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  1. I gave you an upvote because 11 seems a bit much
  2. Stun grenade ?
  3. Id rather hear that another 4 days are needed than an unspecific date, i cant stand not knowing haha
  4. I feel an AA faction would not get enough business to warrant being implemented as a sub faction, maybe as a user created company ?
  5. Im getting very old flashbacks of a train of vehicles attached to one another, cant remember what life server i had seen it in.
  6. Im not sure if i am remembering correctly, but wasn't this present in the Takistan Life server ? Like a long list of vehicles making a train lol
  7. I think @Maverick once said to me we all know how to work a computer, a refresher course looks to be on the cards
  8. Although i said close to 20 is too many, the idea of a 15 / 16 man Border Force would seem reasonable taking into consideration the difficulty of the terrain, various operations etc. Maybe we will see a revision on border force numbers once the server has been running for a few weeks and the necessity is clear to see.
  9. The Border Force will always be smaller than the police, so having almost 20 border force is unnecessary in your suggestion IMO, I have not played Tanoa too often, but the map is not that big. Because from my single player scenario experiences on both, Takistan felt much larger. So i feel the size of each faction is fine. Takistan is roughly 165km squared and Tanoa is about 100km squared. Map will probably be very busy but still small enough for a quick response from law enforcement / border force.
  10. Both hard drives died, rip

  11. look in the sidechat haha
  12. Maybe some cooperation with @Powelly with his airline company is afoot
  13. A man can dream
  14. Toms political campaign does not run on reward-less favors I imagine

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