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  1. ARMA 3 Alpha Build Progress

    Hello everyone, Hope everyone is as excited as I am about our new mission system. We have made a massive step in the right direction the past week and a bit, with the introduction of the first in-game account login system. This is one of the first login systems ever created for an Arma mission! The account creation interfaces allow players to create a character with a given name, set a password and setup an email to hear about the latest developments (we are also planning in the future to link this email into the game so that you receive updates from the mission). Hope that you guys remember to bring your passport We have just started to develop the virtual item system. This system is a fantastic solutation whereby all manner of items in the game world can be simulated without the need for a mod. The system is incredibly customizable and almost everthing can be classes as a virtual item. Sorry its a short post this time, we are working extremely hard to complete an initial Alpha release in the near future so don't have much time at the moment to write long, detailed development posts
  2. Its a good idea, however this will not be included in the Alpha release. This has been discussed during a high level overview of account registration with management and we agree that some sort of realistic registration process would be a fantastic idea for the future. More realistically, I can't see the mission implementing this until at the very earliest Beta (Patch 2) Good idea, keep them coming @Bull(Senior Developer)
  3. Petrol Pump Interface

    Petrol pump interface is now integrated into the framework. The petrol pump interface is designed to work on top of the brand new refuel module. More information about this module will be published soon in a development update. Here is a sneak peak: http://i.imgur.com/IibgeL3.gifv
  4. Petrol Pump Interface

    @Wafflelooks alright
  5. ARMA 3 Alpha Build Progress

    Good evening all, I'm just about to wrap up development for the night but I thought best to share some interesting new features that have been worked on this week. I have been refactoring @Waffles excellent Admin Menu design to the framework standard. It was a fantastic start by @Waffleand this lead us to create what I believe will be a fantastic system. Although most of you won't use/see this interface it is (forgive the pun) mission critical and will offer staff members pretty much complete control over the mission. One of the following features I can reveal below is the spectator function. We are currently 'hooking' into the EGSpectator function developed by the Arma 3 developers. The reason for this was that developing our own spectator function would take a tremendous amount of effort and time, however, I'm not saying that we wont develop something similar in the future. http://i.imgur.com/HCO5Avg.gifv The above GIF shows the spectator interface in action, for those who haven't seen it before. It will be a very handy tool for keeping check on those who are up to no good. In addition to developing the Admin Menu, I have been working on a custom scripting console. This is going to be an extremely powerful tool, which is why (for security reasons) the player using it must be logged into the Admin slot. The console allows the player to create and execute custom scripts as well as select from a massive selection of pre-made one. The script can then be executed locally (on the current machine), globally (on every machine, including the server), and server-side (on server only). @Shaunhas now delivered his medical system to me and I will be working closely with him to review the code and deploy it into the framework. So far it's looking good, but still needs some tweaking. The system will be somewhat basic during initial alpha release however, this will be something that we will continue to develop into the future. @Waffleis now leading efforts in User Interface design after his stellar job designing the Admin Menu. His current task is creating a petrol pump interface, which I am sure will live up to expectation! Now, unfortunately I have some bad news. We have been working closely with the developer of the EXTDB3 extension, Torndeco, to resolve an issue that is arising when trying to execute multiple SQL 'CALL' statements using the same job. Usually this would not be a problem, however, Torndeco believes there is something causing the commands to move out of sync in the extension code. This is a severe blocker, as it means that we cannot complete any queries on the database using our current setup and configuration. I must stress that we are working incredibly hard to solve what is going to be a very complicated and technical issue. To end on a high, development is going really well and I am happy with the current progress we have made. Thank you all for your patience and I hope that this mission will live up to all your expectations @Bull- Senior Developer
  6. A serverwide economny

