sight....so we cant really have rp. 3. Police being robbed with no prior RP beforehand just robbing police for the guns when only 1 or 2 are online. This is some of the examples I can think of on the top of my head. This is not to target anyone just to address an issue many members of police don't want to bring up due to fear of being kicked. I'm not scared due to If I was kicked for this means its somewhere I don't want to be. Also, I can state that there are the issues in the police that need to be fixed many don't know what to do or what they cant do due to there being no divisional handbooks So its all he said, she said at the moment. ~S.B
  4. Shooting out players from vehicles

    @Aron most cars on this map can go 80 easily offroad... But I do believe the rule is fine unless your life or A civilian life is in danger no reason to shoot them out of the moving car. DO gotta miss the Arma 2 mobile spike stripe XD
  5. This would make sense because I don't need to unlock my whole car to get to my trunk... XD
  6. Gas Station Robberies

    I can say for police Our tactical support is unable to do it job due to a bug so Police have no way to make the way quickly to the other half of the map. We also only have enough cops usually for main island 2 districts
  7. Bandwith

    So Discovered today after taking a 2-hour break my game whenever I try to launch into the server my bandwidth it is 800 normal for my bandwidth in U.S. But after I got back from my break I couldn't load into the server after hitting the login menu I got a 3000 bandwidth and Would be kicked ( makes sense) I don't understand why it started shooting my bandwidth to 3000 after my break.
  8. First Causality on Tanoa?

    @MarshallWill get ran over by his own car
  9. Suggested Amendment to Aviation Laws

  10. User Forum Stats Page

    I see your point...Maybe have some settings that you can check what you show publicly?
  11. User Forum Stats Page

    Instead of a page, it should be on their profile when you view it.
  12. Helicopter Runs

    But You may fall into ROE for police
  13. How many hours do you have?

    1219 hours...Mainly PVP
  14. Police Station Rule

    @Pope The police have had meetings and we have gathered information on how we will work. This is by no means offense But as you do not know how the server will work till launch. You cant be making assumptions or guess how thing will operate in-game. Don't try to change a system that hasn't even been played yet. Why not put this on hold till a week or 2 after launch so you can see how the current system will work.
  15. Police Station Rule

    This is my opinion *aka don't get mad* The spawns are green zones so players have a place to get set up and recuperate. The prisoner is not held at the Police station So I see no need for it to be attacked, that would the prison which can be attacked and be attacked on the way to prison. All I see by giving people the right to attack PD is Mass Killing just for the fact that they barely get the rights to attack. and killing. I see NO RP developing from this. In Arma 2 it was a safe zone why change this?

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