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  1. Not sure if anyone would want to be a dispatcher if it require only staying at HQ. No one would join the police force to stay at a station. Also, the on and off-duty thing isn't needed. Nor is the fast response thing needed. This isn't needed to open the gate either. Just saying. Appreciate the idea though.
  2. My bad
  3. "This is likely to be up to the faction leader of when people can join divisions which we haven't got yet. So no, no rank has been decided as far as I'm aware.". You should read replies if you're looking for answers, bro.
  4. Hopefully, like in ArmA 2, cops will be able to run registration plates through the ANPR system but instead of showing player id, it shows the registration plates. Of course, there were no registration plates in ArmA 2 so hopefully, there will be in ArmA 3, as shown on the media vehicle in the trailer. There was a feature to access the satnav (and a range of other options) by pressing the '\' key on a Windows PC. Instead of information provided by such ANPR system appearing in chat, as it did in A2, hopefully, there will be a screen similar to the laptop screen where it brings up all documented information about the registered owner.
  5. Good that it's not a request. Hope it doesn't change so one needs permission to go on leave like other communities. If I wanna go on leave, I'll go on leave.
  6. @Maverick @ChazI know this isn't relevant but I am currently viewing everything on the website. Literally and I realised I have been here for over a year. Am I able to receive my 1 year ani award?
  7. @Maverickyou may have said that companies will be taxed in another thread. Not sure if it was you or not. Anyways, money deductions from taxes, fines, etc. should be put to public funds for development, the poor or put toward public services, etc. I'm sure the Prime Minister in ArmA 2 received money from taxes but I'm not sure about fines, etc. We definitely didn't have companies to tax anyways :P.
  8. Well, if the few have many, then the many have few.
  9. @Jack WebberThis is a reply to your previous statement in the Ask a Question thread titled 'Business Owners!' I think the government should not be able to create companies. They should only be able to fund (not create) services. For example, in London, there is a not-for-profit service called Transport for London which includes a network buses, trains, etc. This service provides cheap transport for most and free transport for some. For example, police in London use the trains for free, as well and the elderly and young. If the government started to own business and become richer as a government then they could effectively own all the companies and therefore use it to their advantage to stay in government unfairly and control the economy. Even if they were voted out by the elecorate, a small group of people would have a lot of control over businesses and would still be able to control society. This would be known as "The Elite" which some people believe to exist today. These people are the richest 1% in the world. An alternative to this your suggestion would be allowing businessmen, entrepreneurs or even ordinary people the opportunity and right to invest in companies. To do this, there would need to be a system to support this idea founded upon solid knowledge on how investing works, etc. Now I'm not saying wealthy businessmen should not become politicians or even the leader of the country. A well-known example of that would be Donald Trump, President of the United States ( or POTUS ). To elaborate, a collective government should not be able to effectively take over the economy by having absolute ownership of any business. The government are there to represent the wishes of the people in a democratic society (which is what BB (Britain) is anyway). @ChazI have trust in that this community will be unique to others. There will be people from ArmA 3 that may try and bring their aids along with them and try to turn BB into a robbing fest. Just make sure that won't happen. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out in the end. If the community as a whole is encouraged to put forth ideas then this community will only prosper!
  10. This is something that will give the political parties more to work on. For example, I could see the big businesses paying off politicians and funding government campaigns * for the benefit of the business and they're money. * I start getting more ideas when I start writing things like this xD. I think the political parties should have to fund their campaigns one way or another. Whether it be paying for protection or equipment as well as a place to publish their ideas** (using media coverage etc.) ** (again another idea as I was writing the first * ) This would allow people to perform a part time role as a journalist and people will be able to make news corporations.