    Hi all, pretty sure I haven't mentioned this in the development updates, but there will be something of economic system. It will be extremely simple and most likely will make an appearance at the beta release (we may even try to go more in depth, in which case it will be released in gamma). The idea that we had was that the database holds a list of stock items and their global price (I say global price because each shop has its own price multiplier which can manipulate the price even further), what we can do is run a procedure over the database which allows us to collect all sorts of information and update the current prices (for instance, at the end of every day). We also track company shares and stock prices so that it is worth while setting up a company. There will be some sort of pseudo stock market where players can buy/sell shares via the website (or in-game, still not decided on how best to do this) Hope that is enough to get the lips watering, @Bull(Senior Developer)
  7. ARMA 3 Alpha Build Progress

    Hi all, Firstly I will apologies for the lack of screenshots in this update, I will be using my word count to keep you all up-to-date with what development have been getting up to. This month myself and @Aronhave been investigating and stress testing the database extension 'extdb3' by Torndeco. This is a fantastic extension which allows us to complete extremely advanced queries with complete ease. So far, we have begun mapping the database and creating the first of the many tables that are going to be used. Just last night I have tested and completed a first stage statistics loading function, allowing for us to save map positions for players, meaning you can pick up exactly where you left off. It's not all excitement however, these database functions are extremely complicated and I hope everyone realizes this is now another level of complexion that is going into an already really complicated system, please bare with us! I'm not expecting this to be fully functional for Alpha release and there are likely there are going to be some major bugs with these systems. Moving on to greener pastures, the introduction of the database and stats tracking means that we can now begin upgrades on the British Borders website . @Cadowill soon be looking into installing a new REST API system that will allow us to query the database and bring up player stats on the website. For Gamma release we should also have functionality for completing data-changes through the website, this would be for game moderators and administrators only. Myself and @Maverickhave been in contact with Battlemetrics in regards to querying their global ban list so that we can use import this data into our database and catch players who might not have been banned on our server, but have on others. Obviously, how we do this depends entirely on how/if Battlemetrics are willing to give us this data and if we want to completely blanket ban players that have never come across our community before. More discussion is needed about this @Wafflehas completed his initial development on the Admin Menu and this is, slowly but surely, being configured and merged in the master branch of framework. Many of you would have seen his screenshots (which look extremely positive), but if you haven't you can see them here [only staff can view]. Once again, sorry about the lack of visible content. Although as the user you will never see or be able to interact with what is happening under the covers, I hope that you will appreciated is all helps to make the mission run as quickly as possible and be as bug free as possible. @Bull(Senior Developer)
  8. ArmA 3 | Screenshots

    Flight attendent: "We will shortly being landing, please could you make sure your seat backs, tray tables, window blinds and LANDING GEAR are in the upright position ready for the approach"
  9. Up the frame rate in arma 3

    Best thing that I have done is the following: Play game in Fullscreen (decreases stuttering and CPU processing) Disable V-Sync, you don't need it unless you get screen tearing In Nvidia Control Panel change your global settings and set the 'Pre-rendered Frames' options to the maximum value Use the new tbb4malloc memory allocation dll Overclock the CPU to boost to 4.0Ghz (4.2/3Ghz boost) The CPU is the main bottleneck of the RV4 engine. A high clock-rate (even 0.1Ghz) can give more frames and provide a more stable frame rate on more complex scenarios Make sure your drivers are up-to-date Run Arma 3 with parameter -high Run Arma 3 with parameter -maxvram=default Run Arma 3 with -nologs Don't use mods (they have script/config errors that 'spam' the log files taking CPU resource) Set Arma with sensible values Do you really need a view distance over 5km (I set the view distance to 5000 and the object draw distance to 3000) Terrain detail set to High. At values higher than this the terrain complexity increases by x^2. Is it really worth it? Shadow slider is best set to around 100-150. Values over this are visually pointless and can take x^3 more computation Use FXAA or CSAA. More efficient and achieve similar, if not same, results Disable radial blur. No need for it and it takes precious CPU resource to calculate Set clouds to high/very high. There is no visual difference between very-high and ultra unless you are flying directly through them (unlikely to be doing this on regular basis) Set anisotropic filtering to the maximum value. As for buying more RAM, in the imortal words of every mad-scientist: 'MOAR IS BETTER'. It can't hurt to install more RAM. But.... if you cheap out and buy sh*t RAM it won't make a difference. Buy yourself some nice DDR4 2666Mhz+ Non-buffered sticks (dual/quad channel). I am a big fan of Corsair products but Kingston do some nice products as well. The main thing with getting good performance in a simulation is trying to squeeze every bit of juice out of the beefy CPU. Intel have hit a wall with there ARM architechture and the only way to get more performance is to be a cave-man and up the core-clock. Two ways of doing this: Seeing as you have a K (unlocked) CPU you can up the clock multiplier a few notches before having to fiddle with the power settings - this is the best way (and safest way) to do this. MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR BIOS FIRST Second would be the more complicated way of messing around with the timings and voltages. I don't know enough about this way so would not reccommend it. Best thing to do if trying to do this approach would be to download a BIOS profile and restore the BIOS from that profile - again, please be careful
  10. ARMA 3 Alpha Build Progress

