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  1. BB Discord

    Is discord good for one to one calls? Well, teamspeak does the same thing. Private channels.
  2. Faction Rosters

    You trying to make your way up Shaun?
  3. Forum Moderator

    If one fails their staff application, could they be considered for forum moderators. I think they should.
  4. NationStates - The Nation Sim

    The United Kingdom of Great Realms. Name doesn't really make sense but I wasn't really trying to do the most, only check the game out.
  5. Radio Stations

    Damn. @Maverick @Cado You guys are releasing a lot of information that I thought would be kept secret. It all seems pretty amazing though. Maybe it's working because it's hyping me up:P Tactics.
  6. Arma 3 - Malden

    count me in! just hit me up
  7. Tanoa Life - Civilians

    The foundation should be known as the Monarch in-game and therefore have the right to abolish a government but would not have the power to dictate who becomes prime minister. All laws should be passed and given a special signature by Maverick which is the final stage of a law being passed in the UK (the queen/king's approval). This way the government isn't the highest authority and also the monarch can be overthrown too (unlikely if they keep a passive and supportive role as they do irl)
  8. Tanoa Life - Civilians

    @Maverick 1. This is regarding Police Corruption You said that corruption is allowed if the person in question doesn't get caught. They will face the consequence of being whitelisted or will receive a warning in the event that they are found guilty of such event. When talking about whitelisting, do you mean removal from the government agency OR from the server? And this leads to my second question: will this, in the end, be a whitelisted server. I think it should. And if you have played on servers that are not whitelisted players only, where fanboys pop-up on a daily basis, then you would too! If you meant unwhitelist (removal) from the server: I think that taking external action against corruption would be a bad idea and would seize the opportunity for the community to capitalise on a unique roleplay experience. For example: If there was strong evidence against a member of TPF being corrupt then rather than banning them, the police commence a manhunt operation to bring him in, and broadcast a help request to the citizens of the land to aid police in their search. A journalist would have the opportunity to get involved by interviewing police and civilians and maybe even try to contact the person in question to host a private interview, etc. Then obviously the courts, etc and then jail. So much opportunity. If anything, corrupt government employees should have to make money on their own and stabilise themselves and proof to factions that they have changed by living a lifestyle in absence of wrongdoing for a period of time before they should ever be able to apply. I'm rambling but you get the idea. I think certain things that are prohibited, where possible, should be dealt with in-game as much as possible. 2. In regards to government owning businesses It is definitely risky business but I'm not sure you completely understood me so let me try to rephrase it all. You said that citizens will be able to take a number of actions progressively in order to achieve their goal, such as removing a party from office. My point was that a party, as a collective, could effectively use their money from working as the government as well as a small portion of state funds to build their business. You said they were allowed "to use state funds to help start business or subsidise businesses" which would include their own business as well as others. In theory, the business that the government created may create could gain them a lot of money and the government may try to invest in companies (or even buy companies altogether). By investing and buying companies, they'd gain a lot of power and it would be significantly easier to buy out other companies once the money starts flushing in. Even if there were to be voted out of office, the small group of businessmen and woman would still have a lot of control over the economy if there was little competition. Then, of course, they could buy loads of properties, etc. I could see most of this happening right before the eyes of the public without them even noticing before it's too late. This is just a great master plan though I know I went a little crazy with that theory but you get the idea. To conclude: Governments should only be able to subsidies services like the transport for takistan company that was created before the end of the arma 2 days.
  9. New Police Display - On Patrol

    Not sure if anyone would want to be a dispatcher if it require only staying at HQ. No one would join the police force to stay at a station. Also, the on and off-duty thing isn't needed. Nor is the fast response thing needed. This isn't needed to open the gate either. Just saying. Appreciate the idea though.
  10. Armed Responce - Rank needed

    My bad
  11. Armed Responce - Rank needed

    "This is likely to be up to the faction leader of when people can join divisions which we haven't got yet. So no, no rank has been decided as far as I'm aware.". You should read replies if you're looking for answers, bro.
  12. ANPR systems and number plates

    Hopefully, like in ArmA 2, cops will be able to run registration plates through the ANPR system but instead of showing player id, it shows the registration plates. Of course, there were no registration plates in ArmA 2 so hopefully, there will be in ArmA 3, as shown on the media vehicle in the trailer. There was a feature to access the satnav (and a range of other options) by pressing the '\' key on a Windows PC. Instead of information provided by such ANPR system appearing in chat, as it did in A2, hopefully, there will be a screen similar to the laptop screen where it brings up all documented information about the registered owner.
  13. [FEATURE] Submitting Leave

    Good that it's not a request. Hope it doesn't change so one needs permission to go on leave like other communities. If I wanna go on leave, I'll go on leave.
  14. Tanoa Life - Civilians

    @Maverick @ChazI know this isn't relevant but I am currently viewing everything on the website. Literally and I realised I have been here for over a year. Am I able to receive my 1 year ani award?
  15. Tanoa Life - Civilians

    @Maverickyou may have said that companies will be taxed in another thread. Not sure if it was you or not. Anyways, money deductions from taxes, fines, etc. should be put to public funds for development, the poor or put toward public services, etc. I'm sure the Prime Minister in ArmA 2 received money from taxes but I'm not sure about fines, etc. We definitely didn't have companies to tax anyways :P.

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