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  1. Hello there! Lemon's right you will be very happy with the mission!
  2. Cool stuff! Now I can see that the bugs I reported are being worked on So close now!
  3. Happy New Year! I'm sure we will @Renzos
  4. Heard of this, not exactly new though? Presumably its more immersive than Six Siege.
  5. Fröhliche Weihnachten!
  6. Welcome back, I think remember you. Maybe ill see you around
  7. I would enjoy this, would this be before Christmas ideally?
  8. I like the music Good job!
  9. I agree with Moyes, later on there may be large gangs or dangerous criminals which may destroy these vehicles possibly just to run Law Enforcement dry, which is a valid tactic but may face us with challenges when responding to high value situations and situations where we will need these vehicles.
  10. It kinda freaks me out to be honest
  11. We will see.....
  12. Can't wait for the public release!
  13. I see in TeamSpeak some Medic's have their divisions, when will border force and police be able to choose or are they only for testing purposes at the moment?

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