    Hi all, sorry that it's been a while from my last post, I am very busy at the current time It's been a good few weeks for development, more objects have been placed on the map and more scripted functions have been created. I haven't got much in terms on content this time around as most of my efforts have been put into developing both the 'Deliveries Module' and the 'Virtual Inventory System' module. Based on a massive amount of feedback, I quickly put together a map marker filtering system. Lots of player complain about the number of markers on the map and that it makes the mission look cluttered and unorganized (which is something I completely agree with). Now I don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but this is one of the most advanced filter systems created for an Arma mission. Filters are setup in the missions configuration file and allow a designer to set specific values to the filter, such as maximum/minimum marker transparency, should the marker text be shown when marker is transparent, etc... It is the most robust system that I have created and can be customized to cater for the designers needs Also, some of you keeping track of the development progress will notice that we have gained a new Junior Developer - @Waffle who joined the team and immediately started work on the Administrator Menu (**insert link here**). Waffle is doing a great job with his current task and is still enhancing his knowledge of mission development, we are hoping that we can share some of our tips and tricks with him along the way. @Shaunhas been concentrating on the 'Medical' module, creating new UI systems and enhancing the way damage is handled in the mission. @Aronhas been continuing his work in the background. Developing the database tables and stored procedures That is all for the time being, and as always please feel free to try and catch up with me on Teamspeak for any burning questions that you have @Bull(Senior Developer)
  11. ARMA 3 Alpha Build Progress

    So Maverick is finally letting me loose on this thread! So, I've been quiet for a long time about plans for the new Arma 3 Life mission we are developing. Finally, the veil can be pushed back! The reason for development taking as long as it's taking is because we not just developing a mission, we are developing a entirely modular system. Myself and @Aronhave been hard at work designing scripts and functions that are extremely well optimized and bug free. Not only is this going to benefit your own game performance but the way we have structured the functions means that the mission is less susceptible to hacking and glitching. We have also spent a huge amount of time developing an incredible complicated database that should allow us to store all sorts of data about players, bank accounts, vehicles, keys, etc. This has been a tough challenge because of the limitations of the RV4 engine, however, for initial release we will have a semi-working version of stats storage. We will still be developing far after initial release, with the addition of new modules and new ways for you to get the best out of the system. I hope the pictures above wet your appetite for what is to come. You can follow this album here. Throughout the development process I will be posting a lot more images on this thread so make sure you stay up-to-date! Onto the juicy stuff, I have today started to create the 'Drug Den' module. This is, as you can probably guess, allows players to experience the darker side of Tanoa life. This module allows you to buy, sell, deal drugs and complete 'Training Courses' to allow you to create/buy/sell more potent concoctions. There are a number of features that I have planned, but I am yet to start work on developing them - Watch this space! As always, any questions please feel free to message me and I will be happy to answer as many questions as I am allowed to Bull Developer

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