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  1. Development

    BB has moved from Trello to another site, you can view all reported bugs and what's being worked on here: https://britishborders.atlassian.net/browse/BBTL-34?filter=-4&jql=project %3D BBTL AND issuetype %3D Bug AND status in (Backlog%2C "In Testing"%2C "Selected for Development") order by created DESC
  2. Cannot Restrain

    When I do shift + R it does not restrain civilians as Border Force, even when they have their hands up. I have also tried to rebind my custom keys to CC13 (the restrain custom key) with no results. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Cause without the restrain function I am useless as a Border Force officer if I'm patrolling alone.
  3. Photo on all official ID

    Yeah as @Crossysaid it will be problematic with the photos. But I am LOVING the idea of a full-on passport (-Photo), even maybe add in some random numbers for "social security numbers". And it would be cool if you could steal someone's passport to evade arrest and the victim could report his passport stolen etc. The opportunities are endless!
  4. Name On Player Heads

    This is a great idea! Especially if you are recording or have screenshots, whatever number solution if they might decide to do so, will only be only to be used by staff to recognize the person for a support case. Would make things A LOT easier as I was VDM'd at least 4 times just last evening with no clue of who it was.
  5. Custom Keybinds page missing

    I can't seem to find the custom keybind page anywhere. ^This used to be the link to the page but now I don't have access or it's been removed..
  6. Pie's Introduction

    Nice to see you again @PieIt's been a while. Got to say that I'm loving that profile pic though
  7. Tony Handley's Introduction

    Welcome back to us @Tony Handley(Nice), long time no see
  8. Website Suggestion: Limiting Forum Signatures

    Completely agree with you there, I would never let anyone take my amazing signature from me.
  9. Garage System Poll

  10. Opening day

    Would take a great amount of planning but it would be amazing if we got together and figured something out!
  11. Wolf

    Happy birthday @Wolf I hope you will enjoy your stay here with us!
  12. Mega Suggestions Thread (Collection)

    Great suggestions @AkarashiWould love to see these features on the server!
  13. Kiyo's here

    Welcome to BB @KiyoI think you will be a great addition to the community!
  14. Mahly

    Welcome to us @Mahly
  15. Joe Collins arrived

    Your arrival will be graciously accepted, I hope you will feel like home here with us. If there is anything you're wondering about just give me a shout!

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