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  1. Garage System Poll

    Garage / Houses is a great idea! Yes! +1!
  2. Development News Tanoa Life - The Road to Public Release

    Okay so... February maybe March... Latest April?
  3. Games to play

    I was literally wondering the same thing, have bought 3 games in the past week and none of them honk my horn, unlike me. Really really bored!
  4. Development News Tanoa Life - The Road to Public Release

    Finally, I can't wait any longer.
  5. Political Sectarianism

    Bold this and put it on a shirt!
  6. AHHHHH! Will need to purchase my shirts!
  7. Development News ARMA 3 Live Beta Build Progress

    Can't wait, great job guys!
  8. How would terrorism work?

    Of course! There needs to be a valid reason for terrorism. Not just "I declare Terror" then go RDM everyone and their mothers. I think there should be a set of at least 3-4 requirements (if there isn't any - at the moment) for terrorism to be declared. Examples: To declare terrorism there must be at least ten (10) police officer online. To declare terrorism there must be at least five (5) border force agents online. To declare terrorism there must be at least thirty (30) civilians online. To declare terrorism there must be a valid RP reason. To declare terrorism with groups you must have had a gang/group for at least 7 days.
  9. Armed Response Cinematic

    10/10... IF the animations didn't go through the walls... So for that I give it a 7.5/10... Also would love to see Tanoa Police Armed Response graphics, some explosions and maybe more blood... Great work brother! Hahahaha!
  10. Some pictures from my work..

    Ahahahaha +1 for cute flight waitress @Judgegreg
  11. Suggestion for ALL FACTIONS

    That sounds about fair. The realism in resource management and personnel management would really add to role-play and immersion. +1
  12. SUGGESTION - Addon-Free ArmA Radio

    I would love to see the radios in Tanoa. Do they work with TeamSpeak 3 or do they use in-game voice? Edit: Actually, I just saw the YouTube introduction to the mod, it uses Arma 3 group, side, and/or command chat... It looks promising for our mission, only concern would actually be using it, since most of us will be using TeamSpeak 3. But adds that much more to our RP and realism.
  13. How would terrorism work?

    Correct, you would go across the border to the "terror shop" purchase the right to use such shop and purchase your weapons and vehicles from there, then take them back across the border...if... you could cross the border without detection and wreak your havoc on the citizens of Tanoa. Please don't quote me on this; I am not 100% sure how the mechanics will work in the new map.
  14. Forums Signature

    Thank you.

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