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  1. Sehr gut meine freunde!
  2. Kinda gives me this feeling again... Same as the 2nd takistan trailer does... Can't wait to play...
  3. Well, eventually somebody could make an Guide. The current form of the rules gives the website an more proffesional look in my opinion. Again most of it is common sense... My opinion if you cant even find the rule in the section we currently offer... The community used to have another banner. Containing 3 words... one of them was commonsense. If im right atleast! Most people here are experienced, and if not they can ask for help. Back in the days the ammount of times i went to support to ask questions about rules. Again if you use your commonsense you'll find the correct section.
  4. Alright... Btw congrats on your 1 year
  5. As the title says most of it... Money in tanoa, as i heard won't be a wipe every 2 weeks since it wont be so easy to earn massive amounts of money.... Now this got me to the point wondering, will any of the next updates after public release contain money wipes? Or stat wipes? Any information would be appreciated.
  6. I mean its a great game every game he worked on has been a succes. As you mentioned the arma series but not to forget one of the most popular ones h1z1. Its a great game but when you are good at the game it gets boring quick. Leaving every match with 10 kills, having a kd of 5... win ratio of 25% and top 1000 and 24 wins it just gets a whole lot less fun. This game got me a good 150 hours but after that meh meh.
  7. Welcome back!!!
  8. 1 word amazing...
  9. Will this also be for the other factions?
  10. Welcome back
  11. Why would this be needed? I see no reason for this. This would mean free repairs by border yeahhhh. No, when you go to border irl do you have this?
  12. I am late to respond. I am not a great writer so i'll keep it short. Driving without insurance would then be your own risk. Wasting ur money if you dont. Insurance would then prevent (As in freaking out(Explained next sentence)) some things which people freak out about. Such as your car gets stolen, then it will be covered by insurance. There's alot of good things about the 2nd option about the poll. Which then in the end needed to have insurance would maybe create more roleplay which would be nice. I know im shit
  13. Happy new year
  14. Looks good!!

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