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  1. Happy new year
  2. Looks good!!
  3. Health service and border force, just keeping borders safe is what i like to do. And or flying an rescue helicopter.
  4. No picture? love to see the mess!!
  5. Nice trailer, Sadly ill be going on holidays on the 16th till the 9th. Keep up the work.
  6. Ill be there . If i am allowed ofcourse
  7. For a restart would mean you would buy an billboard for 6 hours which is totally not realistic in my eyes. I would say 7 days if theres a time period to it. 6 hours is unrealistic and ive never seen a billboard change every 6 hours. Maybe the ones which changed every few sec which are also digital. But in fact they dont get new ads every 6 hours do they?
  8. Just gives me a weird feeling watching this back. I miss takistan too much!
  9. Thanks buddy!!
  10. Will be looking forward buddy!
  11. Im sure you did! Still remember some fun times. Especially robbing people which in the end never went well lol! Thanks buddy!
  12. Hello! Im 13TH JOKER and ive decided to comeback to british borders and enjoy the roleplay as soon as it comes out!. I played arma 2 takistan back in the day. Which was the best time of my life. So many friends, And just the experience alone. I am daan, 16 years of age. And from the country netherlands. I have 2 nationalities being aussie and dutch. I study IT in Roosendaal at zoomvliet. I've played arma 3 now for the past 6 months in search of an roleplay server which can actually enforce their rules. Where roleplay is higher standards than normal a3 roleplay. I was so excited when i heard Ur gonna launch a tanoa server. Been waiting for a few months but we all know its gonna be worth it!. Back in the days dancing!! Cant wait for a3! Thanks for reading, 13TH JOKER.

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