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  1. Welcome back my padawan @Viper from the old days in the SCO19. Hope you continue your excellence in the Special Operations division. I know you will a great addition to the team!
  2. Thanks to everyone that have submitted the bugs you have found for us. As soon as these final bugs are fixed and the server is fully stable, we are ready for launch. So just keep up the good job and keep submitting any bugs you find so we can guarantee a stable and amazing launch! - A big thank you from everyone in the development team.
  3. How would the funding be for the Police Force and Border Force from a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the maximum budget.
  4. It would be more realistic, yes, but a lot of people, maybe even most people prefer to have third person view enabled. I think that we will lose a big amount of potential players and members if we decide to have a first person only server.
  5. You will be locked in the jail and have to wait a set amount of time based on the crimes you committed. There will be no death penalty.
  6. Stamina is going to be disabled.
  7. If there is a gang fighting another gang on the ground the police would engage anyways, should not be any different for air. So if a terrorist is flying around shooting civilians the law enforcement can't do anything but to just let them do this? And you want to mention roleplay? Do you think its realistic or fair that the law enforcement cannot touch an aviation vehicle that is shooting civilians just because they refrain from engaging law enforcement? They would then be using the rules in they own favour and would be immune from law enforcement as long as they are in the air. If you read my suggestion you will see that it should be allowed for law enforcement to disable/engage aviation vehicles if they have fired upon a civilian or law enforcement. I seriously hope don't fly around shooting people when you're "robbing".
  8. 7, Will my luck continue?
  9. Aaaaand we have a winner! The Ninja has randomly picked a winner. Congratulations to @Adamfor winning the contest. Steam code has been sent on PM.
  10. Not so long ago, someone made a suggestion about bringing back the bus roleplay from the Arma 2 server. Problem was that there is no bus in Arma 3. I know that the new medic van from the 'Laws of War DLC' will be made available for the medics, but is there a chance that the 'IDAP' version of the van could get reskinned and made available for civilians? This way the civilians would not only be getting a great transport vehicle but also a chance to bring back the bus service that volunteers were running back on the Arma 2 server.
  11. I don't think British Borders want any problems from Bohemia by bypassing their DLC requirements. BB has been lucky to be approved for monetization by Bohemia and Bohemia would be really unhappy if BB did that.
  12. I will be doing a giveaway of the game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition All you have to do is to describe me with two words The winner will be selected randomly on Saturday 16:00 British time. Let the games begin.

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