  11. I don't think police should be able to play as a civilian (or otherwise off-duty) during popular times for obvious reasons and should not be able to partake in business operations unless they're of high authority because police can be open to corruption. It's the same reason why Metropolitan Police Officers are unlikely to get enlisted if they have family involved in betting shops, etc. Police officers that are off-duty should only really be focusing on their social life and should never break any law. Police should get higher sentences for breaking laws, as they are in real life, because of their image that they are expected to uphold. Anyone that represents the government or works for it should not be able to keep their role after being found guilty of certain offences in my opinion. The reason I say this is because I have played on ArmA 3 servers where people do nothing but rob people. This would limit the amount of corruption that would occur and obligate people to maintain their roleplay character and role within the in-game society. Robbing people only limits RP. This is why I played ArmA 2 BB over ArmA 3 roleplay servers because A2 BB had real roleplay, especially with hardly any robberies. I think police should be more realistic too. If you're off-duty, you're still required to perform your role passively. So, while you may not be on the job and in uniform, you can still do your part by stopping minor crimes should you happen to come across any (assault for example). During stressful times, police officers (irl) are called to duty and may have to work longer hours. For example, met police officers were facing 26-hour shifts during the terror attacks in England although some were supposed to have their rest day. In BB, the police can do something similar for any major crimes. IF there is an ongoing terror attack (for example) police that are off-duty must then switch to a police slot. You get the idea. In Greater London (not city of london), there are around 40,000 metropolitan police officers that serve a rough 8 million residence. However, they are able to do it very well. Therefore, on paper, BB police officers should be able to do the same. So there should be 3 times as much civilians as there are cops but also 2 cops for every border force operative. The number of medics should be above the average number of police and border force operatives combines. (See the example below) 45 civillians 15 Police Officers (doing special ops, traffic police, neighbourhood policing, et al) 7 or 8 Border Force operatives (border enforcement, border patrol, et al) *12 Paramedics (some responsible for fast response, piloting, et al) *I think there should be a hospital where people can pay money to receive full health as opposed to using one little first aid kit. This would make more sense. The first aid kit should only bring health up to 60% of the max. Also, I think medics should be able to revive people but must bring them back to the hospital to bring them to full health. This would help a lot with roleplay too. One last thing, I think that everything from A2 should be brought over to A3. It was perfect. IF you start playing Arma 3 on other servers you'll understand why I say that. The ideas and how the roleplay was in A2 BB was more than I could have ever asked for tbh.
  12. I think the price and availability (in quantity) of the police, border force and medic basic vehicles, equipment and weapons should be determined by the government just as they were in ArmA 2. However, I think all government agencies should not require government employees to make purchases in order to effectively carry out their duties. I also think the government should do a lot more than they did in ArmA 2. I enjoyed playing Prime Minister and working with PMC - it was really fun. However, seeing as BB is ready to go to the next step, so should they role play too. This means persuading people to start petitions, dedicating a team to propose laws and maybe even having small teams that represent BB house of commons and house of laws. This idea opens up the possibility of implementing qualified lawyers where people have to pass a test to become a lawyer rather than having someone become a lawyer only when their friend is in trouble. Some people may argue that this seems too much but in reality, it provides the opportunity to do much more than commit crime 24/7 and I think people who are interested in playing that role would love having these ideas put in place. Afterall, roleplay experience is only limited to the imagination and determination of the community to make change and progress forth as one. Going back to the lawyer talk, lawyers could choose between representing the state or become a private lawyer representing on behalf of those stood before a criminal/civil court judge/jury. We as a community need to keep investing time so we can witness its continuous growth. ( I realise this message may not make perfect sense but you should be able to understand.)
  13. Servers don't wipe on ArmA 3. It only happened on ArmA 2. If this community does wipe on ArmA 3 then it'd be one of few and many new people would be put off.
  14. 10 seconds into the video, the rearguard stands by a window exposed. Not a very good place to stand should have moved forward or crouch.
  15. As players will be able to create/join/represent parties, I'll assume they'll be a system for creating laws within roleplay. For example, in real life, there are multiple stages before a new law is enforceable. I think it should be similar in game. You'll get the idea if you watch the video linked below: Also: It is a lot easier to make money quickly on ArmA 3 so the current ticketing guides are way to lenient.

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