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  1. I don't mind the weapon but the mag could be changed
  2. @Maverick This may sound stupid but to your Last post Can we get our whitelisting today if we want? or still need to wait for public
  3. @Hedruzh I believe he meant the whitelisting to Jobs to server
  4. Shhh look away don't talk to him he'll take our country away
  5. @John I understand you want a professional "Workplace" But this is a gaming community from around the world as an I stated before NOT A BANK OR OFFICE. When you are out with your friends you going to tell me you have never sworn at all, that is what a gaming community is a group of friends who like to play a certain game or games together with a common goal and the few who can code it. I do believe the staff team should never use such a word towards a user in a disrespectful way. But I work at a Boat company from time to time and we swear all the time. to sum it up if you to lazy to read the top THIS IS A GAMING COMMUNITY NOT A OFFICE
  6. @Pope On behalf of all the police, we would like a weapon to combat the rebels AK's BB stopping bank robberies with pistole headshots only since 2012
  7. So the political correctness section is wrong because someone used the N-word? As stated in the Political correctness that you posted your self, "We are all mature. If we don't like something or don't agree, we present a better argument or simply ignore it" As well as "Our community is full of individuals who do, from time to time, express themselves or their point in a way which may cause offense or upset others." A word that may offend you doesn't mean it offends everyone this community is made of people around the globe. Some may use words that aren't offense for there location. sorry about grammar its 7 am XD/ This is my view on your post.
  8. SO just checking am I the only one Stalking the trello?
  9. @TheRoyalist This is BB, not 10-year-old admins/nuke server....
  10. Or you know like the medics in Arma 2 if you cant revive them just nonchalantly run them over
  11. Nice, No clue how it could be done but nice. If it is done it will probably be done later if not already done.
  12. This is true I feel like they stopped teaching it as well
  13. @Jack Webber has friends..... I've never had any
  14. @Marshall When Ever I go in there you in a locked room

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