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  1. Some of that brain surgery

    Good luck have a nice time
  2. There are two points i want to make @ivy 1. If BB adds a certain level of combat to the server then that sacrifices roleplay, Im not sure how adding combat would bring roleplayers to the server wouldn't it bring some trigger happy people looking for something to shoot and not focusing on the roleplay side of the server, many dedicated members of BB would disagree with adding combat to the servers mission. 2. Unlike most servers the coordinators focus on quality not quantity as Moyes said "If they cannot pass it then they are simply not good enough for the faction." Its better to have a few trained mature people than a bunch of lunatics not knowing what they are doing.
  3. Roleplay over Ruleplay?

    Thanks for all your thoughts, @Anthony Stevens That's true but they could be held in support or told to come back when the situation is over and if they start complaining in game I have seen some quite hefty punishments given to those who break RP intentionally. @Morgan
  4. Roleplay over Ruleplay?

    So im not sure if this is already a thing but maybe there should be a rule where you cannot go to support until the active RP situation has ended this would mean that if there was a bank robbery or a situation where lots of people from different factions or gangs were involved and a rule was broken then everyone shouldn't have to stop their RP to cater to one person complaining about how someone broke initation rules etc. If someone lost a gun or their clothes etc they could be refunded at the end of the situation. I think this would make RP more fluid and consistent for long periods of time rather than it stopping half way through, its not so much of a problem now but there may be issues in the future . Just a suggestion please comment your thoughts.
  5. I don't believe that a large playerbase would be better than a good RP server with more of a focus on RP than combat that's just a generic arma server these days. Can you really call combat servers roleplay servers? Most of the altis servers ive been on resulted in my death within 30 minutes rather than a good RP experience. Back in Takistan with lots of effort and hard work from the staff team BB was populated but also had a high standard of RP, BB can do that again with Tanoa.
  6. Border Force is to serious

    We did our job in our jurisdiction. We had a supervisor on scene to assist and never stepped out of line. @Popeif you could tell our border force co-ordinators (Viper or Charlie) they can sort that out. 3-4 Counts of highway code infringement isn't exactly a slap on the wrist and we were going to hand you over to the police.
  7. Wahoo! Finally, can't wait to play. Please no more delays!
  8. What drew you to the community?

    I'm not sure quite how I joined back in September 2015, but I decided to join after my membership interview I had my police interview with @Tommy Wadsand In December I left as I couldn't possibly play as my ping was around 800, but I returned in July 2017 and waited and waited and soon I can finally try out the UN (basically border force i think.)
  9. Blue has Arrival

    Hello there! Welcome to the community
  10. Well done Remedy, you'll do very well
  11. Star Citizen - Pictures

    Looks like a very good game
  12. Cool stuff! Now I can see that the bugs I reported are being worked on So close now!
  13. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! I'm sure we will @Renzos
  14. Ready or Not

    Heard of this, not exactly new though? Presumably its more immersive than Six Siege.
  15. Christmas

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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