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  1. Community News Annual Community Poppy Appeal 2017

    Lets have some respect for this thread please, same as you would of liked probably. You should respect and if you dont donate thats fine. Their raising money for a charity, even if their a middleman its still something great and of which we need more communities. Just 1 little charity event can change everything. Have some respect before posting this nonsense about sketchy and other things. Thank you!
  2. First Border Force Checkpoint

    We are proud of you!
  3. Hopefully ill order mine soon
  4. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    Alrighty! Looking forward to tonight! Is streaming allowed in this phase?
  5. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    <header> <script src="/js/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"> </header> <body> <div id='include-from-outside'></div> <script type='text/javascript'> $('#include-from-outside').load('http://example.com/included.html'); </script> </body> No clue what this above is but enjoy it. How is whitelisting gonna be done? Will it all be ready prior to launch?
  6. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    Am i stalking the trello? No for sure not. The trello is stalking me! 16 mails today from the board.
  7. Community News Private Beta Access Changes

    Password probably. Same as versions before this. I do not know for sure
  8. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    Who still uses iframes.
  9. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    Maybe include a link aswell? Ios viewers can't see the trello. Not sure if this is the same for android users. Tor browser --- fail Safari --- fail Chrome on ios --- fail
  10. Think It's A Little Powerful

    How much is it tho? Can you offer me one for 5£?
  11. Name Tag

    Its not modded but its included in altis life. Still names above your head can only be abused. And will cause alot of failrp.
  12. Hello, new here.

    Maybe tell us a bit more about yourself! Nice to meet you tho! I hope you enjoy it on bb.

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